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    The Four Seasons is a great book to read to students about the different seasons It teaches them many factual characteristics about the seasons This book is also great to talk about the life cycle of different animals and their habitats It even gives the students some information about plants, vegetables, and fruits I would use this book for students in 3rd 5th grade.

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    The changing seasons are a fun thing for kids to learn about because they experience each of them while they are in school Such a fun topic Kids will love this book

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    The four seasons talkes abou the four seasons and how things change, and affect your life.People change just like the seasons at times People also have to adapt like the animals You have to dress according to the seasons as well.Activity social studies The teacher will allow the students to look at tsunanis, earthquakes, tornadoes,rainforests and volcanoes Afterwards create rainforse sticks using glue, sticks, paper towel rolls, rice, tape, and toothpicks Create and Enjoy

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    I chose this book becuase I think it would be a book kids would like to read and f we had a season topic we could read it.

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    Notes information overload in this booknot a story at all, just an encyclopedia sort of booksimilar to DK books

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    Great way to explain the four seasons to students

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    Bringing in science and the seasons of the year all into a story that students can find both informing as well as enjoyable.

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    Summary This book is a nonfiction informational text that explains to the readers why we have seasons The book contains information about how different animals react to the seasons The book is written starting with important information for the reader like why we have seasons, metamorphosis, and different plants that we have Evaluation This book is has so much information in it It has a table of contents, index, headings, and my favorite part overlays The overlays show a transition from season to season The pictures are realistic but perfect for little kids Lesson Plan I would use this book to 1 teach kids about the seasons 2 teach them how the animals interact with the different seasons and 3 teach them how to read an informational text using the text features of this book It is full of very relevant information for science and it is an awesome informational book to introduce to kids who may have never read one before.

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