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Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) pdf Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1), ebook Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1), epub Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1), doc Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1), e-pub Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1), Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) eeeb3b9fafb Have You Ever Heard Of The Old Celtic Legends Of The Fae Beautiful, Magical, And Deadly Creatures That Have A Love Of Messing With Humans Just For Kicks And Giggles Welcome To My WorldWhat Started Out As A Strange Assignment, Lead To One Of The Most Gruesome Murder Mysteries Of Our Times My Friends And I Are Set And Determined To Find Out Who Is Killing Off Fae And Witches AlikeCouple Of Problems In The Way I Hate The Fae And The Prince Of The Dark Fae Is Bound And Determined That I Work For Him He S A Rude, Overbearing Egotistical Ass With A Compulsive Need To Possess, Dominate And Control Me Oh Did I Mention That He Is Absolutely Sex On A Stick Gorgeous And He Makes Me Feel Things That I Never Ever Wanted To Feel For A Fae Every Time He Touches Me Or Looks At Me With Those Dangerous Golden Eyes He Seems To Pull Me Further In Under His Spell, Despite My Better JudgmentMy Friends And I Can T Trust Anyone And Nothing Is As It Seems On The Surface Not Even Me

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    I cannot even begin to fathom how this book has gotten such a high rating The main character is annoying and constantly makes terrible decisions that end with her being owned and then complains for a while, but apparently actually enjoys it deep down because not having free will and being forced into situations where a hot guy could rape you if he felt like it, but chooses not to making him honorable apparently is extremely hot and romantic Also, it s apparently completely okay to trick a girl into having to have sex with you in order to prevent being raped be the next dude that comes by This apparently is not rape because she chooses him rather than choosing to fight off countless others who would come after her and most likely rape her otherwise.Then, if all these scenes where the line between rape and consent are incredibly blurred aren t bad enough, there s the way this guy is constantly seeking to control her, demands answers he really doesn t deserve, and lacks total empathy I mean who the hell forces a girl that he s employing and has only just met to relive her parents murder so he can find out what happened to her even though it has nothing to do with the case he hired her for and then has the nerve to ask why he wasn t notified of her circumstances, like it was any of his business what she went through Moral of the story 1 It s not rape if he s hot 2 Abusive, controlling relationships are romantic, if he s hot.

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    Barnes and NobleSmashwords5 Scorching Hot Stars Fighting Destiny by Amy Hutchins is the first book in The Fae ChroniclesWhat an absolutely fun and exciting introduction to a seriesThe first book packs a serious punch, we re introduced to Syn, as she and her coven take on a very difficult assignment what starts out as a very challenging assignment turns into something completely different and unexpected.When Syn and the Dark Prince meet, their relationship is complex They might not like each other but they have this inexplicable attraction, two sworn enemies who can t keep their hands off each other Now when I say they couldn t keep their hands off each other I m was serious, when it comes to these two together, they don t need much to set them off.Syn is a witch, the only thing she cares about is avenging her parents death and protecting her coven She hates everything about the Fae especially the Prince of the Dark Fae, Ryder.When they meet, she s horrified at the attraction she feels for him, and avoids him at all costs Too bad he won t let her.Ryder is the prince of the dark fae, he s ruthless and unpredictable When he sees Syn, he might not like her but that won t stop him from having her Her resistance makes the chase even better His past is a mystery and as the story progresses we get clues and insight giving us a tiny picture of why he does the things he doesSyn and Ryder suffered from a serious case of I hate you so much that I wanna f ck you syndrome Their anger would always lead to them mauling each other against some surface, and I absolutely loved it I m not a huge fan of Syn she was little bit too blonde and beautiful but her personality complimented Ryder s perfectly Ryder was the perfect alpha male in my opinion, he was over bearing, rude and 100% hot If you re looking for a fun and sexy PNR, this is it The first book in the series was unputdownable

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    Maybe it s the cover but I honestly wasn t expecting this to be very good but it was free so I downloaded it on my kindle to read anyways The story line kept me engaged the whole time though and the pacing was really good It s excellent for what it is which is a fantasy erotica novel and the only thing I found wanting was the writing but again even though it was slightly juvenile it works because it s not really a literature book it works fine in its genre Definitely want to read the next one in the series.

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    5 Brilliant Scorching Stars Kickass Heroine Badass Hero Non stop Action Otherwordly hot, panties dropping, sheets on fire Sex Actual plot, sex aside THIS BOOK.A new paranormal romance series that thank God, proved to be so much We are living in a new reality where supernatural creatures made their existence known to mankind Now it s a different world where vampires bump freely into the night, the Guild of Witches keep people safe and Fae rule them all with an iron hand Dangerous, lethal and seductive they are a dream and a nightmare at the same time and they know how to keep their secretsIn this world, Synthia is a member of the Guild, an orphan that everyone she gets close to, dies A badass witch with a grudge against all Fae and determined to see them fall.Ryder the Dark Prince of the Fae has his own agenda and he is lethal as he is seductive A man of many secrets, primal and dangerous She should run but I d catch her I always catch my prey I take because I can, because no one else can stop me I am what she fears I can smell it coming off her in succulent waves and it drives my inner beast insane Together, they are investigating a string of murders that will rock their worlds, will unbury secrets and unravel mysteries and ultimately will bring them together and threaten to disturb the precarious balance between their realms An attraction that they can t deny She may hate me when it is over I ll face that when we get there Until then, I plan to make her mine in body and soul. Getting each other out of their systems leads surprisingly to But they aren t ready yet to just give in and reveal their truths I ll be strong for you Syn If you need it You don t always have to be the strong one I ll be your glue if you want to crumble I ll hold you together And what if you re what s making me crumble, Ryder Excellent worldbuilding, multi layered, complex characters, intrigue, mystery, sex, heartbreak this book has it all And I mean ALL Addictive, emotional and f cking PERFECT And then there are the last chapters and revelations and pain and that ending It is not every day that you read a paranormal romance and you feel that you can relate to the characters and the situations It helps that this is a series so we get a lot of insight in the heroes and we watch them struggle and grow Nothing is really resolved so you are left craving for and trying to put off the fire in your bedroom Can t wait for and what are you doing and you haven t read these books

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    2 7 14 CURRENTLY.99 ON WOOT WOOT so this book is about a fairy and a witch No, no, no Not that type of fairy and witch.More likethis Fae Ryder aka The Dark Prince andthis Witch Synthia Synthia hates the Fae because they killed her family She winds up getting screwed and has to work for the Dark Prince of the Fae thanks to the Guild They do meet under some odd circumstances They team together to determine who is after the Light Heir, Arianna Unfortunately for Synthia, every time she is around Ryder she gets his Fae juju and wants him to do her Fae have the ability to make you want them so badly you beg to be fucked But she hates the Fae and is disgusted with herself for wanting him and pissed at him for making her want to jump his bones She has been alone since her love, Adrian, died though and she needs to get laid It seems like she goes stupid every time she s around him though and tells him something about her powers and and about her coven and the Guild she works for She s determined she won t have sex with him and its almost a love hate relationship between the two of them but then she screws up and signs a contract basically saying she is his for her own protection against other Fae.Over time we find out a few things we didn t know about SynthiaAnd then finally. But then all of a sudden we get our cliffy ending Were they both set up Who did that What just happened Onward I go to book 2 All in all I really enjoyed this storyline I did wind up skimming through a few parts just because I got a little annoyed with how much this bitch moaned I mean she moaned, and moaned, and moaned ALSO Never, ever EVER refer to a penis as an engorged mushroom cap or bulbous head And please refrain from any and all womb clenching It grosses me out K Thanks

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    First re read 20.10.14Second re read 23.04.15Third re read 13.11.2016Ummm.I think I need to let go of Ryder, or I ll never, ever, get a man Seriously He holds my heart so fucking close that I I don t know what to do Man, I love Ryder to fucking much Cyn s great, of course, but Ryderdamn, he s my fucking fantasy Never challenge me, I promise that you will lose Every Fucking Time Quick basic facts Genre Adult Paranormal RomanceSeries Series, Book One Love triangle view spoiler No, not really hide spoiler

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    WOW I am in Love with Ryder He gets 4.5 Dirtiest Talker EVER stars Ryder was not the kind of man you walked away from You crawled on hands and knees, trying to remember who you had been before his touch corrupted you.Ryder, The Fae Dark PrinceSo Ladies, I have read a LOT of mixed reviews on this book Apparently it s a love it or hate it kinda series If you like your men with Stalkerific tendencies, that stake their claim and tell you that you are their property, and show no emotion while doing it just an all consuming lust , then Ryder is the man for you view spoiler But fierce emotions do come by book 2 of the series o hide spoiler

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    4 The asses you hate to love Stars SpoilersFighting Destiny is the First book in The Fae Chronicles Series Witches and Fae are being killed left and right It s Synthia s job as a witch in the Guild, to enforcing laws that protect humankind from the rest of the Otherworld creatures Syn is the best at what she does, but she is a rebel with a dark past Syn doesn t play well with others, and she hates and distrust the Fae So she couldn t believe it when she was hired to work for the Dark Prince of the Fae, Ryder She doesn t trust Ryder, he is a rude ass jerk, use to getting what he wants, when he wants it, but she can t help the lust that burns in her for him Ryder is powerful and he always gets what he wants He doesn t ask, he takes So when he wants the sassy witch that challenges everything he says and fighting him at every turn , no one will stop him from having her, not even her So this is the second time I have read this book The first time I had a lot of mixed feelings about it I liked it the first time, But I liked it the second time around There was parts of this book I really liked, but there where some parts of this book that I really didn t like.Ryder Ryder confused the hell out of me one minute I liked him and the next I wanted to choke him I think Ryder is kinda a dick Sometimes he was this asshat that did things that I had a hard time seeing how Syn didn t just punch him in the throat I had a hard time seeing how Syn could fall for him or trust him with the shit he pulled, then at other times he would do something sweet like have her dance on his feet It confused me and made me unsure of how I felt about Ryder Also I have always said there is a difference between a sexy dominant alpha male and a crazy controlling borderline abusive male and I feel like the line was blurred in this book with Ryder He was just too mean and controlling at times Keep lipping off, and I ll find a use for that tongue Keep dreaming, man whore Never challenge me I promise that you will lose Every Fucking Time She s Challenging me Even now, her eyes narrow on me, watching me as I watch her back hungrily Challenge fucking accepted Ryder Then I ll put you back together I will never tear you down, Syn I will always protect you from anything and everything that would I ve yet to find anything in this world, or any other, who can take me on keep that in mind, Synthia Synthia I liked a lot I felt sorry for the things she lived through She was very loyal to her friends who I didn t feel were very good friends to her at times She was very sassy, and she has mad skills as a witch At times she confused me too She was kickass one minute and then she would let Ryder walk on her the next I m not a piece of fucking property I cannot be owned I m not like Claire, Ryder I won t be used because you want sex That s what it would be right Fuck destiny I decide my own destiny, Ryder Not some fucking preordained bullshit, Syn and Ryder s relationship while very hott with sexual tension and some very sexy dirty talk, You re too tight I want to put my cock in you so fucking bad, Syn I want to drive it in until you scream my name Do you want it, Witch Do you want this Fae cock fucking your tight pussy until it comes for me Fuck me, Ryder hard I m asking you to just give it to me, everything Stop holding it back lacked something for me They had a Lust hate relationship for almost the whole book I think that it was that I felt Ryder should have tried building her trust and showed her that she could trust fae, that they were not all alike and that not all would steal your will and rape and feed from you until you are a FIZ Fae induced zombie , but instead he was very selfish and broke her trust repeatedly She even tried to give him a chance to earn her trust and to let him in, like their date What does he do, He takes her to a hunt The hunt where her choices where to sleep with him or he would let the next hunter have her and the next hunter wouldn t take no for an answer, so the hunter would rape her Then if she chooses her ex boyfriend, Adrian at the hunt he would kill Adrian So Syn basically had no choice I am just not ok with that even if he does say You want to be chased You need the choice taken away from you You fight your own desires, because you think you cannot handle it Syn You punish yourself for something that happened long ago, something you couldn t have changed, because destiny decided it before you were even born I m just giving us both what we want I mean really And she was ok with that and wanted to sleep with him pfff Then after he and syn have sex for hours, he gets pulled from their bed to hear news that his people were attacked by witches He believes they are from Syn s guild So what does he do he chokes her, doesn t wait to find out what happens just decides Syn slept with him to set up the attack on his people What a asshat again I also didn t care for the FIZ mind control thing I felt really sorry for Syn She had a bad life and I felt trapped for her by Ryder and all the crap he pulls Towards the end I think Ryder was confused by his own feelings for Syn and you do get to see him soften a little I started to like the new sides that Ryder was showing The ending OMG the ending was crazy making me Freak the freak out The story plot is great, the world was different in a good way, and it was written well and had lots of drama and plot twist I can see that the book has the potential to become a great series depending on how the next book goes so I am on to the next book

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    This started off SO strong and I was enthralled But then you throw in some minor plot holes, some major characterization inconsistencies, some personality vs action issues, and some semi flawed world building and we are left with a bit of a convolutedmess, honestly.Regardless, I really did enjoy it and I am intrigued by the questions we are left with at the end of book one I want to knowWHO exactly is Ryder, WHY exactly is Syn so important, and WHAT exactly is their destiny Side Note This has been sitting on my kindle for over a year now I got it for FREE and and it is the first book in my quest to kill my tbr of free sale books that I have currently overloading my kindle I m proud of myself for getting started on it and doubly glad I enjoyed the book.And PS Supposedly Ryder is hung like a horse A fairy horse, if you will For serious though, WTF does this dude have in his pants

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    11 15 15 RE READ I loved this just as much the second time around So so sooooo good Going to read the next three again now then then start the new spin off with The Elite Guards Yay me DOING RE READ OF ONE OF MY FAVS WOW This book was such a ride And I loved every freaking minute of it We get a sexy as all f king hell Fae that is as over the top alpha as you can get..and gets whatever the hell he wants..A kickass Witch that may be than just a witchSexual chemistry that just sizzles off the pagesall of this surrounded by an intricate plot with a few other worldy creatures including some real evil baddies And you ve got one amazing book The details The characters The story It was just crazy good I couldn t put it down totally amazing And the way this book ended holy shizballs I m just glad I found out about this series when the first 3 are already out. yay Me Now on to book 2

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