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The Evolution of Industry download The Evolution of Industry , read online The Evolution of Industry , kindle ebook The Evolution of Industry , The Evolution of Industry 8fe2c0f46b7f Originally Published In PREFACE Goethe Prophesied That The Great Problems At The End Of The Nineteenth Century Would Be The Organisation Of Mechanical Industry And The Social And Economic Questions Connected Therewith This Prophecy Has Been Abundantly Fulfilled The Disputes And Struggles Connected With Labour, And The Conditions Of The Poorest Classes Of The Community, Have Directed The Attention Of Many Thoughtful Men And Women To The Social And Economic Problems Of The Day, And In All Parts Of The World These Are Presenting Themselves To Educationists, Social Reformers, Politicians And Statesmen, As The Matters Which Above All Others Are Urgently Demanding Careful Study And InvestigationMany Of The Earliest Books, Particularly Those Dating Back To The S And Before, Are Now Extremely Scarce And Increasingly Expensive We Are Republishing These Classic Works In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions, Using The Original Text And Artwork