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Waterproof files Waterproof , read online Waterproof , free Waterproof , free Waterproof , Waterproof ea72437a6 Dying Of Thirst Is The New RealityFive Years After The Last Drop Of Clean Water Disappeared, Global Societies Collapsed And Nuclear War Shattered All Hope Of Recovery In A Place Now Only A Skeleton Of Its Former Self, Survivors Fight To Avoid Capture By The Government Forced To Work In Factories That Produce The Only Drinking Water Available, Those Who Go In, Never Come OutZach And Vivienne Have Lived As Deserters Since They Were Teenagers Fighting Amongst Their Own And Scrounging For The Necessities Of Life, They Ve Learned To Rely On Each Other In Every Way Yet When Tragedy Strikes And The True Objectives Of The Government Facility Are Revealed, Their World Is Ripped Apart A Fate Once Thought To Hold Their Demise May Be The Sole Answer To Their Survival Who Can They Trust Who Can They Believe In This Life, It Pays To Be Waterproof Disclaimer Waterproof Is A New Adult Dystopian With Sex, Violence, And Language That May Not Be Suitable For A Younger Audience

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    My first NA dystioian I promise you won t look at water in the same way ever again.

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    Waterproof kicks off with action that had me racing through the pages.Anyone who bucked the system was considered a deserter and dealt with appropriately Pollution, population overcrowding, terrorists destroying the desalinization plants, greed, nuclear holocaust, disease, martial law, the draft once in, never out who will survive The groups dynamic changes as the characters come and go, whether by choice or death I do wonder who will be left standing.The horror is unbelievably grotesque The mad scientists are on the loose.This is one of those stories that will give you food for thought In an apocalypse, who will survive Is it the haves or have nots Is it the strongest or the smartest Is the sacrifice of the many for the survival of the few the rule of thumb How do people twist their minds into thinking heinous acts are acceptable Will there be any humanity left on the planet How far would you go to save the one you love Science fiction meets horror and it ain t pretty.The writing was so detailed I could see it, feel it, and it gave me shivers The characters are well developed and become complex as they grow and learn to survive and love in a new world.I am very curious to see where this ends, to find out how many of their makeshift family will survive.I do love a happy ever after, but we will have to wait and see Waterproof has no cliffhanger, but it does make me eager to read the next book in the series, Watermarked.To see visit

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    Quick review Cover Eye catching Rating NC 17Steaminess HOT Thumbs Up 4Overall I really liked this oneCharacters Well donePlot Living on the run, living in captivityPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend ZackSUMMARY 55 words or less This book really captured my attention from the first page I quickly realized that this author had no trouble taking out characters, so I held onto hope my favs would survive The twist were interesting I couldn t predict them all.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at

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    Originally posted on Daydreaming Books I received a digital copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours as a part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review Waterproof starts after 5 years after the incidents that took place in the first book Zach and Vivienne are constantly on the run and they still live with the deserters Water has been totally wiped out and the remaining water bodies have been contaminated to such an extent that they can t be purified All of them have to fight and struggle to get water from the government trucks or other places Not only this, they have to fight other deserters for survival as well But when Vivienne and a few others are captured, the remaining of them set out to rescue them from the factory and when they learn about the shocking truth, it will change their lives forever I enjoyed the plot Five years have passed, their lives have been quite altered Zach and Vivienne have both lost their parents and they are still struggling to live this kind of life They are constantly fighting for survival I enjoyed the action here as well Finally they admitted that they feel something for each other, than friends I did like their romance but something felt missing The truth about what happens in the factory also comes out, I thought I was going to be shocked by the revelation, and the truth was indeed horrifying but I didn t feel that much shocked by it I think I wanted it to enfold in a dramatic way which didn t happen The characters have evolved in this book They were still the same people but they were mature and skilled fighters I loved Zach and Vivienne and I liked their banters and friendship I also liked the other characters as well such as Hunter, Max and Sasha All of them formed quite a bit of strange but a strong family.Overall, I throughly enjoyed reading Waterproof The plot was nice and the characters were still great I enjoyed the romance but felt something was missing and also I wanted the plot twist to be dramatic But other than that I enjoyed everything The writing was smooth, I finished this book in one sitting as well And the pace was fast throughout the book It ended in a cliffhanger so it left us hanging in suspense I definitely want to read the book 3 and see what what happens next.Recommend it Yes.

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    I would like to thank the author for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book Doing so does not sway my judgment in any way.Going into this book, I was a little skeptical The overly bad ass heroine and the wannabe bad ass hero together trying to make it through hell without getting killed There was even a point that I stopped reading and went to the prequel to get some info I came back, and low and behold, this book really took off from there on The chemistry that wasn t there at the beginning seemed to suddenly click and the story itself took us from the savaged humdrum of post apocalyptic life to something .Vee is pretty bad ass, but her character isn t one of those sissy girls that suddenly becomes that way, but she seems to have always had a bit of a tough side to her and knows how to stand her ground Zach has been wanting to reach out further to her, in a personal way, but was unsure of how to go about it I mean, they re not thinking about prom night any but instead knowing every step they take can make or break their small band of deserters.The author has come up with an ingenious and well thought out crisis The world takes water for granted and we know we can live so many days without food, but not without water Just the other day I was thinking about the water cycle and wondering just how, with all the human consumption and with all the other things we use water in and for, how does the cycle even come close to coming full circle The beginning of the book is a little, excuse the pun, dry, but come about 25% into the book and you start learning about the group they are in and how they start to understand that the attraction they are feeling is mutual Unlike some dystopia books, where they fight it off because life is so crappy, they actually embrace it and it s great seeing love blossom in a world where it would be so easy to shut it out.There is action, adventure, loss, hope, romance, deception and triumphs all mixed into this book Anyone who likes the dystopian genre would find this a great read and happily add it to their collection I do recommend it for those ages 16 due to some situations in the story itself.

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    From the very beginning, I felt transported into a Mad Max world However, rather than roaming the dusty roads in search of precious drops of gasoline, Garr s characters are in need of life giving water A bullet chase and sword swinging stand off ends in decapitation and maiming within the first few pages The reader instantly goes, whoa As would be expected, Garr s characters are hardened by life on the run and the lack of creature comforts of the modern world However distrustful of strangers, they bond closely together as a unit, as would certainly happen when your life depends on the one sleeping next to you every night to keep the monsters at bay.What I loved about this book was the romantic bond between Vivienne and Zach, and their unwavering loyalty which guided the plot in a heroic manner The stakes are high for them and they feel that way throughout the story In other words, their emotions definitely transfer to the reader I was also riveted to the complication of a would be rival in the mercenary, Riley Another thing I loved was that I didn t always know what was going to happen when I turned the page Garr kept me guessing and turning the page.My only complaints, if you can call them that, were that sometimes I felt lost in certain action sequences I might have to reread a line or two to get my bearings And while I thought the world intriguing and believable, I wanted to see nifty names for the government and such I m one of those readers who reads a name like Hogwarts and goes oooooo, cool name I was also a little freaked out with the cliffhanger at the end, but I think that might be a plus rather than a minus, since that means Garr will definitely have me anticipating and reading the sequel I know My complaints are silly and minor, but that was the only thing keeping me from rating Waterproof higher than 3.5 stars Having said that, if you like romance and dystopian, this is a must read So, looking for sword slinging battles, hot romance, dark secrets, and daring escapes BUY WATERPROOF

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    Can I just say that Amber Garr totally rocked my socks off with this book Holy cow I really do not read dystopian books but this one totally blew me away and I was glad I read it First I have to say that this cover is off the hook I love it so much and I am so grateful to be a part of this tour Who would have thought someone could write a book about water I mean crap after reading it I was thinking holy crap imagine if we lost everything even the water we need to survive and had to rely on the government to give us our water and food Man that would just straight out suck monkey balls Zach and Vivienne have lived as deserters and they have to do what they have to do to survive There is a shortage of food and water and places to live but they do what they have to They have learned to trust one another and rely on one another Then tragedy strikes them and there world is turned upside down and what they thought was true may not be true But at the end of the day they are going to have to figure it out because they need to survive and stay far away from the government as they can.With their friends by their side Zach and Vivienne will discover secrets that will rock the core of their beliefs Along with their friends they will have to decide who to trust and who stay away from and just maybe who they were told was bad just might not be bad at all This is such a great story that had me on the edge of my seat I could not wait to read the ending and I so wanted to check out the ending but I was a good girl and read it through without peeking So lets see if you can do that to and go out and read this kick arse story

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    I loved the development of this story I dont know who I like Riley or Zach I love Vee she is everything I am not I couldnt hurt a fly but she is a warrior There were some explicit sexual scenes so I would not recommend for young teens The end was such a cliffhanger I cant wait for the next book in this series.

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    this series is amazing so far but the cliffhanger is gonna kill me loved the sneak peek of the next boom Watermarked can t wait.

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    LONG STORY SHORT..I want this book to be made into a movie, and I want Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Zach while I play Vee.Waterevery drop is precious Imagine living in a world where a bottle of pure water is precious than a human life Nuclear war has ravaged the planet to the point where rain stings, animals have died off, plants have died off, and people fight a government that wants to round up all deserters to make them work in the factory But that work is not quite what it seems.Garr is a masterful writer She here put together a work that is stark, gripping, exciting in a macabre way, and will make readers shudder at the plausibility of the world presented Stunning emotion, breath taking action, heartbreaking scenesthis book is amazingly well done Let s just say it had me dwelling than a little bit on a post nuclear war planOn a scale of 1 to 5, I give this book a 4.LONG STORYThe GoodHeart thumping Riveting Terrifying All these words and describe Waterproof by Amber Garr Imagine you live in a world that has been decimated by nuclear war, famine, and people struggling against one another in a desperate struggle to survive Survive just one day, so that you just might survive the next, and so on.Zach and Vee were high schoolers until the nukes rained down Now they are deserters, people who have refused to acquiesce to the governmental draft to serve two years doing hard labor in the factories No one knows for sure what happens in the factories All they know is that those who go in never come out They don t want to go in.They are also not sure how they feel about one another, and don t figure this out until it is very nearly too late.or is it Waterproof is a book that broke my heart, made me want to puke, made me pump my fist in exhilaration, and shudder.all in the same chapter Well written settings that made me feel as though I was part of the action pulled me into the scenes A riveting fast paced plot grabbed me by the seat of the pants until I did not want to quit reading Let s just say I stayed glued to this book for a bit and lost than a little sleep because I had to know what was going to happen.I m not kidding about wanting this to be a screenplay director Joss Whedon Zach Joseph Gordon Levitt Vivienne me what, I ve done some screen acting Yes it is a dystopian future in a media world where those are becoming popular, but this one has a ring to it that is just plain terrifying I could see it happening.Okay, maybe not this exact scenario of course somehow I feel like the science is a little off in the end , but something eerily similar It is easy to sit back and say that we d never kill anyone, but what if we were in a post nuclear existence where all water in rivers oceans rain was contaminated with nuclear fallout and the only pure water was that which was pure and bottled before the nukes fell Can you honestly tell me you wouldn t kill another for such a precious commodity It terrifies me to think just how plausible this freaky future may be.Anyways, this book is haunting The characters are very real, have their own distinct voices this is very important to me , and made me want to hug and slap them at the appropriate moments Something just isn t right about some of them, and it makes me want to read the next one.Oh yeah, this clearly is not a stand alone book It kind of cliffhangs Also, it is told in a way that bounces back and forth between Zach and Vee s viewpoints Garr is really good at this it is never confusing who is speaking I rather liked being able to crawl inside each of their heads and get a fairly good idea of what was going on at any given time by seeing it though two perspectives After Zach and Vee are separated oh, c monI m not spoiling to much you know they get separated if you watch the book trailer , we get to see what is happening on both sides of the story I love this This is kind of Hunger Games meets Book of Eli meets Legion Dystopian Love Water Fight.The Bugly bad ugly Okay, you might have noticed this section has been remarkably short in most of my recent reviews I m not going soft, I swear the books I ve been reading lately just haven t given me much to complain about The same is true here.There are two things that bugged me 1 I HATE cliff hanger endings I ll give that this one was done fairly well, but I was than a little annoyed when my Kindle said 99% complete and I KNEW the story wasn t anywhere close to finishing.2 The wonky science here bothered me if an entire land is plagued by radioactive fall out and such, wouldn t the people have radiation poisoning of some sort Also, I m sure the animals mentioned would take MUCH longer to stop showing signs of radiation poisoning and still be unsafe to eat if the species even survived in the first place The people here didn t seem to, and this did bother me A certain medical thing near the end bugged me a bit to, simply because I think it was made up.but so long as it remains consistent throughout the story I will let it go PREAD THIS BOOK.AND THEN DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO HELP HUMANITY AVOID SUCH AN AWFUL FATE.

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