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Texas Pride explained Texas Pride , review Texas Pride , trailer Texas Pride , box office Texas Pride , analysis Texas Pride , Texas Pride 9f88 When Mega Movie Star And Two Time Academy Award Winner, Austin Grainger Voluntarily Gave Up His Dazzling Film Career, His Adoring Fan Base Thought He D Lost His Mind For Austin, The Seclusion Of Fifteen Hundred Acres In The Middle Of Texas Sounds Like Paradise No Cameras, Paparazzi, Or Overzealous Media To Hound Him Every Day And Night Little Did The Sexiest Man Alive Know When One Door Closes, Another Usually Opens And Austin S Opened By Way Of A Sexy, Hot Ranch Owner Right Next Door Kitt Kelly Wasn T Your Average Rancher He S Young, Well Educated And Has Hidden His Sexuality For Most Of His Life When His Long Time Wet Dream Materializes As His New Neighbor It Threatens Everything He Holds Dear No Way The Ranching Community Would Ever Accept Him If He Came Out With Every Part Of His Life Riding On The Edge, Can Kitt Risk It All For A Chance At Love Or Will Responsibility To His Family Heritage Cost Him His One Chance At Happiness

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  • 04 May 2018

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    Fuck yeah, I loved this book Hollywood glamour meets fucking hot cowboys Right up my kink ally The blurb pulled me right in and that was all it took I was hooked Texas Pride was angst ridden, heartbreaking at times, passionate and incredibly romantic I absolutely feel in love with both two time Academy Award winner, MC Austin and Ranch owner and cowboy, MC Kitt Both had a shitload of hurdles to jump over to get to their HEA, but what a HEA it was Rainbows and puppies and sunshine and roses sigh Oh, and how about that cover Damn Here is a close up for those that would like to examine further.Do you like hot cowboys, Hollywood glamour boys in the closet, romance, suspense, hot sex, passion and angst Well, I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Texas Pride to you It s up on my fuck yeah 5 stars shelf I can t wait to forget it so I can read it again.So, who wears Andrew Christian underwear anyway

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    4.5 Stars Did a re read of this little diddyin support of my friend and all thank you Aksana that hadn t read it That s just the kind of friend I am Just as good the second time I might have noticed the cheese factor a bit But I ve come to expect this with Kindle Alexander.especially in her earlier stuff Still she brings a HOT read, with just enough drama and angst to keep things interesting She s definitely an auto buy author for me Original Review5 HOT HOT HOT Stars That was.One of the best M M books I ve ever read Loved Kitt and Austin so HARD Austin is a movie star He s tired of being photographed and followed..tired of the questions, tired of the gossip Sohe retires to Texas where he grew up Hoping for anonymity and peace and quiet and just maybe LOVE Kitt just happens to be Austin s neighbor and the owner of the land that was sold to Austin Kitt took over the farm after his father dies and has been struggling ever since, having to also care for his step mom and sisters Kitt has kept the fact that he is gay a secret from everyone his friends, his family, which made for a lonely life for Kitt His only relationship since college has been with Sean who lives several hours from Kitt Sean wants but Kitt just doesn t ever see LOVE in his future.Austin and Kitt meet and there are absolutely NO sparks flying Kitt was angry At this point, neither one knows the other is gay But once Austin finds out it s game on Kitt remains reluctant to forming any type of relationship with Austin Always fearing that his secret will be revealed and his reputation ruined.Austin and Kitt were seriously so HOT together It was pretty much insta love but I don t even care I loved them that much Kitt and Austin struggle with their relationship Austin finally free of the prying eyes of Hollywood wants to finally live free and be happy and Kitt trying to keep it all hidden away Pretty soon Austin and Kitt are forced to address their relationship Will Kitt run when his secret is threatened to be revealed Will Austin and Kitt come out stronger I really loved everything about this story It just made me so happy and smiley the whole time I was reading it.not to mention WAY hot and bothered I ll definitely be checking out from this author Definitely recommend if you re a fan of the M M genre

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    4 Stars.Kitt.

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    Yay for another I need to hump something book I really need to stop reading M M books at work Austin leaves his Hollywood life to move back home to Texas He has kept his sexuality secret his whole life So when he finds out that his neighbor is a crush from high school, he makes it his mission to get him in his bed Kitt is the sexy rancher from high school that Austin has crushed on for years He has lived a very lonely life taking care of his step mom, sisters and the ranch that his father left when he passed Also, a mountain of debt He is stressed, angry and on top of that, he is deep in the closet Kitt has occasional hookups with a man that lives a few hours away but that is all it is When they both realize that the other is gay, it so on It has to remain a secret no matter what Neither guy can afford being outed The sex is hott They get it on in every room in the house, the porch, the barn and the truck Everywhere Trying not to get caught, they could not keep their hands off of one another It s not easy keeping this secret when all they both want is to be together 24 7 and have a real relationship It was cheesy at times but it worked because the sex was great One because sexy Cowboys

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    4 Stars a fleeing moviestar and a lonely cowboy great topic Very hot and steamy but a really romantic tale tooAlthough I loved the theme in this novel, with a movie star and a secretive cowboy farmer, I hesitated a long time In the beginning it was too much thoughts about sex, how they wanted each other etc but every after this became a really good romantic story It started a bit callous but finally I was caught I will certainly read by Ms Alexander This one felt sometimes much like an ordinary very steamy M F CR novel though one MC was changed to a man here than many other M M romances There were enemies, dogged reporters, confusion, anxiety, unspoken feelings, prejudices, but also a nice family, nice neighbors, steam in the bedroom in the car, in the barn on the patio and a desire to create a shared future Austin Grainger a huge star from Hollywood and Kitt Kelly a Texas ranch owner are two interesting characters with both fine but also some lesser nice qualities No supernatural, entirely infallible and always good hearted heroes here Thanks for that This meant also that it was never overwhelming sugar sweet and too incredibly tacky Just moderate sweet Austin has bought some land in his old childhood countryside There, he builds now a new ranch for cattle and horses He is absolutely finished and complete with celebrity life and now hiding behind fences and guards No one must know that he is there and safety regulations are gigantic Pretty soon, he s very interested in the owner of the neighboring farm who does not know who Austin is yet Those red hot angry eyes focused on him, and he seemed to be prepared to do whatever necessary to stop such a clearly ludicrous act At least, it was luicrous to Kitt I m Austin Grainger, nice to He was cut off as Kitt raged at him, all control on his temper gone I don t give a fuck who you are Kitt was perhaps a bit stubborn and recalcitrant too long but I understand him Do you live in an area where gay men hardly exist at all, you live in the closet and on top of that are your new lover a world renowned threefold Oscars rewarded star then you re right to be cautious and hesitate Austin on the other hand, had lived so long in the celebrity bubble that he still did not understand that everything can not be solved with money and by living behind a huge fence They both had a lot to work with I m gay Kitt spoke softly, and both sets o eyes landed on his His heart hammered in his chest and his lungs paused in their normal, involuntary intake of breath as he said the words and told the truth for the first time in his life You walk into my life and screw convenience Hell, screw everything I just wanna fuck you for the world to see Austin Sure, it might be surreal, too glittering, kind of insta attraction love and too corny at times but I like that too An excellent book for a M M romance lover like me about two handsome, very shapely and always ho ny men And of course I got a grand lovely HEA 280 pages in a paperback with tiny text and I read every single one with joy and waited anxiously for the resolution.Austin is a movie star and at times this felt like a typical Hollywood script for a grand love soap As I liked I want to see that movie a grand one with two gorgeous blonde film actors in jeans, cowboy hats and nicely tanned with their arms around each other Yum I LIKE I belived their story in the end

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    4 4.5 STARS You ve healed my soul There s nothing I miss from that old life that I haven t found a hundred times better here with you Austin You ve had my heart It s never belonged to anyone else Kitt Austin is a movie star in his early thirties He s tired of Hollywood, he s tired of paparazzi, he s tired of all the gossip, so he decides to leave the celebrity world behind He buys a ranch in Texas, in his hometown where he hopes to find quiet and peace Austin have a fianc e, a fake one, because he s gay, but only a few people know his secret.Kitt is a 28 years old Texas ranch owner He s a hardworking man, taking care of his step mother and two sisters Kitt is gay, but nobody knows He wants to prove he could run the ranch, he wants respect, he doesn t want to be judged because of his sexuality However, he has needs so he has a casual relationship, with Sean, a man from other town Austin moves next to Kitt, unaware that he knows his new sexy neighbor They know each other from high school, where both silently crashed on each other Austin is attracted immediately with Kitt He wants him bad and he s determined to make him his no matter what.Kitt wants and needs to stay away from Austin, he s attraction for the gorgeous movie star is too strong At first, neither of them know the other is gay, but when they find out, they can t fight their attraction and their connection any They start a casual relationship, but nobody knows at first about it, being lovers only at night.What starts as something casual, soon becomes Kitt represented peace, love and simplicity Everything that was right in his world In just a few days Kitt had helped to settle his soul and center him in Will they choose happiness despite the obstacles in their lives I really liked this one There s no doubt Kindle Alexander is a great storyteller I liked how the story progressed and how the relationship between Austin and Kitt is slow build The sweet and emotional moments between them are really great and the funny ones lovely They are caring with each other, supportive and patient and most of all they are loving Their connection is strong from the beginning, you can really feel it and their chemistry, fantastic Loved the sex scenes between them They are really hot and very well written.Austin and Kitt are engaging and well developed characters They are relatable and real I really liked them Kitt frustrated me once or twice, but I really understand his point, so it didn t matter too much There are also some great secondary characters too, almost each one of them playing a role in Austin and Kitt s story The story was predictable and cheesy sometimes, but this time didn t bother me Overall, Texas Pride was a good angsty read with an interesting premise, lovable characters and great writing.

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    10 2 13 EDITED TO add funny twerk videoThis was a good book for a M M Romance Cowboys, Horses, and Hot Guys Oh My No the Gangham Style guy is NOT who I m referencing to as being hot Kitt s a cowboy..I m not a big fan of cowboy hats and boots but whatevs. Austin is a fancy movie star who moves back to his hometown to get out of the limelight They both don t know the other is gay until..KittAustinAustin sees Kitt s underwear Apparently its the kind gay guys wear so he s suspicious Please go here to view funny video of hot gay guys dancing in the Andrew Christian undieshttp www.underwearexpert.com 2013 0 He eventually confronts Kitt and outs himself as being gay and they start a relationship while staying in the closet so people in the small town don t find out They enjoy their relationship and lots of hot M M action until that point of the story thatOverall while this wasn t my favorite M M read and I found myself getting a wee bit bored in a few parts, it was enjoyable It s a standalone with a HEA I will say that I did get grossed out view spoiler when he sucked his dick after it being in his ass, I don t care how much you wipe it off, it needed to be cleaned and rinsed hide spoiler

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    This books has been sitting on my kindle forever, and I could kick myself for not reading it sooner It was definitely hot and sexy, but very sweet at the same time.Kitt Kelly is pretty much resigned to living a quiet lonely life because he is terrified of what would happen to his family farm business if it ever came out he is gay He is worried it would affect his business and he would be difficult for his Stepmom and sisters So when he sells some of his land, little did he know his life would be turned upside down.Austin Grainger is one of Hollywood s biggest stars and Sexiest Man Alive , but he is done with that lifestyle and decides to return to the town where he grew up in Texas Little did he know that he just purchased land from his childhood crush These two were absolutely crazy about each other Although Kitt was a bit hesitant, because he was scared that this was just a phase that Austin was going through, and he would want to return to Hollywood and leave Austin broken But baby, I m not going anywhere, no matter what I like this between us You ve healed my soul There s nothing I miss from that old life that I haven t found a hundred times better here with you Austin I loved the way the author was so descriptive, not only with scenery, but with the raw emotions Kitt and Austin were going through The fear, anger, and an emotion that neither of them had before love.Highly recommend

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    What can I say about this, but how much I loved this book.Austin is a movie star, tired of the Hollywood He wants out, he wants peace Where better to get back to Texas and the town he grew up in What he finds there is Kit, a rancher that he went to school with Kit has sold part of his property to Austin unaware that this is the older classmate he had a crush on in high school It was the cowboy who caused Austin s eyebrows to rise in unexpected speculation The guy looked good Real good All of the sudden this land purchase seemed to have turned out to be a far better deal than he d ever expected, and if that was what lived on the other side of the fence, life was getting better by the second Austin takes one look at Kit and he is determined to make him his It took a second, but Austin realized he had to be responsible for the blush His heart warmed with the knowledge he unnerved Kitt just as much as Kitt unnerved him Everything inside Austin softened just a bit He liked Kitt It s a rocky relationship, but Austin winning Kitt over Neither man is outed and this leads to and complications and angst Distance had to be a self preservation deal for Kitt The problem was Austin seemed to have a constant need for validation from Kitt who was so clearly not in an emotional place to give it The loving was hot and tender and just so damn good sigh Lay down, Kitt, before I drop you to your knees on this hard ground I m feeling possessive as hell right now You made me work too hard for that commitment You make me work too hard for even your simplest smile I need to fully fuck you until you get it through that thick skull of yours that you re mine Austin meant every word said Amazing, loved, recommended, 5 stars

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    Gulp, what a bit of alet down Let me explain Kindle Alexander has been amongst my first MM romance writers I read and I enjoyed a lot of her books, back in the days I was not interacting yet on GR And I do remember having a great time reading this book So much that, for a GR challenge, I couldn t help thinking about a re read of Texas Pride Time has passed enough that I remember the storyline but not the details, so I was expecting a satisfying rediscovery.Austin, a very famous actor, is tired all of the media exposure He now craves privacy and not hiding his sexuality any He announces his retirement for overlooking a ranch he bought in Texas, where he grew up There, he meets Kitt, his neighbour and secret teen crush Kitt is now a full grown man, focused on reviving the ranch his violent father left him, keeping a very low profile regarding his attraction for men Taciturn, albeit very reliable, he can t resist Austin, his well hidden wet dream This is a clash in life style and personalities but damned, what an explosive chemistry and a hot pursuit of Kitt by Austin.I still enjoy Kindle Alexander s writing a lot Great characters I admit, I m all for the clich of a hot and sweaty cow boy , nice pace, a bit of angst, hot romance and of course, a great HEA However, I cringed a bit about some circumstances and behaviors Personal tastes, that have obviously evolved since I read this the first time I don t like that in RL and don t want to read about it in my escape world.4.5 stars for my first time, 3 stars for my second time No contest though I still got a great time with the hotness.

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