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Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) explained Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) , review Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) , trailer Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) , box office Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) , analysis Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) , Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1) 3c7c As A Red Witch, Delia Gets Her Power From One Thing Hot, Sweaty Sex She Has To Have A Consort To Keep Her Primed, Especially Now That She S Been Chosen As Her Coven S High Priestess But There S No Way Her Crush Adam Is Cut Out For The Job He S Way Too Bossy, Too Macho, Too In Charge To Serve As Her Magic Batteries Even Though Sex With Him Blows Her Mind And Makes Her Powerful Than She S Ever Dreamed, She Can T Drag Him Into Her WorldAdam Doesn T Know Anything About Witches Or Covens All He Knows Is When He S With Delia, He Can T Think Of Anything But Having Her Mysterious, Dangerous Things Seem Drawn To Her, But When Her Orgasms Make Things Explode Literally He Can T Help But WantDelia Must Have A Source Of Power And Her Time Is Running Out Her Coven And The World Is Under Attack, Forcing Her To Choose Between What S Best For Everyone Else And What Her Heart Truly WantsA Romantica Paranormal Erotic Romance From Ellora S Cave

  • ebook
  • 148 pages
  • Caught in Crimson (Spellbinding, #1)
  • Regina Cole
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9781419942648

About the Author: Regina Cole

Regina Cole, lover of manly muscled arms, chest hair, and mini marshmallows, has been reading romance since her early teens While she loves reading love stories, writing them has filled a special place in her heart, and she s enjoying every minute.When she s not frantically pounding away at the keyboard, she can be found fishing with her family, playing with her dogs, trying out strange new recip

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    Caught in Crimson by Regina ColeI really enjoyed this book I found it refreshing and would recommend if you like this genre to grab this book and add it to your TBR list.Delia Oaks is a Red Witch, every witch in a coven has a way to draw power depended on their colour for Delia being red means she requires sex to keep her power strong Delia has been chosen by the coven to be the next High Priestess and for this she will need a consort a man who is willing to service her needs to keep her powerful and allow her to keep all that she needs to safe from the evil of the underworld Delia knows she is not ready she also knows there are those who would see her fail or dead to allow their witch to rule Adam Montague is a successful business man who has finally put his business and his life back together after the betrayal of his ex wife Hal, Adam s right hand and closes friend believes Adam needs to start to trust again so sets Adam up on a internet dating website Adam is surprised when he receives a response from a woman he messaged.After leaving the coven meeting Delia knows she must find a consort before the next moon or others who could not be trusted could contest for the High Priestess and they would most likely win Delia decides to answer a message she had received from an online dating service she had joined at first she was hesitant but after what she had been through she agrees to meet with the man for coffee.Adam and Delia s lives are about to change forever Adam is about to find out there are dangerous thing out there he didn t know existed and Delia is about to find out Adam is than the quick fix she was looking for.

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    This is the first Regina Cole book I have read and I LOVED it It is steamy, has a great story line, steamy, great characters and did I mention steamy Seriously though, this is definitely a book that I can find myself reading again and again, and I do not typically read a book than once I will definitely be recommending this one to everyone I know

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