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Playing Tyler files Playing Tyler , read online Playing Tyler , free Playing Tyler , free Playing Tyler , Playing Tyler 1a5ca157a When Is A Game Not A Game Tyler MacCandless Can T Focus, Even When He Takes His Medication He Can T Focus On School, On His Future, On A Book, On Much Of Anything Other Than Taking Care Of His Older Brother, Brandon, Who S In Rehab For Heroin Abuse AgainTyler S Dad Is Dead And His Mom Has Mentally Checked Out The Only Person He Can Really Count On Is His Civilian Air Patrol Mentor, Rick The One Thing In Life It Seems He Doesn T Suck At Is Playing Video Games And, Well, Thats Probably Not Going To Get Him Into CollegeJust When It Seems Like His Future Is On A Collision Course With A Life Sentence At McDonald S, Rick Asks Him To Test A Video Game If His Score S High Enough, It Could Earn Him A Place In Flight School And Win Him The Future He Was Certain That He Could Never Have And When He Falls In Love With The Game S Designer, The Legendary Gamer Ani, Tyler Thinks His Life Might Finally Be Turning AroundThat Is, Until Brandon Goes MIA From Rehab And Tyler And Ani Discover That The Game Is Than It Seems Now Tyler Will Have To Figure Out What S Really Going On In Time To Save His Brother And Prevent His Own Future From Going Down In Flames

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    This a story about an kind of ADHD who is a great at video games and get s recruited to beta test a new piece of hardware being developed by a subsidiary of a Blackwater type corporation You know this isn t going to go well.The software in the hardware was developed by a gaming hacker prodigy girl, whose now attending Yale at sixteen years old and has also developed some kind of massively popular game that people wiser than me into gaming might be able to tell if it s some shooter, Call of Duty type thing or a MMOG true story, I m now the overlord of the Fiction section in the bookstore I work in Part of fiction is Science Fiction, and part of Science Fiction is Series Science Fiction which is where books written about video games and movie franchises are generally kept A couple of weeks ago I found some titles mis shelved in the M s of the section I asked someone if he knew why they were there and he said he put it under MMOG, and I had to explain that MMOG wasn t the name of a game, but a type of game He seemed happy to not have known that She s also really hawt, but no one seems to notice that because she s 16 years old in college and people have always been intimidated by her mad gaming skills Guess what s gonna happen You re right And as some other reviews point out there will be a possibly creepy amount of stalking involved to get there I kind of missed that part of the story, or I saw it but it didn t register Maybe because I just felt like this was a foregone conclusion in the book and it wasn t something I was thinking about it will they or won t they It s not much of a secret, the cover of the book kind of gives it all away, but Tyler, the main character finds out that he s not been beta testing a new flight simulator, but is instead flying Drone missions in Afghanistan Killing bad guys, causing some collateral damage, possibly instigating some blowback.There are also some other unintended consequences of the missions he s flying Some ethical decisions have to be made all around Ani the girl feels betrayed that her software is actually being used for drone technology Tyler starts questioning the collateral costs of what he s doing, but he generally doesn t have a problem with flying drones If only it were just to kill bad guys Or maybe that s bad I liked the book well enough It was a good quick read while I was just trying to kill some time waiting for Karen to get off work, or for the couple of hours I had in between an appointment and work There are elements of the book that I didn t care for too much, but I think they are the sorts of things that the intended audience won t have problems with Like subtleties in ethical arguments, the sort of weird ineffectiveness of the panopticon the characters mind themselves in, and certain elements that I felt were sort of unrealistic, but which would have made the story turn out to be the story about a couple of kids who question authority and are killed really quickly Oh, yeah I m supposed to mention that I got this book for free, from either Netgalley, the publisher, author or through some other way that I get books to read before they are published Apparently it s a federal law to mention this for reals and not just a cheap reason to float the shit out of my reviews I haven t been given any monies, nor have I been coerced in anyway to write the review you just read Huzzah

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    Read this and my other reviews at The Social Potato An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This did not influence my thoughts in any way Thank you so much, Strange Chemistry Disclaimer This can get quite ranty And spoiler y Read at your own riskMother of all migraines If there s a book that pushed me to become an angry Hulk, it s this Playing Tyler is definitely one of my biggest disappointments this year, as it was successful in making me rage, stomp the floor in frustration, and put down my kindle because my brain was having its own form of seizures There are just no coherent ways of expressing my utter hatred for this book UGH.First, don t get me wrong I didn t go into this book expecting to hate it I m not the kind who d willingly punish herself to get a kick out of it To make things straight, the synopsis of Playing Tyler absolutely captivated me in its web I have this soft spot for stories that have game concepts but eventually turns out to be than what it is There s just something so exciting and bewitching about characters being so into something that initially looked innocent, only to feel betrayed later on when they find out about the horrible truth Such a concept has potential to be an awesome and epic book, but Playing Tyler did not play its cards well There were just so many problems that I don t even know where to start.The blurb is somewhat misleading It gives us that thriller, fast paced vibe of uncovering truths and conspiracies within corporates and governments, but the first 60% of the book is like drama A long winded, dragging, soap opera that is just so cringe worthy that the word failure doesn t even cover it So there s Tyler, a teenage guy with ADHD who s apparently a legend in online games OK Fine I ll go along with that He gets invited to beta test this new flight simulation game, and if he plays long enough, he ll be offered a place in an aviation school so he can fly for real Ok Fine I m still nodding here AND THEN he meets the programmer, who turns out to be Ani, who s dun dun dun duuuuuuun also a legend in the online gaming world And of course, Tyler goes, Ohhhemmmmgeeeeee a guuuuurl gaaaameerrrrrr OMFGHAXORZ And it s not just any gurl omg gamer, it s THE gurl gamer, like, she was number 1 until I dethroned her This book made it seem like guuurrrrrrl gamers are sooooo rare and it s just so utterly unbelievable that they can be as good as guys, and as a gamer myself, I am deeply insulted But that s not the focus here It s the pointless drama rama So, ok Upon recognizing the girl, Tyler s eyes immediately goes Ka ching INSTALOVE and he transforms into one creepy mofo stalker NO JOKE If you thought Edward Cullen was creepy, you haven t seen Tyler yet He freaking adores and worships the girl, keeps on thinking how she s so cute and so awesome and so cute and so awesome and so so so cute, as if saying it a gazillion times just wasn t enough I know he has ADHD, but it was just so tiring for me to see him repeat it over and over without commas and periods because authenticity, yo Anyway Right He wanted to ask her out, to date her, to make her his girlfriend, but she made it clear from the very beginning that she doesn t want to So you know what he does He texts her Over and over He sends her an e mail every day for WEEKS ON END Pleading, wanting to know her, wanting to visit her, wanting her to visit him, etc etc OMFG If I were Ani, I d have run for the hills already But nooo not Ani Of course not She eventually gives in, they gorge on pizzas, have a kiss outside with Tyler describing his excitement of that kiss and the fact that he was kissed for a page or two , and they fall in love and there goes the first 60% _ It is at this point I m internally screaming I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS But even if the romance part was nonexistent, Tyler as a character was fucking annoying as hell view spoiler He later finds out that the game is not what it seems to be, and that he s actually harming, killing people in real life To terminate certain people, he kills tens and hundreds of others In the beginning, when he still had zilch idea about the truth, he was enjoying all the rush the game had to offer He kept on commenting how the simulation felt so real , how the voices of the NPCs seemed so genuine He thought to himself how talented the voice actors were for really sounding authentic But when he realizes the truth after seeing it on TV and after confronting his boss, Rick, he justifies what he was doing, saying he s good at it and he s doing something right for America , all because he doesn t want to believe his best buddy Rick, a shady character who s had military training, is really deceiving him It was so obvious from the very start that it really annoyed me how the two characters acted all surprised much later when the epiphany bell hit them I MEAN, HELLO A simulation with drones that seem too real , a project that s not even known by the company, a TV news confirming the death and destruction in Afghanistan that Tyler left the night before and they act all GUH hide spoiler

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    I really wasn t sure what to expect when I opened PLAYING TYLER by T L Costa The vibrant elements of the cover alone were enough to make me stop and devour the details with dark intrigue And I was taken after the first paragraph, my life consigned to Tyler and Ani for the next fourteen hours I could not put it down The voice of protagonist Tyler MacCandless is rendered in perfect ADHD, so much to the point that I found myself reading faster and pedaling my own foot with each moment spent with him Tyler is the perfect teen hero, complete with foul mouth yet strong moral compass, the selfless pariah navigating through a collapsing world of selfish adults And every moment is a whirlwind of screaming, random thoughts he must overcome just to get through a day Ani Bagdorian, the second voice of PLAYING TYLER, is just as conflicted, a sixteen year old prodigy feeling her way through a similarly outcast life of being too young for her peer group at Yale University, too girl for her boy dominated world as a champion gamer programmer, and suddenly dealing with the most complicated first romance she could possibly imagine One that puts her on a jeopardy scale that starts with academic stability but quickly slides to a threat far worse.Without going into spoiler detail, PLAYING TYLER takes on very real issues that have come to the forefront in modern society thanks to multiple wars and unmanned war fighting technology, as well as the demons of drug abuse and family disconnection The themes of selfless service and staying true to oneself despite the odds drive the continually intensifying plot Connecticut s teenage setting comes to life thanks to inclusion of actual pop culture icons anime interests, real video games, and movies Finally, the teen dialogue is fresh and believable, as are the idiosyncrasies of military radio communications COIN Theater tactics, and a certain technical lean on programming expertise that seals the plausibility of PLAYING TYLER, sure to raise many a young hacker to an accord of head nods and Mountain Dew salutes T L Costa brings the intrigue of Tom Clancy, technical wizardry of Dan Brown, and the heartthrob of Stephanie Meyer to life in a voice that is entirely her own, one that speaks for the new generation of teenage survivors A must read for YA and adult audiences alike, PLAYING TYLER is a story that will stay with you for a very long time.

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    This review and others are on Whitley Reads This book was provided free by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI m just going to get something out upfront This book is pretty good at doing emotional responses When it comes to family drama There were a few points where I would get choked up even though I wasn t agreeing with what was going on And awkward teenage dating Spot on accurate.Okay, we clear on that The book did some stuff well Got that out of the way Good.Everything else was shit.A lot of what I disliked about this book was based on my politics, and if you disagree with me on those points, that s fine A lot people are going to, and power to you As long as you put a bit thought into your position than this book did This book is a hot mess of buzz word issues that picked the easy answer, stopped thinking after that, and declared the other side to be evil Then, apparently, it realized the other side wasn t evil enough so it tacked on some shit to make the main characters look better Yeah, it was one of those books where the characters know someone is evil and then all the evidence comes out But let s tackle all of this in order First up The pacing was horrible The first half of the book was nothing but personal drama Someone came and set up a supercomputer in Tyler s bedroom, called it a simulator that he s supposed to beta test, and then he was barely on it until about the 60% mark He didn t quite ignore the thing, but the book sure as hell didn t care It was interested in setting up romance.And fuck that was a creepy romance I mean, after it got going it was cute enough, but the set up Tyler straight up stalked the shit out of Ani for weeks She gave him a very clear no, but he decided that she was just so pretty and awesome that he had to have her, so he started emailing her on a daily basis. For WEEKS, even though she wasn t giving him any replies And the way he kept going on and on about her skin was just weird It was like looking at the mind of demented serial killer I thought he was going to try and peel her and wear her Tyler s ADHD pissed me off to no end This was yet another book that tried to push the whole you don t need you meds, just stop taking them, having ADHD is awesome message Sure, Tyler s brain was able to handle the complexities of flying, but that s not good enough An ADHD brain that can read a dozen dials on a monitor is the same kind of brain that will glance over a flight plan, think it knows everything, and then barrel on It s the kind of brain that doesn t do double checks, gets distracted during safety briefings, and easily misses errors Oh, yeah, and if you don t fucking die from that, good luck reading through any employment contract or mortgage paperwork ADHD isn t something to fuck around with, alright It s not awesome It s not a superpower It s not going to make your life better It s not the next stage of evolution as this book puts it And for the love of god, stop telling impressionable teenagers that the councilors and psychiatrists are trying to hurt them Because that s exactly what this book ends up saying Tyler doesn t have any consequences from his ADHD He s all distracted a lot, but nothing bad happens while he s distracted About the only actual impact his ADHD has on the book is that most of his narration is done in run ons and sentence fragments.Which, by the way Terrible way to display that Bad grammar is not a side effect of ADHD.And then there s all the lines where Tyler thinks Ani is just so fucking special because apparently NO OTHER GIRL ON THE PLANET actually likes video games Nope, just her Every other girl is a faker trying to impress her boyfriend NO OTHER FEMALE is capable of liking games just for the sake of liking them.God, just fuck this book so hard.And all of that is even before you get to the political stuff Do you know what the message of this book is War is bad That s it No, wait, that s not it War is bad, but it s okay for other people to do it, just so long as your own hands stay clean That s the only concern the kids have That they, personally, don t have to kill anyone At the end of the day, when all their work is being spent on other people flying drones and killing people Oh, yeah, that s cool That s just fine and dandy, apparently.The worst part is that there s so much that could have been done here I mean, Ani doesn t have any room to be whining She knew she was building government equipment The fact that it went online a little early should not matter, because she knew it was going to be used on real drones eventually I have no idea why she acted all shocked But Tyler has some legit stuff to complain about They tricked him into killing people Even if you take a few broken eggs to make an omelet approach to war, I think we can all agree, you don t trick people into killing You give that shit to the people who know what they signed up for and actually signed up for it. But Tyler has no fucks to give over that, he s just upset that people are dying.Well, dumbshit, that does tend to happen in a war.Actually, it s kind of amazing how many actual issues this book brushes against and then ignores There s all sorts of stuff it could have discussed But as soon as it found a real issue, it backed off again and said ooooo, but they re killing people and that s bad Dafuq did you think was going on You re working for a military contracted how did you not know that they kill people and then get paid for it And their ultimate answer was don t kill people Well, no, it was you, Mr Bad Guy, don t kill people The real military can keep doing that, though That s cool I just don t even know I just ugh, what Look, I m all for not killing people Not killing people is great But you can t just say stop and then pat yourself on the back It s complicated than that.And they come up against the idea of collateral damage and then back up from that, too Their ultimate answer Don t kill three innocent people, even though doing so could save thousands Which, while I don t agree with it, a lot of people do and it s a valid position to take But I swear, there s a scene later on where Tyler thinks about those other thousand innocent people and he just sticks his fingers in his ears and sings lalalalalalala This book does not have the metaphorical balls to tackle the issues it wants to be about It dances around shit and gives easy answers and then ignores any complications.And then they tried and pull the whole scandal angle, saying that what the company was doing was just soooo evil and they were going to take their intel to a reporter What was the scandal The locals they were providing protection for were also running drugs, and Tyler was all OH NO, NOT DRUGS, THAT S THE WORST THING EVER JFC, book, were you written in the 90s If you take that shit to a news station, not only will they laugh you out the building for being behind the times, they ll refuse to take your STOLEN TOP SECRET INFORMATION all for the sake of something that s pretty much sanctioned And I mean really, there s nothing in this book that hasn t been done legally already, except the tricking people into fighting thing I really don t think that would warrant mid day assassinations, especially since it s probably buried in the fine print of all that paperwork you didn t bother to read, Tyler in fact, yeah, I think this book was written in the 90s All the issues are a few decades old, and the fact that it s all about drones didn t really factor in Drones were set dressing They didn t work into the morality questions.One last parting shot the whole premise doesn t make sense Why would you give real missions to someone who thinks it s a game Do you know what bored gamers do when they think everything isn t real They take pot shots at the NPCs So, yeah, give a bunch of teenage boys a game that s boring as shit and expect that to work out Brilliant.

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    Check out this review and others at Badass Book ReviewsPlaying Tyler vaguely reminded me of Ender s Game meets Ready Player One, but in the real world I won t tell you what I mean because I ll give away the plot, but rest assured that this is a refreshing story with appealing characters, a very interesting premise and thought provoking questions about patriotism This is a book that I think every teenager and grown up should read because it deals with important issues happening in the world today.Tyler suffers from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD , a disorder characterized by hyperactivity and impulsiveness He s having problems in school and at home His older brother is in rehab and his mother is so damaged by her son s addiction that Tyler has had to become the adult in the family He s a great kid, with a huge heart, understandably angry with his brother and mother but loving them all the same Tyler hasn t turned bitter even with all the horrible things that have happened to him.The story is told from Tyler s and Ani s point of view Tyler s narrative is full of sentences that run into one another and jumbled thoughts, specially when he s nervous He gets distracted easily so even when he s in grave danger, he notices irrelevant stuff like ugly vases or squishy couches The author did an amazing job portraying the mind of a person with ADHD so the reader could understand his struggles.The romance between Tyler and Ani was among the cutest I ve seen in YA They were just so insecure and their exchanges left me smiling like a dufus I particularly laughed out loud at Tyler s consternation after ordering a caramel macchiato on their first date Oh shit Girly It s girly, isn t it That much sugar, that much milk Shit I should have asked for just a black coffee Black coffee is plain, manly Tastes like piss But manly While Tyler is pursuing Ani, he has to deal with his brother s addiction and the discovery that the game is than it seems The second part of the book is exciting with action packed scenes and terrible heartbreak One particular part towards the end made me cry like a baby.This story is particularly timely, becomes it refers to some of the issues we ve seen in the news lately about spying, 21st century warfare, and whether patriotism can justify really heinous acts Please don t think that there is preaching or military bashing on the contrary, Tyler is very patriotic and proud of his father s service But once he s in the middle of a horrible situation, he has to decide for himself what is the right thing to do I confess I understood little of this type of warfare and I m ashamed to say that I haven t been paying enough attention to fully understand what s going on Maybe out of cowardice or plain laziness, I ve been trusting that our government is making the right decisions But given that our military industrial complex employs hundreds of thousands of people, including companies that are lining their pockets, how can we trust that every decision they make is right and not motivated by greed or power Like President Eisenhower said Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together Playing Tyler reminded me to open my eyes and be invested in the world at large For that reason alone it will stay with me for a long time to come I wholeheartedly recommend it

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    I have absolutely no idea where or how to start this review, since T L Costa seems to have robbed me of my ability to think, so I m just going to jump right in and say this book was wonderful It completely took me by surprise I looked at this and I thought videogames, which is fine, since I read Ready Player One and loved it, even though it was completely completely out of my comfort zone Playing Tyler is not so far out, but enough that I was hoping this would work for me And of course I had expectations What I did not expect, however, was for this to be as deep and emotional and explorative as it was.Tyler has ADHD and consequently has difficulty focusing on things His only real strength is playing videogames, but he knows that this isn t exactly going to get him very far in life As well as that worry he s got to look after his older brother Brandon, who once again is in rehab for taking heroin When his mother s at home he s looking after her, too, since the death of Tyler s dad hit her hard Things look up when Rick, his Civilian Air Patrol Mentor and the only person he can count on, provides him with a game to beta test It s a flight simulation, one that would actually be used in training pilots if it works out If he scores high enough, Tyler gets to go to flight school and possibly have a career doing the one thing in life he most wants to flying Then he meets Ani, the game s designer, and it seems like maybe his life won t be a disaster after all But that s before he discovers that there s much to the game than he first thought, and before his brother goes missing Now it s not a question of what he s going to do with his future It s a question of whether he s going to live that long at all.I may as well say now, the writing style here is probably going to be very hit or miss, I think because it s specifically meant to show us Tyler s thoughts as a person with ADHD For some it works and for others I know it doesn t For me, it was brilliant It allowed me to truly appreciate Tyler s difficulty with keeping a single, focused train of thought, and with actually being able to verbalise those thoughts But even aside from that, he was an extremely tough and likeable character, and one I felt a lot of sympathy for His mother, at the very least, is the one who is meant to be looking out for him, yet instead it s the other way around it takes her far too long to realise where she should be focusing her attention And as for Brandon, well, he was as much of a disappointment, if not , and it was only towards the end that he decided to step up and do something for his brother although I m still not sure that it wasn t just a cop out for him There is a lot of focus on character and relationships in this book, making it one that actually brought out a lot of emotion in me The only issue I had in this area was Tyler s reaction to Ani when he first met her I got that she was someone he admired for her position in the gaming world, that she was someone who understood him and who he could communicate with relatively easily I just think that it could have been taken a bit slower But otherwise theirs was a sweet relationship Of course there was the videogame aspect as well, and all the technical details that brought Costa brought alive an intriguing plotline, which would no doubt actually be something possible in real life, a scary thought when you discover the truth of the game I appreciated the layers there were to it, so that when I thought I understood what was happening, other elements were added, and it was these that also reinforced a character issue and vice versa, making it all the relevant to Tyler and therefore the reader The full import of what the realities of the simulation meant was conveyed clearly, as was the danger that Tyler and Ani are in when they discover the truth The last section of the book really emphasised this it was the ending that was the most action packed and had me absolutely refusing to put it down until I reached that last sentence There was a lot of urgency and the pace quickened to fulfil that, and it really meant that this book ended on a superb note Playing Tyler was so much than I expected With only minor flaws, this was an absorbing read that realised both the need for plot and character investment Going into this I truly had no idea that it would be so emotional and with such serious issues I can see how this isn t for everyone, but I feel T L Costa has added something worthwhile to the YA market, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for work from her This review is also posted on my blog.

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    Playing Tyler has not come out yet, but I was approved of reading it a head of time using Netgalley.com It is a great site that let s you read the books before they come out As a Librarian this is a great advantage for me so when the books come into the Library, I am able to inform our patrons how good the book is and if it is worth reading You have ADHD You can t sit through class Your always fidgeting, always wanting to move Don t like the pills for the pills always give you a weird feeling So what do you do to pass the time of day Play games As someone who has little ADD, games always seem to calm me down I don t know what it is, but I relax when I m playing any kind of gamemostly Call of Duty I think mostly because my brain thinks so fast on things, and I m always fidgety myself, being able to do ten things at once calms my mind And that s Tyler MacCandless A teenager who feels the love of every game for it keeps his mind active, and will try any kind of game Especially a game that is invented for the Air Force, and a game created by his huge time crush And this is his one chance to get into Flying School he will do anything to get there Even play a boring game.Or is it JUST a game Follow Tyler and Ani through a whole new gaming world, fighting the Air Force, everything they believe in even family, deception and their attraction

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    I received a copy of this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review So I won t lie.I utterly, utterly loved this.Tyler s voice in this is so distinctive It would have been possible to tell who was telling their story Ani or Tyler without any of the chapter headings There was no mistaking Tyler s speech patterns I mean this in a good way What was told from his perspective was often quite staccato showing his ADHD but then the sentences would become shorter, choppier as he became stressed, or longer when he was focusing on something.Ani isn t shortchanged in this either She didn t feel like a token love interest She had depth and backstory.Their relationship was just adorable and awkward And then even adorable.They are wonderful characters and the story is gripping I d definitely recommend people give it a go if only to see how character voices should be done.For a slightly detailed review check out my blog.

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    T.L Costa s Playing Tyler is a wickedly perceptive, powerhouse YA read from start to jacked up pulse rate finish Costa has gotten right on into the heads of her two teen protagonists and proceeds to take us for a street level thrill ride through their world of high tech intrigue, computer gaming savvy and dark military industrial espionage and treachery The characters are cool, engaging and richly authentic, the plot is a deftly routed maze where trust is a lethal luxury and the romance is a perfectly choreographed dance of approach avoidance, fight or flight impulses Yeah, I kinda liked it Massively So sequel, please

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    This book s flawed and authentic MCs wrapped themselves around my heart and had me rooting for them from the get go Gamers will LOVE the twisty techno rich plot, but you don t have to be a gamer to appreciate the genuine relationships and emotions between all of the characters A must read for anyone who loves conspiracy theories, action with a side of romance, or voice and character driven contemporary YA.

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