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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street summary Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, series Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, book Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, pdf Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 52e8fb26ea Sweeney Todd, The Notorious Demon Barber, Has Been Called The Greatest Mass Murderer In English History With The Aid Of An Ingenious Revolving Chair And A Cut Throat Razor, He Is Said To Have Robbed And Butchered Than Victims In His Barber Shop In Fleet Street, Before Taking The Remains To Nearby Bell Yard Where His Accomplice, Margery Lovett, Cooked Their Flesh For Her Meat Pies Despite Being As Infamous In London S History As Jack The Ripper, Todd S Story Has Been Almost Completely Ignored By Historians In This Definitive Biography, Peter Haining Delves Into The Grim Underworld Of London Years Ago To Expose The Man Behind The Myth Separating Fact From Fiction, He Reveals A Gruesome And Bizarre Story With A Unique Criminal Heart

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    The problem is with this book is that it claims to tell the real story of Sweeney Todd and says that 25 years of research went into it Haining asserts that Todd was a real person citing dates and the like but doesn t back this up.In no way is this a well researched book there is no bibliography or documentation that one would expect in anything classing itself as a non fiction work dealing with history.Poorly written and its seems no one proof read it as there are some glaring mistakes.Happily I obtained this via a library so I didn t pay anything for it.

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    Sweeney Todd s crimes struck horror into the hearts of eighteenth century Londoners, and continue to chill and fascinate two hundred years later According to the legend, Todd was a barber with a grimy shop on Fleet Street When solitary victims settled into his chair for a shave, the Demon Barber would pull a lever that opened the floor beneath the chair and pitched them into the dark cellar below If the fall did not kill them, he would cut their throats, and then help himself to their valuables Todd disposed of the bodies with help from accomplice Margery Lovett, who baked their flesh into meat pies that she sold in her Bell Yard shop The nightmare pair claimed over 160 victims before authorities stepped in and brought their spree to a halt The unbelievable victim count, the fantastic revolving chair, and the two centuries that have passed since he cut his last victim s throat have led crime historians to question whether or not Sweeney Todd really existed Even the flesh into pie method of concealing his crimes has a Grimms aura of unreality about it Peter Haining attempted to set the record straight in this book, which was originally published in 1993, and re released in 2007 in the wake of the popular film starring Johnny Depp He doesn t fully succeed Sweeney Todd the Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a well written account of both the Demon Barber s deeds and the London that he lived in But the problem is that Haining does not list his sources In 1993 footnotes were not the norm outside of academic texts, but authors usually compensated by identifying source material in the book itself i.e According to the People s Periodical of November 1, 1846 We re given a lot of intriguing information that cannot be verified Haining describes Todd s trial and execution in vivid detail, yet neither event appears in the official records Discriminating readers are left with a sense of hollow enjoyment We want to trust such an entertaining book, but we can t.This could have been a five star book, but the sense of uncertainty it leaves me with forces me to accord only three.

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    Am currently reading this book by mistake I thought it was the READ Sweeney Todd book, but alas,it is only a historical review of the times of Sweeney Todd.The book is interesting although the author goes on inconsequential tangents and I often forget what the original purpose of the chapter paragraph sentence is.I ll certainly finish reading it hopefully it will be informative for when I read the actual story of Sweeney Todd Additional note I ve decided not to finish reading this as I picked up way better books at the library

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    i have been a fan of this story since i saw angela lansbury do it in new york 20 years ago i ve seen it done locally as well, and am THRILLED that a movie has been produced johnny depp is an EXCELLENT sweeny.

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    Oddly charming book positing the idea that Sweeney Todd actually existed.I went in doubtful, came out convinced that Peter Haining s research had born fruit.An interesting, if somewhat unusual, read.Highly recommended.

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    This book could be recommended to History Buffs The author took great lengths to assemble historical records and cross reference them with detailed graphic depictions of what was going on in London at the time The complete bibliography at the back of the book is worth looking into Those doing research on their own will learn why certain parts of history really are hard to come by and how you can find new avenues of research Steampunk fans Children of the Nineteenth and Eighteenth century did not go to band camp to get away from their abusive drunk parents They went to the tower of London where the guards delighted in showing kids how their torture devices worked on incarcerated people, or just explaining, not torturing kids Several contraptions and devices are elaborated on in this book, not to mention the origins of barber devices Those who wish to write steam punk will find lots of inspiration from this book in creating a convincing villain.True Crime Readers In researching the real Sweeney Todd, Mr Haining ran across several other cannibals and murderers the tale could have started from These tails and historic accounts are almost chilling to read than that of the real Todd Fans could you call them that of Jack the Ripper will appreciate the fact that this author ties in the two characters and just like the ripper crimes, he explains what is in the locations now in present day London It is also worth learning about the evolution of the British police force.High Brow Literature Geeks Learn where the origins of many characters have come from by learning about the disgusting habits of old London Also read about the evolution of the Newspapers of England from the Penny Dreadfuls, to tabloid esque newsletters of the goings on inside prisons to the modern day papers.Sickos who enjoy of all things BROADWAY MUSICALS Yeah You can read it too.

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    Originally, I had this in my true crime shelf, but had to remove it from there after my reading of the first few chapters Although Haining tries to pass this off as a researched account proving that Sweeney Todd did truly exist in London, he fails abysmally The writing is not terrible, and many of the facts about London culture were interesting However, Haining fails to provide any evidence that what he claims as fact did actually occur The first half of the book is a confused mix of this is why Todd has to have existed , and undocumented but extremely detailed events that supposedly occurred in his lifetime, even though Haining does not mention sources or actually come to the believable conclusion that he was not a figment of fiction.The second half of the book is devoted, not to Sweeney Todd s life and crimes, but to the media adaptations that took place through the 19th and 20th century These are not organized chronologically Haining jumps from a 1940 s movie adaptation back to the 1800 s and the first novel and back to play and then over to the introduction of the story in American culture without rhyme or reason In addition, he packs the second half with unnecessary and unrelated facts the entire page detailing how the actor who was famous for playing Todd went bankrupt and then died was my personal favourite , which are utterly mind numbing.The book read like a true account of Roswell, or Big Foot sightings and not the researched historical account I was interested in I suggest no one interested in true crime read this If you are looking for an account of the legend and the media portrayal, choose another book that focuses on that aspect, as this author s continuous and unfounded claims of the truth of the man will most likely grate your nerves, as it did mine I quit reading this book on chapter 17, and it therefore has been added to my incomplete shelf.

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    Lo que menos me gusta en este mundo es atacar a otros colegas escritores, menos a n si como en el caso del Sr Haining, han pasado a mejor vida Opino que no hay reglas a la hora de escribir un libro, cualquier f rmula es buena, ya que a fin de cuentas todos los escritores mentimos a nuestros lectores cont ndoles historias que no son ciertas.El drama viene cuando un escritor quiere hacer pasar por cierta una historia inventada, y se basa en argumentos, en pruebas que simplemente provienen de su imaginaci n, nicamente con el objetivo de ganar reconocimiento y obtener ventas No hay nada de Real Story en el ensayo de Haining Ning n hombre llamado Todd fue encarcelado en la prisi n de Newgate y ahorcado en Tyburn.Sweeney Todd se basa en una leyenda urbana francesa de m s de cuatrocientos a os de antig edad, la leyenda de La Posada de los Tres Reyes de Par s.

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    Okay, so when I picked this book up, I was expecting a novel 1st person point of view, 3rd person, I didn t know Or care, really The first three chapters though, were something I thought to be an author s note of some sort, but I read it anyway It was the beginning of the fourth chapter, however, that I realized it was not a novel, but rather, a biography And upon this discovery, I put together the facts that a biography is a work written about someone by someone else NOT FICTION Learning all this to be fact, I m now quite eager to go to London to see many of the famous landmarks associated with the legend of Sweeney Todd.

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    This is not the version of Sweeney Todd seen in the film, and based on the victorian play which was romanticised by adding the young lovers.This is based on information in the Newgate calender, other documentation of the 1800 s and local folklore and knowledge of the area of Temple Bar.It s interesting reading, although I did enjoy the latest film this is the believeable version for me.

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