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The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour) chapter 1 The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour), meaning The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour), genre The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour), book cover The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour), flies The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour), The Very Best of Monty Python (Methuen Humour) acd5536bc169a A Celebration Of The Silly And Enduring Genius Of The Monty Python Team, Including Their Very Best Visual And Verbal GagsIn October , The BBC Broadcast The First Program In A New Series Monty Python S Flying Circus, Written And Conceived By Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, And Michael Palin Through The Years The Six Of Them Followed This With Another Extremely Silly Programs, A German TV Special, Five Full Length Feature Films, Seven Books, Nine Long Playing Records, And Live Stage Shows That Toured The UK, Canada, And America This Pocket Series Features The Very Best Of Monty Python A Collection Of Favorite Sketches, Gags, Words, And Lyrics, Chosen By The Members Of Monty Python Who Have Picked Some Of Their Prized Bits From Across The Whole Range Of Python Books, Scripts, And Films Included Are Such Memorable Moments As The French Taunt King Arthur, The Lumberjack Song, What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us , The Court Martial Of Sapper Walters, Every Sperm Is Sacred, The Man Who Talks Entirely In Anagrams, And Other Priceless Pieces Of Python Humor Accompanying These Words Are Some Two Hundred Images That Have Become Synonymous With Python Through Three Decades

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    Although it might seem a little obvious to say, this is perfect for any reader who loves Monty Python.What I initially found amusing was the fact that the cast make no attempt to hide the fact that it is pretty much all just recycled content Nothing much new and original, just another way to showcase the best of the movies and TV show Thankfully, that was what I wanted from this Python book.It contains a wide selection of content presented in different formats Mainly through scripts but some are illustrated or exaggerated through the layouts of the page itself Little stylistic elements that showed that a degree of thought had gone into this book, even though it was all old jokes The missing page 59 for example, or the anteater tipping a page number up as if to eat it This book is very silly, but isn t that in essence what Monty Python is all about

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    It s what you d expect All the living Pythons choose their favourite sketches, songs and illustrations All the classics such as Mr Cresote and The Lumberjack Song etc are there but there are a good number of selections which a die hard MP fan would know about like Consulting with Jean Paul Sartre or the Piranha brothers sketches It good stuff for a beginner or a fan.

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    Why Accountancy is not boring, who won Upper Class Twit of The Year, that there is fascinating News For Parrots, that Stan has every right to have babies, and How To Walk Silly.

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    Jo que t os m s tontos y como los quiero este recopilatorio posee el esp ritu y la esencia de todo lo que hicieron as que imaginaos lo est pido y maravilloso que es.

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