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  • Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2)
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  • 12 January 2019

10 thoughts on “Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2)

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    Re read March 2016Just as naughty, dirty and kinky as I remembered Awesome second read I d eat up a third book in this series.Original review Not quite as fun as the first book, but still a damn good time Please read my review of Room at the Top for my thoughts on this threesome.Highly recommended

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    3.5 StarsDirty, super kinky, and I really enjoyed it I did feel like not everything got resolved by the end Not in regards to their relationship, though Liam, Jay, and Austin are solidly a thruple The focus of Room at the Edge seemed to be on Jay s struggle with submission and Austin s desire to be a full time sub The trio s dynamic was pretty much there from the beginning I would have loved to have seen some sort of consideration to going semi public with their relationship To family and friends, at least All in good time, I suppose Still, I enjoyed these guys and most of the kink

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    3.75 stars rounded up to 4.Room at the Edge is the sequel to Room at the Top, a book I liked a great deal This story is a continuation of Jay, Austin and Liam s journey together At the end of the first book, the three men were starting to move away from it just being Jay and Austin as a sub couple who visit Dom Liam to fulfil their need for submission, and towards Liam being a cohesive part of their lives and their relationship I was looking forward to seeing the three men work through the difficulties of a three way relationship, especially since Jay and Austin are so close as a couple.In terms of how successful they come together as a three, I felt this book had made a strong case for the love they feel for each other It explored fully the reservations each man has about their relationship, but also how they all wholeheartedly want the relationship to work I loved that all three men have such distinct personalities and needs, both personally and as a sub or Dom In fact, I would say that this aspect was the best part of the book for me because it s in those differences that the three struggle to be together For example, Jay is a masochist who needs pain, but Austin is of a submissive who thrives on service and humiliation The pair of subs together inhibit each other s submission because Austin hates to see Jay hurt so much, and Jay cannot understand why Austin wants to be humiliated, and tries to disrupt things when he does The way that these problems are worked through during the book was pleasing and I felt that by the end they had come to a better understanding of the needs of each other.Having said that, I also found the book a frustrating and even dull read at times because the focus is mostly on the BDSM sex Now, I like BDSM and enjoy reading well written and deeply psychological sex scenes between subs and Doms However, with this book the sex became repetitive at times there s lots of spankings for example, which you would expect because both subs love being spanked, but did we need so many of the spankings to be shown on page Or there were many scenes where Jay was punished for his disobedience I found that rather than being used to further the plot or characters in any way, a lot of the sex was just there for no reason than to titillate Some of you may be pleased about that, but I found that I quickly got to sex overload point and by half way through the book, I was struggling to want to read on The sex got in the way of character or plot development, and as such the pace of the book is quite slow, the relationships moving on incrementally and that was another frustration My favourite sex scenes were those which did show the characters making some sort of breakthrough such as those where Liam is alone with either Austin or Jay and so can explore their type of submission to a greater degree.Whilst all the characters learn from each other in the story, I really enjoyed seeing Liam coming to terms with his role as a Dom to two subs Liam is the opposite of those smug Doms you sometimes find in BDSM books, and I was pleased that we get insight into his struggles I especially liked the way that Liam works through his feelings of loneliness and isolation Pleasing two men and himself isn t an easy task and he sometimes makes mistakes, but I liked him better for that Liam became my favourite character from the book, and one who made the most progress in terms of characterisation.By the end of the book the three are solid in their relationship, but there was still a lot of uneasiness between them, and a lot of unanswered questions about their future This meant that I wasn t wholly convinced that the three would stay the course because there were too many variables which could potentially cause a rift between them I still really liked the characters and I wanted them to be happy so I chose to believe that they would work things out.I was also pleased that Austin s annoying sister, April, barely featured in the book We are still shown some of Austin s connection to his family through his relationship with his mum, but on the whole the focus was mainly on the three men.Overall, I didn t enjoy this book as much as Room at the Top Not just because it had too much of a focus on sex for me, but also because of my uneasiness at the end of the book However, this pair of authors always write well, and are autobuy authors for me so the book wasn t a bad read and I would still recommend it if you like BDSM or m m m romance.

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    As good as the first one this novel is going on my favorites shelf I am still in love with Liam just as much and he is one of the best Dom s I ve read in fiction All three characters grow here and discover and learn They communicate, when prompted and sometimes forced, but that s very true to life None of us wants to reveal everything to everyone momma always said keep a little mystery and you keep the spark.Austin and Jay realize much sooner than Liam that the relationship will fizzle if they don t move forward and develop as three instead of two Austin and Jay s relationship continues to be strong nigh on unbreakable Liam still feels like an outsider and, realistically, I m not sure who would not I think this hits on a core issue with 3 and is something I look to be addressed in my menage reads I don t read too many menage and now you know why It always seems someone is superfluous That is not the case here though, at different times, a duo performs better That they are starting to really realize this is critical to the health and growth of the relationship I liked the amount of communication here including the misses because it allowed them to become The BDSM scenes were amazing the balance was perfect, implements were wonderful, and each sub s unique personality gave this one a different flavor meaning what Jay and Austin want is very different To be honest I agree with Liam that Austin is tougher because letting him be service oriented means Liam relying on someone else that s tough with him Jay s need for pain, tests, just in a way is easier to meet because it can be planned for and implemented and Liam likes that.I was hoping for the scene near the end and I gave a shrill scream when it showed up It was great I hope we get to see of these three in the future

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    4.5 starsHad to start reading as soon as I got it on my kindle Then I had problems with the beginning, as I had the feeling that poor Jay was a bit left out and Liam was too aloof for my tasting Yes, I realized it was caused by his insecurities jealousy regarding his place in the relationship between Jay and Austin therefore when they both expressed their love for him he let himself be part of the relationship and not only their dom and that was the point when I was really gripped by the story Perhaps there was a bit much happening in the final chapter, but overall it was a very good read and for me, hopefully, their journey is not at an end

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    This sequel shows the three men from Room at the Top figuring out how to live together and move their relationship forward This book felt a little heavier on the sex than the previous one, and also a little intense with the BDSM As someone who is not always comfortable with the SM part of that, I had problems at times with the level of pain that Jay wanted and needed That s not a fault of the book, but a matter of my own comfort zones and a mild pyrophobia I did wish there was in this book of the guys doing things together that were not sex and interacting with other people There are threads touched upon of how they will deal with Liam s family, and Austin s mother in particular, that don t go very far forward This book really was almost exclusively about figuring out their BDSM needs and relationships It did work well in that regard, and I appreciated that mistakes were made, and they talked to each other and fixed things The three men became very believable and distinct personalities here.

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    God, the sex in this book is off the freaking charts There were a couple things I wish Liam had done, like rimming, but overall super hot I loved seeing how hard these three were trying to make things work and how they really no longer were a couple with a Dom but a threesome Left me wondering if it was really going to work seeing as they were hiding it from everyone but still a HFN that made me happy.

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    I read it, but I m not rating it I don t know if maybe I m over the whole BDSM genre, or if this book simply had the misfortune to be the one I read immediately after

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    What a disappointing sequel The menage relationship didn t progress The BDSM scenes were hot though.

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    I enjoyed this sequel to Room at the Top almost as much as the first book Liam, Jay and Austin are working on moving their relationship forward, and integrating each other into their lives beyond the bedroom Liam is still working on accepting both his sexuality and his place in the relationship with Jay and Austin Jay is asking for intense scenes that will push him further than Liam is certain he wants to go, while Austin is showing a desire for full time submission to Liam As if figuring out the dynamics of their relationship isn t daunting enough, there is still family to consider.Things don t go perfectly, and there are missteps by everyone I wish the family issues were a little fleshed out, but it was good to see the men really working at things The BDSM scenes were even intense this time around, although I would have liked a little of the men outside of the bedroom I wouldn t mind getting of their story as there is still so much ground that could be covered.

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Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2) characters Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2) , audiobook Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2) , files book Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2) , today Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2) , Room at the Edge (Room at the Top, #2) 9b986 Three Sexy Men, One Hot Relationship In Room At The Top, Devoted Sub Couple Jay And Austin Went Looking For A No Strings Attached Dom And Ended Up Falling For Liam, Who, Much To His Surprise, Turned Out To Be The Dom Of Their Dreams But Their Happy Ending Was Only The Beginning Of Their StoryNow Jay Is Begging Liam To Turn Up The Heat With Fire Play And Austin Wants Them All Under One Roof, No Matter What People Might Think Caught Up In The Difficulties And Pleasures Of Their New Relationship, It S Easy To Miss The Way They Re Moving Dangerously Close To The Edge Of Falling Apart, Not Deeper In Love