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Take pdf Take, ebook Take, epub Take, doc Take, e-pub Take, Take 02caf59fce1 TAKE Verb To Reach For And Hold In One S Hands Or Get Into One S Possession, Power Or Control Logan Mitchell Is A Man Who S Always Been Than Happy To Take What He Wants It S A Philosophy That S Proven Lucrative In Both His Business And Personal Life, And Never Was It Apparent Than The Night He Laid Eyes On Tate Morrison After Pulling Out All The Stops And Convincing The Sexy Bartender To Give Him A Try He S Hooked Now, Logan Finds Himself In A Predicament That Demands From Him Than A Smart Ass Answer And His Innate Ability To Walk Away When Things Get Too Deep He Has A Choice To Make, And It Ll Force Him To Do Something He S Never Done Before Take A ChanceTate Morrison Knows All About Taking A Chance He Took The Biggest One Of His Life The Night He Showed Up At Logan S Apartment To Explore His Unexpected Reaction To The Man Ever Since Then, He S Thought About Little ElseAt First He Was Convinced His Attraction Was Based Solely On His Body S Curiosity But The Time He Spends With The Silver Tongued Lawyer, The Tate Realizes That Their Physical Chemistry Is Only The Beginning He S Starting To Catch A Glimpse Of What Life With Logan Would Be Like, And It S One Full Of Excitement And Satisfaction A Far Cry From What He Had In The Past With His Soon To Be Ex WifeEach Man Will Face Their Fears As They Begin To Understand The True Meaning Of Give And Take Their Feelings For One Another Will Be Tested, As Will Their Very Beliefs But Now That They Ve Found Love Where They Least Expected It, Will They Be Brave Enough To Reach Out And Take It

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    3 stars Rating clarification please scroll down Full review posted July 14, 2014Logan All he d once dreamed of was right there within reach All he had to do was reach out and take it TateMCs physical appeal 4.5 starsCharacter development 3 weak starsStory development 2 stars mainly due to the stilted and unnecessary over the top drama Chemistry and sex scenes 3 starsWriting 3 starsCover 1 star for the tacky cover I rounded up to three stars because without the bad cover, which is an irrelevant fact anyway, the book is a three star rating The crux of the matter is that Try has been carried by the build up and the thrill, the chemistry and anticipation that flared up between Tate and Logan All this was fun in the first book Now, however, the author needs something to carry the relationship It begs the question how you do that That deep and meaningful pillar that could symbolize their tower of strength is not quite in sight yet, at least not to me Logan and Tate depend too much on sexual encounters to strengthen their bond BTW, there was a lot of smexin in this sequel.Also, the added over the top drama doesn t help in any way, shape or form to guarantee a story and character development Vilifying not only the soon to be ex wife view spoiler she cheated on him while he was working two jobs hide spoiler

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    RE READ4.5 StarsI m going to lower my rating a smidge after my re read While, I still loved this one hard I didn t love it as much as Try There s just something about the build up to Logan and Tate becoming a couple Logan s insistent pursuit of Tate Tate s resistance to Logan It was delicious INITIAL READ5 FanFUCKINGtastic Stars Was this book HAWT as hell Um.Did I love it just as much, if not than, Try Take picks up where Try left off.literally, like minutes later I had no problem doing a re read of all of those hot sex scenes to refresh myself of what was going on After Tate gets caught by his sister and his ex wife kissing Logan, Tate is forced to confront his family with his newfound gay status And he wants Logan by his side when he does it Poor Tatemy heart broke for his family s reaction to his coming out Diana, Diana, Diana..Ugh I HATE you Very passionately hate you This installment focused on Logan and Tate take ing their relationship to the next level Introducing themselves as a couple to their friends and family I devoured this installment of the Temptation series I love everything about Logan and Tate Their commitment to each other, despite their fears Their love for each other, that they finally admit to each other Their desire to be together, no matter who or what stands in their way.Logan made Tate try.to give him a chance to show Tate what they could be like together All he d once dreamed of was right there within reach All he had to do was reach out and take it I am so happy that book 2 is this series didn t suffer from the sopho slump I could read about Tate and Logan forever.as long as they never, ever break up And for those of you that are worried, the ending was very similar to Try in that it was HFN Logan and Tate are at a good place, but I am definitely left anticipating Ella Frank.

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    4.5 Take What You Want Stars So now it was his turn His turn to convince Logan that he, Tate Morrison, was worth it When he wanted something, he was stubborn enough to wait it out and take it Well fuck me sideways and consider me officially hooked Wow Ella Frank managed to do what no other author has accomplished for me before she managed to make me love Take even than Try And I fucking LOVED Try While I love me some delicious M M loving, I do want a great story to go along with it Take definitely offered than Try in the back story and relationship development department Typically when it comes to trilogies or series with the same couple, my ADD kicks in right around book 2 and I Am Done But I can honestly tell you that not only will I be reading the next book, I am anticipating the FUCK out of it.Take takes off immediately where Try left off Logan and Tate are just starting to settle into being together, though both haven t touched that scary L word Labels After Tate s ex wife catches him in a passionate kiss with Logan, the cat is out of the bag and Tate has to face the music and come out to his parents In the midst of doubts and fear, the driving force of the book continues to be the incredible passion that both these men share Lust and arousal were the driving forces in the room, but just under the surface was something much stronger something he wasn t sure they were ready to acknowledge.No one had ever made him feel as centered as Logan did, even when his world was spinning out of control. Logan is one hell of a dirty mouthed distraction Everything that I loved about him in book 1 was back in book 2 His dirty humor, inappropriate comments, and melt the panties right off of you sex appeal.Logan may have been the one pursuing Tate before, but in this book it s Tate s turn to ultimately prove to Logan what he wants.If I loved Tate before, I completely fell for him here I appreciate that there was no OTT drama or unnecessary angst added here It was what it was, and what it was was Tate growing comfortable with the man that he is now That s not to say that there wasn t any struggles There definitely was that Most of it in the form of his cunt of an ex wife Now if I just may take a moment to vent here I have never wished for a character to killed off than his ex wife I swear I hated her with every damn chapter Forget ragey, I felt stabby The things that she does and says That Cunty McCuntface Gah I wanted to reach through my kindle and kick her in the ovaries.Vent finished.While this book definitely had story than the first, it still delivered on the scorching sex scenes.Usually I d find myself getting bored with that many love scenes and eventually skimming yes, the horror I know But it s been known to happen But that was not the case here Not even close I couldn t get enough of these two together.You will never, and I mean EVER, look at olive oil the same again I don t think I ll be able to cook without getting turned on again.I really loved how Tate really came into his own here and let his dirty side loose That s what you want, isn t it Someone who won t always let you win Someone that is than happy to be sucked and fucked but will also return the favor Mark my words fine has no business with what we re about to do If you re concerned about a cliffhanger, don t be Take leaves off in a very satisfying place while making it obvious that there s still ground to cover I was very happy with how it ended I m not feeling a ragey cliffy episode while still anticipating the next book If you re looking for a hot as fuck MM romance, you definitely need to meet the boys of Temptation ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review For reviews visit

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    Ella Frank I can t even..this book was amazing Take is the second installment in the Temptation Series by Ella Frank In this follow up, the story pick ups right where the first book ends The first book was about the beginning of a relationship or I should say the chase or going after someone you re interested in Here,we are in the second stage Feelings and emotions are now involved Logan and Tate must now deal with the opinions of others regarding their new romance We are also given answers to questions we ve had Just like in the first book the chemistry between these characters is palpable I also want to say this book is everything and of what you from an Ella Frank Ella Frank is synonymous with sexual and emotional tension, and she managed to deliver both in a perfect balance in this story I found myself wanting to devour this book but forcing myself to slow down so that I wouldn t finish This book will arouse you, make you laugh, cry, angry, and make you think As for those wondering if it ends in a cliffyhmm, if you really want to know view spoiler It s a slight one I d say of a HFN Very tolerable, nothing to pull your hair out over hide spoiler

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    5 pure f cking temptation STARS What are you trying to do, KILL ME No I m making you MINE Don t you know I m already YOURS sigh It s been 2 days since I ve finished this book I ve tried to start reading something else, but you know what happened I kept finding myself zoned out, thinking about Logan and Tate, which led me to close whatever book I ve been currently reading and open up Try to read my favorite scenes over and over again You see, I am obviously obsessed with Tate and Logan s story and I know for sure that those of you that know about them would understand why Those of you that still haven t met themwell, what the hell are you waiting for bitches To Logan,Because around you, all I want to do is fall without thought.Tate Tate can feel the things between him and Logan dramatically changing The fierce attraction he is feeling towards Logan is transforming into something much deeper and much scarier He s never been as strongly attracted to anyone, man or woman, before, which scares the sh t out of him He craves the intimate connection he shares with Logan and to be even MORE to him But now that his family knows about his new boyfriend explaining about the way this man makes him feel and who he is to Tate, is making him nervous and nauseated What will his Catholic mother and father think of their good son now What will they think of Logan What if they say something to upset Logan and make him question the thing that s fastly building between them Is it even worth it to go through all of this sh tstorm for Logan, when there s a very real possibility of him bailing on Tate when the time comes, anyway You make me CRAZY and FURIOUS and out of my mind with NEED, but in the end, you make me so f cking HAPPY I can t ever remember feeling this way And no one is going to tell me it s wrong NO ONE TATE Logan can feel the things between him and Tate dramatically changing He doesn t know when it happened, but this man has seeped through the cracks on his heart and has taken residence there maybe even forever. Making a commitment and taking the risk to really depend on someone is terrifying for Logan already, but now that Tate s family is involved things are harder than ever. Did he really corrupt Tate Did he force him into this relationship Should he give Tate permission to walk away from him whenever he needs to Is it even worth it to bleed through his old wounds and try committing to this man, when there s a very real possibility of him changing his mind about all of this, anyway You might have done the chasing in the beginning, but Logan Yeah I ve never been happier than when you CAUGHT ME Tate and Logan both feel they are right where they re supposed to be They can both feel the power to hurt the man standing in front of them has in his hands and wonder if they themselves have the same With Logan s insecurities and trust issues, and Tate s doubts and the sting of his family s rejection lingering around and threatening them of breaking them apart will they be able to hold onto the precious connection they possess Because all they have ever dreamed of is right there within reach and all they have to do is reach out and TAKE IT HOLY HOTNESS, the sex scenes in this book were passionate and raw and so damn perfect Logan was always hungry and Tate was than happy to accommodate You just have to trust me when I say your ovaries will most likely not survive this read I know mine couldn t You only have to do one thing Logan told him as he continued moving the hand burrowed between Tate s legs I m going to suck you and f ck you until you come Your only job Don t make a mess in my car Keep it right here, in my mouth Got it LOGAN Quick P.S I realized I prefer it when Logan bottoms, which made me wonder what other people felt about this I d love to hear your thoughts Lastly, Diana and Tate s mother THOSE GODDAMN C NTS I wish the worst for them both Now we wait for Book 3 for f ck knows how long

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    While I really liked Try, I simply loved Take While Try was mainly about lust, here, we have both lust and feelings And what a great combination that is The book is still hot, like melt my panties or rip my clothes off hot Logan and Tate are one helluva sexy couple and they can play around the sheets all right But in addition to all the messing around, we have an actual relationship between those two And let me tell you, they are so wonderful together You can feel the connection, the devotion, the love Logan tries to get used to being in a relationship, since it s not his thing , while Tate is discovering his sexuality They work hard to make their realationship work, in spite of all the difficulties they have to go through especially with Tate s family and ex wife My heart really broke for Tate, when he had to deal with his family s reaction And I won t even start with his ex wife Diana.she just made me want to scream DIE BITCH But despite all the drama, I loved that they stayed strong together and they supported each other no matter what.They Were Perfect Together.This series is amazing so far and I can t wait to read about Logan and Tate I would recommend it especially to everyone who still hasn t popped that MM cherry, cause it is absolutely the best choice to start the journey with MM reading Buddy read with my girl Nikki 3

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    5 HOT STARSOmg can this couple be hot Oh yes they can Ella Frank like I said in all my reviews of her books she is the master of sex scenes I was aroused Every sex scene was balanced with emotion I m in love with Logan and Tate I can t pic one I want them both And what have you always wanted You I want to see you face down on my bed,waiting for me The story begins where the previous book leave us We can see how their relationship develops.We can see the problems they have to deal finally as a couple.Tate has to deal with his family who are catholic and Logan has to deal with the fact he is in a relationship because he didn t have relationship before Logan and Tate fit so perfectly together Their passion and chemistry is off the charts They love each other so much We can see that Logan has changed from the first book in which he was a man whore Now he has eyes only for Tate When he jealous I like him In this book he is sensitive and so sensual I love him Tate 333 my sweet boy I m in love with him He is determined to give up everything and everyone to be with Logan What are you trying to do,kill me No.I m making you mine Don t you know I malready yours I hate so much Tate s family Ugh seriously they didn t treat him well It was such a pleasure to read this book I can t wait for the next I haven t read many M M books but definately these boys are my favorite If you need something passionate and emotional from two boy and not a F M couple this is what you need

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    My body is than ready to TAKE this book

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    5 Sexy Love me some Logan stars I can t tell you how much I LOVED this book, no LOVE these BOYS There s something unique and special about them that just grabs your attention from get go There s also a lot of good reviews out for this already so I m just going to explain some of my thoughts with you I don t know why its taken me so long to pick this one up probably because I was scared of it leaving me on a cliff hanger but this one didn t it left me with a HFN feeling and a BIG smile on my face for what s to come TRUST is on its way too so NOW would be a good time to grab it if you haven t already A small recapIn Try Logan temped straight Tate to delve into the M M world, to have a night with him to TRY HIM and there was something so alluring and sexy about Logan that Tate couldn t say No he tried and then soon got addicted to him, he couldn t say NO No longer and kept saying YES, but with Tate coming from a good ole Catholic family and a man who s also going through a sticky divorce that left Try with questions on how Tate would deal with the questions in his head is he gay is he bi Those questions I suppose in some respects kept on in Take but Take takes you on a much deeper emotional ride where I was hooked and enjoyed the journey of I liked Try I gave it 4 stars you can read my Review of Try here Try was sexy and all kinds of naughty so I that gave me my smut tastes a lick but TAKE was sooo much I LOVED it in every way possible TAKELogan ahhh what a beautiful sexy classy man from the outside he seems goal orientated, STRONG and somewhat head strong, he is the BEST at his job and always gets what he wants and he WINS in the courtroom Except with Tate he feels a little unsettled that the one person who he is starting to depend on could walk away any moment All he d once dreamed of was right there within reach All he had to do was reach out and take it Logan I suppose seems to be that strong doesn t give a shit kind of feel in Try but here in Take I completely fell for him hook, line and sinker because he is holding his emotions close to his sleeve he s scared of getting hurt he s scared of being treated like the outside man basically above all he just wants to be loved and he wants TATE to be the one to do that Saying all that he does nothing but be there to support and love Tate, here in Take he really does take all and strive to move forward with what he wants What I loved about this instalment was their fierce love for each other that just grabs a hold of you, you just can t walk away from it, its so much deeper and in that it also scares the shit out of Logan But also Tate and what this means for him as a person and who he is, also what it means for THEM because he has NEVER felt the longing and pure not only LUST but love he feels towards Logan this whole situation that they both are in is so very scary Except that s the kind of love we all want right The scariest of emotions are the ones worth fighting for I didn t even stop to think how old you were, I just had to have you That should tell you everything As he drifted off to sleep, Tate felt for the very first time that h was exactly where he was supposed to be, and he didn t cared what anyone else thought The guy had him a second away from confessing his very soul there in the fucking hallway I swear you make me lose my mind I feel like I m going crazy Logan He put his mouth to Tate s ear yes I fucking love that stop what exactly Touching Talking Or inviting you to have me any way you like, anywhere you like Because all you have to say are the words and I m yours Logan has insecurities because of his past and the people who have hurt him, made him feel inferior He has some secrets that only Cole knows about, and Cole his brother doesn t know the whole story either I m going to leave you to enjoy the rest concerning that tidbit of information just understand it takes a lot to let someone into his heart And then we have Tate Tate is uneasy concerning his family and ex to be wife who are very un supportive in my eyes if there ever were a family I didn t like it would be these I mean HOW DARE THEY treat him with so much disrespect and not love him unconditionally is beyond me, saying that in turn this is Tate s chance to make Logan his home and to Let Logan in This is Tate s opportunity to show Logan how worthy he is off Logan s love and to put LOGAN first My Final ThoughtsI can t tell you how much I loved every word, I FELT every emotion, enjoyed the plot and how the pages took me in till I finished I actually finished this Monday its now Thursday and I m still thinking about LT and all the yummyness that surrounds them both This book is all kinds of sexy you take out the bitchy women and your left with two very strong Alpha Males in their own right, as individual and put them together you get a whole lot of fireworks and Chemistry There s a lot of sex as expected but honestly in this one there was never too much it never dragged, I never skimmed I wanted and when the next scene appeared I was at the edge of my seat loving the feelings of joy I was experiencing by living it with them together and the power they both held in who was the Alpha at that moment Overall this was a joy to read and I can t wait for Trust THAT.IS.ALLFor Reviews and Blog posts

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    4.25 HAWT Stars With this man, he wanted it all.All he d once dreamed of was right there within reach All he had to do was reach out and take it I really loved Try and both Logan and Tate, so I could NOT wait to read this one I was glad to say this one was just as hot as the first, if not .This is the second book of the Temptation Series and it starts off right where the last book ended If you haven t read the first book, stop reading this review Okay, if you stuck around it s because you have So, Logan and Tate are that point where they must decide if they both want the same thing, from each other in the form of a true open relationship.I LOVED the fact that I seemed to fall even in love with these two characters Logan was his dirty mouthed sexy self, but I loved seeing this other side of him that was vulnerable I loved seeing him have his guard down around Tate and giving in to his emotions You make me crazy and furious and out of my mind with need, but in the end, you make me so fucking happy I can t ever remember feeling this way And no on is going to tell me it s wrong No one And Tate, he was just as amazing I loved seeing him become a little alpha at certain times I loved that he stood up for himself when he needed too, and the way he could be both dirty and sweet Oh, how I hurt for him, but he was so strong, and I am so glad that he has Logan by his side.This series as you know is an erotic series, so of course there is going to be an abundance of sex And I m glad to say that in that aspect this book did not fail at all In fact, it was off the charts scorching The throws panty across the room and takes cold shower kind of hot I loved every single scene but a few did stand out that I ended up loving I m done pretending I don t understand what s going on here It s crazy and intense, but Logan, it s real Every time I m near you, I feel alive I will admit, though, there were a few times that this dragged on a bit for me I just wanted them to tell each other sooner how they felt, and how they were going to deal with Tate s family and ex wife So, that is why the first part was a tad bit slow, but the steam did hold my interest enough for me to get to second part The second part is where everything I wanted to happen happens I really enjoyed the drama that occurs Like I said before, I hurt deeply for Tate and how his family treated him I especially disliked his ex wife The very end, not going to lie, I kind of had and inclination that was going to happen so I wasn t surprised by it Still, I am eager to continue with the series and see how Tate and Logan s story concludes While I enjoyed the steam, I did wish we would have gotten a bit story from the start And don t worry, there is no relationship cliffhanger Overall, a smoking hot read I can t wait to read the next

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