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Fire on the Mountain pdf Fire on the Mountain, ebook Fire on the Mountain, epub Fire on the Mountain, doc Fire on the Mountain, e-pub Fire on the Mountain, Fire on the Mountain 19a6df8f658 Challenged By His Master To Spend A Bitter Cold Night Alone In The Mountains, An Ethiopian Boy Bets His Future That He Will Succeed And He Does, Warmed Only By The Sight Of A Distant Fire When His Master Refuses To Recognize The Boy S Victory, The Boy And His Sister Decide To Beat The Rich Man At His Own Game

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    Humorous folktale of a young boy and those around him who stand up for him Soft watercolors illustrate this story nicely Part of Soar to Success.

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    I think this a great book to allow teachers to talk to students about helping others and putting others before yourself This book talks about a brother risking his life to make his sister and his life better in the end if he passes the test The book could also help the students become brave.

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    3.5 rounded up

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    Then far, far off I saw a shepherd s fire on another mountain I kept my eyes on the red glow in the distance, and I dreamed of being warm And that is how I had the strength to survive Alemayu is challenged by a rich man to spend the night up in the mountains If he can survive all night, the rich man will give Alemayu four cows and a bag of money If not, Alemayu and his sister must leave the rich man s house When Alemayu returns the next morning, he describes how he was able to keep warm by imagining the warmth from a distant fire The rich man immediately says that he did not stick to the bargain and must leave But at dinner that night, Alemayu s sister uses the smell of food to show the rich man the difference between imagining something to eat and actually eating something And the point is made.Based on an Ethiopian traditional story.

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    This Ethiopian folktale is a very unique story about a young boy who is a shepherd in Ethiopia named Alemayu Alemayu and his sister are servants to an evil spirited and unkind rich man, who challenges Alemayu to survive a night alone in the cold mountains, offering a reward to he and his sitter if he can do it Eventually with the help of others sticking up for him and believing in him, Alemayu and his sister end up being the wealthy ones at the end I thought this was a very good book for children personally, and I think it kept them engaged but was also not overwhelming or boring for them to read It shows the importance of having dreams and being brave, as well as doing kind things for others and not just yourself This story is very good for children from 1st grade to 3rd 4th grade to read because it has appropriate language that is challenging but not above their reading level, and it has a good moral message One thing about this book to note regarding language is that it uses words from the Ethiopian culture, such as injera, wat, and mesob The illustrations also do a wonderful job of highlighting the Ethiopian culture, and what Alemayu s life and environment is like This story teaches children that being selfless and believing in yourself will always make you the winner in the end This book would be good to help teach about being kind, or doing things with others in mind Alemayu did it to help his sister too, not just himself I think it can also demonstrate how having dreams and trying to achieve them is important, and that to achieve them, you need to have courage and bravery, and even help from others at times I think this book has multiple purposes, one being to teach about a different culture Many children would associate a shepherd with probably an older man, not a young slave boy that might even be around their own age, depending on the grade you are teaching It could also be used to teach about Ethiopia and how kid s lives differ from country to country I would read this aloud, and have children read it with small groups and pick out things that we may not have in our culture that Alemayu has, such as hyenas, for example, and have them depending on the age of my students either draw it, or write talk about draw the equivalent to these things hat we can find in our culture.

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    I am sure I purchased this long ago solely based on the title Ah, a Grateful Dead reference Nevertheless, it is a good story with a lesson.A young Ethiopian shepherd boy loses his parents and goes off to seek his sister, who is a servant to a rich man He spends many a night in the mountains and survives.The boy finds his sister and serves the rich man too He then accepts a challenge from the master spend a bitter cold night atop the mountain with just his shirt If he does, the rich man will bequeath him four cows and a bag of money The boy completes the task by looking at a far off fire and dreaming of being warm The rich man reneged on his promise.The boy and the girl were to be ousted after the evening s feast.All the servants cooked the rich man s favorite foods and were prepared to play his favorite music, but delivered neither The rich man was angry The servants equated smelling the food and pondering the music to the boy looking at a fire atop the mountain The rich man paid up and the boy ended up rich in the end.

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    My love for Ethiopia began with a single picture of a homeless and miserable and sickly orphan girl Ever since I saw that picture, it changed me in a bizarre way I can t properly explain and since then, I have been seeking and searching for books about Ethiopia so that I can study as much as I can about it before I become a nurse and go there Fire On The Mountain is a delightful story about a brave and rather remarkable little boy with big dreams of being rich and going to a far away city but for now he is stuck as a shepherd who takes care of his uncle s sheep however he owns a flute which he plays beautifully.His sister works as a servant for a rich man and since both of their parents have died during a famine, it s up to Alemayu to be the man of the family and take care of his sister although she is quite older than he is.I ll write later

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    This multicultural book is a story about brother and sister who live in the high and beautiful mountains of Ethiopia, the boy is a shepherd named Alemayu He and his sister live as servants in the house of a bad tempered and arrogant rich man Alemayu is challenged by his master to survive a night alone in the cold mountain air.If he succeeds,he and his sister will be rewarded.If he fails, they will be left homeless and jobless.This story is for grade level K 2 The illustration is great and by looking at the picture you can tell a lot about the life and culture of the people in that area.

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    I think this was a great story that will teach children that being selfish will not let them win in the end The ones who give of themselves will be rewarded This is a good book to read out loud to the class to teach about selfishness Also, I would put this in my classroom library I could even see the kids writing about something they could todo to show that they are brave as along as, it is something that they can do safely and won t get in trouble for.

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    Wonderful, elegant retelling of the original Ethiopian folktale As always, Lewis illustrations are breathtaking and inspiring While the subtraction of the boy s friends retracted a little bit of the fantasy for me, the addition of the boy s sister as a major element to this beautiful story turned out to be something I rather enjoyed.

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