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    Dervla Murphy started her travelling career in 1965, travelling from Ireland to India on a cycle After this, she travelled to many different places and is now one of the renowned travelogue writers In Ethiopia with a Mule is her fourth book in which she visits Ethiopia and takes a trek through the largely rural areas of the country With her is Jock, a mule she picks up at the start of her journey.Murphy travels through the mostly underpopulated areas of the country and depends on the hospitality of the locals to survive through her journey She faces physical hardships, indifferent hosts, and outright theft Despite this, her love for the country and its inhabitants seemed to conquer all The book mostly covers Murphy s trip and is chock full of descriptions of the scenery and its beauty She also describes in detail her reception at every single settlement where she rests on her way forward Unfortunately, after the first time, it begins to bore If you have heard of the beauty of blue gum trees and the hardships faced by her once, it s than enough Murphy, though, believes in lengthy descriptions of every single moment of her trip, which is often neither enlightening nor entertaining It does not help that Murphy s writing style is dry and unemotional.There are some interesting moments in the book I specifically enjoyed the celebrations of Jesus baptism, the story about the rogue priest, and the brief history of Ethiopia But mostly, the book was just the same thing with mild variations of the same theme told in different words I think I infinitely prefer travel books where the writer is actually staying in a particular place for a while, getting to know some of the local people and gets a better understanding of the local culture I am beginning to find ships that pass in the night style of travelogue extremely wearing Of course, this book is very well written, with wonderful prose and excellent descriptions It is bound to give a lot of people a good return for their time But not me Ultimately, it depends on why you read a travel book some read it for the adventure, some for the eloquent descriptions of the scenery, and others like me to enjoy learning about a different culture The latter style should mandatorily involve at least a few local characters in a key role in the narrative If it s just about the author, it s not really worth my time I do want to read a couple of other books by Murphy, specifically the one set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles I don t think that can be made boring Or can it I ll have to see I also want to read about her experience in India, if only to see what her experiences in my country were like But her Ethiopian journey has been very boring.

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    As usual with a Dervla Murphy book, a realistic and no nonsense explanation of her time Although with an element of strangle thoughts, written as she thinks it, for example This fertile region should be prosperous, yet nowhere else have I seen such poverty and disease Most of the children are pot bellied, covered with infected scabies and suffering from either conjunctivitis or trachoma, and many of the adults are coughing tubercularly or trembling malariously Six people have shown me festering wounds because everyone imagines that faranjs carry unlimited medical supplies Writing like this makes it easy to read.For me, thoroughly enjoyable 4 stars.

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    A good read and an interesting journey Sometimes felt it was a guide on how not to travel due to all her mistakes and stupidity Story lost its heart once Jock left but I m glad he didn t have to lug all her unnecessary items around Ethiopia.

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    This is the second travel account I ve read by this author I am so impressed by her physical fortitude and willingness to sleep and eat as the native people she meets on her journey Her descriptions of remote landscapes will stir the travel bug in anyone I feel a bit sad that Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan in Full Tilt , and Ethiopia are quite out of the question for me as travel destinations because of political and social unrest Dervla Murphy has incredible courage and determination I would love to meet her and her daughter who accompanies her in three other books that I haven t read yet That would be a great motivation to visit Ireland her homeland again.

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    I don t know how I managed to leave this in to read when I actually read it several years ago It is one book I would gladly read again Dervla Murphy travels through Ethiopia alone, relying on the kindness of strangers and her impressive ability to drink people under the table and ride off into the sunrise the next morning While this journey is physically taxing, and Murphy is robbed three times and often exhausted, she ends with the same cheerful optimism and quietly cynical love for fellow man that make all her books a joy to read.

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    Ms Murphy certainly took the advice of Julie Andrews when she sang, Climb Every Mountain Her stamina is immense and fear nonexistent Though I ve not been inspired to go hiking, I do now fancy having a mule I enjoyed the book enough to potentially read it again although I did not find her imagery excellent I couldn t visualize the surroundings as well as I d have liked However, I just watched the movie, African Spirit, about Ethiopia and can see it all now One reviewer said the book was awful after Murphy and Jock go separate ways I disagree First of all, there are only 20 pages left after that and second of all, some very good laughs came after that I look forward to reading another book by her

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    Adventure in Abyssinia, June 13, 2015This review is from In Ethiopia with a Mule Paperback Published in 1968, this is a remarkable account of one woman s trek of over 1000 miles through Ethiopia Accompanied only by her trusty mule, Jock, she tells of their adventures crossing the inhospitable terrain ascending mountains, swimming across rivers, and the swamps and jungle around Lake Tana The narrative, of course, is brought to life by her dealings with local people whom she encounters on the way, often sleeping in their compounds She writes of the poverty, the bugs and disease but also the interesting and amusing situations she encounters and the dangers from hostile shiftas bandits And she describes beautiful scenery and magical moments.The author s sense of humour shines out in her writing, at herself as much as the Ethiopians.Rather less political than her later work on Laos.One finishes the book full of admiration for a colossal achievement by a solitary traveller, unfazed by the injuries and difficulties she suffers in this remote and impoverished country.

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    My second reading of this travelogue after a few years, and still 5 stars Why Maybe because it is a trip through Ethiopia a number of years ago that I would never ever attempt in a million years, by a very gutsy woman, who encounters royalty, poverty, thieves, hunger, insane trekking, ancient churches, and amazing scenery and comments on it all in her wry and funny way She writes sympathetically about the Ethiopian culture, its various races, seems to truly connect with the people she meets along the way, despite not knowing the language at all at the beginning And there s Jock, the wonderful mule, and his hilarious counterpoint, Satan, the mule who takes over when Jock can go no but Dervla still can not sure how

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    Dervla Murphy is best known as a cyclist, but some of her most intrepid journeys have been made on foot with a pack animal see also Where the Indus Is Young and Cameroon with Egbert This was her first foray into Africa, written back in the 1960s when I imagine Ethiopia was a very different place Her fearless some might say foolhardy sense of adventure is on show here, as is her wonderful way of capturing people and places.

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    Easy, unintentionally funny read Her favorite adjective in the book is filthy If you live in Ethiopia, you ll relate to some of her frustration It s interesting to have a view during the time of the emperor.

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