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English Grammar in Use with Answers chapter 1 English Grammar in Use with Answers , meaning English Grammar in Use with Answers , genre English Grammar in Use with Answers , book cover English Grammar in Use with Answers , flies English Grammar in Use with Answers , English Grammar in Use with Answers f8cd2b697e699 A Self Study Reference And Practice Book For Intermediate And Advanced Learners Of English Covering All Areas Of Language Which Students At This Level Find Difficult, This Substantially Revised And Updated Book Retains The Clarity, Simplicity And Accessibility Of The First Edition, Adding To It New And Redesigned Units And Appendices, Modified Right Hand Page Exercises And Additional Exercises Easy To Use Two Page Units Combine Clear, Accurate Language Presentation On Left Hand Pages With Thorough, Varied Practice On Facing Pages New Additional Exercises Offer Further Practice Of Grammar Points From Different Groups Of Units Designed For Self Study Learners Choose And Study Problematic Areas With The Help Of A New Study Guide Key Section Contains Answers To All Exercises And The Study Guide Appendices Deal With Irregular Verbs, Tense Formation, Modals, Spelling, Short Forms And American English

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    English Grammar in Use was a required reading for my studies and I still use it sometimes It s one of my favorite language books.

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    My best English teacher

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    If I could give this book a 10, I definitely would This is the very book I learned and polished my grammar with, just by sitting and doing all the exercises, one by one, every day Highly recommend

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    Grammar bible my constant companion for over 18 years as a teacher of English as a foreign language.

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    The order of the grammar points presented were not what I would consider the most ideal order Also, a few items especially conditionals were not explained in away that would be intuitive to someone learning this for the first time.Despite these flaws, the book did have a lot of explanations that could help people understand some of the finer points of different grammar patterns Even the conditionals sections had some explanations of different aspects that could help clarify or reinforce the grammar point to students who already have a fairly solid understanding of conditionals.I really like the explanation of adjectives prepositions and verbs prepositions at the end They were lots of pages with lists of common preposition patterns and explanations to the meaning of these phrases I think that this would especially helpful to Korean students since the wide variety of prepositions is not found in their language, and the average Korean learning English is prone to overlook the word when producing a sentence.A lot of the practice problems were focus on accuracy with most of the activities being finishing the sentence with the correct pattern discussed on the previous page There were a few activities that had the students describing a picture of situation with the correct grammar I feel this is a much better form of practice with a certain answer that can be found in the answer key since it forces the student to learn to place the grammar pattern onto an appropriate situation.There were lots of things that I was able to take away from this book and actually start using in my classroom right away It will definitely be a book that I keep on hand when I need for information to explain a concept to my students.

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    Can t really give this a star rating becausewellit s a text book I had to read it for the Celta course which is probably the reason any English speaker would read it Yep, it gets the job done Sometimes the British English made me question 1 my sanity 2 my language 3 my humanity.

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    Absolutely THE BEST ESL GRAMMAR BOOK Raymond Murphy should ve got Nobel for this masterpiece.

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    This is the best self study grammar book in the world Do you want to learn an English grammar from scratch Or may be you just need to brush up your grammar skills Nevermind, welcome to start reading.You won t be disappointed.

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    This is one of the best grammar books I ve ever found Very didadict and with an easy to use step by step format 138 units it s a very good source to the self student every unit has a lot of exercises and the book provide you with an answers guide at its end.

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    All Murphy s textbooks are awesome manuals to the English language There are all levels from beginner to advanced Loads of exercises, rules, useful advice A free tutor of English at home

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