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    I had to read this for class Definitely recommend checking it out if you re looking to get into short stories I d say my favorites were, The Fireman s Wife by Richard Bausch, Silver Water by Amy Bloom, The Ceiling by Kevin Brockmeier, After Rosa Parks by Janet Desaulniers, Territory by David Leavitt, The Kind of Light that Shines of Texas by Reginald McKnight, Orientation by Daniel Orozco, Pilgrims by Julie Orringer, Brownies by ZZ Packer, Sea Oak by George Saunders, Tony s Story by Leslie Marmon Silko, Two Kinds by Amy Tan, and The Rest of Her Life by Steve Yarbrough.

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    This is the second edition, which I m going to be teaching from Except for a few of the same stories from the last version, this is a totally different book I didn t read through the first edition quite so exhaustively as I did with this second edition, so it s unfair of me to say which one is better I didn t like all the stories in this book, but many of them ask some interesting questions regarding structure, character, point of view that is, they re useful for teaching, and learning.Some of the stories that really stood out to me this edition were A Real Doll by A.M Homes A boy fucks his sister s Barbie, who speaks to him and may or may not be alive despite her unwavering dollness I loved this story The Disappeared by Charles Baxter The Ceiling by Kevin Brockmeier A favorite of mine since it first appeared in McSweeneys We Didn t by Stuary Dybek Sigh, so lovely Stone Animals by Kelly Link Two Boys by Rick Moody Caveman in Hedges by Stacey Richter The Pugilist at Rest by Thom Jones Sarah Cole by Russell Banks, Marie by Edward P Jones, The School by Donald Barthelme, The Things They Carried by Tim O Brien, and The Management of Grief by Baharati Mukherjee, all of which are also in the first edition.There are others I enjoyed and admired, but I won t bore you Perhaps I didn t like this collection because I m simply a little sick of reading a handful of stories every day Also, I lament certain absences where is Lorrie Moore , Alice Munro, Jim Shepard, Aimee Bender, Dan Chaon Also, they replaced Junot Diaz s Fiesta 1980 with Nilda not as good, in my opinion, but maybe the former is over anthologized I would ve switched out Marie for a newer Jones story, but now I m just rambling from the soap boxMy point This anthology is worth reading, especially in tandem with the first edition It s useful if paired with a collection of older stories Otherwise, how will students be introduced to Katherine Mansfield and John Cheever Oh Fuck, there are just too many terrific stories to fit into a semester

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    I found this on one of those bargain racks at Waldenbooks, and man, was it worth the 4.99 For a collection this large, the quality is consistently excellent, and almost all of the modern masters of the short story are represented Raymond Carver, Lorrie Moore, Alice Munro, Joyce Carol Oates, Sherman Alexie, etc It would have been well worth the price just for the sake of Annie Proulx s Brokeback Mountain, Richard Bausch s The Man Who Knew Belle Starr, and Reginald McKnight s The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas Gorgeous, inspiring stuff.

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    This book is probably the best deal I ve ever gotten One book, fifty stories by fifty writers While none of the stories in here blew me away, all of them are very good and they are a good introduction to a lot of great writers that I hope to read from I d recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy way to be exposed to a lot of good writing.

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    50 short stories I couldn t get through two of them However, there were four that were so beautifully written they made my heart ache I plan on using several of them in the classroom for my students Two things were great about this book the fact I didn t stay up until 3am reading and I have a slew of other books I want need to read written by some of these authors.

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    Most of these stories were fantastic This is not only a collection of entertaining stories but also a collection of instructive stories I will definitely refer back to this volume often There were a few duds in my opinion, so I m curious to know why those stories were selected for the anthology.

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    Thank you for depressing me over and over again.

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    This is a pretty strong collection of short stories, some of which I had already read in various fiction workshops It is impossible to collect the best works or to satisfy every reader, but I felt like this collection tries to get a lot of different authors both culturally and aesthetically I thought the beginning and middle stories were stronger than the last third for whatever reason If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be The Caretaker It is hands down one of the most powerful stories I ve ever read Here are the stories that I particularly liked Sarah Cole A Type of Love Story by Russell BanksThe Disappeared by Charles BaxterSilver Water by Amy BloomCaviar by T.C BoyleAfter Rosa Parks by Janet DesaulniersNilda by Junot DiazThe Caretaker by Anthony DoerrWe Didn t by Stuart DybekMarie by Edward P JonesThe Pugilist at Rest by Thom JonesThe Things They Carried by Tim O BrienOrientation by Daniel Orozco Tony s Story by Leslie Marmon Silko

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    My advanced fiction class used this as a textbook in college we read various selections and discussed them in class when we weren t work shopping our peers stories As a new writer just beginning to get serious about writing, this collection offered a variety of stories told in different styles that helped me understand individual writers voices Though short, these stories are complex each time I read one, I draw something new from it, something that I overlooked on previous readings.About half of these stories were assigned during my college class the other half of the book I willingly and quickly read on my own This is a great resource for classes as well as readers looking for nuanced and interesting short stories.

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    As with any collection like this, you will love some and there will be others that you don t care for nearly as much Unfortunately, there are some in the beginning it s set up alphabetically by author that I ve forgotten about So the ones I do remember from the beginning were quite memorable obviously and I ll include those in what I think are the 5 star stories though I ve probably missed some as well John Barth s Click, Donald Barthelme s The School, Raymond Carver s Errand, Junot Diaz Fiesta 1980, Denis Johnson s Emergency, Edward P Jones Marie, Thom Jones Cold Snap, Bharati Mukherjee s The Management of Grief, and Annie Proulx Brokeback Mountain stand out for me in this thick anthology.

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