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Try chapter 1 Try, meaning Try, genre Try, book cover Try, flies Try, Try 689a7a3de391b Try Verb To Make An Attempt Or Effort To Do Something Or In This Case SomeoneSex Logan Mitchell Loves It, And Ever Since He Realized His Raw Sexual Appeal At A Young Age, He Has Had No Problem Using It To His Advantage Men And Women Alike Fall Into His Bed After All, Logan Is Not One To Discriminate He Lives By One Motto If Something Interests You, Why Not Just Take A Chance And Try And He Wants To Try Tate MorrisonJust Coming Out Of A Four Year Marriage With An Ex Wife From Hell, A Relationship Is The Last Thing On Tate S Mind He S Starting Fresh And Trying To Get Back On His Feet With A New Job At An Upscale Bar In Downtown ChicagoThe Only Problem Is, Tate Has Caught The Unwavering And Unwelcome Attention Of Mr Logan Mitchell A Regular At The Bar And A Man Who Always Gets What He WantsNight After Night Tate Fends Off The Persistent Advances Of The Undeniably Charismatic Man, But After An Explosive Moment In The Bar, All Bets Are Off As He Finds His Body Stirring With A Different Desire Than His MindAs Arrogance, Stubbornness And Sexual Tension Sizzles Between The Two, It Threatens To Change The Very Course Of Their LivesLogan Doesn T Do Relationships Tate Doesn T Do Men But What Would Happen If They Both Just Gave In And Tried GENRE M M

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    4 steamy M M debut stars Review completed November 11, 2013To those who don t like pics and gifs Just look away Problem fixed I enjoyed this book and I m entitled to review it any way I please You know I see fangirl previews all the time that don t interest me in the least So what I can ignore them and the issue is solved I don t get it why people have a cow because of those previews or pics and gifs in general Plus, I m all for live and let live Now we can all take a deep breath and be nice to each other again Thank you.All right, let s give it a TRY. All quotes approved by Ella Frank. Fans of Ella Frank know already that Logan has been introduced in Edible He and his half brother Cole hero of Edible own a law firm You can, however, read TRY without having read Edible first TRY is the first book of a trilogy and at the same time it s also Ella Frank s first foray into the M M sub genre and a successful debut at that Let s meet Logan, the good looking successful lawyer and man whore By the way, have you noticed already how sexy glasses can be You just need to look at his picture that guy and then you know what I mean.Logan prefers no strings attached sex until he walks into his favorite bar After Hours and sees the new and very straight bartender Granted, when Logan meets him for the first time he definitely wears than his swim trunks cough Once he sets his eyes on that gorgeous man with the curly brown hair, he can t stop thinking about him He wants Tate and starts to flirt with him And Logan is unapologetically relentless in his endeavor His somewhat cocky confidence is only one of his features Logan can be very persuasive and our disconcerted Tate has a hard time to resist him I don t reveal a secret when I tell you that Tate has to cave in eventually They start to test boundaries and Tate turns Logan s life upside down So, is there in the cards for Logan than a few great f cks Time will tell.The beginning and basically the first half of the story were very well paced and filled with plenty of witty banter, sexy flirting, solid dialogue and some delicious smexy times Towards the middle it dragged a bit and the second half of the story didn t provide enough plot for my taste There was, however, lots of sex and I ll give you that, Ella, it was well written and steamy sex Then again I wouldn t have expected anything less from you I completely get it that TRY was exactly that A chance for Tate to discover man on man action and it s always good when you get to try out different locations and positions I loved the first half of TRY and I really enjoyed their sparkling chemistry Boy, it sure leapt off the pages I highlighted like crazy and found many great quotes These two form a wonderful and sexy couple and complement each other nicely They shared lots of biting, sucking, licking, rubbing, penetrating and er swallowing You get the gist, right Suffice it to say that the sex was steamy and hot.What are my expectations for Take I hope there will be a transition from a solely sexual relationship to something deeper and personal I want to see an emotional connection that exceeds Logan and Tate s jealousy and I really want to see them open up to one another Also, I want them to date, I want them to spend their time off together outside the bedroom I d like to see some outdoor action pun intended Yeah, I know your mind is in the gutter now No dirty thoughts please Besides, I want Logan to TAKE what he wants and desires Moreover, I expect him to TAKE a risk but also vice versa Tate must do the same.I m very happy that Ella started to write M M because she has a huge fan base and I m convinced that many of her readers will take the plunge into unknown waters and pop their M M cherry by reading TRY It s a very good choice TRY is an easy, very sexy and fun read and I enjoyed it very much M M is my favorite subgenre and I m very excited that our community will grow further thanks to Ella.Ella, you did a great job with TRY and I m looking forward to reading the next installment in this trilogy Recommended read Also recommended to those readers who haven t read M M yet, provided you enjoy erotic romance Buckle up coz you re in for a steamy ride ARC courtesy of Ella Frank, author, in exchange for an honest review http baba.booklikes.com

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    You know what I love about this book The hype No really, I love it I m thrilled that an m m book is attracting so much attention and enticing a whole lot of new curious hetero readers to explore the genre I absolutely love that, and for that reason I really, really wanted this book to be a shiny sparkling example of what new readers can expect from this genre Ella Frank is not an author I have read before but she comes with a reputation for writing good hetero erotica and so I thought if Joey W Hill Rough Canvas and Kele Moon Starfish and Coffee can pull off the switch so beautifully why not give her a chance.Ella Frank s first mistake is to not being able to let go of the hetero by including a graphic m f sex in the first paragraph a big no no her creamy thighs where spread wide apart with his cock sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy is not something that appeals to the typical m m reader Yes 80% of us are woman and yet, I do sympathise for the 20% who are GAY men Is it not polite to mention somewhere in the blurb that this book contains scenes of graphic m f sex Not according to some necessary, but I do feel it is courteous and respectful If the roles were reversed I suspect there would be uproar.Try is a gay for you erotic story that s it there is nothing else, no surprises, no angst, no humour, no plotline want and possession that is all Logan is the bisexual initiator and Tate is the confused straight guy The two men circle each other in a dance that s predictable push and pull with dialog that is uninspired full of clich d sexual innuendos like this You ll be hungry then Logan Yes, but not for food Tate Not only is the dialog clich d, it s very questionable What man actually says things like All of that honey colored skin, naked under me, your curls all over my pillow as I drive my cock inside you oh yeah, Tate, that s going to happen Mark my words This is not realistic.The conversation is so borderline cheesy and without weight that I never connected to either of these MC s, they are simply too simple, too fictional and shallow How old are they Why is Tate a barman, did he not get a college education All I know is their petty high school jealousies and the need for constant girly reassurance No matter how many times at least 49 I am reminded of their physical attributes I found them uninspiring together they fired up about as much chemistry as a bowl of milk.This book is labelled erotica and yes there is a lot of sex But each scene is like a copy of a copy of the scene before it the mechanics might change but the descriptive is the same rigid cocks, molten kisses, groans and growls, up against the wall, biting lips, heated stares, mine blah blah blah I really couldn t care about a 20 page blow job scene that might as well have been performed by a woman I was bored while Ella Frank worked her way down her list, ticking every off each sexual act to eventually reach a point of ultimate surrender For me this writer does not capture the true essence of what m m erotica is and her effort pales in comparison to what this genre has to offer But then, your mileage may vary I slump and can only hope that Ella s fans will enjoy this one as much as they enjoy her previous works I want to embrace all these brave new readers and welcome them into the genre with open arms but I fear that this book not a good representation at all So please believe me when I say that in comparison this book really sucks is the poor relation.I find myself bitterly disappointed with this book All of it It feels so far removed from m m romance that I could scream and weep for the genre s missed opportunity I m sorry I have to be the droll policeman standing in front of the spotlight of shiny gif excitement waving a hand and repeating Nothing to see here folks, move along.this way please and points to the recommendation list below.To the new m m reader Boys in Our Books recommend these books as a great place to start your m m journey Shattered GlassHot HeadDeadly NightshadePromises Faith Fidelity This genre has SO MUCH MORE to offer you, SO MUCH If you loved this book then m m is going to rock your world if you didn t love it I don t blame you This is NOT a good introduction IMO but don t give up yet.Honestly, you don t know chemistry until you have read books by the likes of Abigail Roux, Anne Tenino and Aleksandr Voinov, and if you want great m m erotica We recommend anything by Heidi Cullinan or Cameron Dane There are so many wonderful authors like Brandon Shire and Tom Webb that offer heartfelt, beautiful descriptive prose and genuine quality to call on.For the devout m m readers There really is nothing to see here, you have read it all before I cannot recommend this book to anybody.

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    Third time re reading.Just as good as the first.Never got bored.Logan and Tate are still one of my favorite couples ever And yeah..This book is hella hot Re read in anticipation of Take on the 8th Tate and Logan were H.O.T So ready for .5 Stars Two Words FUCKINGHOT This book made meLogan is what I like to call an equal opportunity lover Man, woman, both When he sees TateTate s allI m straight I m screaming Do it TRY TRY TRY And once Tate doesFollowed by about 10 orgasms I seriously loved Logan and Tate Navigating their way in the first relationship for both of them Tate discovering his feelings for Logan and a man in general Logan wanting something than a one night lay The build up and exploration between Logan and Tate was addicting Tate learning all of the different things he could feel and experience with Loganall leading up to the one thing that would make Tate officially Logan s And when it finally happenedThat is All PS Logan and Tate s story is just beginning Logan convinced Tate to TRY What happens after Logan TAKEs Tate as his Take Temptation 2 cuming Summer 2014

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    TemptingRawYummyTry is the first MM book by Ella Frank and I sure as hell hope is not the last one I have read all her books and I thought she couldn t top Blind Obsession Oh well, hello Tate Logan You guys sure gave Philippe a run for his money.If you guys check the blurb you ll know what this book is about, I won t talk a lot about the story, this will be about my feelings when I was reading the book.I need to say I was excited when I heard Ella was writing her first MM book I know some of you guys are reluctant when MF authors decide to write MM but I guess we need to TRY their books before judging, right So I added it to my TBR without even knowing what this book was about When I read the blurb and realized this was about a straight guy I was happy dancing in my desk Yes, I love GFY stories, I can t freaking help it and let me tell you this, ELLA FREAKING DELIVERED This is a light and hot as hell read and even though I am not a huge fan of erotica lately, I loved this one We have two completely different male characters We have Tate who is a confused bartender who crosses paths with Logan, a lawyer who will make him question his own sexual tastes But what happens when you think you know everything about yourself and suddenly you start questioning your feelings Are you able to accept it or will you fight against yourself You need to read the book to know what happens but trust me when I say this is a book that will make you feel those butterflies in your tummy I loved the banter between them, I loved how they were fighting each other with their words but they were eye fucking each other with their eyes You could cut the sexual tension between them.And yeah, this book only spans over two weeks of their relationship so you guys need to have this into account I absolutely HATE reading books where characters love each other after one kiss or one quick fuck That s NOT real So I am very grateful that Ella stuck to reality and showed us a real relationship during their first two weeks I can t wait to get into emotional stuff in the next book.That being said, I must also admit there were two emotional moments that were completely outstanding for me view spoiler their moment in the kitchen when they intertwined their fingers and that TERRIFY ME moment that is my absolutely FAVE part of the book hide spoiler

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    5 Fantastic Stars Try is Ella Frank s first go at an m m novel, and I feel that she knocked it out of the park I really loved the characters, the humor, the steam, just everything about this one After reading Edible, I knew I needed of Cole s half brother and partner at his law firm, Logan When Logan Mitchell first sees new bartender Tate Morrison, it is lust at first sight Logan doesn t know if Tate is gay or straight, and Logan could care less When he wants someone, he wants them He doesn t do relationships, but he likes to Try a bit of everything So I like to try a bit of everything and everyone Tate is a newly divorced bartender He has never been attracted to a man, but there is something about Logan The way he looks at Tate, pursues him He wants no part of this thing with Logan, but his body can t deny the attraction he feels towards him All Logan wants is for Tate to take a chance To just try The build up and sexual tension between Tate and Logan was great I loved watching Tate s internal struggle between what his head was telling him he should want, and what he actually wanted It s like you expect me to flip a switch and just accept that everything I ever believed about myself has changed, and that I should be okay with that Do you know how insane that is I do But do you know what else is insane What You still haven t told me no I want you as hot, hard, and desperate as you ve ver been before and once you re there then I ll take you In my opinion, Logan Mitchell was the shining star in this book I couldn t get enough of this guy He s confident in who he is and what he wants He s sexy as all get out and so funny to boot Some of my favorite Logan lines Just when he figured life was going to be easy and hand him a woman to bend over his desk, it threw him a nice fucking curve Batter up I want to play with some balls Yes, I know that was inappropriate But, Tate Yes, Logan That s when I m at my best Boundaries, Logan I think you ve crossed enough with me today We ve also established that I have none Give you an inch And I ll want six or seven You re so fucking big Words no man minds hearing ever All humor aside, Logan had an internal struggle in the story as well He wanted Tate, but he wants a lot of people Sex is easy for him, it s everything else thats difficult Tate is the first person in a long time to make him want to try something different To make him want than just the fun and meaningless sex he s used to You make me want things that I d forgotten I wanted Tate and Logan change each other Bring out new wants, needs, and desires Sexy, intriguing, funny and sweet The chemistry that Logan and Tate shared was off the charts hot And the humor and back and forth witty banter was great I loved Logan and Tate together in all ways This is a must read I highly recommend it for those who love m m, and for those who haven t read any, this would be the perfect title to start with Just give it a try I m so excited for book 2 Take I think we will get to see even of Logan and Tate s character development and watch their relationship grow Every time we do this, it convinces me that I m exactly where I need to be ARC kindly provided by author, Ella Frank in exchange for an honest review

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    Buddy read with my pretties Mish and Amy I did TRY.And I failed To this book, I say This smacked of PORN WITHOUT PLOT as played by CHICKS WITH DICKS There was TOO MUCH PUSSY There is a reason I read M M, Ms Frank Cut that shit out.And TOO MUCH REPETITIVE SEX And TOO MANY POV SHIFTS Every couple paragraphs, it flipped, and since the MCs were interchangeable, I couldn t even bring myself to care who did what to whom And the MCs were TOO PERFECT and TOO GOOD LOOKING and talked about how hot they were all the damn time Also VAIN, so bloody vain God, there was just so much wanking and angst and wanking Logan was this crazy, stalkerish predator who wasn t bi as much as a sex addict And Tate was wishy washy and virginal scared to try cock , although he did progress throughout the book The focus was on the sex in lieu of everything else This is M F erotica disguised as M M.Plus, the ending is a non ending We re left with a question without an answer And that s a NO for me One extra star because the writing didn t suck, and I can see how this would appeal to an M F audience Sorry, Jen, my Pea, I still love YOU, just not this book.But I tried.

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    2.5 stars I had no idea what to expect with this book My M F reader friends pretty much all loved it and my M M reader friends pretty much all hated it I am a hard core M M lover with hundreds of M M books under my belt I honestly was prepared to hate this fully and completely Surprisingly, I didn t But you might Does this book work as a convincing romance No The main characters literally spend no time getting to know one another None Logan is a pushy jerk and Tate is practically forced into each step of his relationship with Logan I hated Logan I thought Tate and Logan were horrible together I didn t get them at all as a couple and I thought it was not convincing at all HoweverAs a M F author, I had expected Ella Frank to be well, shy about M M sex I haven t read any of her books before this one and I though it would be tentative for some reason I was knocked off my feet by the amount of graphic sex in this one And soWell, I have this kind of fetish, as some of you might know I love, LOVE gay for you books Give me a gay virgin and I m as happy as can be So even though the sex was than a bit cheesy at times, I have to say, I LOVED the gay for you part of the book I could have read about hesitant, drawn out first timer sex all day long I wish the couple actually WORKED together, but you know details I was going to round down to 2 stars but I m so pleased that so many readers are trying M M from this book that I rounded up to three stars And if any first time M M readers are reading this review and want some recs, please hit me up I have a whole new world to show you Cue Aladdin music

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    When I saw Ella Frank was coming out with a new book on the month of my birthdayThen I found out it is a M M Erotica bookThen I really thought about itImagining itAND now that I ve finished it LOVED it In this story we are reacquainted with Logan, Cole s brother He s sexy, confident, and will f ck anything with a hole that sparks an interest He s not afraid to go after he wants and when he wants something he attacks, and won t stop until he gets it One night after work, he pops in for an after work drink and sees Tate Upon seeing him, he s immediately in lust Tate though doesn t take bite because he s very much straight and he feels confused by the pull he feels toward Logan This book is the beginning of a series Here we get the beginning of a relationship The chase and the sexual explorations that come at the start of a new relationship and holy hell are these two hot This will probably be you while reading it My suggestion would be not to read this in public and wait until you re tucked away in your room As always Ella Frank s writing is flawless The story has great flow Chemistry between the MCs if off the charts Although this book is not a standalone it s safe to read I myself was afraid to take the plunge because I loathe cliffhangers This story wraps up this stage of a relationship but sets you up for the next stage of one When feelings, families,and opinions are involved After I finished reading my iPad wasn t in danger of being thrown against a wall Instead I was eager for the next book Logan and Tate are now my favorite MM couple and I m counting down the time until we are reunited again This is an easy 5 star rating Thank you to the lovely Rosalinda for the book

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    DNF d at 48%Oh dear At least,This book was too excessively hot And I mean it TOO HOT Not in a good way The repetitive sex was omnipresent, past the sexual tension in the first chapters, and it annoyed the hell out of me.Not at first though Oh, not at all When Logan met Tate, I was oh so hooked and clutching my tablet hard as if I thought that would make me even connected to the whole story and everything inside it.I LOVED the beginning overconfident, cocky and full of libido Logan met straight, perplexed and curious barman Tate The sexual tension and dialogs that followed are unforgettable and kept making me grin Logan s bluntness is hilarious, smirk worthy and totally riveting.And so they discussed, flirted, flirted, flirted, argued, flirted and then things got even steamy.Which wasn t bad.The first sex scenes were to die for and I couldn t wait to read of them here and there, when fitting the events that I assumed would follow.But there were no events No plot Barely a conflict Barely any secondary characters Way sex scenes than welcomed Way flirting and dirty talk than necessary.Don t get me wrong, I don t mind erotica at all, but I cannot read a book that is too focused on something sex and has its plot neglected It simply got boring and predictable.Had the book somehow ended at 45% of its story or so, I would have given it at least a four star rating, that s for sure But it didn t So I can t This is a pattern I have observed with M M romance stories they re usually slow because they put focus on the couple, they have great and intense sex, and an atmosphere that goes right to the feels But the long ones three hundred pages plus tend to get repetitive and rarely held any surprises, after a good amount of pages That s how it goes with M Ms for me Doesn t mean that I will never encounter exceptions though But this is not one of them, apparently.Also, it s like Tate had a considerable character development from the first to the last chapter I have read At first, he was calm, a little cocky and definitely chattier with people But, he then started showing this temper, bluntness that matched Logan s and a bit of a too alpha like personality, while Logan submitted Strikingly, it started out so well but the ride changed roads without my approval.Definitely a love or hate type of book Sigh, I am than disappointed at how it turned out for me, but let s hope this book will feel different to you

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    Book 1 of 4 Logan Delish Bi sexualTate Double Delish Straight Seperated but in the process of divorcing the wife.Plot Who needs a plot when you ve got 2 alpha malesI kid I kid maybe .This was a deliberate obliteration of boundaries, with Tate being the object of Logan s attention, leaving Tate strangely attracted but bewildered I m not GAY he says Well, that argument got old rather quickly and who could blame him as Logan s overwhelming sex appeal brought Tate s walls tumbling Then the story became stuck on repeat Sex really hot sex Fight Make up Repeat.Finally, at the 90% mark, there s some progression which basically sets up the next serial Need to know how Tate handles family and soon to be ex wifey, as the inevitable happens.Effortless, blisterering hot, and engaging Good one.

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