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10 thoughts on “Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter (Biscuit)

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    He loved all the interactive elements

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    I LOVE touch and feel books and so do kids This book is filled with chicks, grass, and

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    H 19

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    This children s picture book is great for children between ages two and four pre k This book takes Biscut on a journey to find Easter eggs and the Easter bunny I gave this book five out of five stars because it is a great first touch and feel book for young children Out of the things Biscut discovers on his journey, they all have a certain texture to them that the reader can feel The book is also colorful and easy to read, with big lettering and short pages It is also small, so it is easier to fit in a child s hand while they read This book would be good to use for children who are learning about different textures and how things feel Also, if possible, the child could feel the texture in the book and then feel the specific thing in real life to see if they think it feels the same or not There are also a variety of these Biscut books, which is good in a sense that it gives children topics to read about and different things to relate to For example, if a child does not celebrate Easter, they may not be able to relate to this specific book as well as other children who do celebrate this holiday In that case, this author has other books just like this one they those children may want to read so they can relate to it and understand it better.

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    Biscuit s Pet Play Easter book is a great hands on picture book This book is about a dog on an adventure just like in any other one of his books but this one is outside finding things that go along with Easter such as a fuzzy chick, grassy garden or shiny eggs This book does a good job with illustrations, the backgrounds are soft and lightly colored where as what they are looking for is up close and bright and even textured for a child to run their fingers along The author states on the first page what they will be getting into and they sure enough explore for their Easter Egg Hunt I would definitely read this book to children and allow them to feel the textures that they give us.

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    A fun touch and feel book My oldest really loved this although it didn t interest my youngest much I don t love the text but the pictures are fun at this age if the text doesn t rhythm I usually ad lib any way.

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    This is currently my son s favorite book I put it as currently reading because we read it 10 times a day

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    My son s first book He loves it, and the whole series There are lots of sounds to make which helps keep their attention, and the pictures make it fun for them to look at.

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