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    MY 2013 YEAREND REVIEWThis book, Neighbors and Wise Men Sacred Encounters in a Portland Pub and Other Unexpected Places is the last book that I finished reading this year, 2013 This is my 231st I surpassed my 2013 Reading Challenge of 230 books This number of books read is my lowest in 3 years In 2011, I had 277 books and in 2012, 302 Still, I feel accomplished because there is a good reason for this low number I had the chance to strengthen my faith and relationship with God.Since I joined Goodreads in March 2009 until the middle of this year, all I read were mostly fiction belonging to Boxall s 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, Bloomsbury s 501 Must Read Books, Pulitzer s, Booker s, etc Then since the later part of last year, 2012, I also increased my target for reading local books because I founded my own book club, Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books to help push books written by Filipino authors Then this year, 2013, I started reading literature about religion and this book was one of them.Tony Kriz was fresh from college when he volunteered to go to a Muslim village in Albania as a Christian missionary Having been raised by a religious parents, he was a young boy and he thought that there were only two kinds of people believers like him and his family and non believers So, armed with that thought he was excited to go to Albania to spread the Word of God not expecting what he was up to a lot of life changing or view changing experiences This was during his 20 s.Then on his 30 s, he taught at Reed College in Portland, raised a family and lived his life based on his religious beliefs and convictions Here are those stories when he met people in a Portland pub People who he did not think to have strong spiritual lives since they were there in bars enjoying booze Unexpected, right Because we all think that booze and religion do not mix Booze and bars are not really evil but discussing religion in this right context would probably be best done inside the premises of a house of worship like a church, a conference room or even at home with religious congregation, groups, laymen or your bible study group in them Right Not, always Here is my case A 26 y o friend whose name is Robertson Poblete was instrumental to my being closer to God again.I used to be a prayerful person when I was still single In fact, when I was in my first year in college in 1985 , I contemplated on entering a Catholic seminary so I asked my father s permission but he objected saying that priests when they become old and senile in seminaries are sorry sights Despite not being able to fulfill my desire to be a priest, I maintained my religiosity I used to pray the rosary everyday, went to confession at least once a year and rarely missed my Sunday obligations going to Mass, resting, etc Then when I got married two decades ago yes, my wife and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this Saturday, January 4, 2014 , since my wife rarely prays the rosary and she does not believe in the importance of going to confession if she misses attending a mass or committing any grave sin, I became like her I stopped praying the rosary because I would not want her to see me as the religious parent to our daughter You see, I had and sometimes still have this stupid belief that religion is only for weak people Then I also stopped going to confession, reads the Bible only occasionally and, to be honest, Sunday Mass just became an obligation for me At times, I was there inside the church but my mind was elsewhere In short, for almost 20 years, I had a shallow relationship with God.Then I founded Pinoy Reads Books on September 24, 2012 and after a couple of weeks, Robertson or to us his close friends, Berto, joined What made him interested was his Tagalog religious blog that you can access by clicking his name above I thought that it was unique as most of religious blogs I d seen were written in English When we finally met for the first time 3 months after, December 1, 2012, he neither strike me as a religious nor a spiritual person He was too young and his easygoing stance made me not to take him seriously During that day and on the succeeding times I saw him, he did not say anything religious nor did I remember him saying anything serious except when he warned me to stop texting while walking because my phone might be snatched away by thief Worst of all, he even suggested to us guys in the group if we could have a drinking session inum naman tayo minsan You see, I had been attending book club meetups and discussions for two years prior to that day but I d never met someone who proposed to have a drinking session on the first meeting day This guy is an alcoholic, I said to myself but I was surprised and did not totally shun the idea After all, I just formed a book club and I was determined to be open for diversity in our membership.Berto was active in the group especially on its initial months It was not hard to trust him Once I asked him to be the van marshall for our field trip and he happily agreed to lead that group I even trusted him the cash to pay for the van and I thought he could have run off with it and not show up again but he did not and that sealed my trust on him.He became my constant companion in the group for two reasons 1 he lives near, just a 10 minute drive, from home and 2 he is still single so he could accompany me most of the time I needed somebody to be with He is really fond of drinking alcoholic drinks, smoking tobacco he prefers pipe and shisha over cigarettes , he sometimes swears, but he abhors sex outside of marriage and he consistently refuses to come with me to girly bars The first time I asked why, he reasoned out that he was a religious person and I automatically thought it was a joke So I kept on repeating my invitation which was of a test to his seriousness rather than me wanting to go actually Each time he refused until he introduced me to his girlfriend who is also a devout practicing Catholic who attested to the fact that Berto was really a religious person and like Tony Kriz has strong religious conviction to live his life according the God s plan on him Our friendship has been tested by intrigues mainly due to the stark difference on age 23 He is like a son, a nephew and not just a friend There were many times when I also doubted if it was worth spending time with him so I devised all possible ways to find out his true identity met his parents and relatives, went to his home on his birthday, met his girlfriend s family, met his friends and tried to talk anything under the sun with him Each time, each test, he passed I became a regular beer drinker this year, 2013 but lately I have been trying to also slow down I tried smoking tobacco and shisha but lately I also began to stop I think those vices will not help to further our friendship and I would rather stick to healthy habits like going to the gym with him rather than staying late at night at the bars However, those times spent in bars drinking beer were mostly the times when I knew the true Berto When tipsy or drunk, he has the tendency to speak his mind freely rather than when he is sober and guarded.Some of our friends very easily and loosely say that Berto is a negative influence to me since I started regularly drinking beer and they sometimes see me smoking tobacco with him However, as I said, I have began to stop those and Berto does not object I d rather focus on the positive influences that he had on me since we became friends 1 after 19 years since I got married, he made me go to a priest and confess all my sins 2 he made me go back to the habit of praying rosary everyday and so my wife now hears me murmuring my prayers on the early mornings before I get up from our bed 3 I began to appreciate hearing the traditional Latin mass 4 I finished a 13 Saturday Basic Apologetics class early this month In it, we were taught how to defend the Catholic faith and came with that teaching were the basic facts about our Church history, beliefs, traditions, sacraments, dogmas, etc Now I appreciate attending the Sunday mass like no other stage in my life and 5 began buying and reading religious books to further my understanding of my faith and our religion They say that God works on mysterious ways and like the experience of Tony Kriz in the book, you don t know if the person next to you would change your heart and strengthen your faith towards God Like Berto, the guy next to you in a bar could be a positive influence that would make you closer to God You just have to look passed his weaknesses like those vices and chances are, you will find a ray of light that can illuminate your path back to God s fold.Tony Kriz was 41 when he wrote this book and its last pages brilliantly summarize the story of his relationship with his creator In his 20 s he found that it was not about being a believer Christian and non believer non Christian and he learned to respect other religions In his 30 s his faith was tested and so he became doubtful of his life s direction until he found the wise men in a Portland pub and other unexpected places At 41, as he fondly recalled those days, he decided to share his experiences to us through this book.So at 49, I now fondly recall the days of 2013 when I discovered a true friend in Berto and so I decided to grant his request of sharing the story of our friendship through this yearend review Taken by Berto s girlfriend during one of those 13 Saturdays when we attended our Basic Apologetics Class I am the one at the left and Berto at the right side Last night, when I told him that I would tell the story of our friendship in this yearend review, I would call him young man with an old soul He asked why I said because you are fond of befriending men a lot older than you like me He said that was right he prefers older friends as he thought he would learn a lot from them I am not sure if he already learned anything from me I think it was the other way around. Berto, thanks for the friendship You have my permission to re post this on your blog Hehe.

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    This book was exactly what I needed to read God s remarkable that way, of course I love Tony s view of allowing God to speak through any and everyone he comes into contact with So many times, we try to put God in a box and refuse to entertain the idea that he might move in ways we can t understand, ways that are outside of our little box God works in mysterious ways is a well known saying but how many people really believe that, really live out an acceptance of the mystery of God I ll bet that the Pharisees thought they had it sown up They had a box, too, and Jesus did not fit in it Modern day Christians are often threatened by other religions or non believers because of this very same thing I wonder if Jesus came back today, if he wouldn t have to break us out of our religious mold, our assumptions that have become FACT in our minds over the centuries, and show us what God really meant Probably.Rather than sharing the gospel like cake that I have and that you don t, we should share the gospel like one shares a sunset, Kriz argues I could not agree God is the painter and we can only marvel at his glory

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    and Wise Men is not the kind of book I typically read This book is a collection of life experiences from the author Tony Kriz, from all over the world and with all kinds of people, but all tied together as being sacred encounters that led to personal transformation.I never suggest someone read the end of a book before starting at the beginning, but I actually found when reading the closing that I wished I would have read that first The style of the book, snap shots of periods of his life and some of his theological ideas, made the book less appealing for me to read at times, but while reading the closing of the book, you really get a powerful glimpse of the humility the author has and a transparency that he still hasn t figured it out yet who has and that he s still very much on the journey of discovering a greater understanding of himself, the world, and God as we all should be.So this isn t a heavy book and is one that could be picked up and put down numerous times, but nonetheless I think that it has some rich stories in it and with those stories, some great questions to wrestle with For example probably the standout chapter for me was chapter 3, called Holy Kiss This chapter has a great cross cultural story and some challenging thoughts on the idea of The Gospel and physical touch Overall I think this is a pretty good book A light read with some great nuggets of wisdom.I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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    EpiphanyAt the recommendation of a close friend, I initially borrowed his copy of this compelling and inspirational work Instead of devouring it like I tend to do with fiction, I savored it and ended up buying a copy of my own because I knew I d want to go back and read some of it again I also wanted to be able to loan it to others who I know would enjoy it Perhaps that is something I took away from reading this book, which I dare to say was the most inspirational piece I ve read this year.I am a Portlander and live just 122 steps from the front doors of the pub where Mr Kriz, through the help of local neighbors, resurrected his faith I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the places I ve come to know, but what gripped me the most was how Kriz drew me into an understanding of the value of community While reading, I was transported on a journey along with the author in his early years as a missionary in a muslim village in Albania I felt akin with him in the struggles he so transparently shared.Kriz has a talent for description and clearly has a gift for observation and listening to the people he engaged His neighbors, both near and far, provided him with the substance for this work in the form of personal stories Kriz s writing is a baring of soul, rich with descriptions of people and places Central to his theme is the sharing of God s word and though he is a Christian man, Kriz obviously respects those who live as God intends regardless of religious affiliation or lack there of I found his transparency refreshing and not the least bit intimidating or preachy.I give this book my highest recommendation to anyone, but for persons who call themselves Portlanders, this one needs to be at the top of their must read list.

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    Neighbors and Wise Men is a fiercely honest and sincere evaluation of spiritually formative processes from the perspective of Portland native, Tony Kriz Kriz writes about his journey from a type of Christian fundamentalism to a robust life of faith, restoring his neighborhood and community, inspired and impacted by unorthodox characters encountered in unlikely places.

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    Refreshing Challenging Transforming.

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    This is one of the best books I have ever read on Christian missions Tony sets out to tell Muslims about Jesus and they teach him about compassion, sharing and bearing one another s burdens He comes out of that college experience a bit than shaken and goes to a local pub to re member himself There, he meets wise people, neighbors who help him heal Tony takes a bit here and tweaks a bit there reconstructing his faith Every person, every situation shapes his faith, transforming him even though his primary goal was to influence others It is just so like God to meet us in this way Tony is fabulously transparent and let s us witness his pain and confusion 5 stars all the way

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    To love is to listen If we love someone, we want to learn the best of who that individual is To love is to be fascinated by someone s memories, his or her opinions and hopes That pretty much sums up this book Tony takes us on a journey in what raw faith looks like the messiness, the complications and the questions He helps us remember the simplicity of being human and how our God isn t as complicated as we make Him This book is bonafide love and I definitely recommend out of 5 stars for me

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    The young missionary s trek through Muslim Albania and Yugoslavia is an interesting adventure The second half Proselytizing at devil may care Reed College and anecdotes about buddies not The discussion about not combining faiths provides food for thought a fresh topic This might be best for young Christians and fellow missionary types.Easy reading level.

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    A great read of a Christian who struggles with his faith, and yet finds help in some strange places I don t know many Christians who haven t had their ups and downs with their faith at times It was interesting and funny to read about this author s experiences.

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  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Neighbors and Wise Men
  • Tony Kriz
  • English
  • 26 July 2017
  • 9780849947391

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