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Waiting for April chapter 1 Waiting for April, meaning Waiting for April, genre Waiting for April, book cover Waiting for April, flies Waiting for April, Waiting for April 0df9f8b649cc7 On A Stormy Night In , A Man Carrying A Suitcase Holding Army Discharge Papers And A Bronze Star Strode Into The Little Town Of Citrus, Florida, And Changed Everything He Called Himself Sanders Collier And Said He Was The Son Of A Prominent Family Of South Carolina Gentry He Was Handsome And Cunning, And People Believed HimWithin A Few Years He Would Be Dead, Shot In What Would Always Be Called A Hunting Accident Who Was Hunting What Was Never Clear To His Son, Left Behind To Make Sense Of A Town Split Apart By The Things His Father Had Done But When Roy Grows Into The Spitting Image Of His Father, The Unspoken Agreement To Keep Buried The Old Resentments About The Past Comes UndoneWhat Follows For This Family Is The Unraveling Of Every Lie, Half Truth, Self Delusion, And Wishful Thought On Which They Had Built Their Lives Since The Arrival Of Sanders Collier Only After The Selfless Sacrifice Of One Very Odd, Profane, Saintly Man Does Roy Finally Understand What Happened The Night His Father DiedSet In The Lush, Fertile World Of The Florida Panhandle, WAITING FOR APRIL Is A Complex, Funny, Sometimes Dark Story When The Oxford American Said Scott Morris S First Book Was A Harbinger Of Even Greater Things, This Is The Book They Were Talking About

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    I put this book down for a year I was annoyed with the boy being enad with a stunning woman, just like all the males within her radius I picked it up again a few days ago and read it cover to cover within 3 or 4 days It s a tale that boys would benefit from reading The transitions from major fantasy to middle age perspectives.I had expected an incident, in fact you are set up from the get go for it But.Language was rewarding and the details about the times were touching.

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    I picked this book up from a recommendation from Reading Group Choices and it turned out to be a good read The setting is Citrus, Florida, where out of a strangely stormy day, a stranger appeared A stranger who would change the lives of many of the residents of this small panhandle town His name was Sanders Collier and his back story was of growing up in prestigious South Carolina family The simple story is that he married one of the two sisters he met on the day he came to town but was obsessed with the other He fathered a son and then died in what would be called for many years a hunting accident As his son grows up, he knows there are things in his past that he s never be told but never realizes how many secrets have been kept from him until the owner of a small shop in town commits suicide I felt that the writing style and the characters were extremely well done I could easily visualize the town and it s inhabitants as I read.

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    I picked up this book at the library because it was April and I liked the title The reviews on the back spoke highly of the writing, so I started reading and there was something about this book that kept me riveted The main premise of a severely dysfunctional southern family surviving life and each other was interesting, while the tension over a potentially incestuous relationship was disturbing, the ending was pretty satisfying.

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    I loved the characters and the scenery Being a Florida resident, everything was familiar and beautifully described The general story was intriguing but I thought the plot could have been sturdier Overall not bad for a rainy week.

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    I d like to read from this author.

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    A mild nostalgic one time read.

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