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Kumak's Fish: A Tall Tale from the Far North summary Kumak's Fish: A Tall Tale from the Far North, series Kumak's Fish: A Tall Tale from the Far North, book Kumak's Fish: A Tall Tale from the Far North, pdf Kumak's Fish: A Tall Tale from the Far North, Kumak's Fish: A Tall Tale from the Far North 057296473b On A Beautiful Arctic Morning, Kumak Looks Out The Window Of His House At The Sun Rising Over The Frozen River Ahhh, Spring, Says Kumak To His Family The Days Are Long, The Nights Are Short, And The Ice Is Still Hard Good Day For Fish Eager To Give Uncle Aglu S Amazing Hooking Stick A Try, Kumak Packs Up His Family And Heads Out To Go Ice Fishing Good Day For Fish They All Agree Hapless Kumac Is The Only One In His Family Without Fish Until The Tug At The Other End Of His Line Incites A Mighty Battle A Clever Ending Reveals That The Whale Sized Fish That Kumak Imagined Was Actually A Line Of Small Fish In Tug O War Position Kumak Reigns, And There S Plenty For Everybody Authentic Details Throughout The Playful Art And Text, As Well As Endnotes On Inupiat Fishing, Provide Young Readers With A Fascinating Window Into Another Culture In This Follow Up To KUMAK S HOUSE A Children S Book Council Notable Trade Book In Social Studies

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    3 art5 storyA version of the old a farmer grows a turnip folk tale, but in a fresh setting and culture.Squirt and I thought it was a lot of fun.

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    Such a a fun tall tale, with the perfect balance of realistic and far fetched Kumak s lucky hooking stick is not serving him very well on his fishing trip with his family, until it is The surprise ending got big laughs.

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    A cute wonderful story about a good day to go fish Kumak with his father s hooking stick, and his family go off ice fishing.

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    I love this book I was searching for a book about ice fishing and this one is beautifully illustrated and makes for a wonderful read aloud.Taking place in Alaska, Kumak and his family head to the frozen lake to go fishing They bundle up in their mukluks, huddle onto the dog sled and gather their fish Each family member besides the baby take turns catching fish but Kumak doesn t have much luck.He sits, patiently and with the help of his Uncle Aglu s amazing hooking stick and the rest of the villagers he is able to capture the biggest fish from the water.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to introduce their child to another culture or a humorous book that can be shared with a captive audience.

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    A giant turnip tale, this one was unique enough to stand alone I ll admit that I found myself wanting to skim at parts, though It was a little too long and I just wanted to get to the resolution Still, the ending was brilliant if a little peculiar and almost creepyfish that smart and we re eating them and really drove home the concept of everyone working together and sharing what they find.

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    This was a random library find that ended up being so great The illustrations are so fun, and it tells a great story about teamwork as Kumak tries to reel in what he thinks is a huge fish and needs the help of all of his family and neighbors.

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    This book is a good book for reading when you are talking about folk tales with little kids The illustrations in this book are really well done and make the book a lot interesting I have never read this book until now and it was an okay book.

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    My 3rd graders enjoyed it

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    In this story Kumak is the main character On a beautiful arctic morning Kumak takes his family ice fishing He is excited for this particular day because he gets to use Uncle Aglu s amazing hooking stick Each of the family members begin to catch fish and Kumak sits patiently He finally gets a bite and it must be a monster size fish because he cannot bring it in on his own It takes the help of his family and the whole village to bring in the catch When they finally collect the fish from the sea the village has enough fish to feed the village There are several literary elements present in the story of Kumak s fish The characters are simple, direct, and easy to relate to.For example, Uncle Aglu only appears on one page put the reader connects with him and the magic of the hooking stick The setting is that of spring in a far north arctic village The illustrations help show the setting with simple pictures of snow capped mountains and frozen lakes They show the family riding sleds and scooping out holes on the frozen lake to fish The plot of the story flows easy as we follow the family on their fishing trip The author provides a straightforward sequence of each family member catching a fish This pattern is very simple and easy to memorize The theme is very universal in the fact that it shows the simple lesson of supporting each other The tone of this tall tale is a reflections of how humans interact to help one another to get to a common goal.

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