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Aberrant explained Aberrant, review Aberrant, trailer Aberrant, box office Aberrant, analysis Aberrant, Aberrant b285 In The Future Dystopian Society Of Cabal, The Government Instills Equality For All And Offers Its Citizens The Perfect System There Is Food, Shelter And Jobs For Everyone The One Requirement Is To Follow The Rules Without Question, Including The Government S Match In Marriage And The Day Of The Chosen , A Lottery That Randomly Selects Families To Conceive Children As Natural Means Hasn T Existed In Generations Following Her Eighteenth Birthday, Olivia Parker Accepts Her Requirement To Marry Her Childhood Best Friend, Joshua Warren, And Is Eager To Start Her Work Assignment And New Life When It All Comes Abruptly To An End As She S Arrested And Thrown In Prison The Only Crime Committed, Her Existence Olivia Is Unlike The Rest Of The World Born Not From The Day Of The Chosen The Truth Haunts The Government And Puts Her Life In Grave Danger As One Simple Fact Would Destroy The Perfect System With Joshua S Help, Olivia Breaks Free Of Prison And Is Forced On The Run Together They Set Out To Find The Promised Rebel Town In Search Of A New Home And New Life Together Their Situation Seems Less Than Promising As They Reach The Town Of Haven New Rules And Customs Must Be Adhered To In Order To Stay Leaving Would Mean Most Certain Death In The Large Expanse Of The Gravelands Time Is Running Out As The Government Mounts An Attack To Destroy Olivia And Bury Her Secret With Her Thrown Into A World Unlike Their Own, They Must Quickly Adapt To Survive

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Aberrant
  • Ruth Silver
  • English
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9781478348665

About the Author: Ruth Silver

Ruth Silver first began writing poetry as a teenager and reading heaps of fan fiction in her free time She has written under three unique pseudo names and penned well over a hundred stories.She attended Northern Illinois University in 2001 and graduated with a Bachelor s in Communication While in college she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first no

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    I wrote it, so of course I love it

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    2.5 starsThis book was really good at the beginning, but I lost interest.I quite liked Olivia and Joshua at the start of the book, and I thought they made a really cute couple, I was pretty sick of them by the end of the book though I just wasn t sure they were really making the best decisions, and I got bored.The storyline started out quite similar to books like Matched where a girl and a boy are matched and told to marry There was then a bit of excitement as Olivia found out that she wasn t quite the same as the other kids her age, and things happened, but after that the book seemed to go downhill I got bored, the pace was too slow, and I just stopped caring what happened.There was romance, but I got sick of that too.The ending to this wasn t much of an ending, and it was obvious that the story would continue in the next book, I can t say I m all that interested to find out though.5 out of 10

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    Book Aberrant Aberrant 1 Author Ruth SilverPublication Date April 16, 2013Genre Y A DystopianType Part of Series Cliffhanger YesRating 4.25 out of 5 StarsComplimentary copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review My Thoughts Story I was leery on reading this book because Dystopian is not my normal genre and especially young adult, but this book was so unique and easy to read I loved the characters Olivia and Joshua Especially in the beginning with their innocent kisses and the loyalty, they had for one another.From the moment I picked this book and started reading, my interest held fast and I couldn t wait to find out what would happen from city to city that these two traveled and don t even get me started when they finally are thrown into a new life struggling to stay alive with other recruits Here are two 18 year olds who never had to lift a finger to fight, survive or actually do anything and now they must learn basic survival and fighting skills Either they succeed or they die.Through all of this the author connects us to these two but not only will you root for these two to stay together and survive but the author develops these two where a love story unfolds I love how Ms Silver wove this intricate story about a dystopian life around an innocent love story.Re Cap At the age of 18 children are paired up and forced to marry, but not for love or to procreate Procreation is unheard of since it s impossible for women to get pregnant the natural way.Olivia and Joshua have been best friends since being little children and to Olivia s delight, she is paired up with her love, Joshua But on their wedding night, she is brutally thrown in jail without any clue why.Joshua does everything in his power to get Olivia out of that jail and they escape to another city but this one also has other plans for these two and it doesn t entail the two being together.As Joshua and Olivia run and fight for their lives, they continue to mesh their relationship tighter and find out some hidden secrets about what is really going on and why Olivia is so important to the future of the world.Reason for Reading Blog TourStory 4.5 out of 5 StarsSteam 4 out of 5 StarsAngst 4.5 out of 5 StarsWriting 4 out of 5 StarsContent Flow 4.5 out of 5 StarsTold In Single POVHeroine Personality Olivia now she s some tough chick HEA Spoiler It follows through with to comeWould Read More from Author Yes I can t wait to start reading the rest of the trilogyRecommend To Anyone who loves a great dystopian read.

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    Review Aberrant Aberrant 1 by Ruth Silver What do you get when you combine Divergent with The Hunger Games and sprinkle in a little Captain America Aberrant The Oxford English Dictionary defines Aberrant as adj Departing from an accepted standard Diverging from the normal type I was quite surprised to find that this book fit that definition very well, to the point where it stood out among a genre that is overflowing with options to choose from and made itself different We meet Olivia in the city of Genesis, a town that was set up as a breeding city after the 4th world war and a plague decimated most of the world and left the population unable to conceive naturally At least that s what they all think Enter Olivia Parker, 18 year old daughter of a widow, on her matching ceremony day Nervous just like the rest of her class to find out who the government has chosen her to spend the rest of her life with within her own graduating lot 18 years old and terrified of what s gong to happened, Olivia is matched with Joshua Warren, there are worse things than being paired with your best friend since the age of 5 so thins seem to be looking up, until she is arrested hours later by the governor and thrown in jail What for you may ask Olivia is the only person on the earth that can conceive Her mother boar her and now everyone thinks that has been passed to her The government wants her either dead or in one of their labs, but Joshua s mother helps them escape to a town outside of Genesis named Haven, a city part of the Rebel Alliance trying to rise up against government control The feelings of relief and freedom soon evaporates when the plans of the Rebel Alliance are spelled out for Olivia, but what does this mean for her and her future And what does it means for her feelings towards Joshua Will they stay in Haven Will the government find her SO MANY QUESTIONS I m sorry but I m not going to answer ANY of them because YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK I m going to give you the main reason I feel this way Main Female Lead I loved Olivia What I require for me to like a main character, strength, poise, a little vulnerability and resolve, she possess I felt like she never wavered from what she thought was right and what she wanted Yes, plans changed a number of times but although the grander scheme shifted almost from page to page, at the core of the story was one girl who might be special but really lead with her heart first and foremost and then with her head It worked for me, she didn t just do things for a boy and she didn t turn her back on anyone for the greater cause, Olivia balanced out what was right and moral or what she felt was her duty with this new found freedom of doing things her way or what she wanted to do not what everyone else told her to do That is BRILLIANT A girl who can stand on her own two feet and still love someone in a natural and not immediate manner WE NEED MORE OF THIS IN LITERATURE Olivia Parker sold the book for me, but I really did love the whole package You get a clear picture of what world these characters are living in and that world is massive Not only do you have government and rebels and gravelands the nasty open deserts between cities but you can see the clear distinction of environments as it changes Taking great characters and putting them into a complete setting is not something that is easily found and this book has it Add in all the unique things that you ll find scattered everywhere within the story and it made Aberrant one of my favorite books of the year, I CAN NOT WAIT for a sequel Originally Posted

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    When you first pick up Aberrant we are given a glimpse into a very sad time for the main character Olivia At first I thought this would be story of how this incident was somehow caused by the government that led the city of Genesis and that Olivia s story would evolve around this pivitol moment in her life, but I was wrong Olivia s life did not evolve around this moment but a moment that started before she was ever born A moment well beyond her control and a moment that would come back to haunt her and her family.There are many rules that govern the town of Genesis Most of them preposterous, but it was all Olivia had ever known All members of Genesis lived in identical houses, wore identical clothing, and ate identical food Everything was out of the control of the people, with the government deciding everything, from who you married to the job you had, to when and if you had a child.When all the members of Genesis reached their eighteenth birthday they were forced to go through what the town called The Day of the Chosen Which was where the government determined who you would marry, because the government knew best Luckily for Olivia, she got paired with her life long best friend Josh Both were completely happy at the luck that they had with being matched together, but that luck would not last long On the day they started their lives together, Olivia was arrested, her crime, being born Torn apart by where she suddenly found herself, Olivia discovers a very deep secret about herself and her family But luck is on Olivia s side so it seems as members of what is called the rebel alliance break her out of prison and smuggle her and her husband to a rebel city, where Olivia hopes to find freedom and protection, but only finds herself under rules and restrictions with just as much fear As Olivia and Josh s world is turned upside and they run trying to save themselves and the secret that they hold, they find themselves in what I like to call the hybrid world of Through the Ever Night and Divergent I strongly believe if these two books were to merge and create little book worlds, the book of Aberrant would be one of their little book babies And I am perfectly okay with that Ruth Silver gave me everything that I loved from both of these worlds and converged them together all while putting her own spin on things Her characters were real, as I felt their pain and struggles, her worlds were very vivid and easy to imagine, and the story was fun to get lost in as the pages quickly flew past me as I devoured the story on the pages But part of me wishes that the story was told a little slower, that things unfolded in less of a rush and I was given chances to explore the area in which Olivia and Josh found themselves in The crazy whirl wind ride that Ruth Silver created in Aberrant is definitely one that you have to embark on and one that I promise you will want to continue as she left us with an ending that just demands from the story There is so much to come from Ruth Silver and the world of Aberrant and I can t wait to see what lies ahead Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Wow I was a little wary of this book, since it s a dystopian With the now waning dystopian craze, there have been a lot of books that became really bad formulaic dystopians But, Aberrant didn t fall into that It was absolutely amazing Sweet romance, betrayals, and never knowing who to trust This book was just brilliant The saying trust no one takes on a new meaning in this book Because of Olivia s possible ability to conceive a child, she s tracked down by the government and coveted by rebels as a symbol of revolution And, between all that, there are few people who would hesitate to exploit her status So, throughout the book, I was on pins and needles trying to figure out every character s motive and that had me completely riveted in the story.Olivia was a wonderful heroine, very likable People continually try to force her into their use for her, but she wasn t going to sit down and just take it But, she was also smart, and knew how to bide her time until she could get away I really liked her character She was a scared young woman with only her childhood friend turned significant other to help her, but she still stood strong against the odds She was just lovely.Joshua was so amazing Ooh, I just adored him I loved how devoted he was to Olivia, how he was the person she could always rely on It was so sweet And, he stood with her throughout all of the trials and proved himself a worthy hero who would do anything to protect the girl he loves I could go on and on about how much I loved him, but I ll move on now before I bore you with my fangirling The romance was so sweet Olivia and Joshua were perfect together They already had childhood affection between them, as they were best friends growing up But, as the book went on, that deepened into true love It was so cute to watch They were so adorable together There were a lot of both swoon worthy moments, and moments that just made me smile Loved the romance The plot was fast paced The story took off on a run and didn t slow down a bit I was completely hooked There were betrayals, surprises, thrills, and secrets that kept me on the edge of my seat And the ending had me itching for the next book, Moirai It s coming out in December and I just can t wait to get my hands on it 6 months never seemed so long Aberrant was an absolutely lovely YA dystopian romance I loved it, loved it, loved it If you want a wonderful, original YA dystopian, you definitely have to read this book Brilliant received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Aberrant takes place in the future, the dystopian society of Cabal It is a world that seems ideal on the surface, the premise of absolute equality for everyone But it is soon clear that perhaps it isn t so ideal, with very little free will and free choice One of the most fundamental changes is the ability to have families in the traditional, the ability to conceive a thing of the past With it went the basic forms of intimacy Instead, marriage is less about love and about being matched by the government Children are given to selected families through lottery, not choice And this is where the fun beginsThere are not enough words for me to describe how much I loved this book I fell into it immediately, loving Olivia from the very beginning She was a bit of a rebel, a spark in her that I instantly related to Joshua was equally wonderful as a main character, and I think I adored him as much as I did because Olivia clearly adored him I felt every emotion right along with Olivia, frequently being angry with other characters as they seemingly used her for their own reasons The mystery and intrigue of the book made just about every other character than a little suspect, which truly added to the suspense and the anticipation of the book.The world that the author created was phenomenal, from the physical side of it to the people that lived in it It blended the future with the contemporary in a way that made it entirely believable The pacing was perfect, with twists and turns that I never saw coming Questions were left unanswered, leaving me begging for the next book Things to love about Aberrant Olivia I loved her, absolutely I wanted to stand up and yell on her behalf I wanted to hug her I wanted to be her best friend She was strong, a rebel, and fiercely loyal to those she chose to trust The intense emotions This book really drew me in and made me feel, a whole range of emotions I often felt like I was in the middle of the story right along with Olivia and Joshua.Things I wanted of Aberrant My recommendation A fantastic read that you won t be able to put down

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    I thought the concept of this had promise, but the execution was horrible This book is self published, and it shows in many ways MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW First, there are grammar problems throughout the book One of the predominant ones was abuse of dialogue tags Smiled, stood, nodded, and other non verbal actions ARE NOT dialogue tags and should not be punctuated as such The author also grammatically abuses dialogue tags by using almost anything other than said as a tag This is a beginning writer mistake, and one of my pet peeves.The world building was extremely poor First, the whole concept of infertility is badly explained The author says in one place that woman can t conceive, at least not naturally but never explains how they ARE able to conceive or what assistance they are given There is a vague reference to a lottery called The Day of the Chosen , where all women are given the chance to have a child but the children were born in labs But does the author mean born in labs or conceived in labs Because the next sentence in the book says that the government had to intervene for women to become pregnant Huh If women become pregnant, then the children are presumably NOT born in labs Then there is reference to Olivia s mother conceiving naturally, getting pregnant, and Olivia being born But if children are born in labs, then how did Olivia s mother conceal her pregnancy And how did she give birth at home with no one knowing and no medical treatment And how did she just suddenly appear with a baby Even if she had help from one doctor who knew her secret and added her name as a lottery winner, wouldn t a bunch of other people know that no baby had been made for her in the lab where children are born So maybe the author really did mean conceived in labs, then perhaps implanted in women Overall it was confusing and contradictory.Also, this future society apparently has the technology to construct a teleportation device, but cannot solve an infertility problem I realize that physical and biological sciences are different, but still that begs credulity The society also has unmanned drones, tanks, cars that run totally off solar power, and yet cameras hadn t been used for centuries and Olivia was stunned to see photographs Olivia recollects a bit later that in Genesis it was illegal to take pictures If cameras hadn t been used in centuries, why would it be illegal to use them And how in the world would an industrialized modern society function without photo or image documentation Those are just a couple of examples of the mish mash of inconsistent and ill thought out world building There are many others I would also like to echo what another reviewer pointed out that the supposed secret city that Olivia and Joshua end up in has roads leading right to it , and Olivia and Joshua learn the ins and outs of a car very quickly despite never having seen one before.Let s talk plot, which seemed a bit contrived at times Olivia is forced to flee from her home of Genesis because the government finds out that she might be able to conceive naturally and toss her in jail Lucky for her, her best friend and husband to be, Joshua, has family involved with the rebel alliance yes, I kid you not the author called the dissidents the rebel alliance Star Wars, anyone They are sent the long and risky way out of Genesis to hook up with someone who can take them to a town called Haven meanwhile, Joshua s mother steps into her teleportation device and meets the kids in Haven Huh Why not just stick the kids in the device and get them there safe and sound That s never answered Somehow that government finds the kids are at Haven, attacks Haven, and forces the kids to flee towards a secret city that Joshua found on a map that would be the secret city with roads leading right to it The farce that the kids are put through in that city is a ridiculously contrived waste of time and man power, and the story veered into the very weird when the kids developed telepathic communication and telekinesis powers after some mystery medical procedure At which point, I wondered again if this society is that medically advanced, why haven t they cured the infertility problem sigh It s an mess from beginning to end This author really needs good editors both content and line editing to make this concept work.

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    This review was originally posted at Paperback Princess to view this review in it s entirety, and other extra info excerpt please click here.You know what they say, time goes fast when your having fun Going by that premise, I must have bee having the time of my life as I read Aberrant, Ruth Silver s debut novel in one sitting and I didn t feel like a minute had gone by, let alone the many hours that actually did From the Prologue to the last page Ruth Silver had me excitedly flipping through the pages wanting to know what s happening next I was actually surprised when I got to the last page as it slowly dawned on me that the book already finished and I didn t even know it was close to finishing It wasn t left on a cliffhanger but I had not been aware that the book was coming to an end, that s how much I was enjoying it Olivia Parker is unlike any other child, she is conceived naturally at a time and place where this has not been the norm for quite some time When the Government finds out they arrest Olivia and her Mother, Samantha immediately, ensuring their secret remains hidden, but when the Rebel Alliance steps in and helps Olivia escape she is able to breathe easy knowing she s got allies Unfortunately, as Olivia and her best friend, Joshua, makes the journey to the Rebel Alliance town of Haven, what they find when they arrive there is not much better than what they left at their hometown of Genesis, there are rules and there are expectations for Olivia Is one governing body really better than the other Could the couple trust anyone or are they in it all alone Aberrant is a fast paced debut novel that was filled with action and heart thumping moments, as readers are constantly made to guess who can be trusted and what their ulterior motives were I absolutely loved the main characters, Olivia and Joshua, they were both very mature and sensible from the beginning These qualities really helped them through their journey as they deciphered who they could and couldn t trust I felt extremely sorry for the two as they left behind a trail of people they thought they could trust that proved them otherwise I just felt the loneliness that they were feeling, not to mention the disappointment, as they found again and again that there were no one else to trust but each other I really enjoyed Olivia and Joshua s connection and I m a bit torn because I know that they re childhood sweethearts and will be romantically involved in the future, but I kind of felt like their partnership was somewhat of a best friend or sibling partnership so than a romantic one, however, the romance, whilst touched on within Aberrant s pages, wasn t greatly explored, and so I may have to wait for the consecutive books to comment on the romantic aspect of their relationship, but from Aberrant alone it seemed like they had of a brother sister or best friend feel to their relationship Aberrant s plot and Silver s writing, along with the sensible main characters really had me greatly enjoying this book and it certainly ended far too soon for my liking This is the first novel that I have read that I was surprised to have found myself in the last page and not even know it It s very action packed and there was not a moment where readers heart will slow, as there was constant betrayals and new revelations at every corner This was a highly enjoyable read and I recommend it to all those that enjoy dystopian novels I commend Ruth Silver for this fantastic debut novel that was highly entertaining with a plot that was simply amazing Loved, loved, loved Aberrant It s definitely high up in my list of favourite books of 2013 thus far.

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    Check Out The Aberrant Blog Tour, on my blog, There is an interview, review giveaway On April 23rd Thur July 7th Addicted Readers GREAT Dystopian Novel for Readers to enjoy This book was so AMAZING I LOVED the world Ruth has created in Aberrant Aberrant was different then any Dystopian novel I have EVER read The world is the scary truth of what might come to be if ALL of our women became unable to carry and conceive children, and had to have their babies MADE in a lab Can you imagine a world with NO choices, NO say in who you marry and have children MADE with, or how many children you have, and having to give up your second born child Can you imagine a world where you are locked inside of a wall and forced to NEVER go beyond the gates of your community A world in where your job is assigned to you with NO say in your future whatsoever A world where women and men are matched on their 18th Birthday and assigned a spouse to spend the rest of their life with, whether they love or care for that person or not Not even able to have children, because every child has to be MADE in a lab, not conceived naturally A world where you a forbidden any type of sexual interaction with your spouse, the ones the government has chosen for you to live the rest of your life with Of course, their is an alternative You could deny doing any of this and be exiled to the Treasuries Gravelands beyond the wall where all are doomed to either the starvation and dehydration if their lucky or be caught by the men that have somehow survived in the Gravelands and be raped, beaten, tortured and killed.Well this is the life Oliva Parker lives in, and has lived in for the last 18 years But all is about to change on The Day Of The Chosen when she is luckily matched with her best friend Joshua, to spend the rest of her life with On The Day Of The Chosen Oliva is arrested and thrown in prison, without knowing why or what she did Oliva can t fathom what she could have done, until she sees her mother brought in in handcuffs, then she gets her answers Oliva is special, unlike the other people in the City of Genesis and anywhere else She was born, not made Oliva s mother was able to carry and conceive Oliva and has been able to hide it from the government for 18 years, and now on The Day Of The Chosen, ALL is revealed, and the government wants to silence Oliva and her mother before word gets out and their is an uprising for the governments lies So Oliva and her mother are thrown in a jail cell to wait out their fate from the governor, when her best friend and now husband Joshua and his mother Rebeca break into the prison with the help of The Rebel Movement and help Oliva escape NOT only the prison, but the City and life Oliva has ever known But what awaits her out there is NO better then what s inside the walls Oliva lives in But she has no choice if she wants to live to see another day Oliva and Joshua are thrown into the Gravelands and other walled communities in search of asylum and a chance at a new life for her and Joshua But what they find out there could be even worse then what Oliva and Joshua thought With many obstacles, and people out to get her and NO where to turn that s safe and with no food or means to survive, Oliva and Josh endure many heartaches and physical pain and have to start at the bottom of nothing and work their way up to have at least a life with each other, that is if they can do it without getting killed first But who do you trust when everyone wants something from you This book was fast paced with action and adventure around EVERY corner I loved Oliva and Joshua I loved that they would do ANYTHING for each other and had an inseparable bond that NO ONE could break, even when others tried their hardest When the book was over I was already wanting of Josh and Olive and the world they lived in and fought for Ruth is a REMARKABLE writer and has done a WONDERFUL job in this book It s hard now a days to live up to ALL of the other good Dystopian Novels out there, but believe me when I say Aberrant lives up to them and MORE Overall, I LOVED the plot, characters, pace, action, romance and devotion they had for each other and all that together has made it ONE HELL OF A GREAT NOVEL I give this book an EASY SOLID 5 Stars and I am EAGERLY awaiting the next book in the series 5 Stars

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