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Wisdom Meets Passion chapter 1 Wisdom Meets Passion , meaning Wisdom Meets Passion , genre Wisdom Meets Passion , book cover Wisdom Meets Passion , flies Wisdom Meets Passion , Wisdom Meets Passion d3a904c3d93f4 Today We Face A Unique Dichotomy Between The Wisdom Of The Baby Boomer Generation And The Passion Of Generation Y According To Wisdom Meets Passion, The Question Is Not Which Is Right, But Rather How Can The Two Work Together Wisdom, Meet Passion Passion, Wisdom By Bringing These Two Voices To The Issue, This Book Takes Readers Through Familiar Plights, Such As Understanding The American Dream, The Quest For Security, And Work That Matters Regardless Of Age Through Candid Storytelling, Dan Miller And Jared Angaza Uncover Various Generational Approaches To Work, Money, Success, And Relationships, Proving That It Is Possible To Be Both Passionate And Wise

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    There are two great days in our lives the day we are born and the day we discover why William Barclay.OK, so to say that I m somewhat of a passionate person may be an understatement So I picked up this book thinking that it may just be some sort of justification for pursuing my passions True Wisdom Meets Passion also showed me how to live fully and pursue them wisely.The authors hit on the critical characteristics for becoming successful Passion, determination, talent, self discipline and faith Note that passion leads the list if you re not going to do it with fervor, why do it at all This book shows one how to live a life filled with meaning, joy and purpose It nails down the distinction of doing what really matters with authenticity The glory of God is man fully alive Saint IrenaeusIf you feel like you re living your life that way, you ll breeze through this book It will be affirmation of your direction, and your purpose If you aren t quite sure, I would encourage you to pick this one up, you won t regret it It will help you identify life goals, and it will help you develop a plan to attaining them.What are your passions Do you feel like you re pursuing them now

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    Great book with a blend of wisdom from different generations The path that it takes to get a destination is different by all and according to your life purposes I like how Dan continues to give you nuggets for your business and place of employment to prevent one from becoming insignificant This book is all about living the best you and not about riches Great read and excellent audiobook His son brings a different perspective living in Africa and how we can transform others This book is not about achieving goals but living out a life s vision in which he gives major differences.

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    The book up for review is Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller.This book is broken down to show readers how to use your skills, personalities and passion to give you a sense of meaning for your life It is not just about going to college, going into debt, graduating and finding that amazing job that we all hear about Lately graduates are having a tough time out there finding the job that will cement what they been taught their entire life This is getting a job, working at it for 20 40 years, retire and live happily ever after But how many of us are really happy at what we do for a living Does it have meaning, does it fulfill us as day after day This book tries to share with its readers way to relook at our lives and how we approach that It is the hope for the reader to find passion and wisdom and make it mesh together successfully.One of the things I did not like about the book was the portion that was in light pink ink It was hard to read especially for someone who has eye issues When I read this book I needed a lot of light That took away from it Another thing that turned me off was the repeated reference to the author s time in Africa I get it You lived there, it changed you and this is how it did so But to continue to bring us back out of the rhythm of reading to reference your time there slowed the book down.The author did make a statement that was well received He said as readers if we find something we do not like in the book don t put it down We should explore the entire book for we might find something of use I had to read the whole novel due to it being one of the conditions to receiving it for free He was right I did find parts of the book that could work for me But I would not have read it as quickly if it had been a book for leisure.I am up in the air about this book If you as a reader are into self help books this might be a good read for you I would not buy it at full price though.

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    The wisdom of baby boomers Dan Miller, the lead author meets the passion of generation Y Jared Angaza, Dan s son, who chose to live a simple but unusual life in Africa away which goes against the American dream Both Dan and Jared are based on their own experience to advance their thought provoking questions, advice and reflections Also, there is quite a lot of research that the authors have done before writing the book which makes it a credible source They ask the right questions and spur your mind into thinking and reflecting on our own life both personal and professional However, these types of books usually tend to present some cliches arguments like you need to be positive type thing, and although most of us might agree that we need to be positive, the question is often how Another drawback I found is that God and Christianity were often brought into the arguments which might make some ideas unsuitable for all audiences Despite that, the book is really worth reading To me it was a starting point that helped me refine my thoughts even I would also recommend you go to the reference pages at the end of the book and check some of them in details.

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    A rather uninsightful and clich d book If you have read many self help books before, you probably will find this boring.My main problems with this book,1 It s full of clich s I swear I ve read stuff like this many times before.2 This book talks about finding your passion and encourages you to think beyond money but somehow I felt that his definition of success is to become rich Most of his examples of successful people are rich He talks extensively about doing what you love and how you might be able to get rich through that What about people who do what they love but don t become rich at all but are nevertheless very happy 3 He looks at issues and examples at a rather superficial level He hardly made any insightful observations unlike many other self help books I felt the most redeeming parts of the book were his and Jared s personal experiences Jared definitely leads a rather intriguing life and I enjoyed his unique perspective on life His take on how the rich world should regard Africa is fresh and interesting.

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    If I had to use one word to describe Wisdom Meets Passion it would be inspiring The wonderful combination of Dan Miller s tried and true principles and his son s anecdotal stories of most of the principals in action provide a complete picture of exactly what it means to use both wisdom and passion to govern your life The primary thesis in the book seems to be less about the battle between wisdom and passion than it is about the battle between freedom and securitybecause as they state in the book, you can t have both Dan and his son address such controversial topics as the value of a college education, how people waste their lives pursuing security that doesn t exist, how doing what you have a passion for can be the best career path and The book also contains exercises to help you figure out what your passion is and how to apply it to your career Recommended for anyone who is at a career impasse or for someone who is too fearful to do what they know must be done.

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    I have always expressed to my followers blog that life is not just about knowledge it is about passion I have raised my kids to find their passion, develop it and be happy This book perfectly aligned with my beliefs and lessons that I pass on to my children Knowledge is not wisdom They are very different Wisdom and passion are so complementary to one another and the combination of the two is the ultimate pursuit The combination of the two creates a perfect balance of risk and reward The writers are a duo of father and son who have combined their wisdom and passion I received a complimentary copy of Wisdom Meets Passion from Booksneeze All opinions, good or bad, are my own.

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    I found each chapter to have tools that spoke to me as a career woman and as an artist Both authors try as gentle as possible to debunk the money myth in modern careers as equaling success They use stories and career experiences to illustrate how you can take what you love and make a happy life So often in society we are told that a car, 401k, mortgage and a steady paycheck means happiness These are authors willing to say not so By Patti LightRead the full review here

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    I thought this was a great book it really makes you think about what s important and may change your approach to what you re doing in life Could serve as a great wake up call I ve enjoyed all of Dan Miller s book, but this was surprisingly good to me The different perspectives Dan and his son brought were interesting and there were a number of pages that I just had to highlight and put stickies in so I could come back to them again later Would definitely recommend

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    If you are confused about what you want to do, read 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller, before this bookBut if you have a dream know what you want to do, read this ASAP This book written by 2 different generations It is full of inspiration and practical wisdom that will help encourage you to take action Action for work that is meaningful, purposeful and profitable.

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