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Aeneid files Aeneid, read online Aeneid, free Aeneid, free Aeneid, Aeneid 2589ca374 One Of The Pillars Of Western Literary Tradition, Vergil S Aeneid Is Also A Terrific Read The Story Of A Man Whose City Is Destroyed In War, And Of His Journey To Find His Place In Destiny This Epic Has It All Adventures On The High Seas, Passion, Battles, Monsters, Magic, Meddling Gods, And Struggles That Test The Moral Fiber Of Both Men And WomenThe Aeneid Has Been Deemed One Of The Most Influential Poems In World Literature And Yet, A Translation With Wide Appeal Has Been Lacking Until Now G B Cobbold Joined With Bolchazy Carducci Publishers To Produce An Aeneid That Gives The Epic Its Due As The Rousing And Moving Story That It Is, While Remaining True To The Spirit Of The Latin Original This An Aeneid Like No Other A Fresh, Page Turning Rendition That Reads Like A Novel, But Has The Vividness Of Poetic Language, With Attractive And Accessible Reader Aids Sure To Become A Prized Standard Special FeaturesCobbold S Command Of Latin And Commitment To A Strong Narrative Line Have Produced An Aeneid For Everyone Features Include Introduction To The Aeneid And Vergil Vivid Novelistic Rendition With Sidebar Running Summaries And Dynamic In Text Illustrations Map Of Aeneas Voyage Glossary Of Characters Family Trees Of Main Characters And Gods Book By Book Outline Of The Plot Of The Aeneid Timeline Of Significant Events In Roman History Reading Group Discussion Questions

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    Vergil s Aeneid Hero, War, Humanity is a translation of the Aeneid translated by G B Cobbold It is about the adventures of Aeneas and his followers as they escape from Troy and journey to Italy so that they can found a new city Aeneas and his people were Trojan citizens during the fall of Troy, and the book chronicles their escape from Troy as it is being sacked by the Greeks, their long journey across the Mediterranean Sea, their ventures in Italy, and much The book really embellishes on many of its central themes, such as bravery, glory, reverence, etc.I particularly enjoyed this book because while it is not a literal translation of the Aeneid by any stretch, the author was able to effectively convey the meaning of the text without making it too confusing Despite his changes to some of the word choice and grammar, the central story stills remains very much intact Another thing the author utilized very well was punctuation In the literal translation of the Aeneid, there are many run on sentences and sentences that while technically grammatically correct, are simply very lengthy and confusing I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mythology or Roman history Vergil.

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