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The Lure of the Honeybird txt The Lure of the Honeybird , text ebook The Lure of the Honeybird , adobe reader The Lure of the Honeybird , chapter 2 The Lure of the Honeybird , The Lure of the Honeybird 730718 A Bestselling, Award Winning Author Turns Her Hand To A Work Of Travel Memoir With This Book In , At The Age Of , Elizabeth Laird Set Off For Addis Ababa To Take Up Her First Teaching Post Back In Britain, Laird Established Herself As A Major Author Of Fiction For Children And Young Adults, But She Always Wanted To Return To Ethiopia Her Chance Came In The Late s, When The British Council In Addis Ababa Invited Her To Collect Folk Stories From Every Region Of The Country And She Encountered Former Guerrilla Fighters, Camel Traders, Coptic Nuns, And Tribespeople En Route Laird Has Written A Remarkable Account Of Her Journey Interwoven With A Treasure Trove Of Stories Featuring Princes And Maidens, Snakes And Lions, Zombies And Hyena Women

About the Author: Elizabeth Laird

Laird was born in New Zealand in 1943, the fourth of five children Her father was a ship s surgeon both he and Laird s mother were Scottish In 1945, Laird and her family returned to Britain and she grew up in South London, where she was educated at Croydon High School.When she was eighteen, Laird started teaching at a school in Malaysia She decided to continue her adventurous life, even though

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    A charming love letter to Ethiopia a retired schoolteacher traveled to every corner of the country to collect folk tales from its many ethnic groups, and between the stories, she tells us about the people she met in her travels.

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    It is always enjoyable to read about Ethiopia.

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    Magnificient I liked it really

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    Fabulous book Not just Ethiopian stories but also good insight into the diverse people and cultures of Ethiopia The author has spent significant time in Ethiopia herself and is therefore able to give a lot of local insights, while being of English background she makes the material very accessible and understandable to the western reader She could have elaborated on the stories a bit at times.

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    Loved hearing about Ethiopia and her people, and enjoyed the tales and descriptions of the oral story telling tradition The writing style was a little dry however, and I wish there had been stories.

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    Reviewed by

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    Such a brilliant book some really good descriptions and realistic insights to life in Ethiopia, interspersed with lovely stories and folktales from across the country.

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