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The Current Between Us explained The Current Between Us , review The Current Between Us , trailer The Current Between Us , box office The Current Between Us , analysis The Current Between Us , The Current Between Us a4eb Gage Synclair, International, Hard Hitting Investigative Photojournalist, Is Preparing For The Final Special Report Of His Career A Story Of Deception And Murder Six Long Years In The Making After Spending Ten Years In Some Of The Worst Parts Of The World, He S Ready To Settle Life Down And Open An Art Gallery In His Hometown Of Chicago Trent Cooper, Electrical Contractor, Is Surprised By The Last Minute Request For A Fast Paced Electrical Remodel, Little Did He Know He D Be Immediately Propositioned By The Gallery S Owner Being Gay In The Construction Industry Isn T Easy, Nor Is Being Father To His Two Young Adopted Children Trent Keeps His Life In Separate Zones To Avoid A Short Circuit Will Their High Voltage Passion Break The Currents Between Them Forever

  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • The Current Between Us
  • Kindle Alexander
  • English
  • 14 May 2018
  • 9780989117340

10 thoughts on “The Current Between Us

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    3.75 Stars I don t know what it is about that Kindle Alexander but her books just work for me I did have some issues with this one thoughI kid you not, Gage said and thought some of THE cheesiest stuff when it came to Trent Your grins touch my heart The kiss reached out and touched his soul like the man sitting next to him did every time he did these unexpected things Goodnight, handsome Dream of me I ll be dreaming of you My guy holds my heart If a guy I was dating said that stuff to me I would have to break up with his ass And yeah it was INSTA everything.insta lust, insta love I really should ve hated this book LMAO But color me shockedI didn t I actually liked it Kindle made it work Cheese and insta love aside, Gage and Trent and the kids were really sweet together And the added bit of suspense spiced things up

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    1.5 StarsMy face hurts My head hurts My eyeballs hurt.All because this book induced nothing but constant eye rolling, face palming and head plants against any available surface.You know what this is A barely disguised Harlequin Romance that belongs on one of those spiny wire racks in the library with the medical romances Honestly, I can see it there but with a new title like Billionaire for his babies or something similar Before I tell you why this didn t work for me know that there is a lot of love for this gem, and once again I am in the minority I ll try not to be to be too offensive.Firstly, like I said, this reads just like a Harlequin romance the set up, the insta attraction, the super famous and rich bachelor who abandons his I don t do repeats dictum for the humble uber hot girl guy, whose struggling to do his best for his adopted kids Now I can cope with all that, but what I can t deal with is the dialog, formulaic descriptions and the very hetero feel of this novel.When crossing over to the m m genre it really is a lot than swapping her for him, and excluding a vagina in favour of anal sex I see that now It s not only that it was the thoughts and convictions of Trent that where too womanised for my liking.Example Trent checked the cooler he kept outside, the ice held up even in the summer sun, keeping the drinks, the potato salad, and mayo all cool inside The table looked ready disposable plates, napkins, bags of chips all ready to open Everything looked perfectWould a real man really give a toss about what the table looked like Okay maybe some gay men, but not the uber macho Trent I don t see a man like Trent crying and sobbing over a fella after two weeks of knowing him either.There s a whole lot of lip slanting kisses, rigid cocks, soul stealing gazes, tongue thrusting into ears possessive caveman thoughts, dazed looks, confessions like your kisses undo me , unexplained needing, healing, stirring heart strings, cute kids, and despite all of that, I actually finished this book There was just something about those Harlequin romances way back then, that compelled me to finish them, even though I rolled my eyes and face palmed all the way through yes,even at the age of 16 and the same reasons apply here Despite the clich s, the characters still engaged me and I wanted the hearts and flowers happy ending I knew was coming The biggest fail, and it s pretty HUGE considering, is that this book does NOT work as an m m novel, not at all Sowwwwy.

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    4.5 STARS This book is an excellent love story, where even the most hardened heart and disillusioned soul can find the romantic streak hidden deep within and see it blossom into something neither thought possible I fell in love with the author, her writing and the characters just go read it Want to know who the author was dreaming of whilst writing Ryan McPartlin and William Levy PERFECT CHARACTERISATION This book was a recommendation and I will be forever thankful for being introduced to this very talented author so I would like to share the love and wholeheartedly recommend this book you get great character development, it is laugh out loud funny in parts, there are two smart and cute children that are not just a token gesture, secondary characters that bring life to the story, some very hot, intense and steamy man loving, hilarious text messaging, scenes that will move you to tears and a twist at the end that I never saw coming, throwing a little angst and action in too Plus an epilogue that will melt your heart and rounded it all up in a complete and wonderful package yes, I LOVED THIS BOOK One man totally grounded and committed to looking after his niece and nephew and the other, a man whore, driven by success and never turns away from something he wants Two very different characters, yet there is no denying their attraction The Current Between Us Perfect title for this book as there is an underlying sizzling sexual chemistry between these two, that practically set my Kindle on Fire It had been four years since the tragic death of Trent Cooper s sister, in that time he had played the perfect father to his sisters children, Em and Hunter They were the centre of his universe, he couldn t possibly love them , and caring and providing for the two little people that had become his life had never been a chore, for him it was a joy and a privilege and also a responsibility never taken lightly Oh He had once been that guy, where meaningless and anonymous sex and nights clubbing were the norm but as a single parent, those days were long gone, along with his sex and social life now non existent and as a father he also needs to be disciplined, has to be, he wants to make a success of his electrical contracting business without it encroaching on the valuable time he has with the kids The first thing that hits you about Trent is just how caring and compassionate he is, he has a big heart and loves the children dearly, and although he has Aunty Crazy and Rhonny the live in Nanny who are his support network and friends, he is incredibly lonely and misses his sister who was also his best friend Gage Synclair is an investigative photojournalist, he has spent years in the poorest of countries bringing the world stories that have hit the headlines for their tough, no holds barred, dangerous revelations He is now working on his last story, the pinnacle of his career, one which he has ploughed thousands of his own money into making and the expose will hit several countries hard including the U.S, bringing a man who had committed atrocious and nefarious acts to justice The timing has to be perfect to coincide with the opening of his new gallery and hopefully launch a new career as a desk broadcaster for one of the large networks.Trent luckily picks up a new job, one that will hopefully help him build his business and it just so happens to be Gage s Gallery Now Trent is familiar with Gage as the man is his freakin hero, he is totally in awe of him and has a copy of every report he has ever made, but not only that, meeting Gage was making his body react in ways definitely not suitable for a construction site and certainly not in front of the man himself And Gage is no better he is driving himself crazy with his attraction and fantasies of Trent and the whole thing was baffling him, how could he be Trent is a married man with children, or so he thinks Gage wrapped himself around Trent, sliding his hands up under his suit jacket, pulling Trent fully against his body The kiss was hot, but tender, and went on for several long minutes Both were rigidly hard, brushing their cocks against one another It was the most erotic kiss of his life and Gage had had some kisses Never had one turned him on like this stolen kiss in a darkened neighborhood of a Chicago suburb He wanted this man God, he wanted him badly, but he wanted Trent long term The thought of wanting this man for many years to come stunned him and made him feel like a happily drowning man I love the journey Kindle Alexander takes us on with these two boys, we see them grow emotionally before our eyes and our initial impressions are dispelled as they both open their hearts for the first time Our first glimpse of Gage is that of a selfish man, ambitious, driven, a hard ass no nonsense type of guy, wanting the best and demanding it, with a string of nameless one night stands in his wake and certainly doesn t give you the warm and fuzzies But Gage is an all or nothing kinda guy when he wants something he goes for it, and he has never wanted anything than he wants Trent Trent that had stolen his heart his sentiment and courting was a little on the saccharine side of sweet, but for a man that had previously been an egotistical arse, all these feelings were new and holding himself back was not an option he was like a lovesick teenager and this was his first love and he just couldn t get enough It wasn t just Trent either, Em and Hunter also pulled something from deep within and watching this transformation of Gage, made my heart melt There is no past trauma in Gage s life that had hardened his heart to love he had just never been receptive to it and it was cute seeing him realise just how much he wanted to be part of Trent s life and family.Trent had been so immersed in caring for Em and Hunter he had lost a part of himself along the way, he had previously been fun loving and flirty, now he was a man lacking in confidence in the dating department, despite the best efforts of Rhonny and Aunty Crazy He has reservations about the whole dating scenario, it is obvious that Gage has money, and lot s of it and they were poles apart in the social standings and getting involved with Gage would only bring heartache only his heart isn t listening and he hadn t realised what he had been missing Gage gave him confidence, made him feel good about himself, and Trent is so unassuming, he has no idea that men find him attractive, he is totally oblivious, however Gage is only too aware of Trent s charisma and it made me smile just how effusive he is overwhelmed with how full his heart is, he loves Trent and that in itself is a revelation, for the first time he is considerate of someone else s feelings and he will do whatever it takes to keep him and his family in his life.These two men are combustible together and Kindle Alexander certainly didn t skimp on the sex scenes OH NO The passion between them was intense, erotic and heart poundingly HOT, leaving me in a puddle of lust They both connected on a level neither thought possible their desire consumed them, but it was so much than sexual attraction, everything fit and the chemistry was palpable Just when you think everything is going to end all hearts and flowers, there is a bombshell that is dropped, which threatens to throw not only the romance but Trent s whole life apart, I have to admit I never saw it coming and the connection is there as plain as day throughout the book I was pissed off at Gage s actions and my heart was breaking for Trent, but it was a thrilling addition to the story and certainly had my blood boiling But what transpires, than makes up for it and the epilogue was just Aww Bless Highly recommended read what are you waiting for, get a wriggle on and discover for yourself what a great book it is

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    My thoughts tend to consist of spoilersI warned you. 4.5 Between Trent and Gage Stars Your grins touch my heart Your kisses undo me My second book by this author and I just keep getting amazed the I read Every aspect of this book draws me in Kindle Alexander knows how to write an incredible story From the build up of each characters world and how they collide To the story seeming to lead in different directions, only to be so connected that it blows you away The flow of the writing was simply beautiful I loved and enjoyed reading each characters perspective of each other, in such sexy details I didn t notice how consumed I was by this book till I reached the last pagerealizing I didn t want it to be the end Trent Cooper, an electrical contractor, is eager to impress at his next job to get the attention of Layne Construction Only he didn t expect that job to be for gallery owner Gage Synclair A man Trent himself is a huge fan of Instantly dumbfounded and speechless, Trent realizes his attracted to Gageand what a coincidence that Gage is gay himself and is showing obvious interest But Trent denies the attraction and tries to focus on his job Raising his adopted children, from the time his sister passed away and left him as the sole guardian, Trent has left behind his care free single life and taken full responsibility as a devoted father That means no random hook ups and only serious relationships, that won t hurt his family His eyes met Trent s and his heart lurched in his chest This man was his Trent Cooper was made for him Gage Synclair, an international, investigative photojournalist is preparing for his last report and retiring to focus on his art gallery His never dated and committed to a serious relationship But a certain gorgeous electrician is all that on his mind, and changing his way of thinking He has to have Trent Coopereven if it means forever.Gage is so open with his want for Trent, and its beautiful to read about his eagerness to become apart of Trent s family His persistent with having his feelings known, even when Trent was showing hesitation to open his heart These feelings I have for you are so strong I ve never had them for anyone before you It s a little scary A want that grew to become an all consuming love that couldn t be denied You re the end of this road I want you I want to be with you I m hot for you, Trent Cooper I can t get last night out of my mind I loved making love to you Mates, I think I ll leave it at that delicious quote and just add again how awesome and unbelievably good this book is Not a boring bit in to be read So make sure to grab a copy and get caught in the current between Gage and Trent xx

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    This one started annoying me about halfway in Yep, they met, yep, they fell in love but it all seemed a bit quick and rushed to me.Gage is a Photographer, he is wealthy Trent is an Electrician, a blue collar worker.Throw in some cute kids At around 75% when I was kinda going to give up on it throw in a bit of a and we have our.

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    Loved it Dang it all Why didn t I review this one I m afraid to re read.

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    The Current Between Us was a cute, Insta love story I liked it but I didn t love it I thought that Gage and Trent were cute together They were pretty much opposites but they had a strong attraction Gage was pushy and a little on the silly side He was constantly complimenting Trent, which is not a bad thing but sometimes it gets old Trent was reserved and very likable He had a lot of responsibility thrown at him all at once and his whole world had changed, so he was not really into the whole dating scene or one night stands As much as I love Insta love stories, I like for them to fight for it also I am hard to please when it comes down to it though Depends on my mood.Overall, I liked it Cute enough

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    4 1 2 Stars a really good M M with great steamy romance, cute kids, a thrilling resolution and several unexpected turnsThis is the second Ms Alexander novel I read and like the former, for me it was really good and entertaining It started a little hesitantly but oh how I then got hooked on these guys It was cute, really hot and very emotional Trent Cooper is an electrician with his own firm that gets a great and urgent job for the famous reporter and photographer Gage Sinclair who is soon to open a new photo art gallery Gage has never had the time or desire for relationships but becomes immediately very interested and attracted to the sleek green eyed electrician Trent has neither the time nor the inclination with fast loose connections or flirting when he s working He is constantly busy with everyday life, the dead sister s two young children he adopted four years ago, the company, the employees, to support the family and to catch enough sleep From where I m standing, an electrican looks to be a very sexy job All those belts and hard hatsHow does one go about becoming an electrical contraktor In addition to two men who are attracted to each other and everything around it, there are also some great surprises here Although sometimes it is predictable, it never too cute and messy These men are still independent men of integrity and natural feelings Obviously and naturally got Trent s two wonderful little children my heart just like Gage s and they also gave the story extra charm Yum I liked them all For me, this is good and easy read entertainment literature I enjoy and feel happy to read this kind of books now and then As I ve written about another of this author s books Texas Pride so is her gay romances, in some respects, comparable to the so common contemporary romances with a wealthy man and a woman of the people The design and feel is a bit the same, for me in a good way.Very steamy, pretty simple, nice kids, grand love, rather rushed and perhaps not entirely credible but so likeable M M entertainment Mrs Alexander s books will probably continue to be given straight into my TBR shelf I have found a shape and style in these books to suit all days between any anguished and tough books or the much sugar sweet boys who loves boys books I often read Excellent romance for women like me.I LIKE oh yes I do

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    3 Stars I liked this one, just didn t love it What can I say I m not a hater of insta love, but sometimes it s just too much I found myself doing a lot of eye rolling at the fact that within a couple of paragraphs, Gage went from being the lover of eternal one night stands to falling madly in love and wanting a family and forever with Trent Call me a skeptic, but Ok, I won t be totally negative about it I did love the family dynamic in the Cooper household Emmie and Hunter were adorable and added an extra carefree layer to the story But at times even that felt too forced The easy transition and addition of Gage to the family didn t quite feel natural.it was a bit too rushed Now the steam.well no complaints there Okay maybe one..I wanted Does that make me slutty And the wonky twist at 75%I had a feeling, but I kept thinking.Nah, the author won t do something that obvious and dare I say, lame But nope, there it was I m afraid to say I couldn t even take it seriously Overall, this was a low on angst, feel good, I love you, you re my everything read It was good enough to keep me reading, but not so much where I felt fully invested in the outcome I just wanted a happy ending and closure I mean, I wasn t looking for anything heavy, but sometimes you gotta ask yourselfAs I m sure you ve guessed this wasn t a favorite of mine from this author That distinction still stays with Texas Pride and Double Full, but it definitely won t stop me from reading of her books Sometimes there s just a bump in the road And that s my ramblings on that.

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    Please imagine a vomiting smiley.Seldom have I cursed my inability to insert pictures and gifs than just now.I vented a bit in my status updates, so I will keep this short Bad story with unbelievable plot holes, bad main characters Douche bag and perfect guy could have been an alternative title , insta love, unbearably sugary sappiness, stupidity and a lot of bad writing.It made me so angry, I want to tear some telephone books apart but everything s online these days, so I only shake my fist and go on living and never reading anything by this author again.

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