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    Buddy Read w Lenore, Kate, Jenn, and ChristinaBad Attitude caught me off guard As much as there was a kind of sweet, softness around Quinn and Eli s relationship in Bad Boyfriend, this book is all hard edges These guys are so hot and cold zig zagging back and forth I m mad at you Grrr I m horny for you Unf I m annoyed with you Argh I m liking you Smile Whiplash.Thing is, I like these guys Or, rather, I can relate to their imperfections They re emotionally stunted Insecure Overcompensate Want affirmation, but shun it and make fun of it Bitter Bettys about anything and everything And trying to watch the two of them figure out their feelings for each other is a train wreck But, on the other hand, there s an authenticity to it as it plays out as well It definitely requires some patience which I have to admit, I lack thus some of the irritation with the book Yet for all their bravado and alpha power plays and man grunts, Jamie and Gavin are essentially two scared, needy men Gavin, especially who have no idea how to handle feelings and resort to using sex as their tool, their weapon, their manipulation, their communication And I actually found most of this to be sad And then, for a brief second, it became hopeful Whiplash.One treat in this book throughout sigh the kissing oh, the kissing Hot, sensual kissing Yeah, that works for me Oh, and this Beach fellow ONE MAJOR DICKWAD.Take away from this book entertaining in a grouchy kind of way, but ultimately just makes me want to go and reread Bad Boyfriend to get back to Quinn Eli and my happy place.

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    3.5 StarsFirst things first The erotica a.k.a SMUT in this book is Grade A Top Shelf Blow Your Mind Triple Knicker Change Needed HOT AS HELL MELT YO DAMN FACE OFF goodLike DAMN let me go take a shower, because this shit just made me SWEAT That s how hot it was So, if you like K.A because she can bring the smut like no other, stop reading my ramblings right now and go TREAT YO SELF SecondI actually really loved Gavin and Jamie I think in this book K.A gave up on trying to conjure some sort of complex subplot which she usually kind of fudges , and just gave us dudes fucking their way to falling in love, and threw in some cameos with the guys that we ve gotten to know so far and totally love Loved the Eli and Quinn moments I for one think that was a smart move So, Jamie we met briefly in Bad Boyfriend as Quinn s ex Marine friend So he s one of those rescue diver guys, one night he gets a call for someone who had jumped off the Key Bridge, turns out the guys he fishes out of the water is Gavin Montgomery the gay son of one of the richest men in the East Coast Since Jamie heroically rescued Gavin, Montgomery senior throws a little party to say thank youJamie and Gavin do a little interactin and WHAM Sexual tension is all over the placeOf course what happens next is a lot of F U C K I N GLOTS of it Jamie is 40 years old and is kind of scarred because of a lover he lost while in the MarinesGavin is 33 and has been doing the vapid trust fund baby thing for so long he doesn t even know why people would ever take him seriouslyHe just kind of goes with the flow, has some fun, fucks around, takes a time out of that to do some actually very nice things for people who need itBut most of the time he s kind of just there.So these two boys start sleeping together, and little by little they start FEEEELING some FEELSOnce things evolve with Jamie things change a bit with Gavin, but he s still unsure exactly how things will play out, even after Jamie makes it clear that he is serious, and he gets all emotionally constipated, view spoiler then his jackass friend has some boneheaded idea that includes taking out a boat like 10 seconds after he comes out of a FUCKING COMA hide spoiler

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    3 Stars That ending Seriously You give me almost 300 pages of Gavin being emotionally closed off, the MC s having half assed conversations about their relationship, lots of sarcastic and sniping banter, lots of hot sex but very little romance.and finally, FINALLY when they re both on the same page, YOU END THE FUCKING BOOK What the fuck is that Not one fucking paragraph of happy Of coupledom Of emotional stability and contentment I read most of this book waiting.both guys were so emotionally closed off in the beginning.the door would slowly start to open eventually, right Okay, I wasn t only waiting.I was also fanning myself, because these two were HOT together.Jamie had loved and lost and he didn t want to go down that path againbut little by little Jamie opened up, realizing he had real feelings for Gavin..and my anticipation built Gavin was even closed off than Jamie He was used to being forgotten Suitable decoration Disappointing background noise He didn t know how to be something to anyone I was waiting for the light bulb to start to come on For Gavin to pick up on Jamie s actions and absorb his words For his A ha moment That moment finally came Three pages before the end And then the author turned off the computer I feel robbed I was invested in these men In their budding relationship In finally seeing Jamie and Gavin admit their feelings, letting go of their past and feel a part of something A couple It s like someone ripping the dessert menu out of your hands at the end of a nice meal Next thing you know, you re pulling away from the restaurant I really wanted my Chocolate Molten Lava Cake.

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    My first K.A Mitchell that didn t blow me away Bummer This story was good in many ways, but is ways it was flat out annoying The back and forth between Gavin and Jamie was so tiring I have never, NEVER, met two MCs that are that stubborn and closed off There is literally zero communication between them They barely admitted that they liked each other and to get to that point took about half the book This book happens to be perfectly titled These guys have bad attitudes and it was hard for me to get to know them with all of their walls up I get that it may be realistic, but it didn t make for great reading It was funny, but Eli stole the show in his few cameo scenes He had personality than Gavin and Jamie combined The sex in this book was pretty fab, though K.A Mitchell always brings the sexy I also happen to like redheads so Jamie with his view spoiler huge cock hide spoiler

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    Fuck you, abrupt ending Fuck you very much.I have a feeling that I would like this one better when I read it for the second time having known exactly where it punches you in the face with an ending so sudden it would put anything Josh Lanyon comes up with to shame, but right now, I just wanna tie concrete around Gavin and Jamie s balls and push both of them off the bridge where we first met Gavin because as much as they bored the shit out of me in the beginning, I d like to at least see of them when they are finally communicating like mature adults, but Mitchell just had to pull me off, slap me twice in the face, point her finger at me with an admonition of, You ve had enough now, I think Time for bed Suffice it to say, I m not a happy fangirl right about now.Don t let my adolescent ranting get you off this book, though It s still a solid Mitchell work with relatable and flawed characters with distinct differences in communicating that makes it easy to identify which one is talking without tags I had to warm up to the MCs, but once I did after some very hawt creative smexin scenes only Mitchell knows how to pull off, I got invested in their HEA and was pretty happy when they seemed to be on their way to it.This would have been five stars, but the ending will grate on my nerves for weeks to come, so three stars for the main story and plus one star because my favorite Daddy boy couple of all time and stars of one of the best books in the genre, Eli and Quinn, are in this a whole lot, and I m happy just to see them all domesticated and happy and sexy and being awesome and shit Nate is still a sanctimonious asshole, but I refuse to let him rain on my Quieli parade Also, dare I hope for an HEA for Silver That boy just about broke my heart and he wasn t even on page for than five pages September 13, 2012 Update And I got the cover preview for Bad Attitude April 23 Jamie looks fine on it Even my very gay wife thinks so K.A Mitchell on Facebook Why do I get this feeling that Jamie s HEA is going to be Peter And why am I not completely opposed to the idea Dammit.

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    I m a K.A Mitchell fangirl and I ll proudly say that I started reading her maybe a year ago, and glommed her entire back list Man, that was a good time She writes very erotic m m books but conveys so much through her love scenes And she gives us flawed characters and explores them and makes them suffer a bit before finding true love I just think she is a fabulous writer Now all that being said yes here comes the big but Bad Attitude was enjoyable, but not my favorite of hers I think the bottom line is that I needed to feel them falling in love a little Gavin and Jamie have a very hard edged relationship, and while they have chemistry together, can I imagine them happily ever after, forever and ever I m not so sure.Gavin is a Montgomery meaning he comes from the extremely wealthy Montgomery family in Maryland He has a trust fund and sometimes lends his hand to charities Otherwise, his life is his to lead He hangs out with friends, always looking for that high whether drug induced or reckless which is how he finds himself lunging after his friend Beach, who decided to dive off a bridge and Gavin himself falls off trying to save him, both landing in the icy water.Jamie is a police rescue diver and gets the call to go try to find Gavin and his friend He does, and Gavin s family is so grateful and trying to make it publicly known Gavin didn t try to kill himself they have a black tie party to celebrate, pretty much forcing Jamie to come It is here Jamie and Gavin really meet and kind of start doing the angry lust tango untucking shirts, grinding crotches, but then pushing each other away See, the book isn t called Bad Attitude for nothing Gavin is the king of wearing a nonchalant face and pretending nothing bothers him Yet, a lot of things bother him and it simmers under the surface Jamie isn t one to hide things he is usually pissed off and lets everyone know He lost a close friend years ago which sticks with him I needed back story with this , and all he ever really wants is a cigarette, but he watched his father die of lung cancer and doesn t want to go down that route And he has big time control issues.But these two guys are very attracted to each other physically And as always, KA Mitchell writes the hottest sex She even gives us a threesome in this one and it s just as exciting as it sounds.She does a nice job developing the characters Gavin really comes off as rich his relationship with his father and step mother is nice but a little off, which I liked Gavin knows how to be rich, so when he gets into Jamie s working world, he struggles I liked that, and vice versa for Jamie They both don t put up with the other s bullshit either But, when I reflected on this book after I finished, I just don t know if I buy into the I love you forever and ever I don t know if these two would make it long term I needed a little lovey dovey and romance thrown in there I still recommend it because it s K.A Mitchell Enough said wink Rating B

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    I m just finishing the threesome twosome shower scene all so goddamned good and dirty I love these two men they are both SO fucked up My absolute favorite kinds of characters Back to reading now EDITED TO ADD Finished Loved Every single sex scene furthered the story all the background info you need is in those sex scenes It as fucking glorious to watch KA pull these guys together.As for the endingI saw it as of a beginning than an ending Like, these are two guys who are NEVER going to be the traditional ILY couple, so why should the ending be any different To me it kind of shows, this is how they started, this is what so obviously works for both of themneither man has changed they just fell in love And that s the best kind of love, where no one changes for the other I like how KA s books are all different She doesn t write the same story over and over Her men always read different Obviously, I m a huge fan

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    This is the type of story Mitchell does best It has great characterization and focuses on the couple Jamie and Gavin are alike in many ways They both build up walls to keep everyone at arm s length because they re afraid to be hurt if they let someone in Jamie is arrogant, cynical, assertive, and says whatever is on his mind Galvin on the other hand has this cloud of loneliness and isolation that surrounds him He s giving and has a big heart but he s also insecure, he s always worried that he ll disappoint people and this leads to a shit load of guilt and a sense of failure What I love is that none of these character attributes were over the top or felt forced Each layer added to another dimension of the characters IMO, this is Mitchell s strong suit I loved the subtle way she worked in the MC s backgrounds So we have to two men that are afraid of commitment and can t open up to each other Neither of them understand the other s motives They are constantly confused by what the other says or does and they never talk to each other or explain their actions This is basically the entire book and it only leads to frustration, both on their part and the readers Personally, I actually felt sadness than frustration I hated that Jamie had this negative attitude and automatically looked for the worst in people Then we have Galvin who is living in this haze, always feeling invisible and that he could never please or live up to people s expectations It was disheartening.However, little by little they slipped through each other s walls It was difficult and even by the end I still got the feeling they had a long way to go My biggest complaint is the ending I thought the whole Beach situation and ring story line was weak and thrown in to move the story along just to get to the big dramatic ending It felt like the additional drama covered up the issues and problems the MC s were having This probably wouldn t have been such a big deal if there was another chapter or an epilogue but as it stands I felt like a door was slammed shut I m glad that everything wasn t tied up in a nice neat bow but I still wanted a little closure.My favorite quote which sums up the tone of the book for me It wasn t fear of pain that kept Gavin rooted in his head instead of giving in to the sensations of his body It was yielding this way, knowing that if they went further, he d be giving a piece of himself, opening than his body, exposing himself to much than physical hurt A Mitchell book I m sure I ll be revisiting.

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    More like 1.5 stars, as it was ok is much too positive.Finished Yeah not another dnf for me although it was tough Most of this book was sex scenes, I realized at some point hello, I m at about 40% and since 20 % this scene is going on and on, where is the plot story This was then followed by 3 days later another sexual encounter In between there were threads that were lost what about Silver Was it a set up for a follow up Oh then Beach woke up, wow Followed by reading about a harebrained search for a ring lost some 15 years prior I don t know what the author wanted to accomplish with this it s that ludicrous, I m at a loss for words I m sorry to say, but this was the last book by this author for me.

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    3.75I was worried when about half way through this read I wasn t liking either Jamie or Gavin Jamie has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide and Gavin was a spoiled poor little rich boy Don t get me started on Beach view spoiler who was an asshole hide spoiler

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