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    Leigh MacLeod is a young widow with a passion for ghost hunting When a lottery win allows her to build her own state of the art professional paranormal investigation team, she jumps in with both feet Her team gains access to Greenhurst, an abandoned hospital for the criminally insane and a hotbed of violent paranormal activity Excitement soon turns to tragedy, however, when an angry spirit lashes out, nearly killing Leigh Though she survives, her life and her team are devastated Worse, the evil spirit has attached itself to Leigh As she struggles to rebuild her life in California, the entity works to undermine her sanity and eventually threatens her life Suddenly the ghost hunter must become the client The remnants of Leigh s team join forces with another group of investigators in a daring plan to return to Greenhurst and neutralize the spirit.Reader s can t help rooting for Bennett s complicated, imperfect characters and their terrifying mission The suspense is tight and builds to a powerful final confrontation.As good as the book is, I did find a marked difference in the mood and pacing between the chapters leading up to the Leigh s first visit to Greenhurst and all that come after The early chapters are a bit weighed down with back story and technical information I think she could have pruned it by 50% and given us much of the rest in active and engaging scenes rather than as journalistic exposition This might also have allowed Bennett the opportunity to completely spin out the web of history and relationships that underlie Leigh s true connection to the evil spirit that nearly destroys her As it is, the final revelations come on a little fast and furious toward the end.Despite the early tendency to tell rather than show, COAST TO COAST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS is a fabulous book Leigh and her gang of spirit hunters are great to hang out with, and I hated to say goodbye to them at the end I am glad that this was only the first book in a series I have a feeling that Leigh, Aiden, Aaron and the others are in for some chilling adventures.

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    I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.COAST TO COAST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION THE JOURNEY UNDERNEATHA superb and gripping read thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat Spooky tales of ghosts, spirits and the unknown will creep into your mind and twist your thoughts.The writer has managed to draw you into the strange world between the pages of this great book.The paranormal has always interested me over the years and this novel that Bennett has created has all the essence of the scary entities and the unknown.Highly recommended for the para freak and anyone with an interest in the beyond.5

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    Fascinating book about the inner workings of a paranormal research team and the trouble that befalls the lead member when a routine investigation goes horribly wrong Life definitely gave Leigh than she was expecting when an evil spirit shows itself at her most recent investigation and although she has to go through hell because of it she also meets some amazing people that will stay with her for the rest of her life This book was a smooth read that I flew through quickly and before I even realized it I was done It definitely has its creepy moments and really makes me wonder how often the paranormal teams out there have trouble with an investigation But beyond the creepy factor there are some beautiful personal relationships being built that gave me a sense of reassurance that things would work out Some of the intimate moments were a little repetitive but overall I really enjoyed Coast to Coast and in my opinion it is worth a read.

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    COAST TO COAST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION THE JOURNEY UNDERNEATH by CAROLYN BENNETT is a spine tingling book into Greenhurst Hospital This is a place where the Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations encounter their worst fears.Intertwined with the supernatural and mysterious thrills there are deeper encounters here I thought this great book was much better than any of the paranormal investigations on television I was glued to the pages that flowed smoothly and were well written.If you like all things spooky and anything paranormal this is the book for you Leigh MacLeod is a wonderful character and there really is no way to prepare for all the encounters No Spoilers I received this copy as a gift and hope there will be from this author Highly engaging and recommended.

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    Of course I think its awesome but then again i am biased I know I am a first time author so I might be a little rough around the edges but i hope you enjoy the story There will be at least two sequels to this book, both just as intense as the characters develop even and the group heads out on paranormal investigations Tell me what you think.

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    Leigh MacLeod s life goes from difficult to impossible as she loses her husband to cancer and has to take care of her young son all by herself Financially strapped and emotionally drained, Leigh feels there is nothing left to look forward to in her life And it is at that moment that she is given an opportunity to join a paranormal investigation group.And suddenly, things become very interesting, when Leigh and her team get a chance to investigate Greenhurst, an abandoned hospital Leigh s team is hard working and successful A little bit of luck, such as lottery winnings that could be used to upgrade the equipment and hire highly qualified team members, doesn t hurt either Leigh s life goes through ups and downs, financially and health wise Her team s success with the investigations also varies And success, when dealing with wandering and unsettled spirits, is not always a good thing And that s what Leigh quickly learns as unexpected and scary events happen during the Greenhurst investigation.The story is engaging and interesting, and not just because of the topic It also draws the readers in because it is told from the first person point of view that makes it easier to relate to the main character Just like Leigh and her team, the story quickly moves from Canada to the neon lights of Las Vegas to moonlit Nevada desert and to California And on this journey, Leigh finds consolation, friends, success, and love If you have an interest in the paranormal and like a good story, this book is for you.

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    You get pulled into this story right away, as the author uses first person narrative to pull off an authentic build Then we are introduced to a cast of characters that feel as if they are people we ve known for a while COAST TO COAST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION THE JOURNEY UNDERNEATH by CAROLYN BENNETT takes off from there It s a fast moving book and as soon as we get to the abandoned hospital it gets even faster Bennett has a knack for writing scary scenes This is not a book to read alone What a great TV series this would make In the meantime, she off to an exciting start of a cool paranormal series of books Recommended 5 spooky stars

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    The central character is Leigh, who loses her husband to cancer at an early age Devastated by the loss, with a child to raise and not enough money, she is determined to move forward Leigh won t give up, and as a result, her life takes a turn for the better When she unexpectedly comes into enough money to fulfill her dream and build a new life for herself and her son, Coast to Coast Paranormal is born.The book takes the reader through the creation of the paranormal investigation company, the recruitment of staff, who become an extended family, and the investigation that follows The investigation, however, is nothing like a typical paranormal hunt, and the ramifications of the crew s time at Greenhurst, are life threatening and life changing.The author provides excellent description and detail that allows the reader to become a part of the gripping story The characters are well established and I had no trouble relating to them They developed into real people and the novel read like a true story It drew me in and had me turning pages quickly I ll be watching for the next Coast to Coast Paranormal adventure.

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    Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations The Journey Underneath is a wonderful look into what could happen during a paranormal investigation Even though it s a work of fiction, the author has clearly drawn on vast experience and intricate research to bring this story to life A creepy tale of malevolent spirits and blossoming romance A story of how great strength can be found through the people around us and how together we can thwart even the oldest of evils I hourly enjoyed this story, even the scary parts, and I eagerly look forward to further additions to The Coast to Coast library Highly recommended and well worth a look.

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    This book had an amazing ability to have me wondering where the border between fiction and reality really was The narration is so absorbing, frightening and real that it truly reads like an account of real events.Ghostly phenomena are something which have been growing in popularity and have always managed to grip the interest of nations This story draws on that obsession to discover the truth about ghosts and bodily possessions.This is a clever tale, focused around an investigation at an institution where even the ambulance crew refuse to attend.Combined with a tragic, yet believable main character, this story is captivating and grips the reader until the very last page.

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Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigation download Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigation , read online Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigation , kindle ebook Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigation , Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigation 365ad8432107 Eight Years After Her Young Husband S Death, Leigh MacLeod Was Finally Able To Realize Her Dream Of Starting Her Own Paranormal Investigative Team They Set Out To Investigate Some Of The Most Haunted Locations In Canada And The United States Coast To Coast Was The Only Team Given Permission To Investigate The Notorious Greenhurst Hospital, Closed For Over Twenty Years No Team Had Been Allowed In Because Of Reports Of Violent Entities Attacking Those Brave Enough To Sneak In After Dark As The Team Began Their Biggest Investigation Yet, They Were Not Prepared For What Was Waiting For Them In The Dark Halls Of Greenhurst Uncovering The Mysteries Of Greenhurst Could Be Dangerous, Even Fatal For The Coast To Coast Paranormal Investigators