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Sody Salleratus chapter 1 Sody Salleratus, meaning Sody Salleratus, genre Sody Salleratus, book cover Sody Salleratus, flies Sody Salleratus, Sody Salleratus e102971867c2c A Simple Trip To The Store For A Box Of Sody Salleratus Baking Soda Turns Into A Disappearing Act For A Boy, A Girl, An Old Man And An Old Woman It S All Up To A Little Squirrel Who S Determined To Have Biscuits For Supper To Discover Their Fate And Rescue Them The Simple Plot, Filled With Lots Of Repetition And Fun To Repeat Sounds, Is Perfect For Reading Aloud Exuberant Illustrations By Alan And Lea Daniel Leap Off The Page, Adding Hilarious Details That Enhance This Lively Retelling Of The Traditional Tale

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    The classic Appalachian folktale, Sody Salleratus, is presented in this humorous Canadian picture book retelling from author Aubrey Davis and illustrators Alan and Lea Daniel Opening in the home of an old woman, an old man, a girl, a boy and a squirrel, the tale follows the boy as he sets out to buy some sody salleratus AKA baking soda for his grandmother s biscuits When he fails to return home, having been eaten by a bear on his way back, the girl is dispatched to seek him, only to meet the same fate So it goes with the elders of the family, until only the pet squirrel is left to defeat the bear and rescue his humansOriginally contained in Richard Chase s classic collection of Appalachian folklore, Grandfather Tales , published in 1948, this story has also been retold in Joanne Compton s 1995 Sody Sallyratus , and Teri Sloat s 1997 Sody Sallyratus , both of which I have enjoyed I m glad I managed to track down this retelling, as I found the narrative humorous and engaging, and the artwork colorful, expressive, and full of fun The bear and squirrel s expressions are particularly well done There is some gore here the bear ends up as a rug so some sensitive readers might want to beware, but leaving that aside, this is one I would recommend to anyone looking for humorous folktale retellings and or tales set in Appalachia.

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    Fun Canadian authored and illustrated children s story teaching a new to readers historical word for baking soda.

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    A little bit different from the way the Folktellers told it but this one has great illustrations.

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    Sody Salleratus 19th century word meaning aerated salt , or baking soda Necessary spoiler alert The people in this book do get eaten, but it isn t bad.If your child is under five or skittish, I wouldn t read it, yet The illustrations are folksy, colorful and captivating in perspective The redemption is that you will not feel like your child will have nightmares It isn t like reading an original version of Goldilocks and the three bears, or Little Red Riding Hood, and the horrible final scenes necessitating an axe, ect I would not have chosen this book myself for my five year old my mother picked it up at the local library I love the original fairy tales, always have, but some of them, understandably are unnerving to small children So, when I read the first page on which someone gets eaten, I looked at my five year old, thinking Uh oh, what do I say now He begged me to go on Hakuna Matata It was OK This book is funny It has just enough build up to keep little ones on their tippy toes and a fast scene at the end that had my son laughing Spoiler Everyone is OK in the end well, not counting the bear but it isn t at all graphic and they make bisquits with the sody salleratus, which the bear probably shouldn t have eaten, considering what happened to him.

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    I had no clue what sody salleratus was or meant, all I knew is the author s last name began with a D and it looked cute We actually learned that sody salleratus was also known as baking soda This story is not really about baking soda It is an Applachian Three Billy Goats Gruff The Old Woman decides to bake biscuits and needs her sody salleratus She sends Boy to the grocer to buy some, which he dutifully complies On the way back home he crosses a bridge only to be accosted by a large grumpy bear Once the bear eats Boy the story moves on The Old Woman proceeds to send Girl, then Old Man, and then herself to find out what has taken them so long to return home All are eaten by the bear Oh, did I forget to mention that they had a squirrel living on the mantlepiece Yep, and squirrel goes last to find Old Woman, Old Man, Girls and Boy only to discover the bear and his boasting at eating them all.Squirrel ends up outsmarting the bear and well, there is a happily ever after to this story that includes the biscuits, thanks to the sody salleratus, and a bear skin rug.The kids love the repetitive story line and begin to read it with me They love the roaring and growling of the bear Sody Salleratus is a fun little tale great to share.

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    When I looked this book up, I learned that this is a folk story with various renditions It had an enjoyable repetition I missed the ending at story tiem because Natalie ran off.

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