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Cryonic chapter 1 Cryonic , meaning Cryonic , genre Cryonic , book cover Cryonic , flies Cryonic , Cryonic 2b5219412a05b Sometimes You Re Better Off Dead When Royce Bruyere Chose To Be Cryogenically Frozen Upon Death, He Figured Coming Back To Life Would Be Exciting Neat Bonus Time The World He Awakes To Is Nothing Of The SortA Chinese Invasion Has Crippled The United States, Dividing The Country In A Decade Long Stalemate Along The Mississippi Royce S Successful Reanimation Is Unprecedented, Making Him The Chinese Regime S Most Prized Possession But Not For Long Eager To Control Life And Death, The Chinese Reanimate Other Cryonics, Until Something Goes Horribly WrongRoyce Travels Through A Future Wrought With Violence And Despair, Only To Discover The Cure For The Disease Lies Within Him It S A Race Against Time As He Flees The Chinese And The Bloodthirsty Victims Of A Terrifying Epidemic In The Hope Of Saving The Country From Apocalypse And Creating A Life Worth Living

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    Full disclosure, I only read the first 16 chapters provided free on But I feel like I was given a fairly good sample of Bradberry s writing style and plot direction Especially since that is the whole point of the sample it s supposed to make you want to buy the book If you have a kindle, save yourself some risk and check out the sample first In short, this book is terrible if A you like original, interesting characters B you like plot plausibility The protagonist is a stereotypical good looking guy with a perfect life until things go terribly wrong The characterization of him doesn t develop much past that, and therefore it is really hard to care for him as a real person because really, he s just a cardboard cutout As are most of the other characters Also, as an international relations grad student, I find the whole concept, especially Bradberry s concept, of a Chinese invasion and occupation completely implausible, ridiculous and distracting The way Bradberry explains the occupation made me laugh in a sad sort of way There is just little grasp of military strategy, and a whole slew of base Chinese stereotypes that have been propagated by the worst Sino alarmists It s offensive to the sensibilities of anyone who knows anything about China In short, people don t live or act the way Bradberry writes them.Of course, this is a zombie novel, and the handling of zombies should be able to save the day Too bad there is nothing new here either I m being unduly harsh I m sure, but I could barely get through the first 16 chapters and there is no way I would pay for this book World War Z all the way.

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    DNF on page 90 34% 30 05 14 1 Her figure made it hard to concentrate starI really enjoy a good zombie flick, whether it be a movie, a series, or a book But I have a few things that zombies must must not have in order to make it into my good books They can be fast or slow, that doesn t bother me They can take their time turning into a zombie, or take very little time at all, as long as it is consistent But they cannot be able to produce blood sprays they have no heartbeat, so, no arterial spray And they cannot zombiefy their features instantly, for example those The Walking Dead fans out there, can you think of an example Yup Merle He was dead just as dead as those bodies lying on the ground, and yet, they did not have the same level of decay as him.So far, Cryonic didn t start off zombiefying their features instantly, it took a good part of a night But for the zombies to spread into the thousands the very next day, There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of them moving in every direction Which could be possible to have thousands, but a huge proportion of them would of hidden in safety inside a building They would therefore still be in a building, and not wandering aimlessly in the streets Which means that the disease must have overtaken them really quickly in order for them to still be in the streets.Which takes me nicely onto my second faux pa Arterial spray, His arms were still moving so I hit him a couple of times for good measure Each stroke of the bat splattered Alex and Celeste with blood He has no hearbeat, and yet, they still get covered in blood when he s hit with a bat Huh.Although, I can usually ignore those things, as actually, my favourite zombie book Rain by Shaun Harbinger had pretty much instant zombie features, but I overlooked it because the writing was awesome they got a blue hue after a couple minutes of being bitten.Page 90 I m not paying much care to my survival, I have learnt nothing about self preservation, I could tell Celeste was on board, but Alex sat down and put his head in his hands He couldn t be convinced, but I wasn t going to leave without him Let s just stay in the apartment until he changes his mind huh You just said it yourself the zombies are going to break in and you re all going to die.I started reading Cryonic real excited about reading a good zombie novel, although the average rating is low, the written reviews made it sound pretty good Although it started off pretty slow, with he and his son, Colt, going on a last minute surfing trip But then Royce crashes the plane and dies, Tears streaked down Colt s blood streaked cheeks as he struggled to perform chest compressions on me A thin smile washed upon my lips as I slipped away So, we re starting to get into the nitty gritty of the zombie world, right Hells yeah we are I awoke to an intense burning and itching as nerve endings sprang to life violently beneath my leather dry skin So, we re still good, a nice intro to his rebirth Then view spoiler his other cryogenic buddies get some brain degenerative virus, and become mindless zombies Royce and Alex who is he again escape the facility, and go back to Alex s apartment Where it stars to go downhill for me, She wore a long silk nightgown that hugged her frame at her chest and hips I tried not to look Her figure made it hard to concentrate hide spoiler

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    Well, I wanted to like this novel, I read the reviews, the Goodreads reviews, and I wanted to like it.I didn t like it.I thought the characters were impossible to care about, there was absolutely no sympathetic persons in this book None The main character killed zombie children and used their dead bodies to provide traction for his car to get out of mud And showed no remorse, no emotion, just did it because I m sure the author thought it would shock his readers Well, it did shock me, and make me wish the main dude would get his brains eaten by the zombies.Perhaps it was just me, but the writing seemed forced and trite, the plot a bit to easy to guess, the zombies to easy to kill, the list goes on and on.I really wanted to like this book, I did not.

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    Who doesn t love a good zombie novel Travis Bradberry s Cryonic brings out the best elements on a story about the undead In this particular tale, he explores the scientifically possible re animation of people when they are frozen when they die, and brought back to life after a period of time Unfortunately for our protagonist, Royce Bruyere, the world he woke up to was not the same as the one he left A different governing power is now in control, and regards him as a possession rather than a person It was well written, full of action and adventure, and not a dull moment whatsoever I am seriously looking forward to the end of the novel, but those first 16 chapters were a genuine treat to read

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    So. I wanted to like this book I really did The first few chapters were great and had me hooked Too bad that didn t last long If I can make an honest assessment of this book, it would be this It read like a comic book, I m sure my little brother would have loved it Stereotypical, strong, suave, arrogant protagonist Inferior secondary characters who only served to highlight the superiority of the main he man Gory zombie violence I think the author dreamed up a story for himself where he could live out his masculine fantasies The prose was lacking, vocabulary was simple, and the conversations were repetitive Disappointing Thanks to Goodreads First Reads for the free copy.

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    I thought the book was a fantastic read I m not sure why there is so much hate for the characters I found them all pretty interesting This book was a real page turner for me especially with the short chapters I couldn t stop reading it The scenes in the book described the zombies and action perfectly I feel like this would make a good movie Everything I read played out in my head like I was seeing it in person Easy to follow and understand the situation that the protagonist was put in.

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    This novel had me gripped from the word go Cryonic is a brilliantly spun, futuristic tale which begins with the death and subsequent re animation of Royce Bruyere by the means of cryogenics When he is brought to life, several decades later, he arises to find that the world is not a friendly place China is the ruling super power and half of the U.S has been enslaved The Chinese are experimenting with dead bodies, in the hopes to revive their dead soldiers and continue with their plan for world domination but there is a flaw in their design Those that are being brought back to life are contracting a virus with sinister implications Travis Bradberry will appeal to lovers of the genres Sci Fi and Horror, and he writes with a superbly realistic style The characters are well defined and the plot writhes like a snake plenty of twists and turns to get excited about Loved it 5 Stars all the way.

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    Wit, sidekicks, adventure and a real hero feel that immerses the reader in the zombie world Yup, this book has it all There was a fantastic mix of fiction, science and politics that made this book not only appealing, but strangely plausible There is a small clich of the main character waking up to the zombie filled world, but hey that s my only gripe from an otherwise fantastic tale AND there s something special to Royce MCs and his waking up I won t post spoilers.I thought this ended too soon, and I wanted I had questions, dammit But I whizzed through this in no time and I m happy to read whatever Bradberry writes in the future.

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    What an utter pile of pants Please, don t read this book.To qualify, I love zombie books, and sci fi World War Z is one of my all time favourite books But not all zombie books are good, and this one really isn t Having read some other reviews I felt I should edit my own, I m not sure who s reading this and seeing a good writing style it reads like a children s book, very basic easy reading, little characterisation, no in depth descriptions The main character starts out likeable and becomes a complete cliche Move along, pick another book, don t waste your time on this one.

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    This was actually one of the worst books I have ever read Horrible HORRIBLE dialog, flat characters, a plot that could have been intriguing if the author had actually spent any time with it, and the most ridiculous ending ever Also, the author totally used the future setting to explain away pesky problems he didn t want to deal with I m sorry, but this book sucked No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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