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Heart Of Gold chapter 1 Heart Of Gold, meaning Heart Of Gold, genre Heart Of Gold, book cover Heart Of Gold, flies Heart Of Gold, Heart Of Gold d3c4543eb1ce7 A Witty And Talented Artist Longs To Escape The Glamour Of Court Life In Order To Determine Her Own Future But She Doesn T Count On Falling In Love With A Magnificent Scottish Warrior And Diplomat One Who Can Also Open The Doors To Her Deepest Dreams And Hidden Desires

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    This is a difficult book to rate There were a lot of things about it that I greatly enjoyed I m one of those readers who really like the history in historical romance to have an equal role with the romance I love historical fiction, but since it has to be faithful to actual historical events, there isn t always a lot of HEA in historical fiction And I do love a HEA, hence my love for historical romance However, a lot of historical romance novels pay mere lip service to the history, so when an author brings an historical period alive, I want to commend and encourage that author And here, the authors not only brought alive the period under Henry VIII, but also treated us to the politics of the time, as well as a romance I was in heaven.Ambrose, the hero, is a roving ambassador for the Scottish throne In that capacity, he travels all over Europe, and meets with the king of France, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the pope, and other movers and shakers of his era England and France are enemies, and Ambrose tries to keep that animosity going, as an England preoccupied with France will leave neighboring Scotland alone Elizabeth is the illegitimate daughter of Thomas Boleyn, older half sister to his daughters Anne and Mary Anne and Mary Boleyn were real people Elizabeth is a fictional character.I have no problem with an author inserting a fictional character into a family of real people In fact, it s a wonderful vehicle in historical fiction, and a way to provide insight into actual historical figures However, here the author then completely rewrites history In the novel, Elizabeth and her half sister Mary run away from their father, who wants to prostitute both of them to the pox ridden Henry VIII While it may have been a good story line for the fictional Elizabeth, it completely rewrites history for the real life Mary Boleyn who was, for a time, mistress to Henry VIII Since Mary Boleyn s life was well chronicled, it s impossible to suspend disbelief and accept a story so totally at odds with her actual life That really detracted from the novel for me, as Mary is a major secondary character Also, I had problems with Elizabeth, the heroine She s supposed to be a strong, independent woman, striking out and supporting herself and Mary at a time when women had almost no options outside of marriage That part was done very well and very credibly However, once Elizabeth gets around Ambrose she s petulant, constantly snipes at him, and is just plain unlikeable She also makes one or two decisions that verge on TSTL I couldn t believe that Ambrose put up with her and kept coming back for abuse I almost didn t finish the book several times because I found her really unpleasant I kept reading because a secondary character in this book becomes a heroine in a later book in the series, and I still plan to read the entire series and wanted the backstory The authors are good writers and story tellers The history here gets a 4.5 stars But the rewrite of Mary Boleyn s life and the unpleasant heroine Elizabeth brought my rating down to 2.5 stars.

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    I ve been trying to track this book down for than a decade and after spending too much time googling Mary Boleyn I found it and re read it this past weekend My memory of this tale is better than the re read It didn t really hold up after all these years but most of the book is really lovely I didn t care for the hero Ambrose or his romance with Elisabeth too old school , but the premise is very creative and compelling at the same time Even though it s too modern especially with language and has a villain who is a cartoon, I m still so happy to have found this little gem of a novel.

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    An absolute delight I cried a few times but laughed I consumed page after page well into and beyond the middle of the night

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    Treachery and IntrigueElizabeth Boleyn is sister to Mary and Anne Did Thomas is their father and hated the Scots One thing leads to another and escape is the only solution.

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    historical Scottish Romance book 3 in set of 7

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    Loved, loved, loved It s been awhile since a novel has made me cry, but this one does it than once So intensethe deception, the turmoil, the growth, and the love and forgiveness Truly a great read Ambrose and Elizabeth are a beautiful couple inside and out.

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    For a long time, I LOOOOOOVED this book It s been read and re read numerous times and the book shows it However, upon re reading it just recently, I realized that Elizabeth the main heroine leaving her youngest sister, Anne Boleyn, behind to fend for herself, especially with her power hungry father, just seems so out of character I understand that the authors were setting up the Boleyn storyline, but that part just seems so contrived Elizabeth Boleyn is portrayed as a loving, compassionate, selfless sister who would do anything for the people she lovesand at the beginning, she is shown having a great relationship with both her half sisters, Mary and Anne The scene where Elizabeth leaves the field of gold with Mary, but leaves Anne behind with about a small paragraph of justification seems so unforgivable Also, at the end, you learn that Anne saw Elizabeth and Mary before they left and the tent was on fire Why didn t she just run after them She was portrayed as a smart little imp scamp sister and it wasn t like they were in some fast moving vehicleAnd then you realize it is all because the authors want to use that as the reason for why Anne becomes who she is Ehhhhhhh Plot device Now, I just can t let that go and it has completely ruined the book for me I m still a BIG fan of May McGoldrick Just not this one with its one obvious flaw.

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    After reading two Phillipa Gregory books which are mostly about the historical period around Henry VIII I wanted to read others and ran across this story about a third Boleyn girl fictitious character, supposed to be the older sister of Mary and Anne Boleyn She was feisty, artistic, a true renaissance woman She spends years running from her estranged father portrayed as a power hungry man who basically sells his daughters , and King Henry VIII, and a murderer who knows she witnessed him killing someone A good story I had a hard time putting down The author s took a lot of artistic license on the actual historical characters, but as long as you realize it s pure fiction and mostly historically inaccurate, it s fine.

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    Ambrose and ElizabethI loved this book full of history, intrigue, excitement and steamy love The characters are all very well developed and interesting There are twists and turns that you don t see coming True love was uncommon in those days of King Henry but Ambrose and Elizabeth manage to find it although their path to it was not always easy Great read I look forward to the next book in this series

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I love that historical figures were woven in with fictional characters to give the story substance It was a fitting second novel in the series and well worth the read.

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