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Gamble Everything explained Gamble Everything, review Gamble Everything, trailer Gamble Everything, box office Gamble Everything, analysis Gamble Everything, Gamble Everything d531 Eighteen Year Old Danny Sells Himself To Peter Archer To Repay His Father S Gambling DebtsThis , Word Novel Includes Explicit Content, Including M M, Dubious Consent, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sounding, Plugging, Fisting, BDSM, And Ass Play All Characters Are Years Or Over Note This Is A Complete Compilation Of All Volumes Of The Gamble Everything Series

  • ebook
  • 110 pages
  • Gamble Everything
  • Cari Waites
  • English
  • 21 October 2019

About the Author: Cari Waites

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gamble Everything book, this is one of the most wanted Cari Waites author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Gamble Everything

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    this.I have to go back and cobble together my notes, but if you re into dub con and skullfuckery and daddy kink, don t wait buy.buy now.buy twice.ETA so, i ve collected my notes.i have helpfully arranged them in chronological order as i read.see below for the complete progression 01 OMG02 OMG03 OMFG04 OMG05 OM 06 G 07 O NOES08 WAIT THAT TEDDY BEAR THING IS JUST FUCKING EEEEEEEEEVIL09 NGNGNGNGNGN10 BUT Y U NO 11 O12 O 13 OMG 14 OMGOMGOMG 15 NOT THE STIRRUPS, NOOOOOOOO16 appalled face 17 O FUK I NEED LUBE RIGHT FUCKING NOW18 no entry 19 no entry 20 no entry 21 FUCKME THAT WAS NASTY HOT22 OMG23 OMG 24 O M G 25 THOSE THREE KEYS ON MY KEYBOARD ARE GONNA BREAK IF I KEEP MASHING THEM LIKE TH26 FUCKITY27 WELP, THEY BR0KE28 AINT N0B0DY J0NNA ST0P Y FL029 0 AI J0D 30 0 AI J0D 31 N0000000 32 0H.33 0H 34 0K N0 F00LINJ AR0UND 35 THIS B00K IS FUKKIN AWES0 E.

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    I don t know who is impressed here me or a little part of me Probably both of us.Yep, exactly, both of us are deeply impressed and it is absolutely not what I expected and it is simply much better than I expected and it is exactly WHY both of us, I mean me and this naughty part of me, ARE DEEPLY IMPRESSED Archer holds up the dripping sound So you did like it, hmmmm I knew you would I think like is the wrong word Frighting Intense, maybe Not like. And arousing Yep EXTREMELY.And fucking wrong at the same time.And kinky.And in spite of everything very good Yep surprisingly goodAn ingeniously written mindfucked erotica Well done, Cari my voice out of the weird headspace..and me.floating on the gentle sea of sensation and pleasure

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    5 full stars cos I floated in subspace I blame my swollen bottom lip on this piece of mindfuck extraordinaire It had me nibbling on my lip every so often trying to distract myself from the fierce intensity of the mind blowing scenes and ocean of feels it invoke.Overall, the story has a nice flow to it and promotes smooth reading experience The characters stays in character, how nice is that I love all the mindfucking Archer did to poor Danny aka Daniel aka Baby boy Archer s method of unmaking Danny to create Daniel could give the best psychologist a run for their money.Archer plays Danny s body and mind like a fine tuned piece of musical instrument He s so good he makes Danny aches for even though he was repulsed by it Archer had effectively turned Danny into Daniel, his affectionate baby boy who finds joy in his boy pussy especially when his daddy plays with it.It was utmost fascinating and arousing to watch the training and reconditioning of Danny s mind All those fierce canings and the after cares by Archer was exquisite and most effective in molding Danny s mind to become Daniel This part of the story kind of reminds me of Home Trained For You by Selim whereby the protagonist s identity was forcefully ripped away to be replaced by an ideal of his captor s choice by way of harsh punishments and some gentler coaxing of soft praises and rewards Should anyone has similar stories like these please do rec it to me for I have deep fascination with how a mind could bend to another s will the right amount of inner and outer conditioning.At first I had thought that the author is going for D.I.D Dissociative Identity Disorder and that this is what Archer is aiming at when he was training Danny to become his ideal boy Then, this theory was dispelled when that blows me away ending wraps everything up nice and tight I was left in a daze of what had just took place and was in much awe to be able think clearly I even had to reread that scene to shake off my state of shock Note Home Trained For You by Selim has D.I.D which is why I find it most engrossing Whatcha gonna get from this book just to name a few Hurt comfort it is so good it will make your body purrs Orgasm denial a caged cock is frustratingly arousing to the readers as well It was utterly blissful whenever Danny gets to release his sexual tension via his boy pussy or during rare occasions when he was rewarded a release for good behavior mind floods with endorphin gotta hide the rest here view spoiler Enema The Chair only makes it all the erotic All that futile struggling and going no way Sighs contently Sounding The Chair Teddy delightful combination to up the eroticism Soon, Daniel boy was stuffed and fucked Fisting in The Chair of course Poor Daniel suffers so beautifully for his daddy Teddy da Bear was there to hold his hands all the way too Multiple Partners Sharing is caring Toys oh, don t forget the toys A good boy must have toys in this case, an ever growing butt plug to seal the deal Bondage usually minor ones like wrist cuff but upped a few notch when he s in The Chair Age play top to toe, down to every details little boy s cartoon T Shirts, PJs, Boxer briefs with the flap at the back, Shorts, bedroom full of robots, aeroplanes, spaceships, moon and bean bag plus many kiddo stuff to content with Just missing the diapers bummer that Daddy kink when you have age play in M M of course it must go hand in hand with a Daddy in tow This daddy has a real firm hands His dominant controlling ways are very sexy hide spoiler

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    What the fuck did I just read okay, so Julio s review popped up in my feed yesterday and even though i could tell from his review that this would be totally depravedYeah, so I have this policy about not rating or reviewing unless I would honestly recommend the book to someone And, I cannot imagine who I would recommend this book to BUTThis is some crazy well written mindfuckery And the ending is perfection If you re going to read barely legal dub con m m erotica with some age play, this is the one to read It is absolutely as stunning as it is depraved.

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    First of all that ending was totally fucked up AWESOME Second of all I think I m a bit weird cause Gamble Everything s blurb first put me in mind of a short story by the late, great Georgette Heyer Hazard in Pistols for Two And that s really what I loved most about Cari Waites s book she took a clich d plot from the romance genre whether on purpose or not, I m not sure and TURNED IT ON IT S FUCKING HEAD Gamble Everything has all the markers of a classic romance view spoiler the dark, mysterious lord, the bounder asshole who doesn t properly appreciate our main hero, the young man in distress There s even a castle or in this case, a big house , dismissive relatives and sneering servants and our young man in distress is confused as to why, exactly, he s there Of course, in the end there s the Big Reveal and All Becomes Clear as our heroes are United As One hide spoiler

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    This is where I draw the line Fisting, sounding, enema s, humiliation and yes even partner sharing I can deal with easily No problem, bring it on What I don t like and never have, is Daddy Kink It engages my gag reflex faster than attempting to swallow down a slimy oyster But this books takes the Daddy kink to a whole new level bordering on pedophilic fantasy in my mind You are so fucking tight, baby boy God, Daddy My baby boy Archer shudders as he comes inside me. No Just fucking NO Get fisted, fine But not while clutching a teddy bear for Gods sake Daniel is of a consenting age but it makes no difference when the young man is dressed in robot pajamas and boy boxers He sleeps and gets fucked in a bedroom designed for an eight year old with stars and rocket ships on the ceiling JESUS Call it a weird sick game, call it a psychological adjustment correct of a missing childhood, call it whatever the hell you want To me, this is none of those things It s an excuse to play out some sick paedophilic fantasy and then use it to manipulate a boy into doing your dirty work I hate this book It made no sense to me It s sick porn and not for me You ll say I didn t get it and you are RIGHT I did NOT Why did I finish it Because I wanted to see Daniel get revenge, I wanted to see him pull a gun on Archer and his cronies and shoot them up their boy pussy s GAHSomebody pass me the brain bleach.

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    I think if I read this in seven parts I would have been annoyed or pissed off, but as a whole novella, it s entertaining Some serious psychological and physical conditioning This is definitely not a book that will appeal to most readers it s intense, cruel and frankly shows just how ugly life is sometimes The Daddy kink alone will scare off a bunch Overall, a freakish combination of horror and optimism Not sure about the ending, but happy enough it really was a quick wrap up.I guess the thing to remember is that the wolf isn t just at the door, often you re living with it and have convinced yourself that it s a harmless pet.

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    Man, this was such a good ride Not even all my kinks but they were done so well I have no problems whatsoever The plot it had a significance and well, yeah the ending was right IMO though I m sure some people might have felt that it was unrealistic or something, I don t know It s just fantasy, you know Didn t exactly fall in love with Archer, but had fun regardless.SO MUCH FUN.

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    I have this feeling that I shouldn t have loved this book, but I really love it This story is so wrong and yet so hot so arousing Geez I want to read this book again Daniel daddy issues are freaking awesome This books is disturbingly exciting Lena, thank you so much for the recommendation

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    HOLY SH T this was so fricken messed up, I shouldn t have liked it It s one of those that you should be totally squicked out over but really you are totally enjoying the fuckedupness of it

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