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    I won the first book of this series through a facebook giveaway At first, I hadn t thought about reading science books to my 5 year old but when he got his hands on the first one, he was hooked We were shocked He hadn t shown any real interest in science yet That said, this is the 3rd book of this science series and it was really fantastic The illustrations are so cute It is crazy how simple the author makes this topic seem through the way it is written It starts with the lobes of the brain You learn where it is located, what it s function is and an example to show it, then a question to see if the reader comprehended what was learned To top it off, she the author added a remember this section at the bottom with a key word for remembering something about the lobe just learned This pattern continues through the spinal cord with an intro to vertebrae The thing I really love is the review sections After all of this is learned, you review the lobes of the brain to see if you remember what each section is called It is color coded, but my son gains confidence in being able to match the word to the picture And the book keeps going After that, the neuron is broken down into parts Again, the final review section brings back everything that was learned Another interesting aspect of this series are the sound it out sections The phonics are laid out in parts my son was able to with a little assistance sound out and visually see the syllables This has been such an excellent tool in helping A 5 YEAR OLD retain these topics This series is like the new toy in the house, always requested.I am so happy I casually entered that giveaway on facebook because it has brought out a love of science in my son that I didn t even know was there

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    Neurology The Amazing Central Nervous System helped with our last unit of study of our bodies This book illustrates and describes how our nerves and nervous system works in simple terms that young children can understand I want to thank April Chloe Terrazas for Neurology The Amazing Central Nervous System, which I will use again and again with children to study science.

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    Disclosure I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway I was not financially compensated in any way The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.I loved the idea of this book I have an 11 year old who is fascinated with the brain and has entertained the thought of going into the field of Neuroscience So, I thought this book would be a perfect, kid level introduction Unfortunately, the writing is geared to a pre schooler, but the presentation of the information is complex enough that it would be better suited to an older child I m a big proponent of teaching complex topics to small children, so that s not the issue this book just doesn t seem to fit quite right for either age group One of my least favorite things was the Sound it Out section Half the time, it was harder discerning the pronunciation code than it would have been simply sounding out the newly introduced vocabulary word itself I understand why it was added, but if you are teaching such complex topics such as neurology, the parent who will be sitting nearby would be a better source of pronunciation guidance I loved the illustration of the brain, showing where each section is located, and the explanations of what that area of the brain does With some reworking, I think this would be a very informative collection to add to your non fiction kidlit shelves, but as it is now, it doesn t quite work for the younger kids, nor the older ones.

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    It got this through Goodreads First Reads.Colorful Educational and Informative The book is short and sweet It s the right length in keeping a kid occupied It s a great way to introduce kids to the nervous system It makes a very complicated subject easy for kids and adults to understand Certainly a nice read for ages 0 100.

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    I won this book, hoping to use it for my classroom I feel like it did a great job explaining to elementary students, or any age I love the colorful pictures

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    Charming book that makes a difficult topic simplified for both young and old I love the Super Smart Science Series, always intriguing Highly recommend

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    I received this book free through a Goodreads giveaway This is an interesting primer on the brain and neuron It is colorful and likely to grab a child s attention and highlights sections well The book utilizes some good examples to help understanding of how the brain processes information It lists ages 0 100 but likely suits the 6 to 10 age range best There were, however, two things that didn t sit well with me the pronunciation helper and the ad for books in the same series placed within the content The pronunciation helper is great, but I wasn t comfortable about the size and over highlighting of it compared to the actual term.

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    The great thing about this book is that it s a basic understanding of Neurology that is truly approachable from people 0 100 The pictures are clear bright and are connected to the words that they are describing as they are in the same color All the difficult words as phonetically spaced out at the bottom of each page The review sections are extremely helpful and by the end of this book I actually learned a lot about the brain, the spinal chord essentially the entire Nervous system It s a great book for kids as well as adults who have little to no knowledge on Neurology.

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    We are really happy with this series super smart science series Looking forward to reading all the books in this series The large lettering, pictures, sound it out sections, and simple explanations of rather daunting information is very enjoyable.krb 9 7 16

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    This book provides a good overview of the brain and neurons It is written for a young audience and introduces the reader to the main aspects of the central nervous system Overall, this is a good book to introduce kids to each part, but it doesn t do much else.

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