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And The Mountains Echoed summary And The Mountains Echoed, series And The Mountains Echoed, book And The Mountains Echoed, pdf And The Mountains Echoed, And The Mountains Echoed 6f8270c6de A Multigenerational Family Story Revolving Around Brothers And Sisters, It Is An Emotional, Provocative, And Unforgettable Novel About How We Love, How We Take Care Of One Another, And How The Choices We Make Resonate Through Generations With Profound Wisdom, Insight And Compassion, Hosseini Demonstrates Once Again His Deeply Felt Understanding Of The Bonds That Define Us And Shape Our Lives And Of What It Means To Be HumanKhaled Hosseini Is One Of The Most Widely Read And Beloved Novelists In The World His Novels Have Sold Than Million Copies Worldwide Now, Six Years After A Thousand Splendid Suns Debuted At , Spending Fourteen Consecutive Weeks At And Nearly A Full Year On The Hardcover List, Hosseini Returns With A Book That Is Broader In Scope And Setting Than Anything He S Ever Written Before

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    What did I think I don t know exactly Like his two other books, Hosseini is an excellent storyteller He s great with words and produces images that flow like poetry The story is touching, emotional and speaks of life s hardships and the difficult choices one must make Deeper than that, it speaks of how the choices you make now may have a ripple effect or echo over time If you don t happen to shed a tear at some point while reading, you re heartless He captures your emotions from the very first page and he does this very well, as he did in his other novels You find yourself transported to 1950 s Afghanistan where you smile, cry, and feel pity right alongside the unfortunate characters in this book But Hosseini tried something different with And The Mountains Echoed and that was incorporating a slew of different characters as opposed to just two, like he did in his last two books, and I don t know if it worked out too well Some people could have been mentioned in passing, or not even at all, as opposed to dedicating whole chapters to them, such as Markos and Thalia s story Also the Bashiri cousins seemed unnecessary Even though these characters were unique in their own way and provided food for thought regarding their plights, I still felt like these chapters dragged on when I was concerned about what was happening with the others It was like Hosseini deliberately sucked us in, made us get cozy with Saboor and his family just to rip them away from us and branch off onto some completely different writing exercise As the reader, I just couldn t reshape my feelings to feel another strong connection to these new characters Regarding the writing style, the book spanned over several generations and then spoke in the first person from the point of view of different characters from the next generation which got confusing at first, especially as he jumps between past and present and even geographical locations Further, he squeezed in yet another subplot towards the end of the book with Iqbal and the commander and it came off sounding short and incomplete I feel like the author could have dedicated pages developing and telling the story of the characters we already got to know and love in the beginning, rather than introducing new, unnecessary ones halfway through the book This format Hosseini used left a lot of open ends and a kind of longing, leaving the reader unsatisfied Not my favorite out of the three but still, somehow, an enjoyable read.

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    Date I finished this book 06 09 2013Date I was ready to review this book NeverUnfortunately, I have to review it because it is due back to the library tomorrow, so here comes my completely insufficient review This book is by Khaled Hosseini Really, what is there to say I knew it would be wonderful.I have to admit that the problem I ran into was that I was comparing it to his previous two books too often And let s face it, they were amazing And this book is incredible in its own right, too, but it s not to be compared So, I tried to view this as its own book which it most certainly is and forget I had ever read the other two and that this was the first time I was experiencing Hosseini I m not going to recap It would be pretty difficult to not give anything away There are many stories within this one story The characters are intertwined, although many will never realize that they are The story comes full circle, but this is Mr Khaled Hosseini, so I didn t expect a full blown happy ending And SPOILER ALERT , I didn t really get one None of this business going on Although, I will say that maybe Disney and Hosseini are of one mind Or at least Sebastian and Hosseini Yes it is, Sebastian Yes it is What have I learned from this book We the human race have mostly good intentions But we mostly do not follow through We soothe ourselves We convince ourselves We justify our actions Or our lack of actions We have an out of sight, out of mind way of thinking It s a human flaw And sometimes it has consequences that we cannot comprehend Consequences that we may never realize because, hey, it s out of sight Oh sure Just like him to point out WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME Not that I m taking it personallyOne thing anyone who has read my other reviews should know is that I frequently complain about 1 Not making me care about the characters enough2 Not being able to envision the surroundings the people, the buildings, the culture, etc.I don t experience this problem with this book The writing is so rich that I felt like I was there My emotions reflected the emotions of the characters I was invested I am not ashamed to admit that I went back to chewing on my nails while reading this a habit I gave up over a decade ago SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN You would think this was an edge of the seat suspense novel It s not But it is heartbreaking I bet I cried no less than ten times Granted, I cried when they showed a bear on the local news that they rescued from a telephone pole, so I cry than the average bear ha ha ha But it was still really heartbreakingover and over and over because there were so many intertwined stories I really enjoyed this book I didn t love it in the same way I loved the previous two, but I loved it still And I will give you a parting paragraph that is an example of the beautiful writing that makes me savor every word of this book Now and then, when she turned to tap ash into a saucer, I stole a quick glance at the red polish on her toenails, at the gold tinged sheen of her shaved calves, the high arch of her foot, and always at her full, perfectly shaped breasts There were men walking this earth, I marveled, who had touched those breasts and kissed them as they had made love to her What was left to do in life once you had done that Where did a man go next once he d stood at the world s summit I just finished this I am emotionally drained Review coming soon 04 18 2013Diddid I just read that there is a giveaway for this SHUT THE FRONT DOOR Too much Ok, I ll settle for cute and hope for the best WHAT A new book by Khaled Hosseini I can tI just can t.I can t even think straight right now BECAUSEOHMYGOODNESSIAMSOSOSOSOSOSOSOEXCIIIIIIIIIITED I CAN T WAIT Have I mentioned how EXCITED I AM I am so excited

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    Why do people rate books before reading them This skews the ratings and I wish people wouldn t do soThis was my most anticipated book of all time I couldn t wait to read and and naturally was a bit let down My least favorite of his three.I found the voice in some of the chapters a bit awkward The characters were interesting and well developed for the most part I didn t like how the author chose to weave everything together There were some very well done parts some moments that were very beautiful I m glad I read this but won t anticipate the next book nearly as much although I will definitely read the next one hoping to experience something powerful.

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    Here s something you should know about Khaled Hosseini All his stories have or less, the same ingredients.It always starts with Afghanistan in its pre war days The protagonists are children, guileless and innocent Then the invasion happens People separate, the bonds between them torn apart either by fate or by design Many gut wrenching chapters later, there s some kind of reunion but with a catch there s something amiss, something unfulfilled, like a testimony to the unfairness of life.To be honest, I m not a fan of formulaic things Yet, when it s Hosseini telling a story, I listen I give in I let his words curl around me like a blanket I fall in love And when it s all over, I clutch the book to my chest and weep like a child.Because formula or no formula, Khaled Hosseini just knows how to tell a story He knows what to say and how to say it It s like an art he s mastered and no matter how many times he does it, the impact of it doesn t seem to fade And the Mountains Echoed is an ode to siblinghood and all the joys and heartbreaks that come with it the anguish of separation, the guilt of envy, the comfort of companionship, the burden of responsibility Unlike his previous books, Hosseini adopts a short story approach for this one There are multiple narratives in multiple time frames spread across several different countries, all connected by a common link to Afghanistan.The writing is beautiful, as always Sample this All my life, I have lived like an aquarium fish in the safety of a glass tank, behind a barrier as impenetrable as it has been transparent I have been free to observe the glimmering world on the other side, to picture myself in it, if I like But I have always been contained, hemmed in, by the hard, unyielding confines of the existence that Baba has constructed for me, at first knowingly, when I was young, and now guilelessly, now that he is fading day by day I think I have grown accustomed to the glass and am terrified that when it breaks, when I am alone, I will spill out into the wide open unknown and flop around, helpless, lost, gasping for breath And the Mountains Echoed was one of my most anticipated books this year and it did not disappoint That being said, it pales in comparison to his previous works The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns Maybe it was the multiple POV thing With so many characters and so many stories, it s inevitable that some would hit harder than the rest Personally, I found the first half emotionally striking Abdullah, Nabi and Parwana s stories all made me tear up I missed Afghanistan in the later segments.And in case it wasn t obvious enough, I just wanted to say that I love Khaled Hosseini If it weren t for him, I would have foolishly associated Afghanistan with just the Taliban It s shocking how little I know about this country even though it s so close to mine.Thank you for the culture cum history lessons, Mr Hosseini And even if your next book adheres to the formula, I ll still read it and in all likelihood, cherish it.

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    The tale of how my father lost his sister was as familiar to me as the stories my mother had told me of the Prophet, tales I would learn again later when my parents would enroll me in Sunday school at a mosque in Hayward Still, despite the familiarity, each night I asked to hear Pari s story again, caught in the pull of its gravity Maybe it was simply because we shared a name Maybe that was why I sensed a connection between us, dim, enfolded in mystery, real nonetheless But it was than that I felt touched by her, like I too had been marked by what had happened to her We were interlocked, I sensed, through some unseen order in ways I couldn t wholly understand, linked beyond our names, beyond familial ties, as if, together, we completed a puzzle I felt certain that if I listened closely enough to her story, I would discover something revealed about myself In the opening chapter of And the Mountains Echoed, a poor father tells his children a story A monster ravished a town until a child was offered to appease him In order to save the rest of his family and the town, a father sacrifices his favorite child to the monster Years later, unable to recover from the sorrow of this decision, the father scales a mountain to reach the monster s fortress, seeking to bring his son home But, finding that the boy is happy, well fed, clothed and educated, he reconsiders In this story is the core of the tales to come Hosseini writes of the bond between parents and children, and the sacrifices some parents make to see that their children are well looked after Does the benefit of a comfortable home, a richer material upbringing, outweigh the loss of that natural parent child experience The theme of parenting, with complications well beyond the keep or send away element, permeates The son of a wealthy local big shot comes to realize that his comforts come at the expense of others A massively scarred girl is left by her mother in the care of someone who is probably better suited to raise her A young woman sacrifices years of her life to take care of an ailing parent A war ravaged child is taken in by one of her caregivers I am forever drawn to family as a recurring central theme of my writing My earlier novels were at heart tales of fatherhood and motherhood My new novel is a multi generational family story as well, this time revolving around brothers and sisters, and the ways in which they love, wound, betray, honor, and sacrifice for each other.There are sibling issues galore here An ugly duckling twin gets revenge on the favored twin, but takes on a considerable burden A brother and sister who were very close, are torn apart at an early age, and must cope with the absence, of that missing other part of themselves Friendships that seem like sibling hood sprout like poppies in Helmand A Greek boy is joined by the daughter of his mother s best friend She remains longer than expected A fast, but fragile friendship forms between a rich boy in Afghanistan and the son of a poor man.The cast here is international, as is the selection of settings Hosseini was born in Kabul, but, as his father was an ambassador, he was exposed to the wider world Dad was posted in Paris when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan Hosseini s time in France informs the parts of the book that are set there Eventually his family immigrated to the USA, taking up residence in California, another site in the novel He has visited his homeland since growing up in the West, like migr s we meet in these pages One Afghani emigrant struggles with the tension between remaining connected to his homeland, in a very concrete way, or maintaining his separation How much responsibility for dealing with Afghanistan s problems lies with those who have moved away Hosseini, best selling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns returns us to a world, or rather worlds that we have seen before, a harsh Afghanistan as the emotional and table setting core, and western locales in which are echoed the events of the old world when you grow up in a Third World country, you know, poverty and affluence are juxtaposed It s literally next door you don t have to go to another zip code It s right there when you walk out in the street, and there are beggars and so on and so forth So it becomes part of your life, and you can either not, just not reflect on it, but I must have, because I remember my stories always had to do with these things There was always some guy who came from a very affluent background and some person who came from a much less privileged background, and their lives collided in some way, and tragedy would ensue inevitably I mean, sort of a recurring theme in my stories One of the points Hosseini makes here is the commonality of East and West, despite outward differences He mirrors many of his characters experiences People sacrifice themselves to care for those in need of help in both places Parents are no less stressed in the West than in the East in terms of struggling with decisions about their children Pain is too much for some in both worlds In both worlds there are characters who cannot face their futures and opt out In both worlds young people sacrifice themselves to care for others In both worlds there are characters who are seriously damaged physically and must cope with adapting to worlds that value beauty or at the very least normalcy In both worlds parents give up their children We really are the same beneath our cultures and histories.I do not have a comparative character count here, but it was my sense that this was a larger book than his first two Each of those focused mostly on a smaller group of actors This time it seemed there was of an ensemble cast, in multiple stories The links between some of the elements were a bit tenuous, as if a short story that was lying around was modified enough to serve a purpose in this larger tale and inserted It is a large landscape and I felt that on occasion we wandered too long away from some of the primary characters, maybe lost some parts of their lives To compensate for this, when we get back to them, we are offered a reader s digest condensed report of what has happened since last we checked in This created a bit of distance That said, there is vast world of feeling here Not only the agony of parents who feel they must give up their children, but the pain of other sundered familial connections as well There are deep scars of guilt for terrible acts, and the pain of love denied There is also joy in finding a kind of love where hope was slight, in reconnecting with those long lost, with saving and being saved The echoes in the mountains are the sounds of tears, of both anguish and joy, universal, penetrating, human Listen.This review is cross posted at Coot s Reviews EXTRA STUFF12 3 13 The results are in and And the Mountains Echoed was voted the Goodreads Choice Award winner for fiction

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    Every so often a book comes around that rocks you to your core It makes you cry, laugh, think, feel and dream so intensely that when it is over you wonder where that life has gone The characters are your friends and you realize you should probably call them because you haven t heard from them in awhile and you wonder what is going on in their lives Then you remember that they aren t real and that seems impossible because they had a whole life that you were living for as long as you could hold off racing to the end of the book to find out what happened As a reader I wait for books like this to come out Sometimes its months or years before I find one And the Mountains Echoed is one of those books The writing is incredible, the characters are memorable and the story is woven together with extreme care Simply amazing I received this book as a first reads book.

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    Blown like leaves in the wind A story is like a moving train no matter where you hop onboard, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later Within the first few pages of this book, the reader knows s he s in the hands of a master storyteller In a village in rural Afghanistan, mid 1940s, a father tells a folk tale to his two young children On the next day, they will travel to Kabul and start a chain of events that will take the reader on a journey across the world and through the decades.The novel is made up of a series of linked and interlinked stories about members of this one family, their descendants and people whose lives they touch Hosseini takes us back and forwards in time but each episode tells a whole story of one of the characters This made the book feel in some ways like a collection of short stories rather than a novel, but Hosseini brings us round in a perfect circle and the last few chapters bring all these disparate episodes into one immensely moving whole.The beauty of the writing is only matched by the humanity of the characters Hosseini takes us inside their minds and their hearts and we see them laid bare, essentially good people but with their flaws and weaknesses exposed, to us and to themselves Although much of the book takes place in Europe and America, Afghanistan remains at the heart of it because it remains in the hearts of the characters, even though they may have become part of the war and poverty driven diaspora.A beautiful and very moving book that brought me to tears on several occasions, this isn t fundamentally about politics or war it is about the unforgettable people who populate its pages about humanity And though there is sadness and sorrow here, there is also love and joy and a deep sense of hope Highly recommended.NB This book was provided for review by Vine UK.www.fictionfanblog.wordpress.com

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    2.5 StarsOh that felt like blasphemy to type, but I ve gotta be honest here I loved The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, but Hosseini just missed the mark with this one.The story begins with a father telling his children a fable of an evil div monster who roamed various villages and would choose a home at random Said home would have to sacrifice one of their children, or the div would kill as many as he pleased The father in the story is beside himself with the idea of offering one of his children to be slaughtered That tale seems so fitting, because I can picture Hosseini at the editing table going through the same process However, rather than opting to cull one or a few of the massive amounts of characters stories in this book that were barely connected he opted to keep them all Unfortunately, that meant the ultimate sacrifice was my enjoyment Too many characters many with stories not long enough to actually to get invested in their lives I m sad that I had to type that.

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    I finished reading this book on May 24, but did not write a review because I didn t want to taint the experience for many of my friends who had not yet read the book Since then I ve seen several people post where they ve finished the book and how much they loved it Unfortunately I did not love it I was highly disappointed in this book, it was not at all what I expected I wanted the richness of the culture, I wanted to immerse myself in the feelings and experiences of the people who live a life so totally different from anything I ve experienced But I just did not get that feeling from this book I loved the first one third, I loved the ending, but most of the middle of the book just didn t grab me There was way too much jumping around with the characters, and everything just moved too fast forward in time All the characters got old too quickly.Perhaps because I had read his other 2 books and loved them so much, I was expecting something similar to those I wanted the entire story to be about Pari and Abdullah and their families, to me they ARE the story, way too much time was spent with what I considered unimportant characters and their lives Doesn t Hosseini know his stories shouldn t be about internet, television, and airplanes He does so well with the culture of his country, and the traditions that form it, that s what I wanted from this book but it just wasn t there.The ending was wonderful, I had a lump in my throat when I read that I just wish he had taken me on a better route getting there.

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    And The Mountains Echoed ATME is a brilliant stand alone book, however, it s not up to the mark that Khaled Hosseini set for himself with his earlier two fantastic novels Starting with the negatives, the narration style simply didn t work out Though Mr Hosseini deserves a pat on the back for trying out something different this time and not sticking to a tried and tested formula by going beyond a two person narration as in A Thousand Splendid Suns ATSS , but this time it just somehow looks rusty in places The editing was not up to the mark too, some parts could ve been easily cut out, personally, the part of Markos and Thalia s sibling hood goes on for way too long Along with that, ATME doesn t move you as much as the first two books did However, coming to positives, the story is extremely beautiful The way it places emphasis on relations between siblings or sibling likes is refreshing and delightful The characters are well sketched out and the imagery, as Mr Hosseini is massively talented in, works too Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives, however, Mr Hosseini must keep the negatives in mind before we see a fourth one from him He has been my all time favourite author, and this is a great book, just not in the league of his astounding ATSS and The Kite Runner 4 5

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