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Pub Theology pdf Pub Theology , ebook Pub Theology , epub Pub Theology , doc Pub Theology , e-pub Pub Theology , Pub Theology 750c2309f01 From London To New York To Ann Arbor, People Are Gathering In Pubs And Bars To Communicate, Connect, And Learn From One Another Over The Topic Of Religion, Of All Things In Pub Theology , Pastor, Writer, And Pub Theologian Bryan Berghoef Draws From His Own Experience In One Such Setting In Northern Michigan Berghoef Contends That For Too Long The Church Has Insisted On Setting The Terms For How One Can Find And Encounter God Yet What If God Is To Be Found In Places We Haven T Been Looking At All In A Coworker Who Doesn T Believe In God, In A Buddhist Neighbor, In A Friend Who Prefers A Yoga Studio To A Sanctuary This Book Will Move Readers To Shift Toward A Chastened, Humble, And Inviting Faith A Faith That Seeks Not To Teach, But To Learn Not To Speak, But To Listen A Faith That Will Have A Seat At The Table In The Important Religious Conversations Our World Is HavingReal Life Stories Gleaned From Conversations And Encounters During Pub Theology Gatherings, Combined With The Author S Own Experience In Grappling With These Issues, Make For An Intriguing And Enlightening ReadSo What Are You Waiting For Pull Up A Chair And Join The Conversation Endorsements Bryan Berghoef Has Given Us The Most Complete Presentation To Date Of What Pub Theology Is, Why It Exists, And What It Contributes To The Lives And Faiths Of An Increasing Number Of Christians With His Conversationally Written And Accessible Reportage, He Has Also Created Something Close To A Manual For Those Who Want To Initiate A Pub Theology Circle Or Simply Find And Join One Phyllis Tickle, Author Of The Great Emergence How Christianity Is Changing And Why Some Of The Best Theological Conversations Happen Over A Beer At The Pub Bryan Berghoef Captures Something Of The Relaxed And Relational Dynamic That Makes These Discussions So Pleasurable, While At The Same Time Wrestling With Serious Theological Questions So Pull Up A Chair, Order Your Favorite Drink, And Settle In With This Delightful And Stimulating Book Invite A Friend As Well The Conversation S Just Getting Started John R Franke, Author Of Manifold Witness The Plurality Of Truth Pub Theology Is A Wonderful, Whimsical, And Wise Story About What Happens When A Pastor With Questions Than Answers Goes To The Pub Instead Of Church John Suk, Author Of Not Sure A Pastor S Journey From Faith To Doubt And Former Editor Of The Banner This Is A Book About God S Freedom And Ours Bryan Berghoef Invites Us To Pull Up A Chair And Dares Us To Converse About What Matters No Fear This Engrossing And Transformative Story About How To Live An Open Christian Life Will Save, Stir, And Strengthen The Faith Of Many Samir Selmanovic, Author Of It S Really All About God How Islam, Atheism, And Judaism Made Me A Better Christian

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    Disclaimer Bryan Berghoef is the husband of the cousin of a guy I went to college with His kids swam in my pool and proclaimed it to be the best part of their California vacation In exchange, Bryan gave me a copy of Pub Theology.As I was reading Pub Theology, my thoughts alternated between, Wow, this is such a great idea, and Wow, this is so embarrassing Allow me to explain.Pub Theology is about an idea The idea is this let s get together with other people and talk about theology over beer That s it That s the whole idea Not exactly rocket surgery, as I ve been known to say after I ve had a few beers myself You d hardly think you d need to write a book about an idea like that I mean, it s a fairly short book, but still An idea like that needs a flyer, or maybe a pamphlet Pamphlet is a really strange word It s kind of creeping me out Pamphlet OK, moving on.The embarrassing part is that I can see why Bryan did have to write this book You see, in Christian circles, there s a long tradition of discussing theology It works like this we meet with a bunch of other Christians in the church social hall, open with prayer, have coffee and windmill cookies type of cookies may vary by denomination , listen to a presentation by some recognized authority generally a pastor and then discuss the topic amongst ourselves for 22 minutes Often there are breakout groups and worksheets involved At the end, the leader presents the answers to the questions and we mark up our worksheets Then we close with prayer I daresay that most North American Christians have never seriously discussed theology in any environment that was not ultimately controlled by some religious authority church, Sunday school, Christian school, Christian camp, etcIf you grew up in that tradition and you re uncomfortable with the idea of discussing theology over beer, with atheists, Buddhists, Jedis, or whoever else might show up, in an uncontrolled environment without any leaders and without any real structure no worksheets, no agenda, no prayer , then you should read this book Bryan makes an excellent case for why that s exactly what we should be doing and not as a strategy to reach the unbelievers, but rather as a way of building bridges and gasp possibly learning something from people who believe differently than you.If you re outside of that tradition, the amount of effort that Bryan puts into convincing Christians that this this is a good idea may seem a little baffling to you On the other hand, when s the last time you had a serious discussion about theology or religion, or spirituality, or whatever you want to call it with someone whose beliefs are starkly different from your own North American Christians have had a particularly easy time avoiding unbelievers, over the past couple hundred years, since Christianity has been the dominant religion during that time But we all tend to congregate with like minded people, dismissing those who disagree with us as ignorant or morally deficient.Pub Theology is a call to all of us, not just Christians, to put down our biases and have an honest, respectful discussion over beer And lest you think the book is one long polemic against dogmatism, it s really of an account of Bryan s own experiences with facilitating pub theology gatherings I hate that word, facilitating, but running doesn t seem right , why he got started with it in the first place, and what worked and didn t work It s an encouraging story and I ll be surprised if, when you finish it, you aren t tempted to get together for beer and discussion with some local heretics, weirdos and Bible thumpers at your own local tavern.

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    Finally, Bryan Berghoef, evangelical Christian pastor and beer connoisseur, gives us in written form what so many of us secretly desire permission to mix up our beer and religion, in public even In Pub Theology, he describes the formation of a club so unique as to be both hated and feared in his community, a club in which the only requirement is humble curiosity and the willingness to discus things of God and faith Invited are Islamists, Buddhists, Athiests, Christians, and learners of all persuasions who would like to discuss key topics that form the basis of religion, in a setting that provides the consumption of good IPAs and Extra Special Darks It makes perfect sense, really The availability of alcohol both precludes the arrival of Bible toting ranters who need to dominate the conversation and the presence of alcohol in the veins ensures conversation flows with less inhibition than such a subject generally engenders Opponents of such an idea express outrage that a Christian pastor would not only meet in such a pagan setting, but also that he would not even subtly direct the conversation to a three point sermon on salvation through the blood of Jesus at the end of each meeting Quite the contrary, he provides merely the questions to get conversation going, allowing all parties to share openly their opinions and experiences, and if a Bible thumper starts filibustering, the conversation is politely re directed to a new topic Berghoef encourages an exploration approach to faith, which focuses on experiencing God graciously in life affirming and socially beneficial community, rather than an indoctrination approach, which focuses on knowing right answers Christians who feel the need to believe the right things will no doubt cringe when reading much of this book, but to them he would say, No Fear The very strength of our faith, and yes, even the faiths of others who are different, is his ultimate goal Such conversations strip down notions that we perhaps have never thought through, that perhaps are not truly necessary components of traditions that may be entirely human in origin, citing that Ironically, it may well be that opening ourselves up to the traditions of others is the very thing that helps save our own Perhaps, he contests, being right is not really very Christian at all In our efforts to refute other perspectives, to shout the loudest, to make sure people know that we are right, we may in fact be betraying the very God we are seeking to represent, and the best way to show faith in Jesus is to simply spend time with anyone, simply because they are a fellow human being, and that perhaps I am especially called to spend time with those who are often outcast by our communities of faith A pub seems like one of the least intimidating places to meet folks of different backgrounds, who might ultimately benefit most from such conversations Do you dare do it yourself Maybe a Pub Theology setting is just the challenge your faith has been needing Doubt comes in the window when inquiry is denied at the door Benjamin Jowett.

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    While I was an undergrad Religious Studies major at a state university, I had some of the best interfaith conversations of my lifeat the bar Our regular group consisted of an atheist, a Wiccan, a Catholic, and a Methodist me There were others from the department who would join us at times This group was informal, formed quite organically, and was the setting of some of the most rewarding theological and philosophical conversations I ever had Then something happened I went to seminary Although I continued having theological and philosophical conversations at the bar, they were mostly with other Christians Now I am a pastor, and my conversations have become even limited.Bryan Berghoef has both invited and challenged me to return to the bar and to the transformational conversations that happen when we gather with folks that are different from us Pub Theology is a insightful yet approachable blend of personal narrative, community narrative, theology, and oh yeahbeer Bryan s honesty about his own journey and the risk of denominational disapproval should be an encouragement to all pastors who feel that they are hiding part of themselves in order to fit within the system Bryan stepped out in faith, not to do something new and cool, but instead to authentically express the ways that God was calling him to be in community and conversation with others Pub Theology is not a how to book for the next cool new fad in church outreach Pub Theology is not necessarily even new or cool Instead, Pub Theology is an authentic expression of the very old idea of coming together around the table in community with others Deep conversations in pubs have existed as long as pubs have When people are in a comfortable setting with good beer they feel free to let their guard down and be vulnerable with each other That vulnerability opens up deep spaces where deep transformation can happen.Make no mistake, Bryan has not written a whimsical proposal about how much fun it would be to talk about God over a beer Pub Theology marries the experience of a community with deep theological thought Bryan turns to minds like Jack Caputo and Peter Rollins two of my inspirations , and presents their ideas in an approachable manner without watering them down This book is a very pleasant read that has deep and complex flavors for the discerning palate Perhaps this is coincidence, or perhaps it is the author s intention to have his book evoke the feeling of drinking a great beer I raise my glass to Bryan Berghoef and Pub Theology for inviting, challenging, and encouraging me to return the types of conversations that God is call all of us to participate in.

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    Glad for the encouragement to get up and walk out the door and into the world.

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    This book has come at just the right time for me This is something I ve been thinking of doing and the approach seems to be just what I want to do A very helpful guide and a philosophy that is very close to mine I m gong to do this.

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    An excellent read for Christians and non Christians alike How Berghoef describes ways to engage with others in an effort to better understand one another and, therefore, better understand God, is well worth the read.

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    Repetitive in parts, but a good reminder about keeping an open mind to things and that some holy people understand that there s a difference between religion and faith.

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    Theology The Pub Great book on a burgeoning movement that is creating safe, inviting spaces for conversations about life, faith, and doubt Come join the talk.

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    An excellent entry into a world of God that is bigger than our little box Practical and engaging And from it, I started my own pub theology talks The author is a great guy and communicated with me personally I can t recommend this book highly enough even if you don t like beer.

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    This book was less a how to than a call for conservative evangelicals to compromise their beliefs and lean toward pluralism The few pointers on the how to were nice, but overall the book was neither orthodox nor good.

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