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    When I started to read this book I had a few expectations, I LOVED Heart of Texas So I was looking forward to of that awesomeness 1 I was expecting some Texas sized drama with CRAZY ASS plot twists that practically came with sinister background musicCHECK 2 I wanted some sweet, beautiful heartwarming Jack and Riley moments that left me sighing, and teary eyedCHECK CHECK 3 I knew I was going to get some HOT TOE CURLING SMEXING.CHECK CHECK CHECK I swear at one point I had Marvyn Gayes singing in my headJack is ONE HOT COWBOY.4 I knew that I would be once again charmed by Jack and Riley s family, crazy Texan tribe that they areCHECK This was a lovely follow up story We catch up with Jack and Riley a year after we left them They are married, in love and trying to build that life together they fought so hard to getThings are going pretty wellUntil Riley gets a phone call from his sister informing him that he is a father An old girlfriend of has passed away and left a will saying Riley is her daughter s Daddy and she wants him to care for her And off we go with Jack and Riley through all kinds of turns and twisty twistsWe got a little bit of everything tooMore crazy scandal, lying, a lawsuit here, some embezzlement there, token maniac thrown in, and even a bit of FBI action to keep us on our toes What I loved about both these books is that they are unapologetically over the top with the dramatics It might be my Latina heart that wholeheartedly appreciates a good novela, but I really do enjoy the craziness of it all.Jack and Riley can be just so devastatingly sweet and loving to each other, it warms my heart There were so many moments in this book, that seeing Jack through Riley s eyes or Riley through Jack s eyes was so tender and open it was almost heartbreakingWhat a love they have They are so strong together weathering any storm Riley s daughter Haley was adorable, and reading about my boys as proud pappas was wonderful Overall this book is a lovely finish to this love story If you read the first one don t hesitate to read this oneThere were a few moments here or there were things got a teeny tiny bit slow, other than that I was very happy with this story.Recommend, what a lovely early Christmas present from Ms Scott.

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    3.5 StarsI didn t find Texas Winter to be quite as enjoyable as The Heart of Texas Oddly enough, I think this was due to the fact that this story wasn t as outlandish in the drama department as its predecessor, which apparently was something I enjoyed a great deal about the first one.I did love the addition of little Hayley and the ease with which Riley and Jack became parents, however scary and overwhelming it was for both of them initially It was also great seeing their extended family members so happy and settled in their own relationships too old and new alike.This was a lovely addition to the series.

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    3.5 stars Well that was interesting.

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    When I read The Heart of Texas I instantly fell in love with Riley and Jack The troubles they go through and Riley s self discovery were enough to make me tear up When it comes to sequels, though, it s hard to live up to a book that was so amazing you can t find the right words I really enjoyed seeing Riley and Jack again and seeing them tackle another problem but than that I m just happy to say I was in no way disappointed with this story.I still loved Riley and Jack and I feel like they really are a great couple They can get through anything from an unexpected kid to dealing with multiple crazy people to the after affects of shady business deals and while their relationship might get a little rocky, in the end, they can handle anything together as long as they have each other Jack still has his temper but counters it with such passion Riley is almost a mess in this book but he s confident in himself than before They both take to Riley s new daughter, Hayley, really well and I felt like they finally became the family they should be It was very sweet My only problem with the book was I felt like the conflict with the FBI and all of that situation was rather rushed and incomplete I was hoping we got a lot details on it than we did The whole situation kind of flew by and I still don t feel like it was settled because I still have a bunch of questions about it So, would I recommend this book Yeah, I would but then again I m a huge Riley and Jack fan so no matter how many sequels comes after this one, if any, I ll read them because I love this series, these characters and RJ s writing It s not as intense as The Heart of Texas but it s much sweeter and that suited me just fine I have to put this because it was one of the sweetest moments in the book view spoiler Pappa, he really is so beautiful Riley looked at her That was a new one, calling him Pappa when he was normally Daddy I know he is Jack chose well, didn t he Riley smiled at her as she turned to face him Yeah, he did, but I m talking to Jack, Daddy, not you he s Pappa Riley s heart nearly exploded in his chest This moment here, looking at Red, standing with the man he loved and listening to his daughter call his husband Pappa hide spoiler

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    I really liked the beginning of this book, It was good to see how they were doing a year after the first book finished view spoiler But then when Riley started lying and keeping secrets i started not liking it as much Basically all his secrets and lies were because he didn t trust jack, even after a year Riley was whiny and i just didn t like how he was all me, me, me As much as i liked him in the first one i found myself barely tolerating him here Not sure how Jack put up with him.It seemed to drag for me, maybe cause i just didn t like Riley but they would drive to the vet, then the bar, then sit, and watch the pony, then talk about horse stuff and i was bored and started skimming this stuff.The the sex in the bar closet thing i hated Mostly it was Jack thinking of all the random hook ups he had in that same room and i skimmed through that scene too I think after this i just skimmed all the sex and never really got into the book again Three stars because i did like the beginning and liked Jack but there wasn t much plot or anything happening for most of the book to keep my interest and I just really ended up not liking Riley hide spoiler

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    More outrageous drama at the Double DYey Jack and Riley are back with outrageous drama and a soap opera story which sees the FBI involved with the historical dirty dealings of Riley s dead brother Jeff and a personal surprise in the form of an eight year old daughter.Along the way there s a dastardly uncle trying to get control of Riley s surprise daughter, there s an interview with the press in the form of Riley s sister Eden s boyfriend and there s trauma for Jack as his mother falls for the local vet, 20 years younger than her.I liked this one but it wasn t quite as bonkers as book one and it felt shorter so it s not another five star read for me.

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    3.5 starsI heart Jack Riley And I love reading part 2 of their story And I m obsessed with their devotion to each other And I m blissful with the progression of their relationship and the growth of their family And that is all that matters If you don t love Jack Riley, I m sure you ll find all kinds of holes and OTT moments to roll your eyes at But, if you DO love these boys, this book will make you happy Happy me.

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    3.5 Stars Full review to follow RC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

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    Ezinwanyi ThatEzi Oh My Shelves Ezinwanyi 1637 commentsCOMPLETION POST Week 5 Option 1 8 Ray Hunt was a well known horse trainer This sequel starts off with Jack and Riley s honeymoon getting cut short by a phone call from Eden demanding they return home immediately.Riley s past has come to threaten his future with Jack The Hayes family are still reeling from the betrayal by their brother and father But now a personal and professional issue is creating a rift and Riley has become distant Can their love endure Hayes drama This book was just as entertaining as book 1, perhaps a little less angsty But I was so pleased that Jack was rock solid and gave Riley support needed to deal with these issues The fact that Riley never had to question their love and commitment was key to truly resolving the personal issue I love them together, I love the healing occuring within their families I felt good listening to this audiobook and the direction of the overall plot.I think I ve been sleeping on this author and will get book 3 today.

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    Great narration, which somewhat made up for the OTT drama and ridiculous, at times, scenarios But it was a fun listen, fits in well with the series so far, and is a little bit like a bag of chipsyou only mean to eat a few, but the next thing you know, you look down and the bag is gone.I absolutely LOVE Sean s voice for Jack I listened to this in one sitting, and enjoyed it all Anyone who loves the series should grab the audio Sean is wonderful This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews.

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Texas Winter summary pdf Texas Winter, summary chapter 2 Texas Winter, sparknotes Texas Winter, Texas Winter faafb24 Riley S Past Comes Back To Haunt Him Both Professionally And PersonallyHis Dead Brother Left Than Just Bitter Memories For Riley To Deal With The FBI Get Involved And Suddenly It Is Than His Good Name That Is On The Line Jack Is Always There For Him But How Much Can Riley S Husband Reasonably Be Able To Understand Especially When Riley Finds Out On His Delayed Honeymoon That He Has An Eight Year Old Daughter He Never Knew Existed

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A USA Today bestselling author, RJ Scott has published over one hundred novels after discovering romance in books at a very young age She realized that if there wasn t love on the page, she could create it in her head, and has become a lifelong writer.She lives and works out of her home in the beautiful English countryside, spends her spare time reading, watching films, and enjoying time with her