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    WTF was this Not adding it to my Read count for the year because I skimmed to see what happened I couldn t help it With writing like this, there was no way I would ve survived a full immersion My heart s being stoned like a witch in Salem, and it feels like someone just played Gladiator on my heart with a sledgehammer, pieces splinter inside my chest cavity The lingering scent of musty sex and remnants of disgust almost floor me I want to gag There are too many leftovers on the emotional railroad tracks Stop this mind fuck on yourself already Damien I shake my head in detest And let s not forget all the wildly creative cussing and name calling like shitfuck , fagdick , dicklick , cock douche , fucktwat , pissfuck you get the idea And so many exclamation points Damien s thoughts mirror those of a particularly raunchy 16 year old girl Like, oh, my GAWD He is FUCK HAWT Nope.

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    I m gonna rant hereat least about one part of this story, you ve been warned Ok, in theory this is a GFY with an asshat crazed ex and a poor guy thinking he only brings bad things upon those he loves.All of that would have been fine, although Dax takes to the gay sex and all like a fish to water and he eventually after being stupid and yes, I don t mean to demean his feelings, but seriously, you saved the guys life, you didn t harm him and then the crazed attack on Aaron and you get away with that they get together and live happily and angst free Then the stupid f ing epilogue That made me grumpy It was annoying, stupid and reminded me of those ridiculous movies that end and then they throw in another scene at the end and leave you hanging Grrrrr

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    2.0 StarsIsn t getting it on with the hot pool boy a porno cliche I kept waiting for the bow chica bow wow song to start playing in the background.Overall, this book was a boink fest but otherwise pretty forgettable And, view spoiler whacking off while secretly watching your new roomie hide spoiler

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    Hot surfer I feel like that s enough to make anyone read this story HOT SURFER POOL BOY Boy, this made my phantom wee wee take notice Isnt it crazy how two hot guy names can make such a difference too Job well done, my friend Can t wait for the next one

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    Actual 4.5 Star ReviewA Perfect Passion from The Passion Series by Piper Kay True passion and loyalty has been smacking Damien in the face for a very long time What he finds as passionate such as betrayal and danger could cost him his life Dax the hot pool boy is apparently straight and this beautiful guy comes with a lot of baggage and I mean a lot These guys have to soon realize that taking a risk can be so rewarding spiritually and emotionally Damien and Dax characters were so well written that I so enjoyed reading them The author s details about these men is so hot and steamy, I was panting through each page and wanting and Damien s ex boyfriend, Aaron is not the nicest guy and comes back into his life to create some major havoc Will Damien find true love Will Aaron cause too much damage How this brilliant author writes about the incredibly hot sex scenes was well written and yet there was a great story to accompany the steamy scenes Here knowledge of the gay man s lifestyle was so dead on that it really impressed me Her occasional use of the sexual term GOOCH had me thinking that Piper Kay really knows her stuff and she researches her topics well I highly recommend this hot, steamy, love, lust and betrayal bookA Perfect passion Complimentary copy provided by author publisher for an honest review Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews

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    I felt no any emotional connection towards the 2 MCs The relationship felt forced and the last 2 chapters are sex scenes, lol.

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    Piper has a unique writing voice and an ability to write in the mind of a male exceptionally well Since this is M M story this is rather a useful tool to have acquired.Perfect passion is a great book filled with affairs, love, highs and the lows and a few bloody exchanges in between When there are three of the same sex fighting it out for their place in a relationship what else would one expect No relationship is easy and it certainly was the case with these guys.With any book there is usually one character who captures the reader and for me I m going with Dax He s attentive, sexy and willing in ways than one to learn and be in a loving relationship If he could only overcome his own insecurities to see there is someone only too willing to help and guide him in the direction he would truly prefer to go.Piper created two well portrayed characters in Damien and Dax, with the right amount of chemistry and banter between them.This was a good short book from start to finish and was very much enjoyed.

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    Ummm, yeah so the only reason I purchased this was because book 2 was free on Kindle right Thought I was winning, I was sadden to realize I lost big time.Aaron, I hated with a passion, how do people think they are going to get away with cheating He brought his ass over my house looking to explain, this would have been my face the whole entire damn time.WTF was up with the writing I so want to read book 2, it high such higher ratings and I will I don t think that I ve ever read a GFY and the straight guy gave it up with a week, and where was the preparation at Dax was a little to comfortable with anal to me Aaron was such a NON Factor, why Damien did you give him all that time Honey, ya ll moved in together within two months of being together, hell naw I would have ran a credit check, background check, medical dentist insurance on his This was a hot ass mess waiting to happen, regardless I m going to read book 2 SMH Pray for me ya ll.

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    I had never read m m books before I read this one I thought I would feel weird reading it but I didn t In fact I was so caught up in the story I actually forgot it was m m It was just an awsome story about two people who give in to mutual attraction Piper Kay Rocked this story Her writing skills are exceptional and I am so happy that I took a chance on this story because I m a fan of great writing and this book has that in spades Damien and Dax start off as acquaintances Dax cleans Damien s pool and even though Dax is a straight as they come heterosexual the sparks fly and WOW It s sizzle time Amazing author and Amazing story It just goes to show you that the heart wants what it wants This was such an outstanding story I m now a devoted fan of the author.

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    Gay for you is by far my favorite category in male male I loved that Piper goes right into the bang of the story in the first few pages and then followed by a filling plot I read it all within twenty four hours granted its 150 or so pages but it was still a riveting read You got two sexy, muscular, alphas, one gay, one is straight but the other MC is so damn manly and sexythe other MC is willing to give it a goand boy does he give it a GO What really does it for me is the emotion in these charactersI loved it They were so strong but also tender and wanting to love and be loved Only thing that drove me crazy and had my jaw dropping was the ending I am avid about no spoilers in reviews so I ll simply say you got to read it yourself From Author A.E Via

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