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Love Means... Family quotes Love Means... Family, litcharts Love Means... Family, symbolism Love Means... Family, summary shmoop Love Means... Family, Love Means... Family 11304339 Four Months Ago Robert Edward Arie Hawkins Lost His Sister And The Rest Of Her Family In A Plane Crash Now His Parents Have Decided It S Time For Him To Marry And Carry On The Family Name Arie Knows It S Most Likely The Grief Talking Especially From His Mother, Who S Taken To Putting Than Ice In Her Iced Tea So To Escape Mississippi, Arie Calls His Best Friend, Robbie, And Arranges For A VisitLife Is Always Changing At The Michigan Farm Where Robbie Lives Owner Geoff Laughton And His Partner, Eli, Have Started A Therapeutic Riding Program And Adopted A Little Boy, Creating A Family It S While Feeding Jakey That Arie Meets Officer HunkyOfficer Hunky S Real Name Is Deputy Duane Keenan, And He Has Troubles Of His Own, But Not Enough To Stop Him From Pursuing Arie But Duane S And Arie S Families Are Pulling Them In Opposite Directions Trying To Build A Connection To Support Their Mutual Attraction May Prove To Be Than Difficult It May Be Impossible

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    I have zero tolerance for the word Master in my non historical non BDSM books.And, yes this could be because of my own PTSD post OTS Officer Training School Military in the South Alabama.My issue, was when Adelle called Arie Master Arie You see Adelle is the help, the housekeeper She makes the best fried chicken ever, oh and chicken soup.The quote that took me out of the book And, placed me in a historical Adelle, Arie called when he saw her in the kitchen, standing at the stove stirring a large pot of something that smelled like the most amazing chicken soup ever Master Arie, she whispered with a smile, it s good to see you When Mr Robbie told me what happened, I was heartbroken for you and your family I m glad you could pay us a visit Now put your things up in your room and come back down I ll have supper ready in an hour or so Ok, Adelle, well..she was Black So in reading that part I fell out of the book and was unable to get back in Arie and Adelle had not seen each other for a long time And she used that word The usage of master had nothing to do with music And this is not a historical, nor BDSM, so, no this book was not and will never be for me And I am disappointed because I was looking forward to Arie s story This was star ed last, because I always thought that I would come back to this book when I finished the last book of this series but, no, no way I Can tI guess everybody has to have a first in something And this is my first Andrew Grey 1 star book out of 45 books read to dateI would have rather had none, sigh1 Star.

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    I liked it It was a straight forward romance between two characters who hadn t found someone yet I think by 7 Farm series we needed to see loose ends tied up Arie and Officer Duane hadn t found their perfect someone so it was good they got together It was also nice to see Geoff and Eli raising a little one I enjoy Andrew s books I think his style is simplistic in presentation and he keeps enough mystery about the story to make you wonder what happens next I guess the only down side is that this group of people felt played out to me Where Duane and Arie needed to get together because they were really the only ones left it felt somewhat blah to me I didn t feel as much chemistry between them as I have with other characters in the same series.Still, I m glad I read it, and I know I will read it again.

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    Robert Edward Hawkins, know as Arie to his family and friends, is at a serious crossroads His beloved sister has died in a terrible accident, which took his niece and brother in law s lives too His parents want him to marry and have another heir Forget the fact that he is gay And his music career is in limbo at the moment.So he takes some time to get away and visit his friend Robbie and all the wonderful folks at Geoff and Eli s farm in Michigan Being away from the stresses at home gives him time to think and make some choices about his life.Office Duane Keenan is just doing his job when he pulls over Arie for a moving violation And promptly gets nicknamed Officer Hunky for his troubles Of course, that just makes him chase after the hottest guy he has seen in a long while even harder And Officer Hunky has Mom problems of his own too As in her denying he is gay.But closer the two do get, in spite of the fact that Arie is only visiting for a couple of months Both men are fighting hard to protect their hearts And failing And fighting And making up And then there is the little matter of the bullets that keep finding themselves WAY too near Arie for Duane s comfort.Will Duane manage to keep Arie safe until he discovers who is behind the attempts on his life Can the two manage to protect their hearts Does their love have a future Andrew Grey has given us a warm, inviting, comfortable and comforting tale His characters always are well rounded, emotionally available both to the reader and to each other, and very genuine His books are sweet without being saccharine, gentle without being maudlin, and altogether comforting.Once again, Mr Grey delivers a home run with two men who are made for each other, who take risks and are willing to put their hearts on the line There is a sub plot of slight danger, and it adds the the nice romantic feel of the book And best of all, we get to re visit old friends from the Love Means series Geoff and Eli get to welcome new addition Jakey And I got to spend some time with characters as comfortable as my favorite flannel shirt on a cool winter s day.Good job.Tom

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    I liked it ok, it might be a tad too sweet, but it was nice that not everything was solved like a fairy tale Charlotte remained lost without closure for the family Arie and Duane were able to compromise, not one of them giving up his life for the love of the other It felt like real life Yes, I liked it very much And I m looking forward to reading the next book, thankfully it s already on my kindle

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    Another sweet story from the Farm It was nice to catch up with everyone and see officer Hunky get his man lol.

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    I think this one may be my favorite in the series Arie and Duane are so good together and so level headed and mature about everything Arie has suffered a loss at home His sister and family were in a boating accident The family is in despair To get away, he goes to visit his best friend Robbie There Arie finds himself again and also finds love, happiness and healing The side story of the farm and shooter is actually not needed There was so much about the relationships and people, that I could have done without that piece of it.

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    Kurzmeinung Auf die Geschichte hatte ich ehrlich gesagt nicht so Lust, ich mochte Ari in dem Band von Robbie und Joey nicht so sehr Aber hier war er mir gleich sympathisch Officer Duane hingegen mochte ich schon aus den anderen B nden Er ist ein toller Typ und ich fand es sch n, wie er sich Ari gegen ber verh lt bzw ihm dabei hilft sich selbst anders zu sehen Ich fand es sch n zu lesen, wie die beiden zusammen kommen Was die Spannugselemente angingen, sie waren ok Ich denke, man darf es auch hier wieder nicht zu genau nehmen, was den Realismus angeht Also wenn man so die Summe der Dinge bedenkt, die schon auf der Farm passiert sind, um zus tzliche Spannung aufkommen zu lassen.Leichte Kost und sympathische Protas, hab es gerne gelesen Schreibstil war wie immer einfach zu lesen.

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    Love Means Family Love Means 7 Andrew GreyIn this installment of Mr Grey s Love Means series, he takes back to Mississippi, to the home of Robert Edward Hawkins, Arie a home in mourning, a home clinging to the last remaining child and their old southern legacy of almost two hundred years Charlotte, Arie s older sister, her husband and two small children died in plane crash and the whole household seemed to go into hold waiting for the bodies to be found, when they weren t his parents couldn t seem to move on His mother especially, she started drinking heavily and didn t want to let him go anyplace out of her site almost compulsively The last straw for Arie was when they told him that he needed to get married and have kids The family line needed an heir with his sister s kids gone it fell to him Arie called Robbie his best friend, who now lived in Michigan on the Laughton farm with his partner Joey and arranged to come up for a couple weeks to help him start to move on Once there, he met Deputy Sherriff Duane Keenan, Office Hunky as he began to think of him They begin to fall in love, everyone cautions them, reminding them how hard it was for Joey and Robbie when they first got together also reminding Arie that he was just there for a visit His mother was getting worse and worse about calling and demanding that he come back home, someone kept shooting at him, which sent Officer Hunky into protection mode, and Geoff and Eli s son, Jakey, wormed his way deep into Arie s heart This book warps you back up in the feeling of family and unconditional love and support that you always get at the Laughton farm, that feeling that keeps me buying these books by Mr Grey since my first one Love Means No Shame It is place that I felt safe at, and have gone back to many times, eagerly buying and reading the new ones, and rereading the old ones when I need a warm hug It is another hit for Mr Grey The sentence that sent the warmth spiraling through me as it and said, Yes, you are with family, was Arie s first night there, after dinner, Jakey and Arie were playing blocks and it was time for Jakey s bath Geoff blew Raspberries on Jakey s tummy, to Jakey s giggly delight, as he carried him upstairs I do think that Mr Grey created a new phrase, giggly delight, and I loved it, the sound of the child s merriment came off the page with in stereo You must pick up this book if you like Mr Grey s work, you should pick up this book if you like a well written, feel good romance that involves family of both the blooded kind and the ones we make ourselves Five solid stars for this book.

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    Arie lives in Mississippi and is a gifted violinist He s devastated when he loses his sister and her family in a plane crash Arie s parents pressure him to find a girlfriend and get married They are grieving the loss of their daughter and want than anything to have grandchildren to carry on the family name.The situation at home is so intense, that Arie takes a vacation He flies up to Michigan to visit his friends on their ranch This is where he meets the sheriff deputy Duane Arie and Duane hit it off, and a romance ensues, yet Arie has a lot to sort out He s still grieving the loss of his sister He is about to embark on a career as a professional violinist with the symphony in Mississippi And his overbearing mother is pressuring him to return home.I ve read four books within this series so far, and this one is by far my favorite I do have to admit that I think every one of them is my favorite right after finishing them, though I just absolutely love these stories.My favorite thing about Andrew Grey s writing is that he never presents the cynical side of his characters When he gets into their thoughts he does not include all of that depressing, sarcastic, meanness that so many authors like to talk about I love Andrew Grey s optimism It is refreshing to read a book that makes me feel so good about humanity Not all gay men are self centered, snarky, and shallow, and these stories depict a community of people who live a life that most of us only dream of.These books probably won t be the first choice for the many readers who go around bitching about stories that are too sugary As for me, pour on the sugar I love it It s a beautiful story, and I highly recommend it.

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    This was a real feel good story about really nice people This is the first one of this series I have read but that didn t take anything away from this one I am so going to have to read the rest of this series because I love all the people I met in this one and I want to know their history The writing invites you in to the peoples lives and lets you fall in love with them.This one is all about learning to be who you are and not what people think you should be, it is also about learning to live your life after loss The emotions this story evokes are every deep and reading the story hurt a little but that was OK because it made me remember someone I lost It is a credit to the author and his writing skill that he was able to do that and do it in a positive way My only complaint would be that he is so good that I have to buy all these book now and that makes a dent in my wallet

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