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The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2) chapter 1 The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2), meaning The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2), genre The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2), book cover The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2), flies The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2), The Hand of Zei (Krishna, Book 2) c947f0dc03694 Dirk Barnevelt Knew He Wasn T A Hero, But Somebody Had To Find The Explorer Who D Vanished On The Low Tech Planet, Krisha And To Do That, Somebody Had To Single Handedly Rescue A Beautiful Princess From Bloodthirsty Pirates And To Do That, Somebody Had To Lead The Fleet Against An Impregnable Fortress, While Fending Off A Superior Navy And Whoever Managed All That Was Going To Be A Hero Whether He Knew It Or Not

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    Like The Queen Of Zamba, just way too dated In every respect The theories, the speculation, the plot, the characters, the humor To the point where every sentence is either irritating, offensive, condescending, ridiculous, scientifically absurd, clich , or just plain boring.I will not continue with the Krishna series I might give L Sprague de Camp another chance, but not anytime soon LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO READ BAD BOOKS

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    I picked this book up almost soley because of the author L Sprague de Camp is one of the inspirational authors for Dungeons and Dragons, and I ve been trying to read at last some of the various authors who influenced the game.The cover strongly suggests that this is a fantasy novel It s not It s actually a sci fi story set primarily upon a planet that hasn t developed much beyond the Renaissance It has however been influenced by contact with aliens The dinosaur on the cover Alien Guy with pointed ears, green hair, and antennae Human, disguised as native Because of this it took me a little bit to get into the story It also didn t help that the titular Zei doesn t actually show up until the middle of the book.Aside from that, it was a fairly good story, and the characters were really well developed.

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    Not the best LSdC book I ve read, but still entertaining, and I ve been a sucker for planetary adventure since high school when I read ERB s Mars books I did like the little business of the hero being disappointed as not being able to marry the heroine since he wants children and she s supposedly a Krishnan and thus oviparous she eventually turns out to be human in disguise I read the Owlswick Press George Scithers edition that s been kicking around the house since we bought it at a library sale years ago the Edd Cartier pencil illos are very fine, and Freas colorized Cartier for the cover works well.

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    I read this under the alternative title The Floating Continent

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    my copy is called The floating Continent but is described as the second volume in the famous Krishna series

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    Ne abbiamo parlato sul blog nell articolo sul planetary romance

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    Excellent book

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