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Spirits of the Sun (Diegos Dragon, #1) quotes Spirits of the Sun (Diegos Dragon, #1) , litcharts Spirits of the Sun (Diegos Dragon, #1) , symbolism Spirits of the Sun (Diegos Dragon, #1) , summary shmoop Spirits of the Sun (Diegos Dragon, #1) , Spirits of the Sun (Diegos Dragon, #1) 4d65d3c1 An Eleven Year Old Latino Boy Wins A District Wide Writing Contest For Sixth Graders When An Author Visits His School To Award His Prize, Diego Ramirez Has No Idea How Much His Life Is About To ChangeNathan Sullivan Hands Diego His Statue, A Handsome, Glistening Black Dragon He Shakes His Hand And Leaves Him To His Friends The Students Crowd Around Diego, Asking For Permission To Hold ItAfter Hearing The Name Magnifico Spoken Aloud By Family And Friends, Diego Awards It To His New Dragon If He Only Knew How Fitting The Name Was, He Might Have Known What Lay Ahead Magnifico Is The Leader Of The Sol Dragones, Dragons That Live Within The Magical Fires Of The Sun Nathan Sullivan Is The Earth S Connection To The Mysterious Creatures It Is His Task To Find Magnifico S GuideAs Magnifico Comes To Life He Becomes Quite Mischievous, Playing Tricks On Diego To Embarrass Him As He Discovers His Bloodline, However, Diego Assumes Greater Control Over His Dragon And His Destiny In The Climactic Journey, He Frees His People And Suffers A Terrible Loss By Guiding Magnifico To Their Goal

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    I was instantly drawn to the black dragon with a powerful name to matchMagnifico Without a doubt he can cause trouble for the hero, Diego but he also protects him and serves him in order to achieve the ultimate goal and destiny Diego has to free his people from years of torture However, I choose not to tell you of what torture that is.The mysterious writer, Nathan Sullivan is charged with finding the guide as Diego will be come to be know as His role is to also help Diego see that he is than just an eleven year old boy but a person of years and wisdom.To encourage him in achieving these goals, is the beautiful girlfriend, Raquel who pulls at the heart strings of the young boy She too has a goal to achieve and only near the end of the book does the reader find out what exactly that is Her ultimate destiny will be intertwined with Diego s but leave him heart broken and hopeful too I have always been fascinated by the supposedly mythical creature of dragons so, it was great delight to read this book about one that comes to life It was also great to see the hero being a young Latino boy The author had in mind from the beginning of this book he wrote it in the foreword to write books for young Latinos The lack of books for this group of children was overpowering The author discovered very few books were available and thus set out to correct that problem This book is the first book in what is to ultimately be a series.I certainly was not disappointed with the book and glad it did not end on a cliff hanger I felt that all the characters were strong and I could see children seeing themselves in the characters I could also see that the author did his homework to provide the cultural nuances for the book.I cannot wait to read the next book in the series and find out what adventure Diego and Magnifico have in store Great book and a must read This book gets 5 stars Naila MoonDisclosure I received a copy of this book for my open and honest opinion The opinions expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

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    When I receive a book, I normally look through it and maybe read a page or two from a random spot In the case of Spirits of the Sun, I read part of Chapter 14 in this thirty three chapter book Diego s father has taken the dragon as a statue to work with him to show off Everyone liked the statue which was now in Diego s backpack Magnifico was kicking, squirming, punching, and finally biting Diego through the backpack s material Not liking confinement, Magnifico wanted out, or at least the zipper opened I was hooked In only rare occasions do I actually completely read a book that only arrived the day before Spirits of the Sun is the first in over twelve months and it was worth every word.First, there is the Mexican hero as eleven year old Diego, a lead not often seen in middle grade novels All but the author, Nathan Sullivan, are Latino and some sentences are written in Spanish, and understandable in context Mexican history and three of its heroes from a time long past play a heavy role While it is clear Diego is the protagonist, Racquel is a hero in her own right and I believe will be seen in a strong role in a future edition of the series Diego and Racquel are each other s first love, or rather, first crush There is a second female character girls will find relatable Both she and Racquel will be important characters in future volumes I believe.Second, the writing is as magnificent as the dragon I saw one typo but nothing else The sentences would make any English professor proud Why Spirits of the Sun was not picked up by a publisher is beyond me The story begins right in the middle of the action, the middle expands and retracts enough to keep you on your toes, and the ending is excellent, though it was not what I wanted to happen, nor what I expected It is a series, so I may yet get my way.There are no illustrations, which would be a treat, but it is easy to visualize the story When the dragon takes flight, you can see the wings expanded and then one side dip to allow Diego entrance to his back When Diego and Racquel hide to talk, you can feel the closeness Diego tackles a girl in the library when Magnifico, who is only visible to Diego, sets out to bite a girl and other students The shock upon the librarian s face is palatable Our hero is turning into a delinquent at school I wanted to laugh while still feeling sorry for the visible changes this dragon is causing in the young boy s life.Kids who like dragon stories will love this adventure series Those who liked Harry Potter, kids and adults, will like this series I truly believe the Diego s Dragon series will have readers anticipating new releases and then devouring the books immediately upon release Spirits of the Sun is a great book for boys, and girls and adults Without gushing too much, I believe Spirits of the Sun is one of the best books I have read If the series holds up, I will be its number one fan, though many others will claim that title Kids, get this book.Originally reviewed at Kid Lit Reviews

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    Diego s Dragon by Kevin Gerard was such a magnificent book, haha, see what I did there, you because the name of Diego s Dragon is Magnifico, yes,no Okay never mind Anyway, this book was so hard to put down With a beautiful dragon, all the magic I am so glad that I had a chance to read this book When Diego Ramirez wins a dragon statue at school for a writing contest he gets this weird feeling that the dragon statue is alive He is unsure about it His father was so happy for Diego s accomplishment, that he throws a celebration for him As Diego has the dragon he starts to grow a bond with it He just was so alarmed about what happened to the dragon Then all of the sudden the dragon comes to life and plays tricks on Diego to embarass

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    Adore el libro completamente, necesito tener la segunda parte pero yaOjala Esteban mejore su vida con ayuda de MarisolOjala los padres de Diego no lo castiguen de por vidaOjala volvamos a ver a Raquel y no me dejen shipearla porque ya tengo con un ship asi con Laura Gallego Garcia Ojala esta aventura no termine tan pronto

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    I give this book 4.5 stars Diego Ramirez s life is about to change after he wins a writing contest and receives a beautiful, life like dragon statue as a prize from a famous author, Nate Sullivan This statue is quite unique and strange things begin to happen the moment Diego touches it At first, there are small indications that Magifico as he is named by Diego is special but, Diego s destiny will be fully revealed when the statue transforms into a gigantic, living and breathing dragon who is incidentally a little short on patience Adding to the complexity of the situation is Diego s concern over his brother, Esteban, who is coping poorly with the death of his girlfriend, Marisol Esteban wanders aimlessly with no home, no friends, and under the haze of an alcoholic induced stupor, grieving over the loss of his one true love Plagued by visions of his ancestors past and guided by the ill tempered dragon Magnifico and the mysterious Sullivan, Diego is about to embark on a spiritual journey which will forever change the lives of the ones he loves most.Diego s Dragon Spirits of the Sun is a magical and mystical journey exploring the themes of family, trust, connections to the past, and spirituality The story features a Hispanic boy as the main character which is a real rarity in the middle grade genre In fact, the majority of characters, including Diego s friends and the mysterious author, Nate Sullivan are also Hispanic The text is also peppered with Spanish words and phrases, making this middle grade novel truly unique My only complaint is that there was no lexicon included in the back for those of us who know little to no Spanish Who knew that watching Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go would serve us so well though Diego s Dragon is first and foremost an adventure that will appeal to tween and teen boys and girls alike there are a few female characters featured in the story Who doesn t dream of a mystical creature like a dragon coming to life Embedded within this adventure is the mystery of Diego s destiny The author does a great job of introducing and building intrigue until the climax of the book where we learn that Diego, with the help of the Sol Dragones, must guide the lost souls of his ancestors from limbo toward the afterlife With this act comes a great sacrifice and an even greater reward This is all part of the intricate and well laid out plot.Let me preface what I m about to say with the following I did really enjoy reading this captivating and well written book However, I do feel I have to mention two things The book does contain some bad language I know that different people have different tolerance levels for bad language, but I am quite conservative in this respect I feel that simple word substitutions would have made no difference to the story For example, instead of saying He s really p ssed at me this time , it easily could have been written as He s really ticked at me this time and it would not have changed the intent or meaning It was particularly noticeable because I was reading the book aloud to my children and I had to substitute words on the fly Regardless, my bottom line with respect to this issue is that the bad language was unnecessary and in fact, I would argue that bad language is unnecessary in middle grade books in general FOR THE RECORD This is what my daughter had to say about the bad language I think there were way too many bad words especially for kids ten and under I felt uncomfortably annoyed by the bad words and I wish that they were not in there and I wish that the words that were used were the ones my Mom replaced them with when she read the book The second issue I had was with the recurrent theme of alcoholism This is a pretty heavy topic for a middle grade crowd I can see why it was necessary for the story to work, but Esteban s grief and dejection could have been described in ways other than solely through his heavy drinking and his drunken behavior I m not sure that children under the age of 12 in general would understand very much about alcoholism Further, there were frequent descriptions of drinking among the other adults in the story as well It just felt awkward to be reading to my children how he let the velvety liquid port lie on his tongue for a few seconds, so his taste buds might enjoy each distinct flavor It s a beautiful description in a book for adults, but it felt out of place in a children s book.My Bottom Line Diego s Dragon Spirits of the Sun is a gripping, intrigue filled adventure featuring a young Hispanic boy as the main protagonist, a beautiful statue that transforms into a real dragon, and a cast of secondary characters who all play a role in helping Diego fulfill his destiny as the Guide who delivers his ancestors into the spirit world Tweens and teens will enjoy this magical and mystical journey and I recommend this book, with a language warning, to ages 10 I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for my honest opinion All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Diego s Dragon, Book One Spirits of the Sun is an urban fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers written by Kevin Gerard and illustrated by Jennifer Fong Eleven year old Diego Ramirez wins a district wide writing contest for sixth graders When an author visits his school to award his prize, Diego Ramirez has no idea how much his life is about to change Author Nathan Sullivan visits his school and hands Diego his prize a black dragon statue, shakes his hand and leaves him to his friends After hearing the name Magnifico spoken aloud by family and friends, Diego gives the name to his new dragon He did not know just how fitting the name was Magnifico is the leader of the Sol Dragones, dragons that live within the magical fires of the sun Nathan Sullivan is the earth s connection to the mysterious creatures and it was his task to find Magnifico s guide As Magnifico comes to life he plays tricks on Diego to embarrass him while helping him discover his destiny In a climactic journey, Diego frees his people and suffers a terrible loss by guiding Magnifico to their goal.Diego s Dragon has a great concept, and for the most part a great execution Diego is a great character and very true to life He has the problems of all twelve year olds, looking to find his place at home and in school as he faces an age of transition He has a brother facing difficulties, but supportive parents, and a loving extended family His friends and the girl he has a crush on play their parts perfectly, but they never seem to be stock characters I particularly like that the climax of the story does not play out the way I expected, which is always a nice surprise I only had a couple small things that cause me not to give this book a full five stars The first few scenes jumped around in time order a little, I understand the reasons or doing this and sometimes it works, but for some reason I just did not like it here.My only other distraction while reading has to do with one of the major things I loved about the book It was wonderful seeing a Latino main character, which is shockingly uncommon in fantasy literature even today I know a bit of conversational Spanish, mainly from life experience and children s television, however I am far from fluent I also have a bit of Italian and tons of Latin under my belt, and for the most part I knew the words, particularly from context but every so often I did not know what a word meant Thankfully this never happened when the exact translation was plot important, but I was occasionally distracted by my own lacking It just encouraged me to do a little work on my language skills, because I definitely want to read the next two books in the series.I would recommend Diego s Dragon to every reader that likes fantasy, adventure, coming of age stories, and dragons Do not be discouraged by my language barrier even with my fallibilities I highly enjoyed the story and do not think I missed anything important The story is exciting and something new and different that will appeal to many readers Reluctant readers and avid fantasy readers alike should be able to enjoy the story.

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    You can find my review hereI ve been seeing this book on lots of blogs lately The cover was so eye catching and I was instantly intrigued Needless to say that I was super excited to read about Diego s journey Diego is a sixth grader, who is smarter than the other kids of his age When an author gives him a statue of a dragon, for winning a contest, his entire life turns upside down All sort of crazy stuff starts happening his dragon, Magnifico, comes to life and plays tricks on him, the girl he has a crush on starts talking to him and the mysterious author tells him about a grand journey.I really like the idea that s inspired Mr Gerard to write this book I think it s unique, and that Diego makes a really great hero He is charming, intelligent and an adorable little kid who loves his family I like how he follows what his instinct tells him he immediately feels that there is something wrong with the dragon and when he realizes that it might harm his beloved ones, he doesn t think twice before getting rid of it.Magnifico, on the other hand is a really mischievous and unpredictable creature He has a temper and tends to cause trouble, and it takes a while for Diego to learn how to control and deal with his new dragon.This book reminds me a little of Hiccup and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon The two stories are nothing alike, but whenever I read about Diego and Mangnifico dashing through the sky, I feel the same feelings of lightheartedness and joy that I felt when I watched How To Train Your Dragon But maybe that s just because of my weird obsession with that movie.The hispanic culture is beautifully portrayed in this book I really love learning and reading about different values and traditions, and I think it s a pity how most YA books lack of those themes However, this book also deals with issues that are very common in teen books like alcohol and rebellious teenagers Although I really enjoyed reading this book, I confess that I was a bit confused about Racquel s mysterious part in Diego s journey But later on I noticed that I woudn t have been that confused, if I read the last part of the book description attentively Aside from that issue, the ending was really satisfying Overall I really enjoyed reading Diego s Dragon It s a great fantasy and adventure book with lots of amazing characters I highly recommend it to those who are fans of How To Train Your Dragon.Thank you to the author for providing me with an ecopy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Although I had to read this book over the course of weeks during a move and other stressful events, I got caught up in the story s emotion each time Before the end, I cried three times Tears alone don t make me decide a book is great But the reasons I cried went a long way courage and sacrifice presented in a creative way.In the short foreword, Kevin Gerard explains how promoting another fantasy series he wrote gave him the idea for this one He gave a dragon statue to a boy as a contest prize, and a few weeks later thought about such a prize coming to life He decided Latino boys needed heroes, and I agree Parents should note that there s some minor swearing and violence, including domestic, handled in a realistic way that should increase awareness and help children realize they are not alone in having to deal with alcoholism or drug abuse in their families.The hero of the story is eleven year old Diego Ramirez, who soon finds himself doubting his sanity when his prize dragon comes to life Nobody else seems to notice But there s a pretty girl involved who Diego admires, and she knows something he doesn t What aggravated me most was head hopping, reading other characters thoughts in a book started with Diego s point of view Although I doubt tweens will notice, the bigger issue was getting too much information through those thoughts Most of those ideas would have better remained a mystery for longer than they did Foreshadowing through dialog and events would have been enough.As I read, I decided the book rated a 4 for adults because of the head hopping, some other editing problems, and either a logic flaw or unclear explanation involving a sacrifice that didn t balance On closing the book, I realized the strong characterization and plot, including torn loyalties, sacrifice, and redemption, plus an ending that was anything but pat, than made up for the problems I couldn t give less than 5 stars for the target audience, middle graders If I could, I would give than 5 stars for Latino tweens, especially boys, and to the author for his efforts in their behalf I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    I love it when a book takes a back burner idea and brings it to the forefront Seriously Every year, the national Librarians Symposium hands out a list of books that are in high demand but low supply I m pretty sure that s where Rick Riordan found his niche in writing If that s the case, good on him, because those are the books that are going to be flying off the shelves Diego s Dragon uses Mexican tradition and unorthodox views of dragons to weave together a tale that was enjoyable to read, easy to understand, and created vivid imagery.Our hero, Diego Ramirez, wins a dragon statue in a writing contest It s handed to him personally by the author who set up the writing contest, Nathan Sullivan Diego s family is proud of his son s success, and his dragon is the talk of the town What the town isn t seeing is exactly what Diego sees The dragon, named Magnifico, moves, talks, and has an attitude that both intrigues Diego and frightens him.According to the dragon, Diego has been chosen as the Guide for his people, to bring back to their home The dragon is the mentor and serves the Guide, even though it s often him teaching Diego and helping him see the whole situation when Diego s eleven year old self wants to see something else I loved the imagery in this book It doesn t take much effort to see Magnifico scaring the spit out of some thugs, or the people rising out of the desert sands.This weekend only, Kevin Gerard is offering free copies of Diego s Dragon to everyone Click on the link here on October 6th to get a kindle version of Diego s Dragon for FREE if you liked that, check here on the 8th of October for book two, Dragons of the Dark Rift.http www. Diegos Dragon B

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    The book Diego s Dragon Spirits of the Sun was a very confusing, but exciting book to read There was a lot of details in this book and the author did a good job of showing what type of character the protagonist Diego was Kevin Gerard did a good job of describing different scenes by using big words that let you visualize in your head Diego s Dragon Spirits of the Sun was about a boy named diego who wins a dragon statue called Magnifico Diego turns out to be Magnifico s guide and they go on adventures at night It is about Diego finding out who he is and how his purpose is to save his people It can get confusing at times in this book, but you will understand everything at the end of the book I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and action.

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