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Daddio files Daddio, read online Daddio, free Daddio, free Daddio, Daddio 58264ee0e Six Months After Meeting At The Taste Of Chicago, Lil Lampert And Grier Dilorio Are Living Together Their Physical Bond Glows Brighter Than Ever, But The Couple Soon Realizes That It Takes Than Three Magic Words And Outstanding Sex To Make A Partnership WorkLike Any Fledgling, Grier Is Learning How To Navigate His New Life His Problems Should Have Ended When Jillian Signed The Papers Acknowledging Him As Luca S Biological Father And He Got The Opportunity To Pursue A Career In Interior Design Instead, He S Hampered By Old Fears And Bad Habits That Are Hard To Let GoAdjusting To A Small Apartment In A Four Season State With A Much Younger Man Sporting A Stubborn Streak Is A Challenge For Lil His Position As Luca S Daddio Is A Delicate Balancing Act Between Doing What He Thinks Is Right And Deferring To Grier S Eight Years Of ExperienceLife Is Stressed Enough, But Now Lil And Grier Also Face An Unexpected Complication From A Powerful, Far Reaching Ruling Body Suddenly Luca S Safety And Their Happiness As An Emerging Family Depends On Lil S Keen Understanding Of Human Nature And Grier S Willingness To Learn

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    Men in lace Pole dancing Strip teases Two couples having sex in a hot tub at the same time. So, yeah.This book was a sexy, hot as hell, panty dropping good time When the sexy times were happening that is All the other times meh Now, I totally love Lil and Grier I love their devotion to one another I love how they have embraced their new family and are dealing with new issues head on But, I felt like the same scenes were happening over and over Grier and Lil are battling with Grier s ex, who is the mother of his son She does not approve of Grier and Lil having joint custody of Luca Oh well, right Grier and Lil are still going to try and do what is best for their son But the fights and the drama was repetitive and constant Lather, rinse, repeat This is not something I have to deal with in my own life with my kids, thank you baby jesus and I m sure this is how it can feel for those who do, but I just didn t enjoy reading about it 5 stars for the sex and the relationship, 2 stars for the constant family fighting So, I liked it, not as much as Taste but enough to want to read about these guys.

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    Daddio pretty much picked up where Taste left off Lil and Grier are living together in Chicago and Lil is hating he weather Grier and Jillian have joint custody of Luca which causes all kinds of problems due to Ali and Jillian s attitude toward Lil and Grier as a couple Lil and Grier have their own issues to settle as do any new couple sharing their lives Luca begins to get bullied in school when Grier and Lil are outed because of Jillian and the catholic school begins to feed Luca all kinds of bigotry I really enjoyed this book on many levels Lil is just terrific in his love for Luca and his adoration of Grier It was nice to see Grier mature as a man with Lil s gentle guidance The story basically expanded the dynamic between Lil and Grier by throwing Luca into the mix The shared custody of Luca with Jillian and Ari added a nice complication to Grier and Lil s relationship The reconciliation between the two couples happened a little too fast for it to feel real I admired the way that Ms Ashling handled the social issues of bullying,religious dogma and homophobia in this story with Lil being the voice of reason It was nice to see Jody and Clark playing bigger roles also Where the first two books were emotionally driven, this perfect wrap up to the series was much character driven It read quickly and easily and it seems that Ms Ashling has found her groove as far as her writing style goes I recommend this well written continuation to anyone who enjoyed Taste.

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    I already want to read about this couple

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    I see London, I see France..do I spy ladypink underpants I m sold

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    Disappointing The whole book was kind of boring to me and I thought it got a little too preachy and unrealistic This should also come with a heavy kink warning.

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    I m torn between 2 and 4 stars Some parts of the book are good, good to read, good to follow and understand and I really liked that we got to see Clark and Jody again and a bit But.maybe life is that way but books normally are differentit s like this book wasn t sure what to behot sex, nasty mom making trouble, gay bashing, caring parentsduh..everything tumbled through the book and I really lost my connection to all the characters By squeezing two couples, one big conflict and some minor conflicts together, the books got cramped.I think the next time the author writes a sequel to a book I like I m going to skip it I still wished that I hadn t read Vessel because it totally ruined Cutting Cords for me Now this time it s not that hard but stillDon t get me wrong, there are parts I liked but because I m really torn I give 3 stars.

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    I make no secret of the fact that I love Mickie s books and her writing style so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on Daddio Just finished it and I was not disappointed I loved watching the development of Lil and Grier s relationship and I have been cheering them on as they learned to be together I did not know what was going to happen with Jillian as I just felt that she wasn t going to go away but now, having finished the book, I am happy.I do not want to give anything away but I am sure that I have but anyone who has followed this couple will not be disappointed.I m off to read the trilogy from the start now so that I can savour the whole story.

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    3.5 stars I liked the previous book better The niggle was not in the writing or characters it all was pretty true to form from the previous book I can t exactly put my finger on what about it I didn t love other than the fact that nothing really dramatic happened It just felt like an extension of the last book so it was just a step up from meh for me.

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    Very good m m romance that picks up six months after the second book as Lil and Grier settle into their relationship Lil learning to parent, Grier working to control his anger, and both of them learning to communicate and compromise Jody and Clark are back, too Plus there s plenty of smutty goodness to go around.

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    While I did enjoy it and liked to read about these guys, this was my least favorite of the Horizons books Don t know why, but I just didn t connect with it that much Still an enjoyable read though.

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