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    THE LITTLE PRINCE Book 2 The Planet of the Firebird My dear Rose, I ve learned that we must always encourage the ones we love to follow not our dreams but their own And you, my Rose, what are you dreaming of The Little Prince How can he live like this Doesn t he see that his king is a tyrant Fox Shinh Joh is trying to believe in his freedom The reality is just too hard for him The Little Prince I m sorry, White Rose My friend Fox didn t mean you any harm The Little Prince

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    I liked this one better than book one I enjoyed the world and the underlying message I think this is such a good series for the age range, and I could see the real world issues reflected in the conflict Fighting over leadership, destroying natural resourced, and letting greed get in the way of what s best right is a pretty universal issue I loved the connection we got to see between the Little Prince with Roses It felt like a shout out to the original book.

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    Another amazing piece of the Little Prince saga

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    Read three of these today, as the girls had checked them out And they are good for that age group Honestly, I d give the series 2.5 stars simply because it IS pretty good for the 8 12 age group, but not really something I enjoyed It s decent, but it s not great.The artwork is nice though And the stories at the end Well, as my daughter put it Those are just so weird.

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    Again, the story was meh but the art was cute.

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    With a thin mythos, the series continues to feel like an IP license spread over too thin a plot, drawn and inked by Kazu Kibuishi It is almost like his Copper series.

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    I am really loving the Little Prince series It s so cute, the characters are fun especially Fox and the art is adorable I also love the messages and morals the books have.

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    Interesting and visually appealing, but still with the same flaws as book one.

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