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Astronomy files Astronomy , read online Astronomy , free Astronomy , free Astronomy , Astronomy 5690e8879 A Fun And Innovative Way To Explore The Solar System For All Ages Emergent Readers Accurately Pronounce Planet Names And Associated Terms Using The Sound It Out Sections On Each Page Learn Details About ThePlanets Of The Solar System And The Elements Contained In Their Atmospheres Discover The Other Amazing Things That Can Be Found In Our Solar System Explore New Vocabulary In This Exciting Th Installment Of The Super Smart Science Series Colorful Illustrations And Simplified Text Make A Complex Topic Easy To Understand

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    We picked this book up from our local library This is a fun and easy read and very clear enough to help the little ones understand about the planets The sounding out of words that show up on each page is great for those that need a bit of help sounding out a word You get details of each planet, how far away they are from the sun, what elements they are made of K is into planets so this was an awesome read for us to read together he enjoyed looking at the pictures and filling me in on the planets as we read.

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    This was a fun and colorful book I have an autistic nephew and I really think he is going to enjoy it I guess it is the kid in me but I still love books like this maybe so now When I was little there weren t many books like this.

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    Children need high quality science books and this is one The pictures are colorful and clear to catch the attention of the young reader and the writing is age level appropriate.My thanks to Goodreads First Reads Giveaway program the the author for this wonderful book.

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    Astronomy The Solar System is a book that breaks down space into easy to understand sections It gives definitions and correct pronunciations I give this book five stars because it would be an excellent tool to use in science classes For young readers curious about space this is a great book for them to get a good base knowledge on the subject.

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    I would like to thank April Chloe Terrazas and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for Astronomy The Solar System.The cover is an indication of the great illustrations throughout the book every illustration is colorful, eye catching and my grandchildren love the pictures and three of them have read the entire book so far.This is now one of the books that I include in my bag when I go to substitute Science has always been one of my favorite subjects to teach and this book helps me start discussions about space and engage children when we get all of the assigned work completed toward the end of the day I find it gets the children s attention and keeps them interested in something that is new to many of them I know that I will be sharing this with many children in the future.

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    Very colorful Easy to read and explains the planets and other interesting objects in the universe in easy to understand way Am giving it to my 7 year old granddaughter for Christmas Update, she loved it Thank you Goodreads for the free book.

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    This book has won no awardsAppropriate grade level s are K 5thThis book shares facts about our solar system and planets It also introduces new vocabulary and ideas to its young readers I enjoyed this book The images were engaging and colorful, which in turn makes a potentially challenging subject a little easier to understand BONUS The book gave pronunciation keys for difficult or unknown words I would use this book in a classroom It could be used in a science center or could be read out loud as a class After reading the book, as an activity you could ask the students to write a fact they learned and draw a picture.

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    Astronomy The Solar System is all about the solar system and breaks down space into easy to understand sections for young readers Within the text it gives definitions and the correct pronunciation I think this book would be an excellent source in science classes and for any young reader that wants to know about the solar system and planets.

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    This books uses many illustrations, colors, and different styles of text to teach students about the solar system April Terrazas even uses fun text to show how to pronounce the words we are learning about A few example of this are text boxes that state KRA TER to help kids learn how to pronounce crater The author also does this for several other words including, orbit, solar system, and planet All of the illustrations seem to look like a child has drawn them, but I believe this was done to help the readers relate even to the book Many of the facts are stated in different colored text and are accompanied by a drawing illustrating the fact that is stated I paired this nonfiction book, that has a genre of textbook, with the fiction book Children of Mars because it allows the readers to use the information they were given in the nonfiction book and apply it to what they are reading in the fiction book The fiction book is about two children trying to survive on Mars, but the planet is full of surprises The readers are able to take what they learned about the planets and feel personally involved because they are young enough to relate to the two main characters of the nonfiction book They can imagine themselves as the ones stuck on Mars and they can use the knowledge they learned about the solar system to help them survive or make suggestions in their head to help the character s survive.This book has the intended audience of lower elementary grades because it is full of large illustrations, large text, small amount of text, and you do not have to have an advanced vocabulary to read the book.

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    Astronomy The Solar System by April Chloe Terrazas is a nonfiction book intended for all ages This book is about Our Solar System The pictures are colorful and clear to catch the attention of a young reader The author does a good job explaining the planets and other interesting objects in the universe in a easy to understand way Young readers would be drawn to the bold colors I give the book 5 stars because of the authors ability to make the text easy for anyone to understand I would allow my students to do research out of this book Great Job

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