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True Discipleship quotes True Discipleship, litcharts True Discipleship, symbolism True Discipleship, summary shmoop True Discipleship, True Discipleship 0e08056d A Disciple Can Be Forgiven If He Does Not Have Great Mental Ability Or Physical Prowess But He Cannot Be Excused If He Does Not Have Zeal If His Heart Is Not Aflame With A Red Hot Passion For The Saviour, He Stands Condemned After All, Christians Are Followers Of The One Who Said, Zeal For Your House Has Eaten Me John Their Saviour Was Consumed With A Passion For God And For His Interests Those Who Are Constrained B The Love Of Christ Will Count No Sacrifice To Great To Make For Him

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    What a challenging read.I just flipped through it for a seminary, but with a lot of additional bible study and questions, so I really explored its themes deeply But I will read it again, when I have time, because this book is full of topics I have to re evaluate my whole life True Discipleship will challenge your way of life and your commitment to Jesus Please read it, but beware you might get angry at first when you do read it It can be hard to accept the Lord s claim to our life Speak to him in prayer about it and let him soften your heart as he had to do with mine.I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and maybe use it for young people to train them in the way to follow our Lord.

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    I got this book on the recommendation of a friend, and because I had previously read and enjoyed the booklet Lord, Break Me which is included in this edition of True Discipleship as well Overall, I highly recommend it, especially for those who don t read many teaching books The author s style is neither stuffy nor over scholarly his is the voice of a down to earth man of God, calling us earnestly to a deeper commitment in following Christ.The one thing I didn t totally agree with in the book and the reason I m giving it only four stars was the way the author addressed the issue of wealth, and specifically the question of saving for the future It seems that, in his view, the act of setting aside anything for future needs equates to laying up treasures on earth, and as such, constitutes disobedience to the commands of Christ, per se Likewise, he seems to consider that Jesus instruction to the rich young ruler in Luke 18 22 should be taken as a direct command to every believer.It seems to me that interpreting the Scriptures in this way, risks missing the point of what Jesus was teaching We must forsake everything to follow Him not just money and possessions, but our families, our reputations, and even our own lives We must let go of these things in our hearts, and never let them take the place that belongs to our Lord alone This, however, doesn t mean that everyone must actually divest themselves of all earthly possessions beyond bare necessities, any than it means everyone must physically leave their home and family in order to preach the Gospel True, earthly riches are the focus of many warnings in Scripture, but I think it s for the same reason that parents are very careful to teach children about fire not because it s inherently evil, but because it s extremely dangerous Money has the power to bring out the human capacity for sin like almost nothing else, because it represents power to get everything the flesh wants As Christians, we must handle wealth and possessions in the same way we would handle explosives very, very carefully Granted, it s much safer, spiritually speaking, to be poor But it s clear to me from Scripture that this isn t God s design for everyone in the body Christ In 1 Tim 6 17, Paul makes it clear that there are rich people in the church, whom Timothy is to carefully instruct in the proper use of the wealth of which they are stewards Curiously, Mr MacDonald does address this passage, but merely makes the point that there aren t enough ministers charging the rich This is doubtless true, but ignores what the apostle didn t say, namely that rich believers should immediately give away everything they own, beyond current necessities, and thus cease to be rich.One irony of this review is that, in part, it curiously echoes a review of a book I wrote myself a self published work of Christian fiction The reviewer in that case seemed to think I was being too hard on the rich and success oriented Since I believe she basically misunderstood the points I was trying to make, I can t assume I m not doing the same with Mr MacDonald s work Based on the testimony he left behind he passed on to glory in 2007 I feel certain that his life displayed a greater devotion to Christ than mine has, or probably ever will Regardless of any difference in emphasis, or understanding of certain issues, I remain thankful for the faithfulness of such godly men, who shake us out of our complacence, and remind us what it means to take up the cross and follow the humble Lamb of God.

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    Was a good read.The content was precise and minimalistic, straight to the point.Huge parts of the book dealt with the disciple s relation to money and wealth.This was also the most challenging part.William MacDonald s simple straight to the point writing style is his strength and at the same time, sometimes his weakness.Depending on what type of person you are Sometimes I just don t want short answers on complex issues, because sometimes short answers are just not enough.And sometimes that just makes me angry, because I feel it to be a little one sided.BUT in the end, I will have to ask myself Is it his short and straight to the point writing style that makes me angry, because I THINK it is one sided OR is it the Lord s commandments that make me angry, because they challenge my lukewarm selfrighteous way of life With William MacDonald it is sometimes a mixture of both.But with true discipleship I have to say, he hits the nail point on He hits it where it hurts He hits the west s shallow american dream right at its heart And that is, frankly, very necessary.

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    This is a powerful book that will help shape a person s mindset to being far Christ like There are sections I disagree with quite strongly, but even there my faith has been expanded as I have explored the biblical basis for my contrary view The study guide section is a simple but effective tool for turning this into a great group work book Buy it Read it Apply it See the kingdom grow.

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    If you read one book on Christian living, prayerfully consider making it this one.

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    One of the most basic but deep books on what it is to live the christian life The truths in this book have laid a fondation that my life would be built upon for years to come.

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    3.5 5

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    I don t want facebook friends to see my review on this book.

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    I have very mixed feelings about this book, but the positives make it crucial enough to be worth reading.In short, the thesis of the book is that, as God s servants, it is really important to use our wealth and resources to serve his kingdom This should not be done in a vague sort of way, but in a way that manifests itself in our every day lives Being sold out to God, our disposable income should be used not for luxury items, but for His kingdom For many American Christians, this means a radical shift in our priorities, and I absolutely agree The message is not you are evil for having been successful or lucky enough to have wealth, but rather you have wealth, so use it for God This book changed so much of how I look at things, especially how I spend my time and money WHY I ONLY GIVE IT THREE STARSI object to how MacDonald interprets some passages For example, he points to passages like Luke 14 33, In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples, as evidence that every Christian must give up everything they have, no exception Unfortunately, in doing so, he fails to take into account that, while we are all disciples of Christ in the sense that we learn from His teachings, there is special significance having been a disciple physically with Him They literally left all of their friends and families and possessions behind to physically follow Him Indeed, that is the attitude all believers must have today, but there s no physical Jesus walking around for us to follow He is, instead, in heaven.More importantly, after rebuking any who suggest that Jesus didn t mean literally give up everything, be takes about 10 steps backwards from the position Indeed, believers still are to work and own houses and so forth which disciples literally did give up Matthew 19 19 However, this is still proof that they must give up most things except what are necessities In other words, it means what those he rebukes for saying it doesn t mean everything say it meansHe then extrapolates this to come up with ideas that it is wrong to have any significant amounts of money saved up for emergencies, since instead we should be trusting in God Also, we as believers are supposed to take care of other believers in need, so why should we need emergency funds and retirement money aside from the fact that, ya know, that usually doesn t happen in real life, and since some things, like medical care, are so astronomically expensive that entire congregations might not even be able to pay for them even if they were willing.In short, he gets a bit legalistic and at times his exegesis is a bit shaky That said, it is still a very important message It may go a little too far in one direction, but it is better to be taken a little too far and have to pull it back some than to be left where many of us are now.

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    De fapt, credin a este ceva foarte ra ional Ce este oare mai ra ional ca o creatur s se ncread n Creatorul ei Este oare nebunie s crezi n Cineva care nu poate nici min i, nici gre i, nici s Se n ele ncrederea n Dumnezeue este cel mai ra ional, mai inteligent i mai n elept lucru pe care l poateface omul.

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