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    First 70% 4 stars nice character development and slow burn strong comfort healing theme Last 30% 2 stars plunge into Melodrama Central Epilogue 1 star pure unrelated fuckery This book took a major nosedive when Eli view spoiler was attacked and nearly killed by homophobic motherfuckers hide spoiler

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    Written December 29, 20144.8 Stars Delighted and truly emotionally moved, this was a big shotA Gay Cowboy Romance felt like a good choice Rowan Speedwell was new for me but I m sure it will be books from her This was an impressing start for me Wow, I started to happydancing at onceTo listening to this amazing wonderful narrated audiobook was a joy in ten hours K.C Kelly, who also narrated one of my top reads this fall, Ethan, Who Loved Carter 5 stars This was a GREAT audiobook Highly recommended Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in New MexicoFormer undercover FBI agent Joshua Chastain is after a three years gang case in need if a big change He leaves the big city jungle for his uncle s New Mexico horse ranch The ranch foreman Eli Kelly has after leaving som wild years in the rodeo circus spent his days rehabilitating abused animals Her comes a damaged young beautiful man, another lost soul Eli has a new project to tender and carefully work with This wasn t in any way a easy ride agains a HEA Love, Like Water is quite angsty but also so very tender sweet and touching I cared for them Eli is great. and I felt that warm hot sun there in New Mexico This narrator did this adorable He did it to a believable M M romance and most of all a wonderful listening Simply very good It just isn t timeIt was meant to be a long happy review about this wonderful cowboy romance, but there were a lot of holidays and stuff to do so once again, short and sweet I was charmed, enchanted and fell in love with this story.I LIKE yeh, yeah, yeh

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    3.5 starsSo I m on a cowboy kick I like em Thus it s pretty much a given that I m predisposed to enjoy Love, Like Water That, and its Rowan Speedwell, of whom I m a big fan This book is LOVELY In fact, the first 75% of the book is a solid 4 stars for me The author manages to introduce us slowly and meticulously to Joshua, who for 3 years lived and worked undercover with one of the most notoriously vicious gangs in Chicago And though he never lost sight of the goal, he did lose grip of himself Joshua is painfully broken and has given up on ever finding his way Getting to know him was heartwrenching and difficult and sad Enter the Triple C ranch, owned by his Uncle Tuck and a place, apparently, far enough removed that Joshua would not be found by this drug cartel And on it, the foreman, Eli Eli is, for all intents and purposes, perfect And honest to goodness, I want that man Again, in a beautiful and non annoying slow build, the two men find each other and fall in love The healing takes time, but it s lovely.Now, here s where the book goes a little awry for me A terribe tragedy happens and there are miscommunications and misunderstandings along the way And snap, bad turns into good and view spoiler all is well and tidy in a HEA hide spoiler

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    Okay, so this book has gotten mixed review I can see why But, for me, this book was beautiful One warning I will give is it s a slow burner A lot of this is not just romance, but recovery It s about Josh s recovery and Eli s love for him Sounds cheesy And it is But it s also the truth I m not sure this will be for everyone, but I am saying that I am a huge fan of this book.The story is simple, when put together But reading it, there are a lot of details in the story Josh is an ex FBI agent He moves to his uncles farm after rehab He was undercover for three years During that time he saw a lot of bad things Things that he would rather forget His uncle, Tucker, was such a good person for Josh to be staying with He was clueless most of the time But he offered Josh love, and sometimes, that s all that matters.There is an attraction between Josh and Eli straight away almost But Josh is fucked up and doesn t have time to concentrate on his love life Eli just wants to help him That attraction leads to some lovely scenes and some difficult scenes But I never felt like the characters had no connection Their connection was strong and partly, I think it was because neither man rushed into anything The romance was well built, and it filled out enough of the book.There are some scenes you can laugh at Others that are no laughing matter But it all blended well together My favourite scene was the waterfall scene swoons For a book to have a scene like that, it automatically becomes a 5 star book It was just so sexy Hell, romantic even The jealousy was good, it showed how much both men cared And Tuck He had some funny lines that had me chuckling Well, I been reading, and they say that men think about sex every eight seconds, and gay men every five The epilogue was funny and it left room for a sequel Maybe I think a sequel would be nice, but not needed Still, I would be happy to see these characters again Highly recommended.

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    What a wonderful story It has everything I m looking for in a m m romance Hurt comfort, love, tenderness, smoking hot sex and cowboys It s the first of Rowan Speedwell s books I ve read and surely it has not been the last Her skill in writing broken humans is awesome Her poesy is unique and I really loved it While reading the story I was gripped with the trauma Joshua has gone through He s a man struggling with life, who thinks he is worthless But when he meets Eli his wounds begin to heal Eli is a compassionate man who wants nothing than to save Josh s soul No matter what happens and there s a lot that happens he s not giving up on fighting for their love.Oh, and I loved the supporting characters Uncle Tucker and Sarafina Their romance is so cute I couldn t stop smiling when I read their happy ending.Josh s dancing beneath the waterfall is breathtaking It s definitely one of the best scenes And he kept dancing, but not the simple steps he had been using with Eli He put one hand out to the side, and pressed the other against his belly, and danced, singing the words out loud He picked up the beat, too, so that the music was spilling out of him, fast and rich, his body moving in the complex rhythm Eli could almost hear the drums behind the voice.Joshua shot Eli a quick grin, then took a couple of quick steps so that he was dancing directly beneath the little waterfall that fell from the canyon wall He was singing something about water, about love running like water, and dancing as if his soul were on fire He was so beautiful Eli almost wept.He came out of the waterfall as he finished the song, walking straight for Eli, taking him into his arms and kissing him, hot and fierce.Eli closed his eyes, and fell And I fell with Eli Love, like water Highly recommended.

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    The water ran from the sides of his mouth Eli set the bottle down carefully and held Josh in his lap under the silver blanket, waiting helplessly, his heart breaking Oh, baby boy, he whispered, don t do this to me No me hagas esto, mijo Please don t Please don t I have never read any of Rowan Speedwell s books before so I didn t know what to expect However, I really liked the premise for this one Was I in for some kind of ride I have officially fallen completely and utterly in love with Elian Kelly, and I have the hots for Joshua Chastain as well not to mention my heart broke for him I have a ridiculous number of status updates on this book, so if you want to get a feel from themthey re there If you like turbo angst.If you like a broken characterIf you like a cowboy Do I need to add any to that sentence If you like a character that is full of support and caringand is a cowboyIf you like the idea of family caring for one of their ownIf you like a good plotIf you like angry sex, sexy sex, sex in places you can get caught but never gratuitous, and just right for the plot to sex ratioIf you like the sound of, as Eli does, a man dancing for you under a waterfall in a sexy Latino wayIf you like horses I love them If you like a slow build and then, BAM, explosive sex Yeah, I know, sex again If you like understated but country style humourIf you like something that will keep the pages turningIf you like the fact that a book takes you in a direction you didn t think it wouldThen read Love, Like Water.I loved this book, I adored the MC s I even loved secondary characters, barring those who deserved my total and utter disdain, as it should be What A Good Book. Proper review at On Top Down Under Book Reviews

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    I m having a very hard time trying NOT to rate this 5 stars Simply because Eli.He was such a wonderful guy, a man you d want to be friends with A horse whisperer in the truest sense of the words Guys like him can even pull of the healing love trope.Joshua Chastain is an FBI agent who just came out of a three year undercover mission with a drug dealing street gang The things he s done, plus his heroin addiction, are rendering him unfit to continue working for the FBI Wasted away to a skinny shell of a man after rehab and having nowhere else to go mainly just wanting to find a quiet corner to die in , he accepts his uncle s offer to help him run the Triple C ranch a place he s last seen when he was eleven years old.Arriving in the remote town in New Mexico, he meets his uncle s patchwork family consisting of his cook Sarafina, her son Jesse and the many hands helping with the ranch One of them, Elian Kelly, is a soft spoken cowboy who mainly deals with abused horses And Joshua being a skittish, depressed man who is haunted by many demons, Eli takes him under his wing, hoping that life in the countryside will do him good.Eli doesn t know that Joshua needs to take a much deeper fall before he can overcome his darkness This story is really amazing I liked both Eli and Joshua Both guys go through hell in this story which is always a big plus when I am judging a book Both guys find love with each other And both guys have to overcome their inner barriers before they are a true match for each other.Still, a couple of things felt awkward, which is why I should be rating this 4.5 stars instead of the full 5.For one thing, Joshua s heroin addiction was depicted in a very strange way Sometimes it was there, then it wasn t present at all Later on, it became an issue again Almost like a light switch that you only push when needed.I also found it pretty hard to stomach that Joshua wasn t there for Eli when he needed him most Sure, he had things to work through, but couldn t they wait until AFTER And the one big tragedy that most of the psychological issues drew from dissolves into thin air at the very end I mean, WTF Just when we have made peace with it, it was all for nothing And sorry for sounding totally superficial, but what was up with their first sex scene I mean, how awkward was that Who does that LOL I ll shut up now, because it got better after that, but wow, that was sure a bummer, just when they finally made it that far after dancing around each other for so long Still, I mean, Elian Kelly Gosh 5 stars

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    I ve been waiting so long for another Rowan Speedwell book that I snatched this one up for review without even reading the blurb I may have been hesitant at choosing this if I had snuck a peak first since I m not usually a huge fan of cowboy stories.normally Beautiful I know I probably sound a little lame, but that s the only word I can articulate right now The beauty of this story has left me speechless So, please bear with me while I blather on Joshua Chastain has come to his Uncle Tucker s horse ranch to get a new start in life following a horrific undercover assignment that has left him broken and drug addicted There, he meets Elian Kelly, the ranch foreman with a specialty in helping abused and traumatized horses Eli immediately takes a liking to Josh and is determined to help him mend just like any other horse on the ranch Oh, but what is to be done about that slow boiling attraction between them I loved everything about this story I said it earlier, and I will say it againit was beautiful Rowan, as always, did an amazing job of giving us a broken, traumatized hero, barely living, who is then brought back to life through love and the power of a relationship with another man And Eli was the perfect man for the job Their HEA didn t come easy, and it got really, really angsty there for a bit There were a few scenes near the end that had my chest tight and made me want to scream I felt for both of these characters sooooo muchthey were so real to me Other things I loved The Pace This was not a fast paced story No, it was a slow, meandering journey, and I couldn t tear myself away So, it actually ended up being a very fast read for me The Sexual Tension I was especially hooked in by all the sexual tension So no, the romance was definitely not rushed Plus, it was resolved by some very hot, passionate sexoutdoor sexnear public sex Josh and Eli were HOT The Uncle Uncle Tucker was awesome One of the funniest old cowboysever The Imagery Lots of beautiful New Mexican landscape The Horses I know absolutely nothing about horses, but all the horse talk didn t bother me, and I actually found it interesting Not sure of the accuracy but it all sounded good to me The Epilogue I will just say that this had one of the best epilogues in all my romance reading history Now I want a follow up I easily give this 5 Stars Recommended.Reviewed for The Blog of Sid Love

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    To be honest there are so many high rated reviews out there that echo my exact thoughts about this truly lovely story that I could quite easily have just said read those but this is one of those emotionally charged books that once I d finished reading it, left me with that Wow, that was amazing feeling and how can you not want to share that Its a slow burner so don t expect insta love and wham bam thank you man bed hopping scenes every other page because its not going to happen What you get is a beautifully written story of a man completely broken because of a horrific undercover operation that has left him guilt ridden and suffering the awful after effects of a forced heroin addiction that he s left fighting every day Things are so heartbreaking at the beginning that you just can t fathom how he ll ever get over it When he s sent to stay at his Uncle Tucks ranch he s emotionless, undernourished and barely a shadow of the man he once was Then Eli enters the scene Lovely, patient,gentle Eli, with his quiet aura and caring nature He sees this emotionally and physically battered man and in the same way that he s drawn to the neglected horses that he and Tuck care for on the ranch, so he s drawn to Joshua and from then on the healing begins but its far from an easy journey for either of them Joshua is carrying so much emotional baggage that for a while no one can get through to him until he does something that shakes both Eli and Tuck pretty badly Its at this point that Eli realises just how much Joshua means to him and it was from this point onwards that it became a 5 star plus story for me I really loved it Its heartrending but its also a beautiful love story and whether you like angst with your stories or not I thought this one was balanced perfectly All the supporting characters are vivid and give the story extra depth and I know Eli and Joshua are the true MC s but in my opinion Uncle Tuck was just as much a lead character as they were and deserves a special mention He was one of the standouts for me There were many beautiful moments in this book but I think the one that I loved the most was when Joshua danced for Eli at the waterfall That was truly special Thank you Rowan for this poignant but gorgeous story I recommend it highly.

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    A wonderful, gentle story about healing and putting the horrors of the past behind you.After witnessing brutal crimes whilst undercover for the FBI as a gang member, Joshua is left a broken man physically, mentally and emotionally Joshua has to start finding himself again and is sent to his Uncle s ranch in New Mexico.His uncle Tucker runs a ranch that takes in horses that have been cruelly treated or abused by their owners and rescued by the ASPCA Along with his ranch foreman, Eli, they resocialise the horses by winning their trust and nursing them back to health They do this with no use of force, but with a lot of patience and care I really liked this part of the story as a parallel to Joshua s situation who was also broken and really no different to the horses It was amusing to hear Eli talking about how to handle Joshua like caring for one of his horses and nursing them back to full health However, humans are complicated then horses and Eli finds this out I reckon there ll be plenty of times we can t figure out what he s thinking Might as well get used to it Joshua arrives to take over the ranch as his uncle is looking for someone to continue when he no longer can Joshua should take on the office work At least that s the plan for his uncle His uncle has limited knowledge of PCs and the internet, but realises that if he is to develop the ranch he will need to get someone in that does Fact is, I ve been needing someone to help me with the business end of the ranch for a while I m not interested in all the society network stuff I loved the way Uncle Tucker would always get words confused with things that he doesn t really understand However, he is an open and intelligent man and knows that Eli is gay Well, I been reading and they say that men think about sex every eight seconds, and gay men every five While Joshua is there he finds himself attracted to Eli, but still can t believe that Eli would fancy him let alone a rough and tough cowboy could be gay He keeps things bottled up and tries not to let his feelings show He is carrying to much baggage anyway to worry about relationships Eli believes that he can be gentle with Joshua and start to nuture him back, again learning from his patience that is needed for the horses After some dancing around each other they finally get their act together and then Joshua starts to bloom Yeah, sometimes friends give you strength you don t know you have There are a few hitches, trials and tribulations on the way before they get to their HEA, but with the help of the ranch Joshua finds himself and someone he can love.I really loved all the characters portrayed in this book, from the MCs to uncle Tuck, also Sarafina the hispanic housekeeper who was like a mother to everyone I really felt the love, contentment, closeness, support and healing power that this ranch has A wonderful place to be, not only for the horses.The lesson I learnt from this book for me personally is one of being gentle on yourself Joshua s self confidence is low and is constantly believing himself not worthy of anyone or beating himself up for events in the past Always thinking yourself as not deserving pushes people away You have to be able to love, respect and like yourself before other people can love you back It was a long road to get there for Joshua, but he did it in the end.The plot was simple, but this gave me the chance to feel the turmoil in Joshua and the pain he was going through Also to see how he heals with all the love and support around him on the ranch It is a truly uplifting story from being at rock bottom, getting back on your feet and finding happiness A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for a fair and honest review

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Love, Like Water download Love, Like Water, read online Love, Like Water, kindle ebook Love, Like Water, Love, Like Water 631d8d2edadf Three Years Undercover With One Of The Worst Gangs In The Country Left FBI Agent Joshua Chastain Shattered Battling Nightmares And Addiction, He Leaves The Concrete Jungle For New Mexico Horse Country, Hoping To Start Over On His Uncle S RanchForeman Eli Kelly Spends His Life Rehabilitating Abused Animals, And Joshua Is Just Another Lost Soul But As Joshua Slowly Begins To Put His Life Back Together, Eli Realizes That Joshua Is A Lot Than His Newest ProjectJoshua S Plan Seems To Work Maybe A Fresh Start Was Just What He Needed Then, Just When He Has Finally Found A Sense Of Peace, Crime And Hatred Nearly Destroy All His Hard Work Forcing Him To Reevaluate What He Wants Out His Relationship With Eli And His Own Life