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    Even in a kingdom where magical creatures like fairies, cave bodkins and talking sea turtles, who act as life savers, live, someone will plot to assassinate a perfectly good king While Fiona and her talking horse, Manzy, are trying to rescue her fairy friend, Jayden, from imprisonment in a palace tower, they, together with the three princesses, learn of the assassination plans Fortunately they have Kevin, the sneezing snake who loves to bat his long eyelashes at everybody, to assist them When an embittered, spell casting hag and her snow spider friends enter the picture, the would be assassins are not their only problem This comfortably paced, easy to read book is full of adventure, some sadness and a lot of humor The cleverly crafted, versatile characters endeared themselves to me from the word go I had to smile when it appeared that Fiona s horse, Manzy, seemed to have wisdom and sense than her mistress and is it wise to entrust the magical ability to enlarge or shrink objects to a toddler Amidst the suspense and adventure there is also the gentlest touch of youthful romance and a lesson about the negative effect of jealousy, revenge and bitterness.Although Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell is clearly a book for younger children, I am sure that adults will enjoy this highly original story just as much If you thought the old fashioned fairy tale was dead, this book will convince you otherwise Ellen Fritz

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    My daughter 12 reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews Here is her review This book tells the story of Fiona Thorn, ornery orphan who has a penchant for explosives and who goes on a mission to rescue her friend, Jaydin Rowan But when she runs into three annoying princesses whom she is unable to get rid of, all four of them get locked up in the dungeon Now, Fiona is accused of kidnapping the princesses because she has a rough past with the king who is in danger of being killed Now Fiona must find a way to save herself and the constantly bickering princesses, save the king, and finally save her friend Jaydin before the magical debt kills her.The main character is Fiona Thorn who is an orphan who likes explosives, has a talking horse as her best friend, and who just desperately wants to find her imprisoned friend Jaydin before a magical debt kills her I really liked the part with the princesses because it was funny to listen to them argue and I really liked the youngest princess Cricket because she was awesome I didn t really understand what was going on at the start of the book but when I got further into the book I started to understand I learned that it is important to stand by your friends and to always be there for them.I thought the cover was cool and really eye catching because it looks really mysterious However, it could use a little bit color because everything looked bluish Overall, I thought this book was really cool and I couldn t put it down because I kept thinking things like Why is this happening and What s going to happen next I think girls and boys 8 12 would like this book I would give the book 4.5 stars.

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    t wasn t Jaydin the fairy prince s fault He was framed Fiona Thorn, his best friend, knew that She was going to break him out ER rather BLOW him out of jail After all, she IS an explosive worker Taught by the Demolitions master McClane, Fiona knows just about everything about explosives She ll use that knowledge to bust Jaydin out Riding her trusty Bright Eye horse Bright Eyes are extremely smart animals, as in that they can talk to humans , Manzanita Rose or Manzy, for short , Fiona knows that nothing can stop her What she didn t expect was 3 princesses to get in her way 3 spoiled princesses, at that Soon Fiona finds herself and the royal pains on the run from the King because of a misread letter, which made it seem like Fiona kidnapped the princesses It doesn t help that there is a murder plot against the king, his brother, and Jaydin What will Fiona do This was a fun book I think that Ms Barton did a great job of creating this fantasy world I really felt like I was there I loved the sense of adventure and the fact that Fiona is a demolition expert The magic in it was pretty cool I loved the gifts that the 4 girls got Fiona is a great female heroine for this book I loved that she always kept her cool despite her being hotheaded and knew what to do Manzy is a great supporting character The book is a good reading level for middle grade readers or young advanced readers At 201 pages, the book was a quick read for me but the story felt very complete I would really like to read another book by Ms Barton NOTE I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Book Review Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem SpellBy Jen BartonFebruary 15, 2013Review 4.5 out of 5 starsFiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell is American author Jen Barton s first novel When Fiona s best friend Jaydin is found guilty of a crime he did not commit, the reckless Fiona decides that she must do something about it As she tries to find a way to rescue her friend, she meets up with a slew of characters, hears of a plot to assassinate the king and gets implicated in the kidnapping of the king s daughters.This fantasy adventure targets teenagers and young adults but it can be enjoyed by the whole family Barton has created a fantasy realm like none other The story is full of action, magic and unique, well created characters The novel has a heroine with a fancy for explosives, three princesses, fairies, ogres, a witch, a magic flute and a bevy of animals that form a huge part of the story What else could a person ask for Readers will be able to relate to the characters Fiona has an attitude problem, Rhiannon is a tad bossy, Isabel is nurturing yet whiny and Cricket is well Cricket is Cricket One of the intriguing parts of the book is that most main characters are female That s not something you see very often Any fan of young adult fantasy should be able to appreciate this impressive debut novel by Jen Barton Yves RobichaudAuthor of Kaylen s Rising Tomes of Taria, Book 1 Book Trailer

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    I found this book purely by accident I followed the author on Twitter and checked out her site The description of the book caught my interest I checked it out, bought it, then couldn t stop reading it until I d consumed the very last page Ms Barton has created a world where fairies and humans live side by side, although not all humans are happy about it The world and those who inhabit it are unique and very easy to visualise.This is a children s book but it is very dark and, as such totally appeals to the darkness in me It is definitely Brothers Grimm than Disney and i love it for that.the book is extremely easy to read and totally enthralling It draws you in from the first word and drags you along on a whole series of adventures that, by the end has Fiona all but dead after failing to pay the price for trying to save her best friend from a terrible conspiracy The descriptions of everything from characters, to the settings, to the horrendous attack by the wild cat and Fiona s decline almost to the point of death are clear, detailed, engaging and vivid I don t think I m giving anything away in saying almost because with a sequel in the offing thank the gods it s pretty much a certainty Fiona survived.All in all this book is a stunning dark fairytale and well worth a read It s the best teen book I ve read in a long time and, for me, is right up there with Percy Jackson and the likes.

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    A Prickly, Engaging, Relatable Fantasy Quest HeroineWe have fairies and a talking horse and bickering princesses and a heroine who likes to blow things up But this is not a larky la la sort of fairy tale Our heroine, Fiona, has a dark side, a troubled back story, and a wild and impatient streak that often than not leads her into trouble Her talking horse is the wisest and most mature character in the book And the bad guys are a lot scary than they are cutesy.The upshot for me was that this turned out to be a bit of a surprise, and had a lot depth, entertainment value, structure and interest than I expected The characters, plot, and writing style felt very middle grade, rather than YA , but I mean that in a good way This book has some oomph, is packed with interesting and well crafted characters, and includes scenes of real suspense There is a tiny touch of romance, some broad humor, a bit of witty coomentary from the aforementioned horse, and sometimes a melancholy tone, all of which elevates the book well beyond the usual predictable quest fantasy.So, if you re looking for a fantasy adventure with a strong and appealing heroine and a solid well crafted feel, this could be a nice find Please note that I found this book a while ago while browsing Kindle freebies It is currently a kindleunlimited choice I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

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    Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell has great characters as well as a fun and non cliched plot I honestly could not put it down The book is middle grade YA, but it isn t too light like some books in this age range are It s the perfect mix of dark and light fantasy It s original, too, and I know I ve been saying that a lot lately, but this book really is Not once did I think, Hmm, this reminds me of Everything had a new twist on it even the fairies, and that s coming from a girl who went through a HUGE phase with fairies If I think it s original, it most likely is.But the characters are the thing that make this book great They are full of personality, and none of them can be considered Mary Sues Each has their strengths as well as their flaws Bossiness, stubborness, etc Fiona was definitely my favorite character, followed by Cricket, followed by that cute little troll He s not exactly a main character, but he was simply adorable I loved Fiona s feistiness, and Cricket was just adorable And Fiona s devotion for her friend Jaydin was really touching I am so glad I read this book, and I would highly recommend it

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    Fiona Thorn is an orphaned girl with great knowledge of explosives, and she is on a quest to save her good friend, Jaydin Jaydin is a fairy who is the watcher of Tree and dreams of traveling the world with Fiona When Jaydin is wrongly put into a prison, Fiona must figure out a way to get him out, without dooming them both She soon finds herself meeting three princesses and, though she does not wish it, she quickly becomes best friends with the girls and soon they find themselves on a most incredible journey These characters were so easy to get to know The book is easy to read and fun It was exciting to follow along with the characters and see what follies they would have or make a mess of The story is adventurous, fun and sometimes funny with wonderful characters and strong friendships that feel like home I m not the fantasy, fairytale type, but this was a Good book Anyone would love to read this I give 5 spiders easilyT LaneWebbWeaver Reviews

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    Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell by Jen Barton Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell is a book about an adventurous girl and the series of adventures that she goes through to save her friend It is easy to say that the main character, Fiona Thorn, is a complex character with simple morals She values love, friendship, trust, loyalty, and faith Fiona Thorn is a prickly character at times but she brings the story to life Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell is a mixed tale of real life values and problems with a fairytale twist, including, talking animals, evil villains, fairies, and enchanted forests Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell is a book that children of all ages will enjoy but can be specifically catered to the middle school population.

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    Book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.This book had a bit of everything in it I loved how there were talking animals, a new twist on fairies and some new creatures I never heard of like Cave Bodkins It a great middle grade fantasy that has not only fun, light parts to it, but a bit of darkness as well I love the character Fiona who is trying to bravely rescue her fairy friend from the castle, but ends up being saddled with 3 Princesses who are not the best of characters to bring along on a rescue mission If you love new characters and adventure, this is a great story.

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Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell download Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell, read online Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell, kindle ebook Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell, Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell a0668c724111 When Fiona Thorn, An Ornery Orphan With An Expertise In Explosives, Sets Out To Rescue Her Imprisoned Friend, Jaydin Rowan, She Wants Nothing Than A Few Sleeping Guards And A Satchel Full Of Blast What She Gets Is A Run In With Three Bickering Princesses That Puts All Four Girls On The Wrong Side Of A Locked Dungeon DoorNow, Accidentally Involved In A Plot To Assassinate The King And Accused Of Kidnapping The Princesses, Fiona Must Find A Way To Free Them All, Save The King, And Rescue Jaydin, All While Struggling To Pay The Magical Debt That S Slowly Killing Her Unless The Princesses Annoying Sibling Rivalry Kills Her FirstPacked With Powerful Magic, Fun Loving Fairies And A Vicious Ogre Turned Pet, Fiona Thorn And The Carapacem Spell Is A Fantasy Kids Book Sure To Become A Favorite In Middle Grade Fiction