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GRUM! chapter 1 GRUM! , meaning GRUM! , genre GRUM! , book cover GRUM! , flies GRUM! , GRUM! d1803a54b7433 Grum Is A Chapter Book For Grades It Is A Story Of Two Girls Who Discover Magical Bubble Gum The Gum Takes Them On A Series Of Magical And Hilarious Mishaps, Such As Sleeping With Slugs, A Magic Pizzaria In The Middle Of The Desert, A Troll Who Needs Help Fixing His Bridge Children Love This Book One Reader Commented About Her Favorite Part Of This Book, It Is As Adventurous As Coraline , As Delicious As Charlie And The Chocolate Factory , And Funnier Than Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Enjoy

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    REVIEW UPDATE As I have promised author Robyn Hill sorry it took me so long , here is my complete review of her pre teen book entitled Grum First, I have to say that reading this book has sadly made me realize that despite my conviction not to lose the child in me, I somehow have grown up So reading this cute children s tale had also been a journey for the child in me to come out once again and appreciate the little things that truly matters The silliness that make us giggle and laugh out loud, even if it s just nonsense blabber.On that note, I ll have the adult in me to go first in rating this story and its technical aspects For better understanding, please read my previous blogs SheBlogger as a Reviewer II and SheBlogger as a Reviewer I.CONTINUE READING ON Grum A Children s Book From an Adult Commoner s View INITIAL REVIEW I learned about this book through our blog author, Robyn Hill, left a message requesting for a review And I m very glad she did I really liked the book It was a fun and feel good read I will write about it when I get the time, as I have promised But for now, let me just say I recommend it to young people out thereand to the young at hearts, as well.Congrats, Robyn Hill And thank you for sharing your book to me Will write as I promised you

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    This review was first published on my blog Book Addict 24 7 GRUM by Robyn Hill is an adventurous little book that immediately introduces the reader to the protagonist, Carol, as she is left at her Aunt s house for the summer What follows is a fun, if not quick, adventure There is an abundance of characters that grow as the story progresses and a sense of whimsical magic and childhood fantasies that takes the reader for an unforgettable ride While I did have a few minor issues with this debut, they didn t deter me from finishing the story The characters read like miniature adults who tended to talk a bit too advanced for the middle grade audience I liked that Carol grew as a character, however, going from a grief stricken and unhappy young girl to an adventurous and high achieving teenager Hill s writing style mirrors her love for children, since there are morals laced throughout the story and she appears to be well acquainted with how children would respond to certain situations.There were a few instances where editing would have made the story stronger, but all in all it was entertaining I don t usually review middle grade literature, but this was a fun read that I know I would enjoy if I were one of Hill s students.

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    First off, I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to review this book This is the first middle grade book I have read in a while It was a little hard for me to adjust to, because I normally read YA and Adult books.To start, this book gets right to the adventure It doesn t go into the entire life story of the main character, Carol, right at the beginning, you gradually find out throughout the whole story, which I really liked As for the seconadary characters, Jordan and Mr Dooley, we don t find out much about them, which was okay in this case, as it was a plot driven book Although, the characters seemed a little older than they were They said and thought things that I don t think kids their age would actually be thinking.As I said before, the story is very fast paced It is very funny and I really wanted to keep reading to find out how they would solve their problem This book also has very good morals and messages throughout, which are very nice to see, as it is directed toward a younger audience.

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    Grum is an enthralling read for youngsters if a little on the long side, but fine for those children that like a meatier read The heroine and her friend Jordan go on a wonderful adventure when they meet up with Mr Dooley after eating the dreaded Grum bubblegum The book has a zany and fun character and reveals a wonderful sense of the absurd as they find an old woman trying to find a tunnel to China Two dirty boys steal the Grum, and then the girls go on to meet weird characters to get back the Grum Using funny jokes and often relying on word play the author shows her sense of fun that is aimed at a juvenile audience The episode where they begin to speak with Italian accents is particularly funny A tale of bubblegum and the weirdly wonderful, that is Grum Great reading matter for schoolchildren.

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    An adventurous ride Really liked this book It still needs some polishing, but it s a nice read.I was just wondering, how the two girls are ever going to return back home with 1 1 2 pieces of gum left and each of them eating 1 2 Maybe I just missed an important point DAnyway, I enjoyed the book and I m definitely going to recommend it to my friends

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    This is a quick and humorous story about magic gum that leads the two main characters on a series of goofy adventures The haggler trying to sell the staple and toilet paper was funny I think that the audience for this book would be geared toward first to third graders Great cover

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    5 star reviews so far, very funny for 3rd grade to adult Very delicious

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    This is a great book

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    Grum was one of the most creative grade school stories I have read yet The story was written very clearly and simple so that the kids can understand it but yet, it has so much creativity and will take the children s minds to a new magical world Grum is definitely a new idea and I really thought it was a cute book.I think Robyn s writing is really good and she has great potential I would love to read from her, I think her books will only get better and better I think plenty of children will enjoy this book Great job Robyn I can t wait to read of her work in the future and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to go on a great adventure.

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