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Double Fill chapter 1 Double Fill, meaning Double Fill, genre Double Fill, book cover Double Fill, flies Double Fill, Double Fill e6c526aafaabf Up And Coming Football Hero, Colt Michaels, Makes A Hail Mary Pass One Night In The College Locker Room That Results In The Hottest, Sexiest Five Days Of His Young Life However, Interference After The Play Has Him Hiding His Past And Burying His Future In The Bottom Of A Bottle While Colt Seems To Have It All, Looks Can Be Deceiving Especially When You Re Trapped So Far In A Closet That You Can T See Your Way Out When Ten Years Of Living His Expected Fast Lane Lifestyle Lands Him Engaged To His Manipulative Russian Supermodel Girlfriend, He Decides It S Time To Call A New Play Jace Montgomery Single Handedly Built The Largest All Star Cheerleading Gym In The World, Driven By A Need To Forget A Life Altering Encounter With A Handsome Quarterback A Decade Ago His Reputation As An Excellent Coach, Hard Nosed Business Man, And Savvy Entrepreneur Earned Him Respect In The Sometimes Catty World Of Competitive Cheerleading When Jace Learns Of His Ex Lover S Plans To Marry, His Heart Executes A Barrel Roll And His Carefully Placed Resolve Tumbles Down Without A Mat To Absorb The Shock Can His Island Escape Help Him To Finally Let Go Of The Past And Move His Life Forward

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    Football player Colt and cheer boy Jace share a night of passion This is how this book starts Yes, you guys know me and you know I hate kissing before 25% mark not to mention having sex at the very beginning of a book but for some reason this book worked for me So after one night of passion Jace has some kind of hope that this thing with Colt might be something especial What happens with Colt Was this just a one night stand for him Colt is inside the closet and he s not even thinking about coming out, is he They spend a few days in paradise but something happens and they are forced apart with two broken hearts.Ten long years later Colt is a football star with a not very easy life and Jace got almost all he ever wanted, he owns the largest cheerleading gym in the world but he still misses Colt He was the man who in five short days set the bar too high for anyone else to ever live up to So what happens when they both realize that after ten years they are not able to fall in love again What happens now that fate brings them back together If you want to find out, go buy this book right now because IT S LIVE This is my first book from this author but it won t be the last, I can tell The story had it all in my opinion A great love story ok, they fell in love too quickly for my taste the first time they got together but I still connected with the characters and their feelings Hot sex, hell yeah But it wasn t just about sex all the time, you ll have an interesting plot and a twist, that s all I ll say Not silly characters I mean, there was just the right amount of misunderstandings but especially Jace was sooooo perfect Just a few editing issues that didn t bother me at all Some mystery that will leave you wanting to know I NEED BOOK 2 LIKE YESTERDAY And NO I wouldn t say this is a cliffy at all, you ll get all you need I am really hoping we have a story for view spoiler MITCH, LOVE YOU hide spoiler

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    9 19 14Currently Only.99 link 5 Smooches to Jace and Colt I really enjoy it when a book gives you some hot scenes but also tells a story and a good one Double full falls completely into that category Kindle is such a great author at telling you a M M love story I felt their joy, heartache and love all throughout this book.Colt is a star quarterback at the University of Texas preparing to enter into the NFL Unfortunately for him no one knows he s secretly gay He is secretly in love with Jace who is a star cheerleader for UT Jace has been lusting over him too though They hook up one day in the locker room and boy is that scene hot Then they see each other under secretly and go on a nice vacation together Colt is scared to come out to the world seeing as his dad is a homophobe, he lives in Texas Yes the South is still somewhat behind on the whole equal rights thing but we are getting there , and he s a football player and worried it could mess with his career.Colt s Dad Larry His dad finds out and it causes Colt to worry for Jace s safety so he is pushed away This part made me so sad Fast forward 10 years and Colt is living a lie and miserable and unfortunately turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism Jace is successful, out and proud but still sad and missing Colt Colt is about to get married Colt realizes he misses and needs Jace and hopes he still has a chance He comes to see Jace and his reaction is Here is how I was feeling at this point Then But finally how I felt at the end I can t wait to read of this series Kindle you are one of my favorite M M authors I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review, which you just received

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    Before I begin my review of Double Full , I d like to state three things 1 This was a first time read for me from this author I have a list of authors I need to get to that keeps growing, so I m happy I was able to finally cross her off with this buddy read Shout out to D Kristin, it was fun.2 I m rating it somewhere between 3 4 stars but I ll just go with 3.5.3 When I was babysat as a child, the programs of choice usually were soap operas So I have an affinity for themgo figure So I hereby title my review and briefly the book , The Bold and the Double Full Cue the soap opera orchestra, Maestro I swear I could hear the music interludes at the end of each chapter cough episode cough When reading Double Full during the first 20%, it starts off with a bang and a lot of honeyed sugar.And I ll admit I was drowning but then something happened I forgot I can t take this story too seriously I forgot to flip the switch Silly me.What switch you ask The switch that suspends reality, of course.This story is entertainment Anytime I forgot that I just had to remember to Jace and Colt start off with a bang as an out proud cheerleader and a closeted college football player on the verge of turning pro NFL I kind of wished I could have rewound the beginning scene to maybe before the men met, just a little Because I probably might have liked Colt I don t hate Colt but I m not too keen on him either He made snap declarations and didn t follow through all the time He s a flip flopper Do I believe he loved Jace Sure But a lot of his issues could have been solved a lot sooner if he had just manned up earlier And he does but it was so late in the game and he just Colt is handsome See I flipped the switch JaceJace just reminds me of a girlfriend where you see she s making mistakes and they ask you Am I wrong and you just lie and tell them Nope Everything is perfect But you knowshe s just making mistakes But I loved Jace I think he let Colt back in too quickly Ten years and all of the pain and damage is ignored so quickly Jace is handsome, caring and smart He s a cheer superstar The story is entertainment as I stated before Don t take it too seriously and it s palatable If The Bold and Double Full was on television, I d totally watch I would have to see what shenanigans were cooked up and evil schemes foiled The evil characters were Colt s homophobic father his rants were kind of lame and juvenile and Colt s female fiancee she was built up as ranting meth whore and she disappears too easily, IMO My biggest concern for the Bold and the Double Full It s not the typos or misuse of certain words I m not the grammar police, trust me or editingit s the pacing It meanders at times, repeats the same points over and over Some scenes weren t as effective because it went off tangent to subjects that had nothing to do with the plot I can even roll with plot lines going out far as long as they can be tied into main story line somehow But this The story ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, a suspenseful ish crime and possible lead in Mitch, US Marshal He makes snap judgments and declarations as well Entertaining read, with steamy sex, some popular themes hero stalks the one they love loved you for years faves of mine and a lot of honeyed, vanilla love Drip.Favorite part of the book The cover Who would get the most enjoyment from the Bold and the Double Full Those who are probably new to the MM romance scene, those who love Harlequin esque romances this pretty much read like one set in modern day , readers who like a LOT of drama, honeyed sugar and soap operas.This book is very popular, so if you re on the fence check out all of the reviews and make your decision.

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    Spoiler Alert Read at your own riskI feel like I need to give out specific details about the book to properly explain my rating.So the story begins with our main characters, Colton Michaels and Jace Montgomery, getting hot and heavy inside an empty lockeroom what a way to start the story right Apparently, this was their first time together but get this they did it bareback Yeah, I know right A few days after their first interlude, Colt was so taken with Jace that he arranged a Hawaiian getaway for both of them Spending five days on a tropical Island made them realize their love for each other.Unfortunately, Colt s homophobic father found out about it and threatened to kill Jace if Colt doesn t end their relationship Of course being just halfway through the book, you can guess what Colt s decision was Ten years later, we find Colt waking up from a drunken four way with his fiance Maryia , a girl named Helen and his driver Clint Even Colt s dad made an appearance getting off while watching his future daughter in law making out with her friend Helen Meanwhile, Jace woke up from his own one night stand with a guy he kept mentally referring to as Bad Breath Bad breath came up behind him, evidently not taking the hint, and wrapped an arm around him, kissing his back Bad breath wasn t bad looking probably younger, maybe in his early twenties, Bad breath had his hands on his hips and a pout on his lips The guy never uttered another sound, but the front door of his condo slammed shut A strong indication that bad breath left angry I just felt bad for the guy for being bullied Seemingly, after ten years of misery at the hands of his manipulative father, Colt finally had enough and decided to pursue Jace.The two lovers soon reunite in you guessed it Hawaii where they re ignite the flames of passion and declare their love for each other Now, while lifting his finger to move a piece of hair from Jace s face, Colt again experienced the rush of those deep feelings of everlasting love You could tell the story went downhill at this stage along with the testosterone levels of the MCs Things were going well for the two socue conflict Colt suffers an accident that puts his football career in danger Turns out the accident was a plot meant for Jace so they hired an Investigator to find out who was behind it.While Colt was recovering, he and Jace realized that life is too short so they decided to get married and live happily ever after As for the mastermind behind the accident Well, you could pretty much guess who it is But just so you know, the culprit never got jailed because they couldn t find any evidence I was likeTo sum it up, Colton s dad was the typical homophobic father who beat his son without remorse for being gay Maryia was the standard evil bitch of a girlfriend who stood in the way of the MCs Colton and Jace s lines were filled with flowery words and overly sweet terms of endearment that made me wince than once And finally, the plot was kind of predictable and I m not even sure if the culprit behind the accident was intentionally left roaming free or if the author plans to resolve this problem on a second book All in all, the story was just too stereotypical for my enjoyment Will this change in book two Well, I m less inclined to pick up the second installment so I may never get to find out.

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    Oh, I was so excited for this one Author Kindle Alexander wrote one of my all time favorites Texas Pride and I always love a good professional athletes story Throw in a romance with a male cheerleader and I was chomping at the bit Double Full did not disappoint Our lovely heroes fell in love early but were ripped apart by evil forces before finally reuniting 10 years later Will they find love again Will these evil forces rip them apart like they did 10 years ago I m sure you have a pretty good idea, huh If you like M M romance and hot sex and broken hearted angst, this book is for you Our heroes don t do so well apart, but flourish together and give us a lovely HEA This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    5 Stars They were all over the place.I was happy, I was angry, I was sad, I was heart broken, I was relieved, I was happy again, I was sad again.Double Full is the story of Colt and Jace Colt and Jace meet in college Colt is the all star quarterback and Jace is a cheerleader Colt is a buried deep in the closet gay and Jace is a very open and proud gay Two boys from two different worlds But Jace catches the eye of Colt and he spends the next four years wanting something he doesn t think he can ever have.One locker room moment changes everything for Colt and Jace Colt gives in to temptation and his feelings for Jace.they spend Spring Break in Hawaii.they fall in lust, they fall in love Colt went all in with Jace And then that fateful day following Spring BreakColt gets the surprise of his life Larry Colt spends the next decade drowning his sorrows in drugs and booze Trying to numb himself from the pain and guilt he feels about the way things went down with Jace Colt finds himself engaged to Maryia an evil, Russian model.Maryia How can you even pretend to love her much less marry her Your heart does not belong to her Don t let her do this to you Colt Go get your man dammit And so he does.but the road isn t an easy one for Colt and Jace All of the people that faught so hard to keep them apart ten years ago continue to make it difficult today Is Colt and Jace s love strong enough to survive When I hit the 75% mark..I was pretty much glued to the book from that point forward The angst and drama was much higher in this book I thought Colt and Jace HAD TO get their HEA They had to Overall, I thought this was a fantastic read.I loved everything about it I loved Colt I loved Jace I loved their journey Bravo Kindle Alexander BRAVO Best news of all..this is going to be a SERIES And it s a damn good thing.I ve got some questions that need answering

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    4 It was all down, set, hut, hut, and fuck Jace in the butt, butt He groaned and then chuckled at the little cheer I have decided that I love ALL Kindle Alexander books I mean seriously, KA knows how to bring out the emotions In me for sure It all started in the guys locker room for Jace and Colt They were crushing hard on one another for years before Colt finally approached Jace It was the best decision he ever made Then they spent five days making love and promises My heart swelled so big for these two Then Colts dad happened Everything was ruined All the promises they made ruined and for the next ten years they were both miserable I loathed Colts dad That was one evil man When Colt finally decides to stop hiding who he is and man up, I was so happy The stress of thinking that he was going to marry that gold digger infuriated me I really did like Colt He only wanted to protect Jace but after so many years of hiding who he was and now being a thirty year old man, it was time to stop wallowing in guilt and go get your man Jace was very likable Colt broke his heart and over the years Jace held onto to that one special week they shared Will Jace forgive the only man that he ever loved and give him another chance Who knows There was some drama that I will not get into because I don t want to spoil it Now onto book two because I am ready for U.S Marshall Mitch I am pretty sure that he is going to be yummy

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    Somehow managed to be too muchAnd not enough I ve loved you since I first laid eyes on you It was slower for me, Jace said But it s forever for me So here s the deal I do this thing each March where I read 100% MM for the entire month At The Smutsonian we call the event MM March because we re clever Anyway, we took a poll of our followers and asked which MM titles we ve skipped over This series was the overwhelming winner By leaps, bounds, and I can t believe you haven t read this what s wrong with you commentsLet s start with the Why I haven t read this question Even though I read and review over two hundred books each year, my TBR is still out of control I can t read everything This book wasn t even near the top of my TBR, but I give in to book related peer pressure and there was definitely a lot of hype about the series.Why didn t I pick the book up when it was a new release Easy I hate the blurb Still do I firmly believe in the power of the blurb The description of your book sets the tone, and needs to hook your reader I was soooo not impressed with the sport metaphor BS happening in this book s blurb.A book with a badly written blurb is like a model with a Drivers License photo for a headshot That bitch isn t getting invited onto the runway, and that book isn t going to land on my Kindle.Ok Grievances aired Mostly Let s move onI went into this book expecting something fluffy a second chance romance with a side of homophobic football players and a ton of sex scenes I wasn t too far off Except for the fluffy part This book layered on the angst like crazy It actually felt a bit depressing at times This story began with the two MCs in college Even though the vast majority of the story takes place while the characters are in their 30s, I don t feel like this book ever managed to shake off that overly dramatized NA feelIf you can prepare yourself for an emotional read,If you re not looking for too much depth in your characters,If you enjoy soap opera level drama,Yeah, this book is for youThe Unofficial Breakdown 30% College Romance and obligatory split.20% Present day pining for each other50% Reconciliation and falloutColton Colt Michaels His life had become nothing than a drug and alcohol induced blur, with moments of playing football mixed in between. I can t say for sure if I ever really liked this character I definitely felt sorry for him, and was happy to see him get his shit together But yeah, can t say I completely understand Jace s infatuation with Colt Not after he behaved so horribly and broke his heart Colt started this story as the golden boy college quarterback who corners the handsome male cheerleader in the locker room for a scene strait from a porno Seriously, this book started with a dick in the ass ImpressiveAnywho, their little tryst began during Spring Break, senior year of college Colt has money than sense, so he invites Jace to join him for a romantic Hawaiian getaway Apparently the jock has had his entire college career to secretly fall for Jace, and he spends their vacation making sure the object of his affection receives the full force of his sweet sexy romantic attentionsAll goes well wall to wall deliciously sexy but reality comes crashing down almost as soon as the boys come back to school I don t think it s spoilery for me to tell you that Colt s homophobic abusive asshole father and douche bag money grubbing agent made some threats significant enough to make Colt walk away from Jace forever.Jace Montgomery That day on the beach in Kauai, Jace willingly gave his heart and soul over to Colt they were no longer his. Jace was a character I could easily sympathize with He was weary of Colt s over excited attentions while in college, and knew he would be hard pressed to be in a secret relationship Jace never hid his sexuality from the world for even a second, so trying to reconcile his feelings for Colt with the reality of their situation was difficult.Jace started this story as the gay male cheerleader perfectly comfortable in his own skin Sure, he has a crush on the god like quarterback, but so does the rest of the school Jace knows it s a bad idea to fall for a closeted jock, but a private Hawaiian vacation for two will melt anyone s resolve.Jace and Colt start planning out their Happily Ever After during those five days of island bliss They fell in love and the future was oh so bright.Heres Where it gets trickyThey weren t back home for a full twenty four hours before Colt walked away No explanation No Good bye Not a word, not a text, no note, nothing Even when Jace goes looking for Colt and finds him in a bar with his football buddies who beat up Jace for being a fag before literally throwing him out on his ass Colt doesn t say a word.Silence.For.Ten.Years.I get the infatuation with the ol closeted jock falling in love with the out and proud male cheerleader thing But I simply can t believe that two men could fall so deeply in love over FIVE DAYS together, that they would willingly sabotage every personal relationship for the next TEN YEARS No amount of suspension of disbelief could make me reconcile that ideaIf they had been apart for TWO years, I think the entire story would have sat better with me As it stands, however, the absurd level emotional ineptitude displayed by these characters for a freakin DECADE That s ridiculous.These characters deserve each other, because there is no way either could exist in a happy healthy relationship They couldn t even live a happy healthy life alone.So these two broken men have managed to become super successful leaders in their respective fiendsI mean, they re famous millionaires but emotionally crippled soIt was hard to read the middle section of the book where Colt and Jace were withering away Everything seemed so helpless, but we KNEW they were going to get back together That s the light at the end of the dark tunnel, right So why did their reunion seem so infuriatingly anticlimactic Seriously Jace, Colt walked away from you with out a single word No explanation You haven t sen him in ten years He shows up on your doorstep on his mother fucking wedding day because let s be as dramatic as possible, right and what do you do Fuck him.And that brings us to about the 50% point I won t say because of spoilers, but know that Cole and Jace can t hide behind youth any longer They re both sport celebrities, so there s no hiding, period.Look, this book had it s high points and low points, but it was absolute over dramatic nonsense from beginning to end You have to start reading this book while heavily medicated or solely interested in superficial soap opera level drama to enjoy this bookIf one of the characters wound up with amnesia or an evil twin, I would not have been surprised.I think I know where the next book is going pretty sure it shifts focus to US Marshall Mitch Knox who gets a sizable cameo in the last 30 40% of this book and I think I could get behind his story much easier than this one.The writing wasn t bad, but the timeline and thick layer of angst simply wasn t for me I ll let you decide for yourself if it s your cup of MM tea

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    This was just No Not for me This is not going to be so much a review, as it s going to be a rant There will likely be spoilers, so if you have any interest in reading this book, and don t want things spoiled, look away now.Ok, so this book starts out with a fairly HOT as fuck sex scene between Colt and Jace in the locker room at their university Colt is a football player, about to go pro, and Jace is a cheerleader Colt is still deeply closeted, which brings me to my first WTF of this book closeted guy chooses his first time with the guy he stalks loves, in a locker room, where anyone can come in So super hot sex, which Jace figures will be a one time thing Only he later finds out that Colt has been in love with him since he first saw him freshman year And that Colt has been watching him And that he knows pretty much everything about him Creepy much Apparently not to Jace.Cut to a 5 day fuckfest in Hawaii, complete with declarations of love and overall teenage girl behavior, followed by angry homophobic to the max dad beating the shit out of Colt and forcing him to dump Jace.And then Jace beat up himself, when he tries to find out what s up with Colt, while Colt watches, and does nothing But he cries inside, so it s ok Yes, that s right, TWO gay bashings in a single chapter maybe a chapter and a half Cut to 10 years later, and Jace is running his own cheerleading gym, doing ok for himself, only he s still mooning over his time with Colt FIVE freaking days, and he s still not over it, 10 years later , and Colt is living the high life, only he hates his life He s spent the last 10 years drunk which apparently effected his gameplay not at all , and now he finds himself engaged to this horrible, AWFUL woman, once again, to protect Jace Colt can t actually put on his big boy pants and go after what he wants, he lets everyone around him push him around.Oh, and another WTF Maryia, Colt s Russian supermodel bitch on wheels of a girlfriend is apparently a methhead, and I have to wonder, has the author never seen what meth does to a person No way, after at least a year of meth use, would this woman be any sort of model, super or otherwise Your teeth fall out, your skin is full of sores, and your hair is limp and ugly I could buy the woman being a coke whore, even a heroin junkie, but meth Nope, not the way it s written.Anyways Colt finally decides enough and leaves the day of his wedding, and goes after Jace Who pretty much freaking forgives him then and there Sure, he s wary, and sure, there s some angst, but he forgives Colt WAY too easily, no real groveling at all Then we have car crashes and cut brake lines, and a lost career, but they end things together But the author never even says who cut the brake lines and caused the crash That s left as a dangling sequel bait, to get you to read the next book The writing on this wasn t bad, it was actually quite engaging, if you ignore the incorrect words sorted for sordid seriously , and how often things get repeated I ve been in love with you for years Jace, I know what you like How did you know that, Colt I told you, I ve been watching you for years I can t remember how many times some variation of this was used, but it was a lot.I usually like angst, I m a soap fan and everything, but this one was just too much for me Gay bashings and homophobic fathers and friends, and extremely bitchy girlfriends, and instalove, and it all just became too much for me.

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    This was cute if a bit melodramatic I liked that we got a good grip on Colt s and Jace s relationship in the before, and then saw how their lives had progressed in the after And the cover is fucking fabulous I seriously want to lick those abs But that s beside the point Where was I Oh, yeah There were a few issues This has a very distinct daytime soap feel to it The Insta Love is soooo Insta, it will seriously give you whiplash if you re not careful this is especially true when the two guys meet again in the present, and there s basically no discussion of past hurts, just, wow, I still love you fuck me now There was a lot of internal monologuing of emotions that felt a little tedious and repetitive Colt s dad was so bad and creepy, that he was practically Voldemort in other words, the very image of a True Villain , and the whole thing with Colt s nasty fiancee was overdone, and not believable particularly since the issue is basically dropped a chapter into the second part of the book view spoiler I m still not sure how a 32 year old NFL quarterback allowed his father to control him and take his money for a decade even as said father essentially threatened his life and the life of his lover hide spoiler

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