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Bare Knuckle Bitch download Bare Knuckle Bitch , read online Bare Knuckle Bitch , kindle ebook Bare Knuckle Bitch , Bare Knuckle Bitch 3c484e6a6968 This Ain T No Chick Lit Best Friends Abby And Shaz Like Nothing Than Sticking The Boot Into Some Mug After A Night Out On The Piss That Look Of Sheer Terror On The Bloke S Face When He First Realises What S Coming His Way The Way He Begs For Mercy Right Up Until The Moment He Loses Consciousness It S The Best Buzz Ever The Money In Their Wallets Is Just A Bonus, A Means To An End Men Are Just Walking Pricks With Money There For The Taking Treat Them As Anything Else And They Ll Walk All Over You At Least That S What Abby Used To Think, Until She Met The Skinhead He Taught Her Men Aren T All The Same, And Showed Her A Different Way To Live A Way To Make Some Serious Money From Doing What She Loves Best Hurting People There S Just One Problem What Will Shaz Have To Say About All This When Abby Starts Spending And Time With The Skinhead Instead Of Her