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The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel pdf The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel, ebook The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel, epub The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel, doc The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel, e-pub The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel, The God Who Begat a Jackal: A Novel 554c4b8442c A Library Journal Best BookNega Mezlekia S Memoir Notes From The Hyena S Belly Was Described In The New York Times Book Review As The Most Riveting Book About Ethiopia Since Ryszard Kapuscinski S Literary Allegory The Emperor And The Most Distinguished African Literary Memoir Since Soyinka S Ak Appeared Years Ago Mezlekia Now Offers A First Novel Steeped In African Folklore And Teeming With The Class, Ethnic And Religious Struggles Of Pre Colonial Africa In The God Who Begat A Jackal, The Th Century Feudal System, Vassal Uprisings, Religious Mythology, And The Crusades Are Intertwined With The Love Between Aster, The Daughter Of A Feudal Lord, And Gudu, The Court Jester And Family Slave Aster And Gudu S Relationship Is The Ultimate Taboo, But Supernatural Elements Presage A Destiny Powerful Than The Rule Of Man With Mezlekia S Enchanting Storytelling And Ironic Humor, Readers Glimpse African Deities That Have Long Since Weathered Away And The Social Cleavages That Have Endured Through Time

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    Although there s nothing wrong with Mezlekia s handling of language, his storytelling in this novel could use some improvement I found this book very hard to get through Here s why 1 Poor choice of narrator Terefi is a minor character so minor I had to go back to check on his name who is experiencing little of the story first hand That means the majority of the book is telling, not showing and extremely tedious reading.2 Way too many pages were spent on details of warfare which did little to advance the story and made for extremely tedious reading.3 The characters are simplistic and fail to change as the story progresses Change comes only at the end when they have lost everything and are on the verge of losing even their lives I don t call this change, though I call it do or die Tedious, so very tedious 4 A cliched plot about forbidden love with a little twist at the end No new insights here Same old, same old Tedium, thy name is The God Who Begat a Jackal.Don t waste your time on this one.

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    An engaging read that adeptly translates an oral tradition of storytelling into written prose Humor, melodrama, eye rolling moments, and well developed characters poetically come together to expose universal lessons of greed, power, faith, romance, adolescence, lust, prejudice and the underlying struggle for personal security Any fan of fables and myths should thoroughly enjoy this novel.

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    The God Who Begat a Jackal is an epic fable set in feudal Ethiopia, or at least a place very much like feudal Ethiopia but with a magical twist I am greatly torn between appreciating what a unique and nuanced story the author has told and wishing I had enjoyed it Timeless themes include the evils of social structures that deny people freedom and dignity and the inescapable spiral of war mindedness The writing is wry, wise, and sensitive to human complexity, but the characters barely come to life.

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    Whirling dust devils carrying war making Abettors, warfare and sieges, love and sacrifice, magic and gods all dance across the landscape of medieval Ethiopia At the heart of the story are two lovers who cannot be together because marriage between a slave and the daughter of the local warlord Duke is not permitted I love magical realism in novels and a good story about loyal lovers struggling to be together never goes amiss, either and this one was packed full of magic, gods, superstition, mystical figures wielding great powers all contrasting with the people who try to do the best they can in life, but ultimately lose out Harsh, brutal, compelling.

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    So much of this book was soooo good It was engaging, fun, mystical and suspenseful However parts seemed to be written almost as an afterthought I would have loved to see Mezlekia expand this book into a trilogy, as it seemed there was so much he wanted to write Instead, so much of the book was rushed I kept checking to see if I was reading an abridged copy Alas I was not All this being said, I cannot wait to start Notes From the Hyena s Belly, and the many other books NM is sure to write.

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    This book is for people who love telling and listening to stories, not necessarily truthful, maybe even whoppers It s a story about a culture steeped in storytelling, stories of fantasy that may have once held a grain of truth.And so it gradually draws the reader in until you realise you are being had, but then it s too late so you may as well read on.It s very entertaining.There is a serious undertone here though, that asks the reader to acknowledge that cultures actually exist where fantasy rules the collective psyche.

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    From the very beginning this book was so captivating Especially for someone who grew up in Ethiopia hearing of all the different spiritual beliefs and occurences some experienced in the rural parts of the country it makes it believable and allows you to relate Nega Mezlekia has truly restored my faith in supporting Ethiopian authors based on the meritt of his work His political book Notes from the Hyenas Belly is also recommended

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    This story is told in a combination of typical narrative but mostly a heavy dose of folktale epic Don t expect much in the way of character growth, because that s not the purpose of the book However, the gorgeous writing and dense worldbuilding carried me through and still made me invest in the characters I loved the mythic hyperbole and how well balanced it was to seem absurd at times but still make sense in the context of the story.

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    Reads like a myth.Sweet story with powerful implications for the world today.

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    gave it a good shot.

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