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Fan Cultures (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication) files Fan Cultures (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication), read online Fan Cultures (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication), free Fan Cultures (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication), free Fan Cultures (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication), Fan Cultures (Sussex Studies in Culture and Communication) e80bfa23e Fans Are One Of The Most Widely Studied Groups Of Media Consumers Often Knowing About A Character Or Series Than The Star Or Program Makers Themselves, And Ready To Make Active, Sometimes Surprising Readings Of Plot Lines And Characters, They Are The Ultimate Active Audience Fan Cultures Is The First Comprehensive Overview Of Fans And Fan Theory Emphasising The Contradictions Of Fandom, Matt Hills Outlines The Ways In Which Fans Have Been Conceptualised In Cultural Theory And Challenges Many Of These Established Paradigms Hills Draws On Case Studies Of Specific Groups, Such As Elvis Impersonators, X Philes And Trekkers, And Discusses A Range Of Approaches To Fandom Taking All Of This Into Account, He Ultimately Questions Whether The Development Of New Media Creates The Possibility Of New Forms Of Fandom And Explores The Significance Of The Term Cult For Media FansMatt Hills Is Lecturer In Media And Cultural Studies At Cardiff University He Is Co Editor Of Intensities The Journal Of Cult Media

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    I ve heard this book referred to as a classic of academic fan studies, so felt obligated to bear with it I have to confess to skimming skipping most of the back half, however Much of the book is preoccupied with academic sniping and one upmanship given that Hills critiques some of the worst of 1990s postmodernist third rate claptrap, on the one hand, it s understandable On the other hand, it s barrel fishing Hills is particularly fond of the term cult, which he claims fans use self referentially This may be an example of a UK term unproblematically assigned to US fandom, or of something else The only times I ve ever heard the term used outside a UK context are to refer to low budget horror movies, alternative not indie comics, and only by Baby Boomers Thus, the back half, which focuses on theorizing the term cult, seems to miss the mark Internet fandom is only mentioned in a few pages in the Conclusion, though the literature on online fannish practices, even by 2002, was extensive and sophisticated The fandoms he describes aren t ones I recognize, despite having been fairly immersed in both academic and practical fandom in the era he writes about While he ranges from X Files location tours to Elvis impersonators, Hills seems to view fandom through coke bottle lenses of male Whovianism In an era where US fandom seemed to be predominantly an emergent women s discourse, women are strangely silent and absent from this book.There are some good bits, particularly in the early chapters about ethnographic method and the aca fan conflict and awkwardness of positioning Much of the book, though, was just oddly detached from other contemporary studies of fandom.

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    When I picked this up I didn t realize it was academic Maybe I ll try again at a later date.

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    The author explores fandom as a culture from the lens of religion, cult enthusiasm, and psychology He offers an alternative perspective to the works of other pop culture studies academics I found his insights about pop culture fandom and religion to be particularly fascinating This book will give you a lot to consider about how fandom engages pop culture and makes it part of their lives, as well as what can be learned by exploring fandom from disciplines outside the norms of cultural studies What I also found insightful was hit detailed exploration of the hierarchy of fan culture, which was useful for understanding how fan communities work If you are interested in pop culture studies or pop culture in general, this is a good book to read.

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    Hills book deals little with fandom and members of fandom Fan Cultures is a a critique of other theorists who have written about fandom and Hills ideas of how fan cultures can be better theorized Though he makes some good observations and critiques of other scholars that write on fan cultures, a strong knowledge of both scholarship in this field and fandom itself is necessary to contextualize many of Hills assertions A useful text for those involved in fan culture scholarship, but the book does little to advance the field in terms of new research.

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    if you ve ever been a fan of anything, then the knowledge in this book is already intuitive to you.

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    One of the most amazing books that tells you, you are not alone in your endeavours and pursues regarding fandom.

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    This was of an overview of theories on fan culture than I wanted it to be I wish there had been of Hill s own opinions, research, and theories than there was.

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